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					                                                                  WRAL-TV editorials
                                                                 Volume 1: 11/60 — 11/61

Number &                                 Topic                                       Names mentioned                       Comments/quotations
#1         Politics and labor: JH questions the prospect of NC Gov.          Luther Hodges, John Kennedy
11/21/60   Hodges‘ being named to Kennedy cabinet
#2         Media: JH complains that NC papers are liberal & biased           Ralph McGill, Dale Alford             ―The surest death for freedom of the
11/22/60                                                                                                           press lies down the road of unfairness,
                                                                                                                   partiality, and bias.‖
#3         Freedom of speech & youth: JH praises youths quoted in poll                                             ―Smile, if you will, at the modern teen-
11/23/60   about free speech                                                                                       ager‘s love of rock and roll – but be
                                                                                                                   thankful for his ability to think for
#4         Federal aid to education: JH inveighs against it                  NC Congressmen Bonner, Fountain,
11/25/60                                                                     Henderson, Cooley, Kornegay, and
#5         Sanford‘s $106 million plan for education: JH asks where the      Terry Sanford
11/28/60   money will come from
#6         Chicago voter fraud: JH questions Kennedy‘s vote totals           John Kennedy, Richard Nixon
#7         MLK-Kilpatrick debate: JH challenges MLK‘s assertion of a         Martin Luther King, Jack Kilpatrick   JH steers clear of invective, treats MLK
11/30/60   higher law above legal law                                                                              in polite, but dismissive, manner
#8         What conservatives are ―for‖: JH outlines 11 things that          Richard Nixon, John Kennedy           Foreshawdowing of ―Senator NO‖
12/1/60    conservatives are ―for,‖ as opposed to ―against.‖                                                       ―Those of liberal persuasion – and
                                                                                                                   that‘s a polite way of saying socialistic
                                                                                                                   – are master psychologists.‖
#9         Editorial policy: JH outlines why station started editorials
#10        Hodges named Sec. of Commerce: JH expresses cautious hopes        Luther Hodges, John Kennedy, Joe
12/5/60    that Hodges will protect Southern business                        Kennedy
#11        A Mall in Raleigh: JH has his doubts about feasibility
#12        Freedom: JH offers definitions of true and false freedom,         Barry Goldwater                       ―Freedom—true freedom – is like a
12/7/60    praises Goldwater for defending conservative principles                                                 handful of sand. The moment you relax
                                                                                                                   any of your fingers, it starts slipping
                                                                                                                     away from you.‖
#13        Peyton affair: JH defends Boyd Peyton‘s decision to avoid lie        Body Peyton (union leader),
12/8/60    detector test, raises questions about his role in Henderson labor    Johnson Matthews (State Paroles
           violence                                                             Board chair), Luther Hodges
#14        Gold standard: JH worries about inflation, loss of gold reserves     Dwight Eisenhower, FDR, John
12/9/60                                                                         Kennedy
#15        Student mock congress in Raleigh: JH criticizes students who
12/12/60   called for liberal ideas, eg. abolishing House Committee on Un-
           American Activities, criticizing segregation
#16        Southern Patriarch column: JH lambastes NC state prof for            Keith McKean (NC State prof),        ―equality is a vague and relative term,
12/13/60   anti-South article                                                   William Faulkner, Erskine Caldwell   yet a status that must be earned – within
                                                                                                                     a race as well as between races.‖
#17        Site of WRAL library discussed
#18        Clark vs. Byrd in Senate: JH defends Byrd                            Sens. Joseph Clark & Harry Byrd,
12/15/60                                                                        John Kennedy
#19        Peyton affair: JH defends Peyton‘s conviction                        Boyd Payton, Johnson Matthews,
12/16/60                                                                        Billy Graham, Luther Hodges, Terry
#20        Kennedy appointees: JH questions appointment of Freeman,             Harold Cooley, Orville Freeman
12/19/60   Goldberg                                                             (MN gov), John Kennedy, Arthur
                                                                                Goldberg (Steelworkers Union)
#21        National debt: JH rails against it                                   Lord Keynes, Abe Lincoln             ―Thrift was one of the keystones upon
12/20/60                                                                                                             which this country was built, but it has
                                                                                                                     been replaced by deficit financing and
                                                                                                                     the sky‘s-the-limit spending.‖
#22        Socialism: JH equates liberalism with socialism                      Norman Thomas
#23        Small business loan law discussed                                    Ben Roberts (banking
12/22/60                                                                        commissioner)
#24        JH lets Pastor Edwards give Christmas editorial                      Albert Edwards (pastor)
#25        Meaning of Christmas: JH lambastes critics who question literal      Jesus                                ―There are those who, in their dislike
12/26/60   truth of life of Jesus, argues that Jesus emphasizes the ―infinite                                        for the ideals of America, would
           importance of the individual man.‖                                                                        destroy America‘s faith in God. The
                                                                                                                     life of Jesus is the indestructible
                                                                                                                     keystone of our fundamental thinking.
