Solo and Ensemble Festival

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					                             Solo and Ensemble Festival

Participation in Solos and Ensembles is an optional activity. Students receive points toward their
Band/Orchestra/Choir Awards.

Students enrolled in a music performance class may participate in the solo/ ensemble festival
which is held each year in March.

Students must be enrolled in the appropriate performing group in order to participate in the solo/
ensemble festival (ie. String events must be enrolled in orchestra; vocal events must be enrolled
in a choir; wind & percussion events must be enrolled in a band.)

Students may not perform in more than ten (10) total events. This includes cross-over between
vocal/ orchestra/ wind/ percussion events.

Participation in a “special ensemble” must be approved by the appropriate instructor of the large
performing group.

The following limits have been set by the music department:

   1. All Symphonic Band, Orchestra, Choir and the first two (2) chairs from each section of
      the Concert and Oriole Bands may be involved in festival events as follows:
           a. One Solo + two ensembles with a limit of three (3) events.
           b. OR two (2) solos + one (1) ensemble with a limit of three (3) events. Permission
               is needed for two (2) solos. Students may only perform one solo in a festival
               event category.
           c. If no solo – two (2) ensembles with a limit of two (2) events.
   2. All other band students may be involved as follows: (unless special permission is given).
           a. One Solo + one (1) ensemble with a limit of two (2) events.
           b. Ensembles limit two (2) events.
           c. To qualify to perform on your secondary instrument you must be doing at least
               one (1) event on your major instrument, other than special ensembles.
   3. The following festival events are not included in the above limits:
           a. Solo - on piano or guitar
           b. Large Ensembles (also known as “special ensembles”) – brass choir, woodwind
               choir, jazz ensemble, vocal jazz ensemble, jazz combo, string choir, “Pops” string
   4. To be in special ensembles (see #3 above) you must be in at least one (1) other event
      (solo or ensemble). The director may exempt an individual in order to fill out an
   5. If you participate in solos and ensembles you will receive a lesson on your solo and/ or
      ensemble. The third quarter applied grade will be on your solo/ensembles. Those not
      participating in solos/ensembles will continue to receive lessons from their method book
      and be graded on lessons. If you start out in solos/ensembles and then do not continue
      you will be scheduled for a lesson the following week from your method book.
   6. Your solo/ensemble event must qualify with the director three (3) weeks before the
      festival date.
   7. Students will need to purchase their own music and judge’s copy for solo and small
      ensemble events.
8. Students will need to pay for event entry fees, and an optional participation medal.
9. Students who wish to use a piano accompanist will need to make arrangements with
   their accompanist. It is expected that the student provide some method of appreciation
   to the accompanist for his/ her work with the student solo.

         Solo/ Ensemble Fees (2008-09) – subject to change)
1. Students wishing to participate in solo/ ensemble events will be required to pay their
   entry fee, and purchase their music. Events designated as special events (jazz/
   madrigal/ string choir/ pops string/ vocal jazz) will have entry fees paid by the
   school. These special events will not be eligible for participation medals.

2. Fee structure is determined by Wisconsin State Music Association. Fees for the 2008
   festival will be:
       a. District Festival – class A solo events: $10.00
       b. class B/ C solo events: $9.00
       c. ensembles: $12.00

3. District fees are due when the solo or ensemble is registered. Fees are non-
   refundable. Medals are available for those who wish to order them at a cost of $4.00
   each. This cost includes shipping charges. The purchase of a medal is optional. Medals
   must be purchased at the time of registration.

4. Each student is responsible to purchase their music and provide the judge with an
   original, printed copy of the music from the WSMA list.

5. Students who qualify for the state festival will need to complete a state registration form
   and return it with the appropriate fee and optional medal fee in order to be entered in the
   state festival.

6. State registration fees for 2009 will be: $15.00 for solo; $17.00 for ensemble.
   State medal may be purchased for $4.25, including shipping. Medals are optional.

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