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					           NZAC - Wellington Section

           2009 Photo Competition Results                Judged by Marty Blumen

Scoring:   This year there were 3 categories:            champion
Total photos: 153 photos from 18 participants

           Overall champion: Richard Davies              Hikurangi Range                  Judge's comment: The poetic symbolism of a journey into the hills is well captured in this photo.

Alpine Activity
                Title                                    Name                  Score      Comments
AA30       Hikurangi Range                               Richard Davies      champion     Something different and a winner! The tussocks are like a painter's brushstrokes and the distance is shrouded in darkness.
AA02       Tongariro Crossing - tramping of the masses   Nicolai Truemper     honours     A classic rendition of the circus of the most popular day-walk in New Zealand. Lets see Tourism NZ use this!
AA12       Swirling cloud                                Tim Steward          honours     Great light and clarity of subject and landscape. With more 'action' this would have won.
AA31       The morning after the storm cleared           Richard Davies       honours     Ambient. The silhoette and mist, and simplicity, of the subject reads very well.
AA01       Solo attempt on Mt Ruapehu                    Nicolai Truemper      merit      Excellent concept though quality needs to be improved with better equipment/technique e.g. less noise, sharper lens.
AA03       Extreme landscape gazing                      Nicolai Truemper      merit
AA04       Light tones                                   Scott Taylor          merit
AA05       Feeling small                                 Scott Taylor          merit
AA06       Pudding Rock                                  Scott Taylor          merit
AA07       Mueller Ridge and Mount Sefton                Helen Alderson        merit
AA08       Aspiring                                      Helen Alderson        merit
AA09       Ice tunnel                                    Helen Alderson        merit
AA10       High camp                                     Tim Steward           merit
AA11       Leaving the buses behind                      Tim Steward           merit
AA13       Above Cupola Hut                              Peter Laurenson       merit
AA14       On the Shark's Tooth                          Peter Laurenson       merit
AA15       Near the summit of Mt Hopeless                Peter Laurenson       merit
AA16       Where shall I go, Ruapehu Crater              Katja Riedel          merit
AA17       Ski touring in Sweden                         Katja Riedel          merit
AA18       Foggy start                                   Nigel Roberts         merit
AA19       Quick descent on Taranaki                     Nigel Roberts         merit
AA20       Trudging towards the top                      Nigel Roberts         merit
AA21       Walking the Dog                               Kevin Patterson       merit
AA22       Choss!                                        Kevin Patterson       merit
AA23       Crevasse Rescue: Learning the Ropes           Bruce Van Brunt       merit
AA24       Above Brewster Hut                            Julian Thomson        merit
AA25       Summit Ridge, Ilamani, Bolivia                Andy Maloney          merit
AA26       Trekking, Cordillera Blanca, Peru             Andy Maloney          merit
AA27       Trekking, El Chorro, Bolivia                  Andy Maloney          merit
AA28       Mt Hooker                                     Blair Hiscoke         merit
AA29       On Destiny Ridge                              Richard Davies        merit