                                                                                                                     Christianity is the master principle of
                                                                                                                     our organic documents of government –
                                                                                                                     the Dec. of Independence, the
                                                                                                                     Constitution, the Bill of Rights.‖
#26        Deficit spending: JH attacks Schlesinger for advocating debt        Vermont Royster (Wall St. Journal
12/27/60                                                                       editor), John Kennedy, Arthur
                                                                               Schlesinger Jr.
#27        Media: JH applauds Gray‘s criticism of media                        Gordon Gray (pub of W-S Journal-
12/28/60                                                                       Sentinel), Bill Friday, Eisenhower,
                                                                               Khrushchev, Castro, Truman
#28        Foreign aid: JH praises Ervin‘s attack on foreign aid               Sam Ervin, Adlai Stevenson
#29        NC government growth                                                A.M. Hale (chair of Wake County
12/30/60                                                                       Planning Board)
#30        Inaugurations: JH surmises that Kennedy & Sanford will have a       John Kennedy, Terry Sanford
1/3/61     hard time keeping promises
#31        Senate Rule 22 (Filibuster Rule): JH defends filibusters            Sen. Wayne Morse (OR), Hubert         ―It is ironic that the filibuster rule was
1/4/61                                                                         Humphery, Sen. Douglas (IL), Sam      adopted, in the first place, to protect the
                                                                               Ervin                                 minority from the majority, and that
                                                                                                                     now it is proposed to abolish it in the
                                                                                                                     name of minorities.‖
#32        Sanford‘s party: JH defends Sanford‘s refusal to give guest list    Terry Sanford                         -- ironic that 20 years later JH would
1/5/61     to media                                                                                                  use presence of liberal guests at Gov.
                                                                                                                     Hunt‘s party in a CCC fundraising letter
#33        Race relations and Africa: JH attacks African students who
1/6/61     criticized South, calls Africa ―largely uncivilized,‖ talks about
           African cannibals
#34        Kennedy‘s conservatism: JH encourages Kennedy to break              John Kennedy, Harry Byrd, Sam
1/9/61     promises                                                            Ervin, Dick Russell
#35        JH discusses small loan situation in NC
#36        JH criticizes ―depressed area‖ bill                                 Abe Lincoln, Sen. Sepssard Holland
1/11/61                                                                        (FL)
#37        House Un-American Activities Committee: JH defends                  J. Edgar Hoover
1/12/61    committee, criticizes profs who advocate abolition
#38       JH defends filibuster rule                                       Kelly Alexander (NAACP)
#39       JH criticizes Sanford for reneging on Camp Polk prison promise   Terry Sanford
#40       Cuba and sugar: JH criticizes Cuba for high sugar prices         Charles Aycock, Castro, Batista,
1/17/61                                                                    Eisenhower, Kennedy
#41       Conservative youths: JH praises conservative State students      Mike Lea (student editor of State
1/18/61                                                                    paper), Barry Goldwater
#42       NC Commission on Civil Rights: JH attacks commission for
1/19/61   alleged inaccuracies in education report
#43       Taxation and socialism: JH quotes ―Isocrates‖ to defend profit   Isocrates
1/20/61   motive
#44       U.S. Information Agency: JH emphasizes importance of USIA        John Kennedy, Jonathan Daniels,
1/23/61                                                                    George Allen (USIA director)
#45       Russian program at Duke: JH argues that we need to know more     Doris Duke, Eugene Burdick
1/24/61   about Russia, criticizes U.S. diplomacy
#46       Labor: JH attacks unions for contributing to economic woes       James Cross (union leader)
