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 April 2008                                                                                   Volume 48 No. 4

                                                                                                                          This was our
                                                                                                                          SLOW season!

Columbus Outdoor Pursuits is a volunteer-based, participatory organization created to provide opportunities and education for outdoor recreation and activities
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                                                                                               Spoken’ Words
                                                                                               Roy Burnham, Bicycling Activity Leader
  Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure:
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  Columbus Outdoor Pursuits is a non-profit, nonpolitical
  organization exclusively for charitable and educational
                                                                   Requiem for Winter
  purposes and is dedicated to providing outdoor education and     It’s hard to believe that it’s time to start the weekday rides as I write
  recreation.                                                      this in the midst of the worst snowstorm in Columbus in nearly
  MEMBERSHIP                                                       100 years. Just a week earlier, the Sunday Canal Winchester ride
  For membership information, contact the office at the phone      saw 50 degree temperatures and beautiful sun. Such are the trials
  number or email address shown above. Membership forms            and tribulations of cyclist in Spring in central Ohio
  are also periodically printed in this newsletter and are also
  available on our website.
                                                                   As March comes in as a lion though, it’s important to think ahead
  Commercial advertising is accepted. However, content must
                                                                   to the Budget tours that will lead up the TOSRV and beyond. True,
  be “substantially related” to our mission. Your ad must be       the 20 inches of snow outside the door right now is a tad discourag-
  approved before it is submitted. Contact the Editor for more     ing but think of the fun and camaraderie of Woodstock, SPOT,
  information.                                                     MOC, TOP and finally TOSRV. Think of the perfect weather, the
  EXECUTIVE BOARD                                                  faultless road surfaces and the biting sarcasm from friends just too
  PRESIDENT David Seslar – 614/334-9352                            soft from the long winter to take a pull at the front of the paceline
                           (Note: COP does not guarantee biting sarcasm but will however
  VICE-PRESIDENT Tom Lester – 740/927-8106
                               guarantee perfect weather for TOSRV as long as rain and headwinds
  SECRETARY Sharon Seslar - 614/ 334-9352                          are considered perfect).
  TREASURER Chad Stucke 614/775-9111                               The winter has been unusually hard in central Ohio this year. Freak-
                                                                   ishly bad weather has plagued the Winter Century Series and every
  ELECTED MEMBERS –                                                other planned outdoor ride each weekend this winter. The partici-
  Deb Evans – 614/895-8278                pants of this year’s Canal Winchester spin class where indeed pre-
  Rick Grove - 740/763-3545
  Tom Lester – 740/927-8106
                                                                   pared to commit hate crimes against the local meteorological com-
  John Lunn – 740/969-4836                    munity as there was no breaks from indoor trainer sessions. One
  Kathy Hoke - 614/ 276-5562                   can only hope that spring will be much more conducive to the care
  Chad Stucke - 614/775-9111                      and handling of COP Cyclist.
  BACKPACKING Kim Hiser – 740/666-1509                             Remember as you embark on this years budget tours and early week-                               day rides to start off with modest goals. It’s been a while since CFC
  BICYCLING - Roy Burnham - 614/343-3704                           and the peak of last year’s conditioning. Take time to ease into your                              routine as the weather turns warmer. Most importantly remember
  BOATING Walt Taylor – 614/351-3413                               to welcome back friends as the riding season starts anew.
  CAVING Sheila Sands – 937/644-9152
  CLIMBING Karen Reinhart 614/288-9658
  EDITOR Ann Gerckens – 614/442-7901
  HIKING Pat Smith – 614/443-5226
  RISK MANAGER Jennifer Thurmond 614/890-6269
  TOSRV Charlie Pace – 614/461-6648                             Cincinnati’s Largest Canoe & Kayak Dealer
  WINTER ACTIVITIES Glenn Beachy –                                                       In business for over 17 years
  XOBA Walt Williams - 330/283-8657 xoba@outdoor-                                     We-no-nah    Bell   Michicraft
                                                        Perception    Dagger   Current Designs      Riot
                                                                                       Ocean Kayak   Necky     P&H
  OFFICE MANAGER Ann Gerckens – 614/442-7901                                            Corner of Sharon & Southland
                                                      Cincinnati, OH 45241
  GOBA Julie Van Winkle – 614/273-0805
                                                                  (513) 674-7400
                  April 2008 • Volume 48 • Issue 4                               

2 • April 2008 • Columbus Outdoors
Registrations Available:                              On The Cover:
                                                       Roll Session photo by Erica Cheney.
                                                                                                               What’s Inside             Volume 48 •No. 4
Backpack School - Information and application
   are in the March issue, pg 5.                       Clear Creek Metro Park Hike, Sunday February              2 Spoken’ Words
                                                       24th. Left to Right:
Compass Class - Sunday April 6, 1-6pm, In-             Curt Hofmann eating snow! (age 50 going on                3 Registrations Available
   formation in schedule, page 18.                     5!—I can say that since I brought him along,                On the Cover
                                                       and you can print it! [C.Povenmire]), Suzanne
                                                       Birk, Mac Nichols, Christina Povenmire. Photo             4 Quickstart Kayak app
Fridge Poster - the annual listing of COP bike         by Eva Simons.                                            5
    Tours was published inthe February issue,          Groundhog Day Hike at Great Seal State Park.              5 Consider Biking
    page 4.                                            Photo by Pat Smith.
                                                                                                                 9    Activity Schedule
Kayak II Intro to Whitewater- March issue pg. 7        Roll Session photo by Erica Cheney.
                                                       January High Banks Metro Park Hike. Photo                19 Classifieds
GOBA - Info/apps mailed in January to                  by Ann Gerckens.
   members, past 2yr riders, or via
                                                       Who says, you can’t boat when there’s snow on                                       the ground? Toni Hartley on Dave Seslar’s Ice
                                                       Breaker Trip, March 1, 2008 on Rocky Fork,
Leader Training- Saturday, May 3rd. Informa-           COP’s first official boating trip of 2008. Photo
   tion in this issue, pg. 18.                         by Ben Harder.
                                                       Tom Worsley, ?? and Bonnie Halchin.
TOSRV - Info/apps mailed Feb 1 to members,             Groundhog Day Hike at Great Seal State Park.
   past 2 yrs riders, or via .           Photo by Pat Smith.
                                                       Roll Session photo by Erica Cheney.
Quickstart Kayak and Get Your Feet Wet Classes -
   this issue, page 4                                  Who says, you can’t kayak without water? Where
                                                       there is snow, there are those that sled. 12
                                                       up are Toni Hartley and Jeff Felton at the
XOBA - is full already!                                Ohiopyle Winterfest kayak race. Photo by Ron
Newsletters are available on the web at                Sharon Rogers on Dave Seslar’s Ice Breaker Trip,
www.outdoor- or from the office,          March 1, 2008 on Rocky Fork,
office@ or 614.442.7901           Center: Roll Session photo by Erica Cheney.
                                                                                                            Groundhog Day Hike at Great Seal State Park.
                                                                                                                       Photo by Pat Smith.

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                                             must substantially relate to our mission. Submissions may be checked for spelling/minor errors and edited for
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                                             ACTIVITY SCHEDULE ITEMS
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                                             for the activity, as listed below. Schedule Items must be received by the Schedule Cooridinator by 9:00PM
                                             of the 3rd day of the preceding month.
                                             BACKPACKING Kim Hiser                       740/666-1509
                                             BICYCLING                Bob Waddell        614/871-7965
                                             BOATING                  Toni Hartley       614/523-3191 COP Boating as subject
                                             CAVING S                 Sheila Sands       937/644-9152 COP Caving as subject
                                             CLIMBING                 Karen Reinhart     614/288-9658
                                             HIKING                   Pat Smith          614/443-5226
                                             INLINE SKATING & WINTER ACTIVITIES Glenn Beachy 614/268-4904
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            Paid Advertisement               2 DELIVER 1525 Bethel Rd(office, (call 614/442-7901 first)                 Columbus, OH 43220

                                                                                                            Columbus Outdoors • April 2008 •                     3
                Quickstart Kayak & “Get Your Feet Wet” Trip Classes
Develop paddling skills and safety awareness to make begin-             Select courses, dates & times from the following:
ning kayaking enjoyable. This introductory class will be taught
on flatwater with recreational kayaks and will follow the Ameri-        Indoor Session for both Quickstart Kayak Classes:
can Canoe Association (ACA) Quickstart Kayak curriculum.                                       Wednesday, May 28, 7:00-9:00 p.m.
This course will be led by COP member ACA Basic Kayak                   Kayak Quickstart Class: Saturday, May 31, 9:00-1:00
certified instructors and qualified assistants. A wet exit during
class is mandatory.                                                     Kayak Quickstart Class: Saturday, May 31, 2:00-6:00
New this year, the class will be held in two sessions; the first on     Get Your Feet Wet Trip Class: Sunday, June 1, 9:00-2:00
Wednesday, May 28 from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at the COP office
(1525 Bethel Rd.). We will conduct our land-based portion of            Contact: Beth Thomae 740/965-4285 (after 6pm)
the class indoors, so that we will maximize our time outdoors               
on Saturday, getting us on the water sooner. Attendance for             Registration: Classes are limited to 8-10 students,
both portions of the class is required.                                 minimum age, 18. A short waiting list will be maintained
On Sunday, you’ll jump in with both feet and do some real               for these classes, but registrations will not be held for future
paddling! This is an opportunity to take a day trip with the            classes. Send completed registration/ release form and
comfort of being surrounded by all those great people who got           payment, checks made payable to Columbus Outdoor
you through your first kayaking adventure. You will also have a         Pursuits, to:
chance to try out some different styles of boats and ask all the                                 Beth Thomae
questions you want.                                                            May/June 2008 Quickstart & Kayak Classes
Life jacket use required when on or near water.                                                6061 Hughes Rd.
The liability release must be read and signed prior to acceptance                            Galena, OH 43021
in these classes. This release is part of the class registration form   Please note: All correspondence for classes will be conducted
on the page facing this article.                                        by e-mail (regular mail, if e-mail not available)
Course Fees: $60 for the Quickstart Class                                Cancellations, which cannot be replaced, and/or no-shows will not
               $25 Get Your Feet Wet Trip Class                                                    be refunded.
Fees include COP gear, or bring your own. (boat, pfd & paddle)                     Please Do Not Send Registrations to the COP Office
                              Classes are conducted at Alum Creek Lake State Park Beach unless otherwise noted
                                                              Paid Advertisement

         Outfitters   Clintonville                                                   Your ONLY SOURCE in Central
                                                                                     Ohio for Hurricane, Heritage
                                                                                     and Native kayaks.