Alpine General
                  Title                                  Name                     Score   Comments
AG29       New horizon                                   Richard Young       champion     A winner! The elements read extremely well in high contrast black and white, showing all the elements of a group outing into the w
AG10       Sunset storm                                  Tim Steward          honours     A classic landscape with a tinge of rainbow, captured in the luminous of sunset colours.
AG15       Syme Hut                                      Peter Laurenson      honours     Great - just chilling in the hut! Where else in the world would you have a homestead like this?
AG27       Alpine light                                  Richard Young        honours     Silhouettes and cloud filled ambitions composed very well.
AG28       Caroline                                      Richard Young        honours     All the elements of mystery are here rendered starkly in black and white.
AG37       Break in the storm - Ahuriri                  Richard Davies       honours     ART!. Having the qualities of a painter's rendition of a landscape.
AG38       Sunset and Mt Blanc                           Richard Davies       honours     RED! Having the qualities of a painter's rendition of a landscape.
AG42       cook this way2                                Stephen Merchant     honours     COLD! Having the qualities of a painter's rendition of a landscape.
AG01       Mt Ngauruhoe at dawn 1                        Nicolai Truemper      merit
AG02       Mt Ngauruhoe at dawn 2                        Nicolai Truemper      merit
AG03       Crater Lake from Dome Shelter                 Nicolai Truemper      merit
AG04       Small against a slot                          Scott Taylor          merit
AG05       Eyeing up Mt Cook                             Scott Taylor          merit
AG06       Greenstone Valley                             Helen Alderson        merit
AG07       Lake MacKenzie                                Helen Alderson        merit
AG08       South Ridge of Brewster                       Helen Alderson        merit
AG09       Summit crater                                 Tim Steward           merit
AG11       Wing symmetry                                 Tim Steward           merit
AG12       Stars at Homer Hut                            John Palmer           merit
AG13       Below the Shark's Tooth                       Peter Laurenson       merit      A great shot. The dark distance gives the depth needed for a powerful photograph.
AG14       Mt Hopeless                                   Peter Laurenson       merit
AG16       Above the clouds on Taranaki                  Katja Riedel          merit
AG17       Ice feathers on Taranaki                      Katja Riedel          merit
AG18       Ala Kol Lake, Kyrgyzstan                      Katja Riedel          merit
AG19       Ruapehu panorama                              Nigel Roberts         merit
AG20       Sunrise over Ruapehu                          Nigel Roberts         merit
AG21       Leave Only…                                   Kevin Patterson       merit
AG22       Gertrude Magic                                Kevin Patterson       merit
AG23       Arriving to Baring Head                       Tommy Kokki           merit
AG24       Lake Pukaki                                   Julian Thomson        merit
AG25       Middle Peak                                   Julian Thomson        merit
AG26       Tasman glacier                                Julian Thomson        merit
AG30       Ilamani, Bolivia                              Andy Maloney          merit
AG31       Parincola, Chile                              Andy Maloney          merit
AG32       Vicuna, Parincola NP, Chile                   Andy Maloney          merit
AG33       Broderick Pass                                Blair Hiscoke         merit
AG34       Dasler Pinnacles                              Blair Hiscoke         merit
AG35       Ball Pass                                     Nicky Mcindoe         merit
AG36       Manakau Spring camp                           Nicky Mcindoe         merit
AG39       Tre Cime                                      Richard Davies        merit
AG40       north island tops                             Stephen Merchant      merit
AG41       Tasman Lake                                   Stephen Merchant      merit

Alpine Nature
AA30      Hikurangi Range                                  Richard Davies     champion   Something different and a winner! The tussocks are like a painter's brushstrokes and the distance is shrouded in darkness.
                  Title                                    Name                Score     Comments

AN20      Ice Palace: Tasman from the Trough               Bruce Van Brunt    champion   Winner! A jumble of shapes and forms of ice. Cool.
AN10      Trail ice near Cupola Hut                        Peter Laurenson     honours   Abstract. Textured like stone and bordered with green.
AN12      Sunrise at Taharangi Lodge                       Peter Laurenson     honours   Nicely crafted. Colours and shaped well defined.
AN15      Nearly a Japanese painting                       Katja Riedel        honours   As the title suggests - almost a Japanese painting.
AN22      Tasman Lake Iceberg                              Julian Thomson      honours   Great shapes - like a great big beach pebble.
AN32      Cook this way                                    Stephen Merchant    honours   Wacky! I couldn't work out what this was for a bit.
AN33      Glacier scoured                                  Stephen Merchant    honours   Abstract shapes and lines - excellent.
AN01      NZ Edelweiss (Tararua Main Range)                Nicolai Truemper     merit
AN02      Icy Breeze                                       Nicolai Truemper     merit
AN03      Light                                            Scott Taylor         merit
AN04      Contrast                                         Scott Taylor         merit
AN05      Backdrop                                         Scott Taylor         merit
AN06      Crevasses                                        Helen Alderson       merit
AN07      Dark castle                                      Tim Steward          merit
AN08      Quantum rainbow                                  Tim Steward          merit
AN09      Kea kea                                          Tim Steward          merit
AN11      Flowers near the Tama Lakes                      Peter Laurenson      merit
AN13      Drip drop                                        Katja Riedel         merit
AN14      Dew on alpine buttercup                          Katja Riedel         merit
AN16      Moss-and-snow palette                            Nigel Roberts        merit
AN17      Pond-side pencil pines                           Nigel Roberts        merit
AN18      Sea-cliff ice-plant                              Nigel Roberts        merit
AN19      The Mountains Got His Hat On                     Kevin Patterson      merit
AN21      Tasman icefall                                   Julian Thomson       merit
AN23      Alpine Flight                                    Richard Young        merit
AN24      Kiwi tracks                                      Richard Young        merit
AN25      Surviving winter                                 Richard Young        merit
AN26      Kakariki, Auckland Island                        Andy Maloney         merit
AN27      Passiflora, Cordillera Blanca, Peru              Andy Maloney         merit
AN28      Puya Raymondi, Cordillera Negro, Peru            Andy Maloney         merit
AN29      After the war                                    Richard Davies       merit
AN30      Buttercups                                       Richard Davies       merit
AN31      Ibex in Slovenian karst                          Richard Davies       merit
AN34      southern alps adventure                          Stephen Merchant     merit