#47       Liberals and conservatives                                       John Kennedy
#48       House Rules Committee: JH criticizes Rayburn‘s plan to           Sam Rayburn
1/27/61   expand committee
#49       JH eulogizes Billy Carmichael                                    Billy Carmichael

#50       Federal aid to education: JH praises Cong. Poff‘s bill to tie    Cong. Richard Poff (VA)
1/31/61   income tax credit to increases in state education spending
#51       JH criticizes Fair Trade Bill, says small retailers don‘t need
2/1/61    government protection
#52       House Rules Committee: JH doesn‘t understand fight over          Alton Lennon, Stewart Udall, Sam
2/2/61    Rules Committee                                                  Rayburn
#53       NC Commission on Civil Rights: JH attacks committee chair        McNeil Smith (Greensboro
2/3/61    McNeil Smith, who he says has had ―a more destructive            attorney)
          influence on race relations‖ than anyone
#54       Communism and the welfare state: JH criticizes Schlesinger for   Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., John
2/7/61    arguing in favor of welfare state                                Kennedy
#55       JH advocates voluntary ministers to act as public chaplains
#56       USIA: JH argues Voice of America should have balanced           Edward Murrow                        ―For what America is, the rest of the
2/9/61    discussion of South                                                                                  world wants to be…
#57       JH attacks NY businessmen accused of price-fixing, calls them   Khrushchev
2/10/61   enemies of free enterprise
#58       Needy people: JH argues that welfare dollars should promote     Ellen Winston (Commissioner of
2/13/61   personal responsibility                                         Welfare), Rep. Rachel Davis
#59       Budget: JH warns against excessive education spending           Terry Sanford, John Kennedy
#60       Robert Weaver‘s appointment: JH defends Sen Robertson           Willis Robertson, Robert Weaver,
2/15/61   against charges of race discrimination                          John Kennedy
#61       JH discusses teacher salaries
#62       JH defends House Un-American Activities Committee               W.W. Finlator
#63       Communism and real Americanism: JH says children need to
          learn about both
#64       Speaking out: JH encourages citizens to speak up.                                                    ―never before in history has it been
2/21/61                                                                                                        more imperative that the average
                                                                                                               citizen, the man or woman with no ax
                                                                                                               to grind, to speak out. Otherwise he or
                                                                                                               she has no right to complain about high
                                                                                                               taxes, loss of freedom, and the
                                                                                                               extension of the tentacles of the welfare
#65       Michigan, problem state: JH warns NC not to be liberal as MI.   Terry Sanford, Gov. Mennen
2/22/61                                                                   Williams (MI)
#66       Agriculture: JH criticizes increase in corn support prices,     Orville Freeman, Earl Butz (Purdue
2/23/61   advocates increased farm production                             prof)
#67       Academic freedom: JH complains that professors are offering     Franz Daniel, Boyd Payton
2/24/61   only liberal speakers and ideas.
#68       Education: JH fears that improving education has become too     Terry Sanford, John Kennedy
2/27/61   political
#69       Social Security for the aged: JH criticizes social security     W.L. Mitchell (Soc. Security
2/28/61                                                                   Administration)
#70       JH praises Prof. Orr‘s new book on Charles Aycock               Oliver Orr, Jr. (N.C. State prof),   JH reveals his criterion for greatness:
3/1/61                                                                      Charles Aycock, John Temple         ―[Aycock] probably could be counted
                                                                            Graves                              on to say what he believed – regardless
                                                                                                                of the votes it cost him, and the ridicule
                                                                                                                he might be forced to endure.