               2869 North High Street, Columbus Ohio 43202

                                                                             Demos, Classes and Special Events...

                                                                                    Visit us online for details

4 • April 2008 • Columbus Outdoors
                                       Be sure you read all the information on page 4 concerning these classes!Age ________
                           One Person per application please!                       Experience:                Gender ______
                                                                                       1st time kayaker        Height_______
                            Quickstart Kayak Sat May 31, 2:00-6:00
 Columbus Outdoor Pursuits         (includes Wed. May 28 7-9 session)                  Paddled some before Weight_______
                            Quickstart Kayak Sat May 31, 9:00-1:00 Swimming Ability Gear:
$60.00 Quickstart                  (includes Wed. May 28 7-9 session)  Good            I have my own gear
$25.00 Get Your Feet Wet     Get Your Feet Wet Trip Class: Sun June 1, Fair
            Trip Class                                                 Poor            I need to use COP gear (boat,pfd,paddle)

                                                       Home P
N ame (please print) _________________________________ H                          ell/w Ph
                                                            Ph__________________ Cell/w P _______________
                                                                           State_____ Zip___________
Address ________________________________________ City ____________________ S _____ Z ___________
E mergency C ontact _______________________________________ EC P
                                                               Phone (not 911) _______________________
Important: COP M
 mportant:                           Amount P $
               Member # ____________ A      Paid $___________ E
                                                              Email _______________________________
Please list any physical or health conditions which should be known in the case of an emergency or which may affect your
participation in the class:

                      Liability aiver Indemnifica        greement
                                                        Agreement, Permission to Pro                          ublicity
                                                                                         Medical eatment Publicit
                Basic Liability Waiver, Indemnification Agreement, Permission to Provide Medical Treatment & Publicity Release
                                                                     READ BEFORE SIGNING
 In signing this agreement for myself or for the named participant (if the participant is under age 18), I know that those participating will be exposed to risks of serious
 bodily injury, sickness, or death due to circumstances inherent in this event, including the negligent acts or omissions of others. I also understand and am aware that there
 are a variety of specific risks and dangers inherent in a voluntary activity such as this including, without limitation, falls, collisions with other participants, motor vehicles,
 or stationary objects. I may be participating out of doors and exposed to adverse weather conditions, poor sanitation, air or waterborne microorganisms, exposure to frost
 bite, rising water, drowning, or falling objects. I am aware that anyone who is inadequately prepared, trained or in inadequate physical condition is more likely to be
 injured or killed. I further understand that there is a risk of becoming lost or separated from the rest of the group and I may incur personal liability for the costs of rescue
 of me or members of my family. I also understand that I may be injured while on land or while traveling via motor vehicle or on foot due to my own carelessness or because
 of the negligence of others. Despite these risks and in exchange for being permitted to participate in this event, I voluntarily agree to assume all of these and other risks
 inherent in the event.
 I acknowledge that I (or the participant for whom I sign if under age 18) am physically capable and sufficiently trained for the completion of this event. I also attest that
 the equipment used by me (or the participant for whom I sign if under age 18) has been inspected by me and is in good condition and that I am familiar with its proper
 use. I am also aware that any medical support provided for this event, if any, is likely to be limited to that provided by volunteer personnel with limited first aid training
 who may be called upon to provide assistance to me during the event. I consent and authorize any such volunteer to assist me (or the participant for whom I sign if under
 age 18) or to perform such assistance as, in the opinion of such person, may be necessary or appropriate. I understand further that any such medical or other services
 provided to me (or the participant for whom I sign if under age 18) is not an admission of liability to provide or to continue to provide any such services and is not a waiver
 by any of said parties’ rights under this agreement.
 I understand that Columbus Outdoor Pursuits assumes no responsibility or liability with respect to my participation in this event. I agree, however, to abide by any
 decision of any official of Columbus Outdoor Pursuits relative to my ability to safely participate in this event. I promise, as well, for myself or the named participant (if
 the participant is under 18) to wear any safety equipment as required by an official of Columbus Outdoor Pursuits such as, but not limited to, helmets, guards, or personal
 flotation devices. The bicycle helmet will meet the standards of CPSC, ASTM or SNELL and be worn at all times while riding the bicycle. I agree to waive my rights
 to any benefits associated with this event if I fail to wear appropriate safety equipment.
 Having read this waiver and knowing these facts and in consideration of Columbus Outdoor Pursuits’ acceptance of my application for participation in this event, I, for
 myself and anyone entitled to act on my behalf, do hereby agree to release, hold harmless, and discharge Columbus Outdoor Pursuits, all sponsors, representatives and
 volunteers, any involved municipalities or other organization and the boards, trustees, officers, employees, or volunteers of any of them, from any and all claims or
 liabilities of any kind arising out of my participation and/or my own acts of negligence in this event whether or not liability may arise out of negligence, recklessness or
 carelessness on the part of the persons or entities named in this waiver.
 I also grant permission to Columbus Outdoor Pursuits and its sponsors to use any photographs, motion pictures, recordings or any record of this event for legitimate
 I further agree to indemnify the persons and entities listed in this agreement for any liability they incur to me, a member of my family, or the participant in connection
 with this event.
 I further agree that if, in breach of this agreement, I institute any judicial proceedings against any of the persons listed in this agreement in connection with this event,
 I shall bring them in the Common Please Court of Franklin County, Ohio, or in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, located in Columbus,
 Ohio, and I consent to personal jurisdiction in those courts. I further agree that, if in breach of this agreement, I institute any such proceedings, I am responsible for all
 costs and attorneys fees of any person or entity against whom I institute such proceedings.
 Signature: _____________________________________________                                                            Date:_______________________
                                                                                                                               Columbus Outdoors • April 2008• 5
               “We purchased our new Outback from Byers Mazda-Subaru. Working with
               Bob Miller made it an easy purchase.” Jim and Mary Hill, COP Members

            Need a New or Used Subaru?
   Call Bob 8-5278
   (614) 3

                                                                                       From Top Left:
                                                                                       January High Banks Metro Park Hike. Photo by
                                                                                       Suzanne Birk.
                                                                                       Ice at Clear Creek Metro Park in February. Photo by
                                                                                       Eva Simons.
                          Special Discounts for                                        February Clear Creek Metro Park Hike, left to right:
                        Columbus Outdoor Pursuits Members                              Paul Imhoff, Mac Nichols, Suzanne Birk , Christina
                                                                                       Povenmire, Curt Hofmann, Sarah. Photo by Eva
                                             and:                                      Simons.
                                                                                       Groundhog Day hike to Great Seal State Park, Photo by
                                   Paid Advertisement                                  Pat Smith.

                                                                                                                 Paige and Jeff Stephens
                                                                                                                      out for a ride

  The SE OH Bicycle Map
  The Southeast Ohio Bicycle Map consists of two
  waterproof and tear proof sheets (four sides).
  The region covered is centered about Athens
  and covers all of Athens and Meigs Counties as
  well as portions of Fairfield, Perry, Morgan, Wash-
  ington, Vinton, Gallia, and Hocking Counties.
  While all roads appear on the map, suggested
  roads are distinguished in the following catego-
  ries: well surfaced and low volume traffic, well
  surfaced and moderate traffic, connecting busier
  roads, and some moderately surfaced but good
  connecting roads.                                            COP Member Is First Executive
  A set of these maps is available from Athens Bi-
  cycle Club for $10.
  Send to: Athens Bicycle Club, 10 W. Stimson
                                                               Director of Consider Biking
                                                               Consider Biking is pleased to announce the appointment of
  Ave., Athens Ohio 45701                                      Jeff Stephens as the organization’s first Executive Director.
    Come late spring, the ABC web site                         Consider Biking is a non profit organization whose mission
  ( will list numerous               is to create a better environment for cycling in central Ohio,
  cue sheets for rides of varying distances in the             and to encourage all our citizens to make active transportation
  area covered by the map. Most will be loops                  a part of their everyday lives.
  (with various starting points), but a few one way            After several years of consideration by the Bike Development
  rides (between smaller cities) will be included.             Fund Committee of Columbus Outdoor Pursuits, the Board
                                                               made a three-year commitment to seed the growth of a local
6 • April 2008 • Columbus Outdoors
                                       755 Cambers Rd. Columbus, Ohio
                            (614) 421-7250

            Our Products!                                           Our Business!
                 Kayaks / Canoes                                         Family Owned & Operated
                 Boating Accessories                                     Serving Central Ohio For over 57
                 Tents                                                   Years
                 Backpacks / Daypacks                                    Quality Outdoor Specialty Gear
                 Sleeping Bags / Pads / Stuff
                                                                         Exceptional Service / Knowledge
                 Pack Stoves / Fuels                                     6400 Sq Feet of dedicated 2nd
                                                                         Floor Gear showroom.
                 Flashlights / Headlamps
                 Cookware / Knives                                       Located across the river from
                                                                         The Ohio State University.
                 Freeze Dried Foods
                 H20 Treatment
                 Foot ware / Socks
                 Lotions / Repellants

