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									          Sneak Preview!                                                               5.   Bellydancing Wroskhop—4/21/11, 7pm

                                                                                       6.   La Traviata—4/29/11, 6pm
          1.   Pre-health Workshops—Various Dates
                                                                                       7.   Relay for Life—4/9 thru 4/10
          2.   CALS/L&S Undergraduate Lab Fair—4/13/11, 1 to 4pm
                                                                                       8.   ALPS Rope Course Update—Cancelled
          3.   Badgers at NASA—4/14/11, 8pm
                                                                                       9.   Spring Farmer’s Market—4/16/11, 8am
          4.   Doctor of Physical Therapy Program Open House—4/17/11, 1 to 3pm

 The center for Pre-Health advising is offering a series of small                 April 13, 1-4pm Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery
                     workshops in April.
                                                                             This event will be a way for students to explore opportunities, learn
          “Applying to Dental School” 4/7/11 4:00pm                         about the process and hand out a few resumes. There are agriculture,
                                                                           social science and life science lab opportunities - all actively looking for
        “How to fill Out Your AMCAS” 4/14/11 4:00pm                        students. There will be employers at this event recruiting students and
   “What Happens When You Don’t Get in the First Time?”                      the labs will have an area aside from the rest of the career fair - you
                   4/28/11 3:30pm                                            should expect to walk up and hand them your resume and ask ques-
                                                                             tions about the labs and what they do. Students are often confused
 Check out the events page at to reg-                   about how to secure student research experiences – this is a way
                         ister online.
                                                                            for labs to recruit students AND help learn about the research experi-
                                                                                                 ence process at the same time.

 Ever wonder what it would be like to work at NASA? Of
course you have! Well WISE is bringing in three amazing
  Badger alum that are living the dream and this is your                       The Doctor of Physical Therapy program is having an open
                                                                              house! It is Sunday, April 17, from 1pm to 3pm. It will take
   chance to meet them and ask them your questions!
                                                                                   place in room 5150 of the Medical Sciences Center.
                       Guests are:
                                                                               There will be refreshments, informal tours of the DPT facili-
  Karina Eversley, Spacewalk Instructor & Flight Controller                    ties, opportunities to participate in PT lab activities and time
                                                                               to engage in conversation with current students and faculty.
    Angie Lenius, Project Manager of flight hardware

           Nikki Williams, Space Shuttle Program

 Come to the A-tower classroom on Thursday, April                                        April 21, 7:00pm Resource Room
 14th at 8pm to ask your questions and have a snack!                             Learn some bellydance moves, eat and watch some
                                                                                        past Bellydance Srping Show Clips!!

  Join peer mentor Mandi for a night at the Opera! Go to this link for
      a summary of La Traviata:
                                                                              Keep your eye out for fundraising events and activities that
                                                                               will be held by our Relay for Life team, the WISE Walkers!
    The show is Friday, April 29th and we will meet at 6pm and do
    dinner together. Sign up is at the front desk, payment must be
    received to reserve your place. Email Mandi with questions and
                  suggestions at

                                                                              It's finally spring and that means Farmer's Market! Join us for
                                                                             some fresh bakery and produce or get a beautiful plant to liven
                                                                             up your dorm room. We will leave from the Resource Room at
                                                                               8am. The first Saturday is April 16th and we will continue to
 Unfortunately we did not get enough interest for an ALPS ropes course                         go until the end of the semester.
  on Sunday April 17th, and due to the limited time remaining in the se-
 mester we will not be able to pursue this event. I’m sorry we could not
                         make this event happen.

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