                                                                                                                 And that, now – as it was then – is the
                                                                                                                true test of greatness.‖
#71       Rules Committee issue: JH complains that NC congressmen are       Sam Rayburn, President Kennedy,
3/2/61    being unfairly slandered                                          Harold Cooley
#72       Death penalty                                                     W.C. Harris, Jr. (Wake Co. rep),    ―The society that today is pondering the
3/3/61                                                                      Willis Smith                        abolishment of capital punishment
                                                                                                                should evaluate its obligation to
                                                                                                                eliminate the need for it.‖
#73       John Birch Society: JH criticizes newspaper coverage of J.B.S.    J.C. Peele
#74       JH supports sales tax because it makes government demands         Terry Sanford
3/7/61    plain to consumer
#75       House Un-American Activities Committee: JH notes                  James Pike
3/8/61    approvingly that House voted overwhelmingly to fund
#76       Young conservatives: JH commends Young Americans for              Alexis de Toqueville
3/9/61    Freedom, arguing that they are part of new college conservatism
#77       NC state politics: JH discusses Sanford‘s education/tax bill      Ray Reeve, Terry Sanford, William
3/10/61                                                                     Copeland
#78       Education: JH praises Vice-Adm Rickover‘s speech in which         Vice-Admiral Hyman Rickover,        ―It‘s not a matter of the public‘s being
3/13/61   he questioned need for more education spending                    Terry Sanford                       unwilling to sacrifice for education. It
                                                                                                                is a matter of the public‘s demanding
                                                                                                                more to sacrifice for.‖
#79       Segregation and property rights: JH praises NC Supreme Court      Justice R. Hunt Parker (NC
3/14/61   decision upholding convictions of sit-in participants for         Supreme Court)
          violating property rights
#80       Taxes: JH quotes approvingly from Indiana resolution rejecting
3/15/61   federal aid
#81       Welfare: JH advocates tying personal responsibility to welfare
3/16/61   aid
#82       Economics: JH discusses effects of taxes, red tape, minimum       Luther Hodges, John Kennedy
3/17/61   wage, etc. on America‘s ability to compete in world markets
#83       JH discusses political flap over Cooley‘s law partner being          Harold Cooley, Sam Ervin, Everett
3/20/61   rejected for DA spot                                                 Jordan, John Kennedy
#84       Foreign policy: JH warns that US attempts at neutrality are          Kerr Scott, JFK, Eisenhower, Adlai
3/21/61   creating a power vacuum into which USSR is stepping                  Stevenson
#85       Education: JH defends NC support of public education
#86       China in the UN: JH argues that US should veto China‘s entry         Adlai Stevenson
3/23/61   into UN
#87       Greek Independence Day: JH honors Greek contribution to                                                   Ironic given his later campaign against
3/24/61   America                                                                                                   Galifianakis
#88       Federal aid: JH rails against federal aid for unemployment,          JFK, Sam Ervin, Everett Jordan
3/27/61   education
#89       Taxes: JH argues that all taxes are regressive                       Terry Sanford
#90       Low-bid system: JH praises Sanford for attacking businesses          Terry Sanford, Wade Burton
3/29/61   that abuse system
#91       Foreign aid: JH uses letter from Proxmire constituent to mock        William Proxmire
3/30/61   foreign aid program
#92       Federal aid: JH argues that neither public nor private schools       Woodrow Wilson                       JH would later advocate aid for private
3/31/61   should get federal aid                                                                                    schools
#93       John Birch Society: JH defends the Society‘s right to tell its       Robert Welch
4/3/61    story in court
#94       JH outlines distortions in Murrow‘s documentary on migrant           Edward Murrow, Sen Spessard
4/4/61    workers                                                              Holland (FL)
#95       JH praises town of Italy, TX, for rejecting federal aid
#96       Profit motive: JH praises profit motive as founding principle
#97       NC politics: JH discusses redistricting                              Harold Cooley, L.H. Fountain,
4/7/61                                                                         Ralph Scott, Horace Kornegay, Paul
#98       Graham and segregation: JH defends Graham‘s right to support         Frank P. Graham, Harry Truman        ―Politics and the law can do only part of
4/10/61   integration, but disagrees, arguing that blacks must obey all laws                                        the job; the rest must be done by the
                                                                                                                    Negro himself.‖
#99       Textile and the low bid system: JH disapproves of JFK bill that      JFK, Luther Hodges, Harry Truman,
4/11/61   attempts to aid New England textile industry                         Eisenhower, Sen. Williams (DE),
                                                                            Richard Russell
#100      JH praises Rev. Ellis‘ speech comparing modern America to late    Archie Ellis (pastor, First Baptist
4/12/61   Roman Empire                                                      Church, S.C.)