                                                        Paid Advertisement

cycling advocacy organization. There     Commission. Mr. Stephens was appointed      Stephens is also the founder of the
are over 130 cycling advocacy            to the Commission as a representative of    Columbus Ride of Silence, an awareness
organizations across the country, and    the bicycling and health community and      event that has drawn over 500 cyclists
the 60 that are staffed, have reached    has been one of Columbus’ most vocal        to memorialize those cyclists killed or
self-sufficiency and effectiveness at    advocates to champion more “reasonable”     struck by automobiles. His leadership
their missions of enhancing local        means to move our citizens.                 in educating local cyclists and motorists
environments for cyclists. COP is                                                    in a respectful manner at the Ride of
proud to support the efforts of          City Council Member, Mar yellen             Silence has been applauded by the
Consider Biking, in hopes that more      O’Shaughnessy expresses support for         Columbus Police Department and City
people       will    make      active    Stephens by saying, “We value the voice     Council.
transportation a part of their daily     of Jeff Stephens. Jeff ’s longtime
lives.                                   leadership in promoting mobility via        Stephens says, “I’m excited to provide
                                         walking and cycling, have certainly         leadership to Consider Biking at a time
Stephens brings vast experience from     influenced our Transportation Division to   when our region is calling for more
a 20 year career in the non profit       begin integrating these forms of mobility   alternative modes of transit. Mayor
health industry. His background in       in their plans.”                            Coleman’s 2012 Initiative and the
program development, marketing,                                                      pending release of the Columbus
and fundraising, encompass all the       Mr. Stephens is an avid bicyclist; so he Bicentennial Bikeways Plan, provide
critical elements necessary to provide   brings a first-hand knowledge of the need great hope that our community is
growth to Consider Biking.               to accommodate bicyclists and pedestrians poised for change. Given the
                                         within our transportation systems. He was environment, we envision that Consider
First, and foremost, Stephens is         an internationally recognized ultra- Biking will grow into the preeminent,
deeply committed to the mission of       endurance bicycle racer, placing 11th in and most respected, resource for all
Consider Biking. His involvement in      the grueling Race Across America in 2001. matters associated with cycling in central
the cycling community extends over       In addition to his racing achievements, he Ohio.”
a lifetime, and he’s been actively       has cycled in almost every state, and used
engaged in promoting cycling for 20      his bicycle to commute to work and run Stephens resides in Worthington with
years. Most recently, Stephens was       errands when possible. Stephens has seen his wife, Julie. The Stephens family are
appointed by Mayor Coleman to the        the wonderful opportunities afforded often spotted cycling around
Columbus Transportation &                cyclists and pedestrians in localities with Worthington or on the Olentangy Bike
Pedestrian Commission in 2003, and       the foresight and initiative to consider Trail, being pushed by their 5-year-old
now serves as the Chairman of that       more than the automobile.
                                                                                                               continued on page 8
                                                                                          Columbus Outdoors • April 2008• 7
                                                          Consider Biking Continued from page 7

  Rain or Shine                                           daughter, Paige, on a tag-along bike. Julie also
                                                          enjoys commuting by bike to work at Ohio
                                                          State University several times a week.
                                                          Consider Biking is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3)
                                                          organization who’s vision is that everyone use
                                                          a bicycle, and that cycling and walking are
                                                          respected and safely integrated within our
                                                          transportation system. The mission is to serve

                 It’s TOSRV
                                                          Central Ohio through education, outreach,
                                                          advocacy, and empowerment to create a
                                                          friendly environment for bicycling and walking,
                                                          while enabling all our citizens to make active
                                                          transportation a part of their everyday lives.
  and we need your help to make the 46th                  Consider Biking champions a positive and
                                                          dynamic culture for cycling and walking. <<We
  edition of this classic a success on May 12 &           promote bicycling and walking as healthy
  13. Help register riders on Saturday morning            alternatives that promote community well-
                                                          being and preserve the environment.>>
  or work a food stop in South Bloomfield,
                                                          The Central Ohio Bicycle Advocacy Coali-
  Chillicothe or Waverly. Or come down to the             tion (COBAC) merged in December, 2007
  Hyatt on Sunday afternoon to check the riders           with Consider Biking, a new local commuter
                                                          cycling organization. The merger brought
  in.                                                     the energy of the many Consider Biking par-
  To volunteer, contact Phyllis South, (614)              ticipants to bear on the major education and
                                                          advocacy initiatives with which COBAC had
  276-0447                                                experience, expertise, and success. The new
                                                          organization will continue to use the Con-
                                                          sider Biking name.

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8 • April 2008 • Columbus Outdoors
                 Roy Burnham 614.343.3704
                                                                                34th Mid Ohio Century - Sunday April 27th
                                                                                7:30-9AM. Mingo Shelter Building, Mingo Park Delaware,
                                                                                Routes of approximately 35, 65,100 miles. Budget Tour.

                                                                                $2 members, $4 non-members
STARTING TIMES: Times listed indicate when the ride Woody Barry 740-375-5906
rolls out of the parking area. Please arrive early enough to
depart at the prescribed time. Note that rides are listed in 27th Top of Ohio Hundred - Sunday May 4
three categories below:                                      7:30-9AM. Start at Hilliard Community Center for TOP
                                                                                100, 51, 20 routes or Milford Center School, just south of
• Weekly Recurring Group Rides Listed by Day of Week                            town of Rt. 57, at 8- 9am for the TOP 50.
• One Time Group Rides Listed by Date                                           Varied Terrain. Century route takes riders to highest point
• Annual Budget & Special Tours Listed by Date                                  in Ohio. Shorter routes are basically flat. Budget Tour,
                                                                                $2 members, $4 non-members.
    ANNUAL BUDGET AND SPECIAL TOURS - LISTED BY DATE                            Roy Burnham 614/ 343-3704
36th Woodstock - Saturday April 12th
7:30-9AM. Jersey Baptist Church, 13260 Morse Road,                              47th TOSRV:Tour of the Scioto River Valley
Pataskala                                                                       Saturday and Sunday May 10 & 11

9 miles east of I-270 at Harrison Road. Parking and                             Hyatt on Capital Square, Columbus. Annual, pre-regis-
registration in back lot. Traditional first TOSRV training                      tration tour from Columbus to Portsmouth for an over-
ride. 100/50/30 miles on relatively flat terrain. Columbus                      night stay and return the next day. Half tour from
Outdoor Pursuits Budget Tour. $2 members, $4                                    Chillicothe. No entry after April 15.
nonmembers.                                                                     Registration and info on
Tricia Kovacs 614-476-9093
                                                                                36th HOOT: Heart of Ohio Tour
41st SPOT - Saturday April 19th                                                 Saturday June 7
7:30-9AM. Groveport Madison Freshman School                                     7:30-9AM. Gloryland Nazarene Church off Coonpath
751 E. Main St.,Groveport. Options from 25 to 100 miles                         Road, Carroll Ohio. Scenic tour in the Lanacaster area.
Fairly flat course with a few small hills. Budget Tour. $2                      Multiple routes, some hilly.
members, $4 non-members.                                                        Budget Tour, $2 members, $4 non-members./
Bob Allen 614-866-8698                                Al Moore 614-756-9218
David Hoodin 614-486-2123 (before 9pm)                        Donna Bush 614-837-6744
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                                                                                                                    Columbus Outdoors • April 2008• 9
                  GOBA: Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure
                  Saturday to Saturday, June 14-21, 2008.                                            Schedule Submission Information can
                  Start & Finish in Wellington, with additional                                      be found on page 3
                  overnights in Galion, Mt. Vernon, Coshocton, &
                  Orrville. Pre-registration required; May 14 deadline.
                  3,000 rider limit.
Activity SCHEDULE Registration info: or ph.614-273-0811.
                                                                                                   Grove City Starting April 14th
                                                                                                   Mondays 6PM Class A, B. Average speeds of 15-19 mph.
                                                                                                   Meet at Grove City High School, 4665 Hoover Rd
                    WEEKLY RECURRING GROUP RIDES - LISTED BY DAY OF                                between Stringtown Rd and SR665.
                                       WEEK                                                        Dave Brokaw 614-875-9599
                  Carroll TOSRV Training Rides                                                     Lancaster
                  April 6th through April 27th Sundays 2PM                                         Mondays 6PM Class C,D
                  Class B,C -Carroll High School. Turn Left On                                     Come learn to ride the hills that cyclists talk about without
                  Winchester Rd(McDonalds On Right) Keep going                                     worrying about being dropped. Meet at the north parking
                  on High St to school complex on left SE parking                                  lot of Ohio University Lancaster on SR37 north of the
                  lot near track. Two groups: C+ to B- 14-17mph (30-                               fairgrounds, and south of Coonpath Rd. Routes 20 miles
                  60miles) and slower C 12-14 mph (25-40 miles). I                                 and longer with more hills. Plenty of encouragement will
                  need a leader for the slower group. We will ride                                 be supplied by Dave “Coach” Roderick. We stop for a
                  increasing distance with some hills. Maps will be                                brief rest and refreshment mid ride.
                  provided. May 4th is an optional ride day depending                              Dave Roderick 614-836-3106
                  on the TOP ride and weather.                                                     Julia Hilty - Co-leader
                  Paul Fishman 614-868-7525 Home, 466-1816 Work, email
                                                                        Canal Winchester Starting - March 11th
                                                                                                   Tuesdays 6PM Class A,B,C.
                  Gahanna Heat of the Day                                                          Ride starts in downtown Canal Winchester. Park in the
                  Last ride of season is April 13th. Sundays 2PM                                   public parking lot behind Shades. Take US33 towards
                  CLASS B,C - 30 to 50 miles depending on weather                                  Lancaster and take the High St. road/exit. (First right after
                  and daylight. From Gahanna’s Jefferson Park on                                   the 674-Gender Road exit.) Left into alley at Huntington
                  Clark State Road, 1/2 mile east of Reynoldsburg-                                 Bank.
                  New Albany Road. We’ll try to get some good views,                               The ride starts exactly at 6PM.
                  avoid SR161 construction, and keep the rollers                                   Steve Hewitt 614-323-1030
                  moderate.                                                                        Donna Bush 614-837-6744
                  Dick Seebode 740-201-3312                                                        Todd Lee 614-439-2279

