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									BusinessObjects Voyager

         Ketaki Cheema
 Business Intelligence Consultant
OLAP and Voyager
• BusinessObjects Voyager - A tool designed specifically for OLAP, one
  that delivers a full range of functions for the analysis of multi-
  dimensional data sets.

• OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing ) Cube - A multidimensional
  database that holds data more like a 3D spreadsheet rather than a
  relational database. The cube allows different views of the data to be
  quickly displayed (3D Array)
Business Issues Often Span
multiple OLAP Sources                                             Customer Behavior
                                                                  Business Understanding
•   Difficult for business analysts to
    access all information needed

•   OLAP tools are often complex
    and designed for multiple types
    of users

•   Analysts are forced to be            Marketing   Sales Ops.   HR        Sales
    second class BI citizens with
    “non-standard” tools
Value Of OLAP Data Is Not Shared
Throughout Organization
• OLAP data is too
  difficult to access

• Cost of deploying
  and supporting
  specialized tools

• Need to maintain
  multiple OLAP data
  connections           Marketing   Sales Ops.   HR         Supply Chain
BusinessObjects Voyager offers complete analysis
  of business issues spanning multiple domains
Introducing BusinessObjects
• Voyager is a tool designed for specifically business and
  financial analysts. Offering a comprehensive range of
  business and time calculations.

• Powerful analysis and sharing of OLAP data

• Comprehensive data access

• Cost effective deployment options
 Analysis and
Sharing of OLAP
A Tool Designed For Business
Comprehensive Range Of Business
And Time Calculations
Share Analysis Beyond Finance
Or Analyst Group
 Data Access
Access And Analyze Multiple OLAP
Sources In One Place
Multiple Views Of The Same
Exploring Data
Cost Effective
Web Based, Ajax Client Delivering
Full Client Functionality
Meet Analysts OLAP Requirements
With Your BI Standard
Part Of A Complete OLAP

 OLAP Requirement                 Solution

  Formatted reporting from     Crystal Reports
      all data sources

  Interactive analysis and
                             Web Intelligence with
   reporting on relational
  and OLAP data sources        OLAP universes

        Analyst OLAP
Voyager Requirements

• Voyager is a completely zero install, Web-based, Ajax client
  that delivers full client style functionality.

Just in case….

• Ensure that your OLAP data provider driver is installed on
  the server running the BOBJ MDAS service
• Ensure your machine is upgrade to SP2 prior to installing
  the productivity pack
Voyager Limitations & Cost

 • The productivity pack & Voyager are geared to customers
   running Business Objects with a Java Application Server
   (Tomcat, Websphere, Weblogic)
 • Not stand alone IIS compatible.

 • Voyager is included as part of Premium.

• Powerful analysis and
  sharing of OLAP data

• Comprehensive data

• Cost effective deployment
OLAP Server Support at
•   Essbase 7.0.x, 7.1.x, 9.0.x
•   SAP BW v3.0b, 3.1c, 3.5 and BI 7
•   Microsoft Analysis Services 2000 SP4
•   Microsoft Analysis Services 2005 SP1
•   IBM DB2 OLAP V8.2
DMG Corporate Overview
       Founded 1995 - Business Intelligence Consultancy
 Locations              USA Focus with World-Wide Reach

 Vertical Expertise
  Banking and Finance   Insurance           Non-profit
  Consumer Products     DoD                 State and Local Gov.
  Healthcare            Manufacturing       Transportation


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