#101      Welfare lien law: JH attacks Rep. Lloyd‘s effort to repeal lien   State Rep. Leonard Lloyd
4/13/61   law
#102      Profit motive: JH praises free enterprise system                  Beverly Howard, S.B. Rymer, John      ―The profit motive is part of every free
4/14/61                                                                     Harbert                               man‘s hope for the future, for it is a
                                                                                                                  component of freedom itself. . . The
                                                                                                                  profit motive is part of his personality.‖
#103      Illiteracy: JH criticizes NC Advisory Committee on Civil                                                ―North Carolina‘s heavy Negro
4/17/61   Rights for exaggerating illiteracy problem                                                              population, much of it in rural areas, is
                                                                                                                  undoubtedly a social problem…‖
#104      Taxes: JH supports Thurmond‘s attack on taxation                  Strom Thurmond
#105      Minimum wage law: JH argues that minimum wage would hurt          Sen. Matthew Neely (WV), JFK
4/19/61   economy
#106      Foreign policy: JH praises Kennedy for talking tough to Russia    Khruschev, JFK, Teddy Roosevelt,      Ironic that he calls for next chapter in
4/20/61   re Cuba policy                                                    Castro                                Cuban story to be written ―by men who
                                                                                                                  realize that any dictator is bad‖
#107      Free enterprise: JH tells story of Russian imprisoned for         Frank Merriwell, Fedor Kuznetsov
4/21/61   starting own business
#108      Teachers: JH supports Sanford‘s push for 8-hour teacher work      Terry Sanford
4/24/61   day
#109      JH praises Daughters of American Revolution for anti-             Mrs. Wilson Barnes, Gertrude
4/25/61   communist stance                                                  Carraway
#110      Minimum wage: JH argues against increasing minimum wage
#111      Foreign policy: JH worries that Kennedy‘s indecisiveness gives    Khruschev, Walter Lippman, JFK,
4/27/61   support to communists in Cuba                                     Castro, Teddy Roosevelt, Dean
                                                                            Rusk, Adlai Stevenson
#112      John Birch Society: JH defends Society members for being          Robert Welch, JFK, Castro, Arthur
4/28/61   strongly anti-communist                                           Bliss Lane, Medford Evans, Mark
#113      NC politics: JH laments ―brainwashing‖ in local elections
#114      Loyalty oaths: JH supports oaths, argues that true Americans      Alger Hiss,
5/2/61    should be happy to say them
#115      Foreign aid: JH praises Supreme Court Justice Douglas‘              William Douglas, Eugene Burdick,
5/3/61    criticisms of foreign aid program                                   Hubert Humphery
#116      NC politics: JH discusses election of first black to Raleigh city   John Winters                         JH sounds quite judicious in appraising
5/4/61    council, says Winters could be model                                                                     election
#117      Communist propaganda: JH argues that US Postal Service              David Stephens (postal inspector)
5/5/61    should not deliver Communist mail
#118      Federal aid: JH again praises Italy, TX, for refusing aid after     Robert Windham
5/8/61    tornado hit town
#119      Labor and space program: JH lambastes labor leaders who have        Same Ervin, Robert Palmer (labor
5/9/61    stalled work at Cape Canaveral                                      leader), Henry Gable, Euell Hodge,
                                                                              Jimmy Hoffa, Sen McClellan
#120      Taxation: JH laments lack of balanced budget
#121      JH opposes pay raises for NC legislators
#122      Television programming: JH joins FCC chair Minow‘s laments          Newton Minow, Adlai Stevenson
5/12/61   about the lack of quality, serious programming, but says
          government shouldn‘t mess with it
#123      College basketball scandals: JH says scandals show America‘s        Anton Muehlbauer, Terry              ―In simple truth, what this generation is
5/15/61   moral failings                                                      Litchfield, Stan Niewierowski        seeking is comfort and popularity.
                                                                                                                   What it seeks to avoid is sacrifice. But
                                                                                                                   where is the contribution to mankind?