                     COP RIDER GUIDELINES                                                           A 19-23 MPH: our fastest pace. Licensed racers frequently attend these
                     Please review these guidelines if you are new to COP rides. By choosing        rides, which might be listed as A+ rides in this schedule. Be prepared
                     the correct pace and arriving prepared, you will help ensure our rides         to maintain this pace over 30-50 miles on a weeknight ride, and 60-
                     are as safe and fun as possible for everyone.                                  100 on a weekends. Stops typically are few and short. Average speeds
                                                                                                    can be over 20 mph.
                     A CPSC, ASTM, or SNELL approved helmet is required on all COP                  B 16-19 MPH: a fast recreational clip. The ride distances will be
                     rides. Other recommended safety items include a rear-view mirror, a            somewhat lower than the “A” group, and the stops can be longer and
                     rear flasher, and bright, visible clothing. Cyclists under age 18 must         more frequent. Opportunities for regrouping will be more frequent.
                     have written permission and the liability waiver release signed by a
                     parent or guardian. For safety reasons, children two and under are not         C 13-16 MPH: an enthusiastic pace. Many of our longer-distance
                     permitted on COP rides. Please respect the laws of the road and rights         riders ride in this pace range. The mood will be less competitive and
                     of other road users.                                                           more social. Groups will tend to stay together more, but the riding will
                                                                                                    still be consistent. The routes often avoid the hilliest options.
                     All COP bicycle tours are “open” paced events, with maps and road              D 10-13 MPH: a very social pace. Riders can be experienced, or fairly
                     markers provided; however, the tour organizer does not specifically            new, but are usually familiar with the basics of cycling on the open road
                     accompany the riders. COP day rides have designated leader(s) at one
                                                                                                    and in groups. Distances are modest, and often a meal stop or sight-
                     or more paces, and only maps are provided. The ride leader will
                     accompany the group in the manner that best supports the entire                seeing is involved.
                     group, not an individual rider. COP highly recommends that you contact         NR: no designated speed. These rides are specifically oriented around
                     the ride leader if you have any questions about the ride/tour.                 introducing new riders to the sport. The pace will be dictated by those
                     Pace classes are intended to give a rough idea of the common “riding”          who attend, and often these rides are intended as an introduction to
                     speed of the group, rather than the average speed. Completing a century        cycling. NR rides can use bike paths or roadways.
                     ride (100) miles in 5 hours indicates a mathematical average of 20
                     mph, but the common riding speed to required to complete this ride             DOWR: Depending On Weather and Riders, usually for winter rides.
                     in 5 hours can easily be in the mid-20s. Variables such as wind, hills         This note in any ride listing indicates an “open” condition, and will
                     and time off the bike can greatly detract from an average, as it is a time-    usually be included with a pace class. The leader may choose to leave
                     based figure. The speeds listed to the right refer to common “riding”          the pace, distance, and destination to be decided by the group, so maps
                     speeds.                                                                        may not be included for these impromptu rides.

   10 • April 2008 • Columbus Outdoors
Hilliard - Starting April 1st (no fooling)
Tuesdays 6:15 PM Class A, B, C, D
Meet in parking lot at Heritage Rails-to-Trails. Ride to Plain City
for ice cream (25 or 32 mile loop). Directions: 270 to Cemetery                                      What if
Rd. exit. Go west to Main St. Right on Main. Left on Center St.

                                                                                                                              Activity SCHEDULE
Linda Adams 614-296-2189                                                                     Your bicycle fit perfectly,
Licking County                                                                                 Performed Flawlessly
Tuesdays 9AM Class C - all riders welcome, we stick together.                                   And made you want
Cycle scenic rural roads, eat, socialize. 30+ miles. Start in Pataskala.
Meet at the east end of the parking lot at the RR tracks, SR310                                  To ride endlessly?
(Main St.), 1/2 mile south of SR16.
Steve Gassman 614-309-7421
Dick Seebode 740-201-3312
                                                                                                We can do that!
Connie Walley 614-224-5621
New Albany - Starting March 11th
Tuesdays 6PM Class B, A’S & C’S are welcome also
Routes of 20 to 40 miles. Meet at the “PURPLE ZONE” parking
lot off Walnut Street just east of the new parks & rec building,
(looks like a big white barn). Go east on Walnut Street from SR605
past Bevelhymer road, entrance is on the north side of Walnut,
between Bevelhymer Road and Peter Hoover.                                                     HubBub Custom Bicycles
Frank Hall 614-452-2347
Newark – Starting March 26th
Wednesdays 6pm Class B,C+. No Beginners Please.                                                   (800) 888-2027
Meet at the YMCA Pool Parking Lot at 470 W. Church St. All
routes are hilly. We will be riding scenic routes around Licking                                Located in NE Ohio
County. Through this ride we hope that you will learn to LOVE                                  Cycling Is Our Passion!
hills, or at least not hate them as much. To get to the YMCA, exit
off SR16 at 21st St. and go south to the first light, which is                                         Paid Advertisement
Church St. Turn left and the YMCA will be on the
left. The outdoor pool parking lot is in the rear.
Jamison Roberts 614-804-
                                                                     Worthington Wednesdays
                                                                All Year 9AM Promptly Class C,D
                                                             Meet at Worthington Hills Park on SR315. One mile north of I-270.
                   Paid Advertisement                       South end of the Olentangy Valley Shopping Center (former
  PRACTICAL BICYCLING CLASS                                 Worthington Hills Shopping Center). One mile north of Wilson Bridge
                                                            Rd. This is the new north end of the Olentangy River Bike Path. Res-
           Saturdays May 17, 24, 31:                        taurant destination will be determined day of ride. Bring money for
         9 AM - 2 PM: in Clintonville                       lunch. Approximately 25 mile ride. New and beginning riders wel-
     (15 hours total. Half with bike & on bike.)            come. We meet for breakfast, if we can’t ride due to weather.
                                                            Gail Falkinburg 614-861-4478
 "Essentials of Bicycling” Cycle out of                     New Albany Staring April 3rd
 your driveway to go anywhere, cycle for                    THURSDAYS 6pm B,C pace Td 2-6 25 to 50 miles.
 pleasure, for fitness, to do local errands.                 Meet at New Albany Elementary Located at 97 N High St ( Rt 605
 This class will help you get ‘up to speed’
 cycling with more confidence and more
                                                            just North of the US 62 intersection). Park on the north side of the
 fun.                                                       building and the rear lots only. The school would like us to keep the
                                                            front lots free. We will be riding with all new routes this year, some of
           Topics covered include:                          you rode a few of them last year. I would like to see everyone with a red
 Bicycle selection & fit            Group riding skills     tail light as we ride early in the year. Helmets are required
 H elmet fitting                      Cycling in traffic
 Bike handling skills            Emergency maneuvers        314-6251.
 H ow to fix a flat tire         Clothes, nutrition, etc.
                                                                              ONE TIME GROUP RIDES LISTED BY DATE
              Gordon Renkes, Instructor
                                                            Canal Winchester (Roving Ride Series)
              Contact: Gordon Renkes                        Saturday, April 5 at 9 AM. Class A, B, C - 40 or 60 miles.
                             Join me for a flat to rolling route with just two big hills. We’ll ride to
                                                            the beautiful shores of Buckeye Lake where we can stop and refuel on
   (Certified by the League of American Bicyclists)
                                                            Weldon’s Ice Cream and Hometown Hot Dogs. Meet at Cyclist Con-
                                                            nection Bike Shop, 200 Cemetery Road, Canal Winchester, Ohio. Take
                                                            US33 East towards Lancaster to Gender Road, turn right on Gender
                                                                                                               Columbus Outdoors • April 2008 • 11
                       Rd (South), turn left at first light onto Winches-   Meet at Jefferson Park in Gahanna / Clark-State Rd.
                       ter/Waterloo, turn left on Cemetery Road, park       Suzanne Birk 614-581-4316
                       in the back of the lot.
                       Eve Hush 614-580-1978              Canal Winchester (Roving Ride Series)
                                                                            SATURDAY May 17 - 8:00AM Class A, B, C
Activity SCHEDULE      Sunbury (Roving Ride Series)                          60-75 miles. Lunch or Snack. starting at Cyclist Con-
                       Saturday 4/26. 8 AM. Class A,B, C - 65 and 40 nection Bike Shop, 200 Cemetery Road, Canal Win-
                       mile options.                                         chester, Ohio. Directions to Start: Take US33 East to-
                        Great ride with no major hills. Departure at 8 wards Lancaster to Gender Road, turn right on Gender
                       AM sharp. Directions to the ride start: from I Rd (South), turn left on Cemetery Road, park in the
                       270 and I 71 on the north side of Columbus, go back of the lot. The 75 mile route will stop in
                       north on I 71 to exit 131/US 36, turn right (east) Laurelville. The shorter route goes through Oakland
                       on US 36/US37 for 3 miles, go straight thru US3 or Amanda.
                       interscetion , turn right at first traffic light onto Steve Barbour 614-457-6656
                       North Columbus St, park along town square.            Three Creeks Metro Park - Beginner
                       Donna Bush 614-837-6744 or
                                                   ride and GOBA prep.
                       Gahanna PRE-TOP OF OHIO Sunday May 18, 2:30pm SE Columbus
                       WarmUp (Roving Ride Series) Three Creeks Metro Park, Spangler Rd., Sycamore
                       SATURDAY 3rd - 9 AM - Class B,C - 50 miles           Fields Area, South parking lot. see
                       Gahanna to Granville and back with a lunch stop.     for map. Class C, D. No drops! (not that there won’t
                                                                                             be rain, but that we won’t ride off
                                                                                             without you). 15 mile option all bike
                                                 Paid Advertisement                          path, 35 mile option includes road
                                                                                             riding. Bring water and a snack.
                                Tri-Tech Multisport                                         Glenn Beachy gbeachy2000(at) or
                                                                                            614-563-1146 cell
                           Worthington’s Local Bike Shop
                                                                                            Ride of Silence - Columbus
                         Tri-Tech Multisport has been serving the local                     Wednesday May 21st • 5th
                         cycling community for 13 years, and we are happy                   Annual Ride of Silence
                         to announce a recent store expansion, as well as                   7:00 PM Statehouse, Columbus, Ohio
                         an addition of new bicycle lines in our store. While               A slow and silent 10-mile bike ride in
                         we continue to service ALL TYPES OF BIKES, we                      honor of cyclists killed or injured or
                         sell triathlon, road, mountain and now Café                        harassed on our roads. We will gather
                         commuter bikes and Cruisers! At $649., the top-                    on the south side of the Ohio State-
                         of-the-line Café 24 Deluxe is available in both Men’s              house, Columbus, Ohio on the plaza
                         and women’s models (pictured below); this is a                     and sidewalk on State Street. No reg-
                         great ‘get around town’ bike for all types of riders.              istration, no t-shirt, no fees.Pay park-
                                                                                            ing is available in the Statehouse Un-
                                                                                            derground Parking Garage,The City
                                                                                            Center Parking Garage, and other sur-
                                                                                            face parking lots nearby. Free parking
                                                                                            is available at Berliner Park off of
                                                                                            Greenlawn Avenue a mile south of the
                                                                                            Statehouse or at the Whittier Street
                                                                                            boatramp. Cycling to the event is en-
                                                                                            Jeff Stephens