                  Title                                    Name                Score     Comments

H15       Dog in bag Tararua Peaks                         Nicky Mcindoe      champion   I have to ask the obvious. Why is there a dog in the pack? It made me laugh the first time.
H02       Alpine traffic jam on the Tongariro Crossing     Nicolai Truemper    honours   The Tongariro Crossing is always a laugh in summer. No-one goes off the path!
H18       Pack-man                                         Richard Davies      honours   How does it help!
H01       Witch puppet – Seen on Shoulder Knob, Tararuas   Nicolai Truemper     merit
H03       All in a day's work                              Scott Taylor         merit
H04       Wedged in Fat Slut Crack                         Helen Alderson       merit
H05       Afternoon nap on Mount Olivier                   Helen Alderson       merit
H06       Effort                                           Helen Alderson       merit
H07       3D belay                                         John Palmer          merit
H08       Open sesame - Syme Hut                           Peter Laurenson      merit
H09       Happy chappy                                     Nigel Roberts        merit
H10       Harden Up                                        Kevin Patterson      merit
H11       Fun with snowman                                 Andy Maloney         merit
H12       Sealion entertains, Enderby Island               Andy Maloney         merit
H13       Shark attack! Enderby Island                     Andy Maloney         merit
H14       Railay                                           Blair Hiscoke        merit
H16       Dog in bag Tararua Peaks ladder                  Nicky Mcindoe        merit
H17       Hot day in the Landsborough                      Richard Davies       merit
H19       I think thats the top                            Stephen Merchant     merit
H20       Oops whats next                                  Stephen Merchant     merit
H21       yep you got me                                   Stephen Merchant     merit

                  Title                                    Name                Score     Comments

P01       Memorial boulder                                 Helen Alderson     champion   Peaceful, symbolic and landscapy. Well composed.
P09       Glacier Travel                                   Stephen Merchant    honours   A busy, normal, day.
P02       Childs play kiwi style - Tongariro summit        Peter Laurenson      merit
P03       Untitled                                         Kevin Patterson      merit
P04       Cuszco Parade scene, Peru                        Andy Maloney         merit
P05       Market day, La Paz, Bolivia                      Andy Maloney         merit
P06       Sealion research, Otago Peninsula                Andy Maloney         merit
P07       Railay watching comp                             Blair Hiscoke        merit
P08       Cooking dinner Mt Brewster                       Blair Hiscoke        merit

          Title                                            Name                Score     Comments

R15       No1 Lundy                                        Stephen Merchant   champion   Winner - I want to know more about this amazing formation.
R07       Seaward bouldering Baring Head                   John Palmer         honours   Red shirts and blue skies are a winning combination.
R08       Wunderbar, Turakirae Head                        John Palmer         honours   Red shirts and blue skies are a winning combination.
R09       Eat yourself fitter, Wye Creek                   John Palmer         honours   The 'perfect' climbing shot. Overhanging silhouettes! The lake is well positioned.
R01       Reaching for the moon                            Helen Alderson       merit
R02       Pukaki                                           Helen Alderson       merit
R03       Beautiful edges                                  Helen Alderson       merit
R04       Ravages                                          Tim Steward          merit
R05       Climber and shadow                               Tim Steward          merit
R06       Scurvy                                           Tim Steward          merit
R10       Don’t Look Down                                  Kevin Patterson      merit
R11       Concentration                                    Tommy Kokki          merit
R12       F*cking around with ropes at Titahi Bay          Tommy Kokki          merit
R13       Reach (Me warming up at Turakirae Head)          Tommy Kokki          merit
R14       Railay                                           Blair Hiscoke        merit
R16       I hate granite                                   Stephen Merchant     merit
AA30   Hikurangi Range   Richard Davies   champion   Something different and a winner! The tussocks are like a painter's brushstrokes and the distance is shrouded in darkness.

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