                                                                                                                   We are a nation of crowd pleasers.‖
#124      Federal aid to education                                            Bill Armstrong, Paul Kitchin, Sam
5/16/61                                                                       Ervin, Everett Jordan
#125      House Un-American Activities Committee: JH defends                  J. Edgar Hoover, George
5/17/61   committee‘s film ―Operation Abolition‖ about San Francisco          Christopher (Mayor of San Fran)
          student riots
#126      Raleigh tax policy: JH urges citizens to pay close attention to
5/18/61   taxes at local level
#127      John Birch Society: JH derides liberal opponents of JBS,            Robert Welch
5/19/61   defends its slogan ―This is a republic — not a democracy‖
#128      Freedom Rides: JH questions morality of rides, worries about        Robert Kennedy                       ―Simply said, [Freedom Riders]
5/22/61   America‘s image abroad in wake of Alabama violence                                                       unnecessarily asked for it, and they got
#129      Income tax: JH speaks positively of bill advocating abolition of   Sens. Midgett, Rutledge, and
5/23/61   income tax                                                         Sumner
#130      Unemployment: JH claims that nation‘s unemployment rate            Seymour Wolfbein (Dep. Sec. of
5/24/61   isn‘t as bad as government claims                                  Labor)
#131      JH thanks supporters, critics for writing in
#132      Free enterprise and federal aid: JH approves of Daniel‘s stress    Jim Daniel, Stuart Chase             ―freedom and liberty can be properly
5/26/61   on free enterprise                                                                                      defined only in terms of personal
#133      Cuba: JH derides Kennedy, Reuther, Roosevelt, and                  Eleanor Roosevelt, Walter Reuther,
5/29/61   Eisenhower for capitulating to Castro‘s ―blackmail‖ on             Milton Eisenhower, John Kennedy,
          prisoner/tractor swap                                              Castro
#134      Democratic Party politics: JH supports Cong. Kitchin in his        Paul Kitchin, Charles Raper Jones,
5/30/61   battles with his own Democratic Party                              Harold Cooley, Ag. Sec. Freeman,
                                                                             L.H. Fountain, Henry Wallace
#135      Federal aid to education: JH laments Senate passage of federal
5/31/61   education bill, which he fears will lead to federal control of
#136      Politics: JH dreams of an ideal candidate who will stand up for    John Bowles, Terry Sanford           JH offers blueprint for himself as the
6/1/61    the truth as he sees it                                                                                 ideal candidate
                                                                                                                  E.g. ―He will urge that such men as the
                                                                                                                  Galbraiths, and the Schlesingers . . . go
                                                                                                                  back to Harvard, where they came
#137      Income tax: JH favors abolishing the income tax                    Jim Hoyle                            JH is looking out for ―the little man
6/2/61                                                                                                            who needs nothing so badly as to be
                                                                                                                  relieved of some of the burdens piled
                                                                                                                  on him by the politicians for a
                                                                                                                  generation or more.‖
#138      Agriculture policy: JH denounces ―dictatorship‖ of Agriculture     Orville Freeman, Harold Cooley
6/5/61    Secretary Freeman
#139      Government and language: JH analyzes how certain words have        Walter Rogers                        JH engages in a quasi-postmodern
6/6/61    lost meaning or mean opposite of what people believe, e.g.                                              analysis of language – he‘s ahead of his
          ―federal aid‖ and ―progressive education‖                                                               time!
#140      Postal service: JH wishes postal service would worry more          W.R. Greenwood, Sam Ervin,
6/8/61    about Communist propaganda than about the John Birch               Everett Jordan, David Stephens
          Society‘s slogan, which it has prohibited
#141      Postal service: JH again fulminates against the flood of          David Stephens, Sam Ervin
6/9/61    Communist propaganda inundating U.S. mails
#142      Freedom Riders: JH raises questions about Communist               Richard Gleason                     ―We should not hesitate to tell the truth
6/12/61   influence, argues that media should give more coverage to                                             about ourselves – nor should we
          violence in Communist countries                                                                       hesitate to tell the truth about our
                                                                                                                enemies, who stand ready to grind this
                                                                                                                nation and all it stands for into
#143      Agriculture policy: JH urges Cong. Cooley to oppose new           Harold Cooley
6/13/61   agriculture bill vehemently
#144      Media and negative advertising: JH laments newspaper and                                              Ironic given his later use of negative
6/14/61   magazine attacks on the media of radio and television                                                 campaigning