                              Please come visit us at our new location in
                             Worthington at 6155 Huntley Road – Suite K.
                                For more information visit our website
                                    or phone us at 614-846-1516.
                                                                                            Who says, you can’t kayak without water? Where there
                             We are open Mon.–Fri., 11–7 and Sat. 10–6.                     is snow, there are those that sled. Competing in the
                                                                                            Ohiopyle Winterfest kayak race, Jocelyn Meztger shows
                                                                                            what she’s made of. Photo by Ron Meztger.

   12 • April 2008 • Columbus Outdoors
                                                                            Be sure to arrive at the river prepared with a lunch/

                 Boating                                                    snacks, sunscreen, drinking water, rain gear, appropri-
                                                                            ate boating clothes for the weather and water temps
                                                                            and a dry bag to pack them in.
                                                                            A change of clothes and towel for after the river is a

                                                                                                                                  Activity SCHEDULE
                 Leader: WaltTaylor 351-3413
                                                                            good thing to pack and leave in one of the shuttle
COP Boating Website:                                                        cars.
For updates to COP trips, classes and links to river                        If you have any medical conditions (asthma, allergies
gauges visit the COP boating page at http://                                to bee stings, diabetes, required medications, etc.)                                Please identify these to the trip leader prior to arriv-
index.htm                                                                   ing, for the trip. For the safety of everyone involved,
                                                                            it is important and your responsibility, to identify any
In-State, Weekend - Day Trips                                               issues that may require additional medical assistance
These trips are led by COP volunteer trip leaders. Lo-                      prior to a trip.
cations depend on the availability of water levels and                      Please plan to provide your own gear, including a
are subject to change. Ohio river trips are primarily                       PFD, which must be properly worn at all times when
Class I & II trips. High water, cool temps and some                         on or near the water. With higher classification of
locations, on particular rivers can bump these trips to                     river trips, be prepared to have a helmet, as well. All
Class II+ /III-. Therefore, it is a good idea, to speak to                  trips require the reading and signing of a liability re-
the trip leader, prior to the trip, regarding your boat-                    lease. Please be courteous and contact trip leaders if
ing skills.                                                                 you have any questions, prior to the day before the
There is generally an hour or two of travel each way,                       trip and before 10 pm.
so count on these being a pretty much full day activ-                       Per insurance rules, only current COP members are
ity. Be sure to arrive at the river prepared with a lunch/                  permitted on trips Class III and above.
snacks, sunscreen, drinking water, rain gear, appropri-
ate boating clothes for the weather and water temps
and a dry bag to pack them in.
A change of clothes and towel for after the river is a
                                                                            Clear Creek Paddle, Class I trip
                                                                            Saturday April 5
good thing to pack and leave, in one of the shuttle                         Come paddle Clear Creek along Clear Creek Metro
cars. A couple of dollars towards your carpooling drive                     Park south of Lancaster. You won’t believe you are in
is always appreciated.                                                      Ohio! This little paddled river is possible the best kept
If you have any medical conditions (asthma, allergies                       secret in Ohio. Strainers and several drops along the
to bee stings, diabetes, required medications, etc.)                        way means this is not for beginners, moving water ex-
Please identify these to the trip leader prior to arriv-                    perience is required.
ing, for the trip. For the safety of everyone involved,                     Be prepared for cold water conditions. No cotton!! An
it is important and your responsibility, to identify any                    extra set of dry clothing for open boaters is a must.
issues that may require additional medical assistance                       Bring a lunch for on the river eating.
prior to a trip.                                                            We will meet at Tim Horton’s on Gender Road just
Please plan to provide your own gear, including a                           south off SR 33 at 9:30 am.
PFD, which must be properly worn at all times when                          Contact: Jeff Haven, 614-871-0639 or, if
on or near the water. All trips require the reading and                     you plan to attend.
signing of a liability release. Please be courteous and
contact trip leaders if you have any questions, prior to                    Big Darby Paddle, Class I trip
the day before the trip and before 10 pm.                                   Sunday April 6
                                                                            The Big Darby is Ohio’s first National Scenic River
Out of State Trips - Multi-day                                              and is right here in our backyard!! This will be the first
These trips are led by COP volunteer trip leaders in a                      run of the season. Strainers and log jams along the way
low budget, communitarian fashion, so expect to pitch                       means this is not for beginners, moving water experi-
in and help. Costs are typically gas, food and camp-                        ence is required. This will be a 6 to 12 mile run de-
ing fees.                                                                   pending on the weather and river conditions. Come
                                                                            out and enjoy the water!
Please pay attention to the level of difficulty when                        Be prepared for cold-water conditions. No cotton!! An
planning to join moving water trips. Generally, mov-                        extra set of dry clothing for open boaters is a must.
ing water experience is required for these trips. Out                       Bring a lunch for on the river eating.
of state trips range from Class II/III, Class III/IV to                     We will meet at Tim Horton’s at 3455 N. Broadway
IV/V trips. Locations depend on the availability of                         in Grove City at 9:30am.
water levels and are subject to change. In some cases,                      Contact: Jeff Haven if you plan to attend, 614-871-0639.
a solid kayak roll may be required. That information
is usually specified in the trip description. As always,
it is a good idea, to speak to the trip leader, prior to                      Schedule Submission Information
the trip, regarding your boating skills.                                      can be found on page 3
                                                                                                                Columbus Outdoors • April 2008 • 13
                  Cheat Basin, Class III trip
                  Saturday, April 12 - Sunday, April 13
                                                                                               ? Need a Boat ?
                                                                                   You can rent one from Columbus Outdoor Pursuits!
                  It’s springtime in West Virginia and, hopefully, it’s rain-
                                                                                   Whitewater kayaks, sea kayaks, canoes, duckies, and rafts are avail-
Activity SCHEDULE ing right now! River levels permitting, we will be pad-          able. However, only COP members are entitled to rent our boats,
                  dling tributaries in the Upper Cheat Basin (or maybe             and first priority is given to boating schools and trips. Per new
                  the Tygart Valley River basin) near Elkins. Exact river          liability insurance requirements, COP membership is required for ALL
                  sections to be paddled will depend on water levels,              individuals using our boats on Class III or greater whitewater. Rental
                  weather, and paddlers. Leave Ohio Friday night and               rates include necessary accessories. PFDs must be worn at all times
                  eat dinner & breakfast out. Wetsuits (and dry ones,              while on or near the water; helmets are required to be worn at all
                  too) and the ability to scramble for eddies and away             times on Class II and greater whitewater. Renter paddling skills
                                                                                   will be assessed as part of our safety process.
                  from unpleasantness are definitely more than just a good
                  idea.                                                            RENTAL RATES
                  Contact: Dave Seslar 614/334-9352 or          Old canoes (aluminum)             $10 per day
                  Jimi Nixon 614-279-9789                     New canoes (plastic)              $15 per day
                                                                                   Whitewater kayaks                 $15 per day
                                                                                   Rafts (per seat) & duckies        $10 per day
                  2008 Kayak II (Introduction to                                   Sea Kayaks (solo or tandem)       $25 per day, $45 per weekend
                  Whitewater) School                                               Recreational Kayaks               $25 per day, $45 per weekend
                  Friday, April 18 - Sunday, April 20                              CONTACT Volunteers
                  Learn to kayak with Columbus Outdoor Pursuits!! The              Rental requests need to be made well in advance (at least a week)
                  2008 Kayak II School is designed for those students              of needing boats.
                  interested in learning to paddle whitewater. Students            For sea kayaks: John Lane 614/486-4548
                  are required to have some previous experience (i.e.,             For canoes, or inflatables: Joyce Deleo 614-488-9387 or
                  Kayak I School students, pool sessions practice or simi-         
                  lar experience). Knowledge of and comfort executing              For whitewater kayaks: Dave or Sharon Seslar 614/334-9352
                  the basic paddle strokes will be expected; ability to Es-        or
                  kimo roll not required. . Students must have experi-                COP Boat Rentals are available to COP members only!
                  ence performing wet exits. We will spend the weekend
                  at Pike Lake State Park (starting Friday evening after
                  work) and hold the paddling portion of the school on
                  the Rocky Fork & Paint Creek Rivers in Southwest               Class II
                  Ohio. This school will prepare students to negotiate           Saturday, April 26
                  most of Ohio’s rivers and streams and is also the first        Particulars on this trip will be further defined based on
                  step toward whitewater kayaking.                               water availability and paddlers. We may end up on The
                  See this March’s newsletter, pg 7 or on line, for an ap-       Kokosing, Caesar Creek, Rocky Fork or elsewhere. A
                  plication and for further details.                             spring trip between KII School and CheatFest and a
                  Contact: Joyce De Leo (614) 488-9387 or   chance to dust off the spider webs, from your boat for

