Multimedia project guidelines by suchenfz


									                 Multimedia project guidelines and deadlines

                                  Identify section

                       Problem, background and real user

Your client should be a subject teacher in our school and the users will be the

Your problems should be things like the teacher has too many paper based
resources, which sometimes get lost and therefore can be difficult to replace. The
topic is a little boring for the pupils because they learn through reading and board
activities only. There is nothing at the moment to make the topic interesting and
interactive. Some students get bored in lessons and lose concentration. For the
slow learners there is nothing to really give them to work at home. If students are
away they miss out.

                               Alternative solutions
Improve current system

      More creative teaching
      Improve current resources
      Buy videos to show students etc.

Create a blog

Teacher can keep all resources online which students can access online and

Presentation package (Power Point)

The chosen method

You will be creating your multimedia package/electronic book for a teacher who
wants electronic, interactive, animated resources using a variety of multimedia
and graphics packages. The multimedia packages you will be using are
Windows Movie Maker to create your movies, Audacity sound editor to change
your sound files, Paint Shop Pro for modifying graphics and Macromedia Dream
weaver for creating the e-book.

      The home page must grab the student’s attention immediately and make
       them want to explore the program further.
      It must be easy to navigate for the students
      The videos must enhance learning
      Sounds should be relevant
      Must include all the relevant information
      It must look professional
      It must not have errors
      All the links, videos and sound files must work
      The images must be the correct size and be appropriately positioned

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