                                                                                                                ―Perhaps it is not axiomatic in the case
                                                                                                                of newspapers and magazines, as it
                                                                                                                surely is in most other areas of
                                                                                                                competition, that knocking one‘s
                                                                                                                competitor is a bad form of
#145      Federal aid to education: JH warns against federal control                                            ―The question, and the sole question, is
6/15/61                                                                                                         who will control our schools.‖
#146      Federal education bill: JH denounces NC leadership‘s efforts to   Alton Lennon, Luther Hodges,
6/16/61   pass bill                                                         Terry Sanford, all NC Congressmen
#147      Government growth: JH decries housing bill, which is more         Spessard Holland, Sam Ervin,
6/19/61   evidence that government is growing out of control                Everett Jordan, Sens. Byrd,
                                                                            Robertson, Thurmond
#148      Centralization: JH warns against growing power of federal         John Kennedy, Charles Boswell       ―Our founding fathers were
6/20/61   government                                                        (mayor of Indianapolis)             everlastingly correct in their belief that
                                                                                                                the closer government is kept at home,
                                                                                                                the more easily our freedoms can be
                                                                                                                retained and preserved.‖
#149      Agriculture policy: JH argues that federal involvement in         Ezra Taft Benson, Orville Freeman
6/21/61   agriculture is unproductive
#150      Treaties: JH defends Senate‘s role to advise and consent,         Dwight Eisenhower, FDR, Stalin,
6/22/61   arguing that FDR sold Poland out when he made his own             John Kennedy, Charles Bohlen
          agreement with Stalin
#151      Foreign aid: JH advocates stricter controls                       Eleanor Roosevelt, Castro, Milton   ―There is undoubtedly a place for
6/23/61                                                                     Eishehower, John Kennedy, Sen       foreign aid in the budget of this nation,
                                                                             Capeheart (IN), Eugene Burdick       but . . . there is a difference between
                                                                                                                  foreign aid, and a raid by foreigners on
                                                                                                                  the Treasury of the United States.‖
#152      Economy: JH argues that economic picture isn‘t as rosy as          Douglas Dillon                       ―we have been living on borrowed
6/26/61   administration suggests, particularly because of debt                                                   money…‖
#153      Federal aid to education: JH quotes approvingly from High          Tyre Taylor, Horace Kennedy,
6/27/61   Point school board‘s statement denouncing federal aid              Harold Cooley
#154      Welfare health policy: JH praises Harnett County program in        Bruce Blackmon
6/28/61   which physicians determine whether welfare recipients deserve
          health benefits
#155      Jaycees: JH praises Jaycess for defending conservative             Ralph McGill
6/29/61   principles, sees them as another example of young conservatism
#156      Welfare: JH describes Newburgh, NY, program that seeks to          Joseph Mitchell
6/30/61   limit the number of people receiving welfare
#157      Free enterprise: JH quotes approvingly from a sermon by Rev.       Rev. Edward Greenfield               ―Free enterprise is, indeed, the creative
7/3/61    Greenfield, a converted socialist who defends free enterprise                                           way of life – and it is up to us to keep it
#158      JH plays Hatcheck‘s contest-winning essay on democracy             Michele Hatcheck
#159      ―Operation Abolition‖: JH urges listeners to see the House Un-     Mayor Christopher (San Francisco),
7/5/61    American Activities Committee‘s film for themselves                J.Edgar hoover
#160      Taxation: JH lambastes Treasury Department official‘s ideas on     Stanley Surrey, JFK                  ―A man cannot be physically free while
7/6/61    taxation, which have a ―fringe of tyranny‖                                                              a political slave.‖
#161      Boyd Payton affair: JH discusses Sanford‘s commutation of          Terry Sanford, Boyd Payton, Judge
7/7/61    Payton‘s sentence, says incident should be closed                  Raymond Mallard
#162      Federal aid to education: JH quotes from HEW report to show        Sam Ervin, Everett Jordan
7/10/61   that federal aid will lead to federal control
#163      Foreign aid and policy: JH warns that U.S. may lose Pakistan       JFK, Ayub Kahn (Pakistan
7/11/61   because of foreign policy ―folly‖                                  president), Oscar Lange, Mike
#164      Campbell College: JH praises college and its president, appeals    Leslie Campbell
7/12/61   for donations to the school
#165      Letters from listeners: JH comments on letters that criticize
7/13/61   editorials for being too negative, too conservative – that‘s ―in
          the eye of the beholder‖
#166      Patronage: JH charges that Sanford administration is using         Terry Sanford