                   International Scale of River Difficulty
                   Adapted from American White Water. Thanks for their permission to use. This is the American version of
                   a rating system used to compare river difficulty throughout the world. this system is not exact; rivers do not
                   always fit easily into one category, and regional or individual interpretations may cause misunderstandings.
                   It is no substitute for a guidebook or accurate first-hand descriptions of a run. Please visit
          for additional information.
                   Class I: easy. Fast moving water with riffles and small waves. Few obstructions, all obvious and easily missed
                   with little training. Risk to swimmers is slight; self-rescue is easy.
                   Class II: Novice. Straightforward rapids with wide, clear channels which are evident without scouting. Occa-
                   sional maneuvering may be required, but rocks and medium sized waves are easily missed by trained pad-
                   dlers. Swimmers are seldom injured and group assistance, while helpful, is seldom needed
                   Class III: Intermediate. Rapids with moderate, irregular waves which may be difficult to avoid and which can
                   swamp an open canoe. Complex maneuvers in fast current and good boat control in tight passages or
                   around ledges are often required; large waves or strainers may be present but are easily avoided
                   Class IV: Advanced. Intense, powerful but predictable rapids requiring precise boat handling in turbulent
                   water. Depending on the character of the river, it may feature large, unavoidable waves and holes or con-
                   stricted passages demanding fast maneuvers under pressure.
                   Class V: Expert. Extremely long, obstructed, or very violent rapids which expose a paddler to added risk.
                   Drops may contain large, unavoidable waves and holes or steep, congested chutes with complex, demanding
                   Class VI: Extreme and exploratory. These runs have almost never been attempted and often exemplify the
                   extremes of difficulty, unpredictability and danger.

   14 • April 2008 • Columbus Outdoors
the season is the intent. Canoes and kayaks welcome         Rafting 101
but moving water experience or KII School required.         Wednesday, May 14 6:30pm
Who knows what the weather will bring this spring so,       Learn the basics before you get on the river. We’ll go
be prepared for cool weather and cool water paddling.       over what to wear and what to bring, helmets and
(No cotton!) Pack a river lunch, boating gear, an extra     PFD’s, Inflating the raft, how to paddle as a team and

                                                                                                                Activity SCHEDULE
shirt and your nose plugs.                                  how to retrieve a swimmer. This is a short evening of
Contact: Toni Hartley 614/523-3191 or                       flat water instruction on Alum Creek Reservoire. En- (use Class II in subject line)     joy your summer and put this class to use on the Yough
                                                            Trip in June. There is a $15 fee for this class.
Cheat Fest, Class II/III trip                               Ann Gerckens 614/ 351-5135
Saturday, May 3-Sunday, May 4                               Narrows/Casselman, Class II/III trip
The Friends of the Cheat River Festival will be held on     Saturday, May 17 - Sunday May 18
May 3 and we will be heading down to Albright, West         If you just graduated from KII School and want to test
Virginia to attend and paddle the Narrows section of        all those new boating skills out, or you just want a
the Cheat River.                                            spring warm up paddle, this two-day trip may be for
This annual trip offers recent graduates of COP’s Kayak     you. The Casselman River in Southwestern Pennsyl-
II School and anyone else with whitewater experience a      vania is a beautiful tributary of the Lower Youghiogheny
chance to test their skills against this Class 3+ section   and at 2ft on the gage is mostly class II with one or two
of the Cheat River. We will paddle the Cheat Narrows        class III- rapids thrown in for fun. The Cheat Narrows
and under no circumstances will we head north to the        in West Virginia is a pretty roadside run which, de-
Lower Yough! If the water levels are too high, we will      pending on water levels, starts out class II and ends up
consider paddling the Casselman River.                      class III- with a solid class III (Calamity) rapid just up-
Although the river has significantly more water and         stream of the lunch stop. We’ll most likely stay at the
more push than Rocky Fork and Paint Creek it is an          Yough Stop in Confluence Pennsylvania (We’ll provide
appropriate step up for aggressive graduates of KII.        directions closer to the trip date). Plan on bringing
                                                            lunch for both days on the river. Breakfast and dinners
We will be camping at Cheat Canyon Campground               will be eat in or eat out depending on your preference/
Approx. 1/2 mile down Rt. 26 from the festival.             budget. The weather in May can be unpredictable so
(304)329-6522. Large open field by the river with flush     be prepared to layer for a variety of conditions.
toilets and pay-per-use showers. $15/per adult for the      Contact Information: Mark Noltimier,
entire weekend. No pets. Sites are located in an open Phone: 614-258-2819 Cell: 614-
grass field along WVA Route 26 just south of Teter’s        557-6098
Campground and the festival site.
The Cheat Festival offers a host of bluegrass bands,        Greenbrier, Class II trip
food and kayaking gear, including a collection of used      Friday, May 16-Monday, May 19
and new boats. Paddlers and campers should be pre-          Jeff Haven 614-871-0639,
pared for chilly spring weather and the possibility of
rain. Wet or dry suits and adequate paddling jackets
will most likely be needed. ( No cotton!)                   Cheat Canyon, Class III/IV trip
                                                            Saturday, May 24- Sunday, May 25
We will meet at the Cracker Barrel restaurant along I70       Join Jim Murtha to paddle the Little / Upper Big Sandy,
East in Pickerington on Friday evening.                       Canyon, Laurel Fork, Cranberry, or other interesting
Please call Chris Russell at 614/486/4868 or email at rivers. You should have a good river roll to do these                                      rivers and feel confident on the Yough and Narrows.
                                                              We will try to do something new or the Canyon (one
Class III/IV                                                  of the most beautiful rivers in the east). We will gauge
Saturday, May 10 - Sunday, May 11                             the river to the group and participants to the possible
As I write this in March, May won’t come soon enough! rivers so call to sign up if you are seeking a bit of more
We’ll be looking for the best class III/IV water in WV, adventure and fun than your standard COP trip.
PA/MD area that weekend. Hopefully we’ll need our Jim Murtha 614/235-8193,
creek boats! River destination dependent on water Class II/III
levels and interested paddlers. Camp out, eat out or in, Saturday, May 24-Sunday May 25
whatever floats our boat(s)depending on weather con- A bit of class 2/3 fun to season the new boater or knock
ditions, i.e, details TBD nearer the date. Can’t wait - the winter rust off the seasoned paddler. Hoping to
hopefully see everyone on the river well before then.         head to the Slippery Rock area if mother nature ap-
Contact: Janice at 614-747-0400, and proves, if not it’ll be where ever our search for rain
Jim at 614-747-0400.                                          takes us. A two day weekend is scheduled but we may
Class I                                                       drag it out to encompass the holiday if you’re looking
                                                              for a extended weekend away from home. A skill set
Saturday, May 10                                              and experience to handle class 2/3 water required and
Licking river or other Class I depending on water lev- some foundation of a roll is recommended.
els. Bring a lunch for a full day of play.                    Ron and Jocelyn Metzger, (513) 519-3970
Doug Hurst 614-397-9376                           

