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					                                         THE CONTRACT
                                             State of Washington
                                     Department of General Administration
                                      Office of State Procurement (OSP)

                               Contract # 06107 Truck Service Bodies

                        For Purchases of Materials, Supplies, Services, and Equipment
                                          Under the Authority of
                                            Chapter 43.19 RCW


   Steel Truck Service Bodies
                                           PMI Truck Bodies                     06107 PMI
       Awarded Contractor:                                                     Contract.pdf

Date         Action                                                                             Amendments
 10/19/10    UPDATE: Updated PMI contact information.                                                N/A
  4/8/10     Pricing Page updated to reflect removal of Allied Body Works, Inc. and                  N/A
             Valley Truck Repair, Inc. as they choose not to extend their contracts. PMI
             Truck is the only awarded vendor on the contract at this time and they offer
             steel service bodies only.
  3/1/10     Contracts Specialist re-assignment from Kathie Collins to Tim Shay.                      NA
 2/25/10     Amendment 4, effective 2/25/10:
             Autocrane product replaced with Liftmoore product. Three additional
                                                                                                   06107 PMI
             Liftmoore cranes and two reinforcements added to contract.                          Amendment 4.pdf

  2/5/10     Extension, Amendment 3, effective 3/27/10: Contract with PMI Truck, for steel
             service bodies, has been extended for 24 months, March 27, 2010 through
             March 26, 2012, per amendment #3. Allied Body & Valley Truck contract for             06107 PMI
                                                                                                 Amendment 3.pdf
             fiberglass service bodies will terminate on March 26, 2010 as they choose not to
             extend contract due to minimal and/or no sales activity. All Pricing, terms &
             conditions remain unchanged.
 7/25/08     Amendment 2, effective 7/25/08:
              Issued with PMI Truck Bodies to add two Crane Body Packages with optional
             accessories.                                                                         06107 PMI
                                                                                                Amendment 2.pdf

 3/25/08     Amendment 1, effective 3/25/08:
             Issued with PMI Truck Bodies to add two additional optional accessories, see
             “Part C: Optional accessories, Item #36 & 37”                                        06107 PMI -
                                                                                                Amendment 1.pdf

 3/27/08     Contract start date 3/27/08, stop date 3/26/10 with options to extend through             NA
 3/27/08     Bid awarded to 3 bidders: PMI Truck Bodies for steel truck service bodies for             NA
             customers located in Western and Eastern Washington; Allied Body Works for
             fiberglass truck service bodies for customers located in Western Washington;
             and Valley Truck Repair for fiberglass truck service bodies for customers
             located in Eastern Washington. 7 bidders were rejected for not offering a
             service body for each size and type identified in the bid document as was
   1/9/08    Bid Opened                                                                                NA
11/28/2007   Pre-bid conference held.                                                                  NA
 12/6/2007   Bid Posted to WEBS. 202 vendors notified via WEBS, 1 of which was a woman                 NA
             owned business.

                                     OSP Contact Information

Contracts Specialist:       Tim Shay                     Alternate Contact:           Christine Schoepfer
Phone Number:               (360) 902-7431               Phone Number:                (360) 902-7193
Fax Number:                 (360) 586-2426               Fax Number:                  (360) 586-2426
Email:                          Email:             

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