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Attack of the Macks                                      Showground is one of the only event sites in New
                                                         South Wales capable of providing a covered space
                                                                                                                CLIENT’S COMMENT
                                                                                                                “		 he	event	provided	a	unique	
                                                         such as the Dome that is big enough to hold such         opportunity	for	buyers	to	inspect		
                                                         large machinery with plenty of room to spare for
WHAT WE DID                                                                                                       the	latest	offerings	from	Mack	Trucks		
Iconic truck company Mack Trucks partnered with          seating and entertainment.
                                                                                                                  and	helped	the	company	foster	
Sydney Showground to create a unique and
                                                         CHALLENGES                                               important	relationships	with	both	current	
memorable launch to showcase their next
                                                         It was important that potential buyers were able         and	future	owners.	The		
generation of machines. Potential buyers were
treated to a dazzling display of the latest models       to test drive the trucks across both sloping and         Sydney	Showground	team	exceeded	
and took part in an array of interactive activities to   flat ground, and event organisers worked with            our	expectations	delivering	this	event	–	
experience the trucks first hand. Sydney                 Sydney Showground to map out an appropriate              they	were	excellent	to	deal	with		
Showground again proved itself to be a one of a          route. On the day, Sydney Showground staff had           and	did	everything	in	their	power	to	
kind launch venue with the flexibility to provide        to ensure that the number of large trucks used
                                                                                                                  make	things	happen.”
indoor and outdoor spaces for buyers to inspect          for the launch were able to move around the
                                                         site with relative ease, especially as the launch       Susan Greystone – CEO Simply Great Ideas
the latest offerings from Mack, and get a hands-on
demonstration.                                           coincided with the set up process of the Sydney
                                                         Telstra 500 V8 supercar racing event also taking
SPECIAL TOUCHES                                          place at Sydney Showground. Due to Sydney              EVENT TYPE    Product Launch

As part of the launch, multiple Mack Trucks were         Showground’s strong relationship with Sydney           EVENT CLASS   Function
                                                         Olympic Park Authority, the staff were able to close   INDUSTRY      Automotive
driven into Sydney Showground’s Dome amid a
                                                         roads as needed, and effectively monitor the flow      CLIENT        Mack Trucks
spectacular sound and light display. Later on, the
                                                         of traffic to help ensure ease of access for people    VENUE         The Dome
Dome provided a perfect location for visitors to
                                                         taking the trucks on demonstration drives across       DATE          26 November 2009
witness the trucks’ capabilities up close, with
around 600 tonnes of sand dumped in the venue            both precincts.
for various earth moving demonstrations. Sydney

   1 Showground Road, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW 2127, Australia
   Phone 02 9704 1157 Fax 02 970 4 1173

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