                                                                                               Columbus Outdoors • April 2008 • 15
                                                                                   Essentials of River Kayaking
                   2008 Saturday Morning Paddle, (SMP)
                   Saturday Morning Paddle is a social (no lessons on these
                                                                                   Saturday June 7
                                                                                   This one-day class is for beginning kayakers who want
                                                                                   to develop the skills needed to travel down Class I riv-
                   trips) paddle for experienced members and friends who           ers. Students will learn about river hazards and features,
Activity SCHEDULE  have their own boats and gear. PFD’s must be worn at            paddle strokes, and fundamental skills such as eddy turns
                   all times when on or near the water. All trips will be run      and ferrying. This class is ideal for anyone who wants
                   rain or shine, but we will not paddle in thunderstorms.         to do day trips down easy rivers and streams. Kayaks
                   Distance 5-10 miles. Check each event for its start time.       and other necessary gear provided. Course length is ap-
                   Start time is on the water, so plan to arrive early to check-   proximately 8-10 hours. Class location will depend on
                   in, unload and park (30 minutes is good). Rental boats          water levels. Before signing up for this class, students
                   may be available with a minimum 7 day advance notice            should be comfortable performing a wet exit and should
                   (COP members’ only who have taken COP canoe/                    have some very basic kayaking experience. See the May
                   kayak classes and are able transport the boat themselves).      newsletter or the COP web site for an application.
                   Please contact trip leader for further information or Jacalyn   Applications should be mailed to Doug Eldridge, 49
                   Slemmer 614-451-2325                                            Amazon Place, Columbus, OH 43214.
                   Delaware Reservoir                                              Cost: $55.
                   April 12, 10:00 a.m.                                            Prerequisite: ACA Quickstart Your Kayak; COP Kayak
                   Jim Hill, 614-578-8075                           I; or equivalent experience.
                                                                                   Doug Eldridge
                   North O’Shaughnessy Res., Bellpoint
                   April 19, 10:00 a.m.                                            South American WhiteWater 2009
                   Doug Hurst, 614-397-9376,               July or August 2009
                   South Alum Creek Reservoir,                                     Rafting/kayaking the Tambopata (IV to I) and possi-
                                                                                   bly Apurimac (V) Rivers, Peru with commercial help.
                   April 26, 10:00 a.m.                                            I expect that I will have to firm up plans in September
                   New Galena Boat Ramp                                            of 2008 so start thinking now. Please drop me a line if
                   Rick Taylor, 614-204-9370,
                                                                                   you think you might be interested.
                                                                                   Ann Gerckens, or 614/351-5135
                  Casselman, Class II/III trip
                  Saturday, May 31- Sunday, June 1                                 Winter Roll Sessions
                  Here’s a great opportunity for less experienced paddlers         This year’s winter roll sessions are over. Many thanks
                  to get out of Ohio and step up their game. Join us for           to the volunteers that led the sessions and to the par-
                  a fun class II run (Casselman? Cheat?) and a stay at the         ticipants that supported the new venue and times with
                  infamous Yough Stop. This is a good trip for KII stu-            excellent turn outs. Many thanks to Jim Martha, who
                  dents; we will be prepared to help you work on your              coordinated the roll sessions. Thank you to the Grove
                  new river running skills. Depending on interest, meals           City YMCA staff who were so helpful to us, every Sun-
                  may be potluck with the group at the Yough Stop or               day morning.
                  eat out on your own. There may be some light chores
                  (sweeping, wiping down counters) to open the Yough               Summer Lake roll sessions will run from June through
                  Stop for the season.                                             August. Be sure to check back for information.
                  Mike Wadkowski (614) 231-6820
                  Joyce De Leo (614) 488-9387
                  Carol Wheeler (614) 486-5748             2008 Water Releases Dates
                                                                                   NOTE: As February 1, 2008, information for re-
                  ACA “Quickstart Kayak Class (Re-                                 leases has not been confirmed nor officially published
                  vamped for this year!)                                           by ODNR. The information listed below is tenta-
                  Wednesday, May 28, 7:00-9:00 p.m.(indoors) &                     tive and is subject to change.
                  Saturday, May 31, 9:00-1:00/2:00-6:00                            Please use the link to the ONDR release info, via
                  Fun, fast paced introductory class following ACA                 the COP website boating page or browse
                  “Quickstart” lesson plan, including a mandatory “wet-   or
                  exit”. The course covers safety topics, types of gear/ 
                  boats, clothing and strokes. The class is taught by ACA          tabid/2304/Default.aspx for updates. As always, res-
                  certified instructors and qualified assistants. New this         ervoir releases depend on hydraulic conditions and
                  year, we will conduct the land-based portion of the class        may be cancelled due to lack of water. Releases in
                  indoors at the COP office on Bethel Road the Wednes-             Ohio are confirmed/cancelled on Friday of the week
                  day prior to the Saturday outdoor/on the water class.            prior to release. All dates to be confirmed
                  Participants must be present at the indoor session; this         March
                  material will not be repeated at the outdoor portion of          8th, 9th, Caesar Creek Release
                  the class. This course is a prerequisite to the “Get Your        8th, 9th   Paint Creek Release
                  Feet Wet” Kayak Day Trip Class and Essentials of River           29th, 30th Paint Creek Release
                  Kayaking.                                                        April
                  Application will be in thisnewsletter, pg 4 cost $60.00.         15th, 26th, 27th Caesar Creek Release
                  For further info: Beth Thomae 740-965-4285 (after 6:00 p.m.)     14th, 19th, 20th, Paint Creek Release
   16 • April 2008 • Columbus Outdoors
           Leader: Pat Smith 614/443-5226

                                                                                                                                       Activity SCHEDULE
Compass Class
Sunday, April 6 1-5pm Camp Lazarus
Sure you know to carry a compass, but do you actually
know how to use it? We’ll do some basic exercises, then
                                                               Creek Metro Park Hike, Sunday February 24th. Left to
go out on the Camp Lazarus Orienteer course. No com- Clear Tim McNish, John Lunn, leader, Earl Reisinger, AnnRight: Suzanne
                                                         Birk,                                                      Gerckens, Paul
pass necessary, but bring it if you have one. Contact me Imhoff, Sarah, , Curt Hofmann, Christina Povenmire, Mac Nichols, ??.
by 11:59pm, Thursday April 3 if you want to partici- Photo by Eva Simons.
pate. Cost: $10                                          March 9: 3 miles - Chestnut Ridge Metropark - G.
Ann Gerckens or 614.351-5135 April 19: 6 miles - Alum Creek State Park - Pat Smith
                                                                    - See above
Alum Creek State Park                                    May 18: 9 miles - Great Seal State Park - Sheila Sands
Sunday, April 19 4:30PM                                             - See May newsletter
NEW DATE AND TIME. Note change from March June: hike #4 - 12 Miles - Suzanne Birk - TBD
newsletter. Challenge 21 Series hike #2. After you’ve July: hike #5 - 15 miles - Pete Rogers –Wildcat Hol-
spent the morning engrossed in a river or trail cleanup             low, start getting in shape
for Earth Day, meet at the New Galena boat ramp off
Africa Road for 6 easy miles. Snacks, water, proper      August: hike #6 - 18 miles - Steve McVey - TBD
shoes and clothing always a good idea, as is letting me September: hike #7 - 21 miles - Glenn Beachy - TBD
know you are coming.                                     Contact Pat Smith 614.443.5226
Pat Smith 614.443.5226
Shawnee State Forest
Sunday, April 20
7.2 mile Day hike trail. Strenuous effort. Elevation
changes are from 700 to 1200 feet and there are many
                                                                                  Leader: Karen Reinhart 614/288- 9658
ups and downs. Spring wildflowers                                                                 
and views of nearby ridges and hollows are plentiful                     Weekly Wall sessions
and beautiful. Pack lunch, snacks, water, and change of                  every Wed @ 7:pm and Sunday @3pm
clothing, if desired.                                                    At the COP Climbing Wall
Proper footwear is a must. Meet at 8:30am to carpool                     Experienced Climbers and Beginners Welcome
approx. 95 miles to Portsmouth (Turkey Creek Lake                        Cost $7.00 per session
parking lot) from Tim Horton’s, 3623 S. High St. in                      Contact Karen Reinhart for details. 614-288-9658
the Great Southern Shopping Center. Good idea to
contact me in advance, if you are coming.
Suzanne Birk 614.581.4316 or
Challenge 21 Hike #3 Great Seals State. Park
Sunday, May 18 Hiking approx. 9 miles at Great Seal
State Park.
                                                                                    Leader: Sheila Sands 937/644-9152
We will meet & car pool from Tim Horton’s on South                       Pine Hill Cave, KY
High Street just north of I-270. Meet & park on the                      Saturday, April 26
back side of Tim Horton’s (far end of Wal-Mart park-                     I will be leading a cave trip to Pine Hill Cave on Satur-
ing lot) at 9 am. Bring lunch & water. Great Seal has                    day, April 26. Leave early Saturday morning. Option
couple of nice size hills that we will be going up &                     of camping or drive back home Saturday night. COP
down, please wear appropriate foot wear. Hiking time                     has cave equipment for rent, $13 for members & $17
will be approx. 3 1/2 hours. Great Seal is about 40                      for non-members.
minute drive south of Columbus. Everyone is wel-                         Leader: Sheila Sands 937-644-9152
Leader: Sheila Sands 937-644-9152.                                               Yellow Springs Socks / Cycling Shops
Challenge 21 Hiking Series - update.
In 2008 COP will present a series of 7 hikes, one                       Bicycling-Running-Walking Socks        PRIMAL - Cycling Jerseys
per month, March through September. The first hike                      Hiking-Snowboard-Ski Socks             Novelty Socks
will be approximately 3 miles. Each succeeding hike                     Women-Men-Kids Socks                   Nature Socks
will be about 3 miles longer finishing with a 21 miler                  Work Socks                             Bird-Cat-Dog Breed Socks
in the fall to cap the season. Can you do it? With                      Collegiate Socks                       Occupation Socks
proper training and barring any injuries along the                        Get a 10% discount when you use Promo code: COP2008
way we think you can! Thanks to Glenn Beachy for
this idea. Hikes are open to all participants, not just
those completing the Challenge.                                               Web:
                                                                                                                  Columbus Outdoors • April 2008 • 17
                                                                                           I expect that I will have to firm up plans in September

                            Leader: Kim Hiser 740/666-1509
                                                                                           of 2008 so start thinking now. Please drop me a line if
                                                                                           you think you might be interested.
                                                                                           Ann Gerckens, or 614/351-5135

Activity SCHEDULECompass Class
                 Sunday, April 6 1-5
                 see Hiking Schedule on page 17 for information
                 Backpack Class 08 info
                 Class Classroom sessions Sat. April 12, 19, 26, May 3,                    Board Meeting
                                                                                                           Meetings, etc.
                 Day hike w/packs Sun. May 4 at Highbanks Metro Park                       Thursday, April 3rd, 7pm
                  Overnight backpack trip May 17-18 at Lake Vesuvius                       at the COP Office, 1525 Bethel Road, west side door,
                 See page 5 of March issue for registration info. and form                 then downstairs. All are welcome, however, if you have
                                                                                           business to bring before the Board you need to contact
                 High Sierras, California                                                  the President one week in advance to get on the agenda.
                 August 2008                                                               The following Board meeting will be the first Thurs-
                 Inyo National Forest, Sequoia and Kings Canyon Na-                        day in June.
                 tional Parks. Elevations of 10,000 to 13,000 feet plus                    Dave Seslar 614/334-9352
                 (get your altitude experience for the Peru trip). Lots of
                 granite, alpine meadows, granite, lakes, granite, bears,                  Next Board Meeting
                 and granite. I’ll be walking 160+ miles of the Pacific                    Thursday June 5th 7pm
                 Crest Trail. There are several places to join or leave me.
                 We’ll average 10 miles a day. If you are interested                       Program Meeting on Adventure Travel
                 contact me ASAP because there are permit required for                     Tuesday, April 15th 7pm
                 these areas. Options include:                                             Mark Twain said, “Twenty years from now you will be
                   July 31-August 23 163 PCTmiles                                          more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by
                   July 31-August 8, 31 PCT miles -this option will not                    the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away
                        get you the altitude experience you need for Peru                  from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your
                   July 31-August 12, 85 PCT miles                                         sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
                   August 5-16, 77 PCT miles                                               Our speaker tonight is Mary Stephan, a Travel Con-
                   AUgust 5-21, 127 PCT miles                                              sultant with Allons Travel, a local, certified travel agency
                 Ann Gerckens, or 614/351-5135                 specializing in adventure travel, hiking, biking, kayaking
                 Backpack & Boat Peru, Brazil & Venezuela                                  and boating/sailing.
                 August & September 2009 Yes, 2009!                                        This program will be at the COP office, 1525 Bethel
                 Start saving your pennies and getting your passports                      Road, Suite 100. This is on the south side of Bethel,
                 and shots. I’m planning a trip to South America for                       just west of Godown Rd. Coming from SR 315, you
                 August and September 2009 (yes, you can join/leave                        want to be in the middle lane at the Godown light (left
                 to fit the amount of time you have off ). Right now,                      lane is left turn only). Take the first opportunity to
                 the draft plan takes more days and money than I will                      turn left after the light. Coming from the west, Saw-
                 have but…wishes include:                                                  mill Rd, be in the right lane after Reed Rd. Use the
                 Peru:                                                                     Texas Roadhouse on the left as your cue and turn right
                 • start picking up altitude with a backpack tripnear the                  into the first parking lot on the right after the Swan
                       Cordillera Blanca                                                   Cleaners building. The building sign says Ohio Res-
                 • Travel to Cusco via the Paracas Coastal Preserve (sea                   taurant Association. Park on the west side of the build-
                       lions and penquins) and the Nazca Lines                             ing and go to the west door. and downstairs.
                 • Backpack the Camino Salcantay (15,000 feet)to                           For information, contact the COP Office. office@outdoor-
                       Machu Pichu                                                or 614/ 442-7901
                       estimated cost so far $3,800 and 2.5 weeks, then
                 • Raft/kayak from Juliaca (near Lake Titicaca) down                       Next Program Meeting
                       through Tambopata Reserve (class IV to I, macaw                     Tuesday, May 20, 7pm
                       clay licks, mountains, cloud forest, jungle) to                     Climbing will host
                       Puerto Maldonado                                                    Leader Training
                 • Raft/kayak the Apurimac River                                           Saturday May 3
                 • Iquitos – The worlds largest city with no road access,                  10am to 6pm. Leader Trainings include all six mod-
                       also Peru’s Atlantic Port                                           ules-Risk Management, Paperwork & COP Policies,
                 Brazil                                                                    Trip Planning, Participant Screening and Leadership.
                 • Manaus – used to be the rubber capital of the world,                    Cost is $15 for the day and includes lunch. To register,
                       meeting of the waters (Amazon &Rio Negro)                           contact the COP Office.
                       Hike/canoe in the Jungle                                   or 614/ 442-7901
                 • Backpack Mt Roraima                                                     Next Leader Full Day Leader Training
                 • hike/boat to Angel Falls                                                will be in the fall
   18 • April 2008 • Columbus Outdoors
  WHY JOIN COLUMBUS OUTDOOR PURSUITS?                                                      M EMBERSHIP A PPLICATION
- Choose from an extensive schedule of activities year-round.                              YES! I want to become a member of Columbus Outdoor Pursuits. I
- Receive this monthly newsletter, filled with trips, events, and articles.                understand I will receive a full 12-month membership and all other benefits
- Learn by doing in workshops on canoeing, bicycle maintenance, rock climbing,             of membership.The Renewal Discount Rates are only available within three
                                                                                           months of the current membership’s expiration date.The expiration month
     backpacking, wilderness first-aid, leadership skills, and more.                       on the renewal will remain the same.
- Develop your leadership and organizational skills with volunteer opportunities.
- Take advantage of low-cost outdoor equipment rentals for members                                     Youth (15-17)                                   $ 15.00
- Make new friends who share your interests and have fun.                                              Adult New Member (18-54)                            30.00
VOLUNTEER!                                                                                             Adult Renewal (w/in 3 months of last membership)    25.00
Columbus Outdoor Pursuits success results from the willingness of                                      Senior Citizen (55 & over)                          20.00
many people to donate their time. We expect that all our members will                                  Family                                              45.00
pitch in. Please check off the items below where you will help.                                        Family Renewal (w/in 3 months of last membership)  35.00
    TOSRV                          Bike tours-foodstops            Computer support                    Life                                              300.00
    GOBA                           Bike tours - reg                Publications                        Replacement Membership Card                          2.00
    XOBA                           Bike tours-arrows               Trip Leader (training                       Total Amount Enclosed:               $______.____
    Office (weekdays)              Bike tours - sag                   provided)*
    Publicity                      Mailing                     Activity?__________                     Make check payable to: Columbus Outdoor Pursuits
    Data entry                     Telephoning                                                         Mail to: Columbus Outdoor Pursuits
                                                                                                                  1525 Bethel Rd Suite 100
                                                                                                                  Columbus, OH 43220-2054
Circle ”1” for primary interests and “2” for secondary interests. Circle “3” if you are
                                                                                           Name: ________________________________________________________
willing to lead trips.
Backpacking        123            Caving                123       Kayaking        123      Address:_______________________________________________________
Bicycling          123            X-C Skiing            123       Sea Kayak       123      City:____________________________ State:__________ Zip:___________
Mt. Biking         123            Downhill Skiing       123       Rafting         123
                                  Hiking                123                                Home Phone: (____) _____________ Email Address:____________________
Camping            123                                            Rock Climb      123
Canoeing           123            In-line Skate         123       Other           123      Birthdate: _______________         Previous Membership #: ________________

                                                                                                                 Remember to bring your current

As a benefit of membership, 2 classified ads per year of 60   For Sale: Three items
                                                                                                                 Columbus Outdoor Pursuits
                                                                                                                 activity card to all trips & events.
                                                                                                                 Memberships may be obtained from the club
                                                                                                                 office by calling 614/ 442-7901, or via email,
                                     1) A brand new pair (never worn, tag
words or less are free of charge. Please limit content to                                              
                                     attached) of Tifosi Fototec Pave sport
equipment buy/sell ads. Non-members cannot place ads.
                                                                                                                 If you have any questions about the Columbus
                                     eyewear, Gunmetal Grey Frame ($59
Please include your membership number when submitting a                                                          Outdoor Pursuits trip program, contact the ap-
classified.                          new) $29.                                                                   propriate Activity Leader. If you have questions
For Sale:                            2) Fizik Arione Ti Black leather saddle,                                    about a particular trip, call the leader listed with
                                     used 1/2 season ($149 list) $69.                                            the trip. To maintain the high quality of all club
Dragonfly Inflatable Kayak                                                                                       trips, you are encouraged to submit comments
Designed with a fin to added maneu- 3) SiDi Genious 5 Road Shoes, black                                          or suggestions, to the appropriate leader and par-
verability, with paddle and pump. lorica upper/polyamide sole, size EU49                                         ticipate in our numerous schools.
Brand new, still in box. Price $299, (std.width), used less than one season                                      Need to renew?
the same as the purchase on without ($229 paid) $79.                                                             Membership renewal notices for Columbus Out-
delivery.                            Call Karl at 614-777-5038                                                   door Pursuits will be sent by the office. If you
Anatoly Shamson 614/                                                                            want to be a member of Columbus Outdoor
457-5937                                                      For Sale:                                          Pursuits but your membership has expired and
                                                                                                                 you haven’t received a renewal notice, please fill
For Sale:                                 Giant Trailer Bike. Lightweight alumi-                                 out the membership application on the inside
55cm Bianchi, Lugged and num blue frame. 7 speed shifter model.                                                  back cover of the newsletter and send it with a
B u t t e d C o l u m b u s E L - O S Never used. $210 ($300 new).                                               check made payable to Columbus Outdoor Pur-
Nivichrome “Reparto Corse”, Dick and Judy Harmon 777-8839
Celest & Chrome finish. 27 spd
Ultegra components, Look carbon                                                                                  Moving?
fork (original steel included) Shimano For Sale:                                                                 The Post Office will not forward Non-
Flight Deck computer, Mavic Helium Wilderness System Pamlico 120                                                 Profit Rate mail. Please send your new
wheels, pedals negotiable. Tuned up at Kayak. This is a 12 foot recreational                                     address to the Columbus Outdoor Pur-
“A Gear Higher” Jan 2008. This is a kayak that performs on flat water and                                        suits office at:
true classic Bianchi, their top line bike up to Class II rivers. It has a 1 ½ size                               1525 Bethel Rd, Ste 100, Columbus,
as recently as 10 yrs ago. Asking $650. cockpit. With a recreational paddle,                                     OH 43220-2054
Contact Jim at (614) 471-8628 or email:   $500.                                             Contact Toni Hartley 614/523-3191.
                                                                                                                          Columbus Outdoors • April 2007 • 19
April 2008                                                                                                  NON-PROFIT
                                                                                                         U.S. POSTAGE PAID
             Columbus Outdoor Pursuits                                                                    COLUMBUS, OH
             1525 Bethel Rd Ste 100
             Columbus OH 43220-2054                                                                         PERMIT 172

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                                               WHERE ADVENTURE BEGINS

       Arbor Day Weekend
         April 25th - 27th
                                                      Thursday, April 24th
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                                 Backpacker’s authoritative editorial advice to life by educating consumers
                                           about the skills and equipment they need to get out
                                                   more and enjoy the great outdoors.

                                     Coming May 3rd: Used kayak and gear sale. Call for details.

                                3121 Tremont Rd. Upper Arlington, Oh 43221 614.457.3620 M-F 10-8 Sat. 10-6 Sun. 12-5

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