7/14/61   patronage to silence dissent, urges Sanford to stop it
#167      Government spending: JH cites statistics showing spiraling           Sen. John Williams (DE), JFK,
7/17/61   federal spending, admonishes us to stop it                           Douglas Dillon, Dwight Eisenhower
#168      Taxation: JH uses example of Hemingway‘s unpublished                 Ernest Hemingway, Abe Lincoln
7/18/61   novels (which his widow won‘t publish because of high taxes)
          to argue that high taxes destroy initiative
#169      Young conservatives: JH quotes approvingly from two youth‘s          George Washington, Teddy
7/19/61   essays to argue that young people are more conservative now          Roosevelt, other paragons
#170      Federal aid to education: JH praises House Rules Committee           JFK
7/20/61   for killing education bill
#171      Citizenship: JH encourages listeners to be active in politics lest   Graham Barden, Sam Ervin            ―Complacency is far more dangerous to
7/21/61   socialists take over                                                                                     the future of this nation than
#172      ―Quality education‖: JH challenges Sanford to define the term,       Terry Sanford
7/24/61   argues that state regulations hamper teaching
#173      ―Quality education‖: JH uses State College report to show that       Terry Sanford, Charles Little       ―It takes more than dollars to provide
7/25/61   teacher training programs and state regulations are burdensome                                           ‗quality education.‘‖
#174      Young conservatives: JH argues that young people are seeing
7/26/61   through politicians‘ lies about federal control and taxation
#175      American security: JH praises JFK for talking honestly about         JFK, Khrushchev, Teddy Roosevelt,   ―The danger which America faces from
7/27/61   Communist menace, argues that U.S. security depends on both          Chamberlain                         without is at least equaled by the
          international and domestic ―Americanism.‖                                                                dangers from within. The walls of our
                                                                                                                   security can tumble either way.‖
#176      Fighting Communism: JH quotes approvingly from story about
7/28/61   a businessman who refused to sell new sawmill technology to
#177      Anti-communism: JH applauds Maj. Gen. Walker, ―Operation             Maj. Gen. Edwin Walker, J. Edgar
8/14/61   Abolition,‖ and other efforts to detail evils of communism,          Hoover, Castro, Ed Sullivan
          accuses media of misleading American people
#178      Freedom and foreign policy: JH laments foreign policy that has       JFK, Harry Truman                   ―Our loss of prestige and influence
8/15/61   frittered away freedom                                                                                   abroad began not with Cuba or Laos,
                                                                                                                   but with the idea years ago that we
                                                                                                                   could buy friends and compromise with
                                                                                                                   Ironic, given his later support of right-
                                                                                                                   wing dictators
#179      East Berlin: JH supports potential revolution in East Berlin       David Brinkley, Castro, Khruschev
#180      Welfare: JH again applauds city of Newburgh, NY, for making        Joseph Mitchell, James Dupson
8/17/61   stringent requirements on welfare
#181      China in the U.N.: JH praises Sen. Dodd for opposing ―Red          Sen. Thomas Dodd, J. Edgar
8/18/61   China‘s‖ entry into U.N.                                           Hoover
#182      JH laments the death of two friends                                Cloyd Philpott, Nelson Stephenson
#183      Taxation and socialism: JH quotes disapprovingly from
8/22/61   National Education Association pamphlet that argues ―Taxes are
#184      See #652
#185      Education: JH applauds tenure of outgoing State Board of           Harris Burks
8/24/61   Higher Education director Burks
#186      Ghostwriting: JH implies that Sanford‘s speeches are written by    Terry Sanford, Jonathan Daniels     Classic Helms use of polite sarcasm and
8/25/61   Daniels and that the governor doesn‘t mean what he says                                                wit to make a devastating point
#187      Race relations: JH denounces media ―conspiracy‖ to exaggerate      Robert Williams, Castro, Juliam     ―The press – or, for that matter,
8/28/61   racial problems, uses Monroe racial incidents as an example of     Mayfield, James Forman, Constance   television and radio – cannot plead
          media obsession with white violence                                Lever                               innocent to a role of conspiracy in the
                                                                                                                 destruction of the reputation of the
#188      East Berlin: JH credits free enterprise with fomenting rebellion   Khruschev, Alvin Hansen, Walter
8/29/61   in East Berlin, criticizes free enterprise critics in U.S.         Heller, Ludwig Erhard, JFK
#189      Welfare: JH attacks welfare cheats                                 JFK, Vermont Royster
#190      National debt: JH praises Cong. Jonas‘ plan to pay off national    Charlie Jonas
8/31/61   debt
#191      The Constitution: JH criticizes Sen. Fulbright speech              William Fulbright
9/1/61    advocating increased presidential power
#192      Parole: JH questions giving parole to three convicted              Judge Clawson Williams, Howard
9/4/61    murderers, argues that society must be protected                   Hepler, Terry Sanford
#193      Race relations in Monroe: JH hopes that some good will come        Robert Williams, Conrad Lynn,       ―Honest, sincere Negroes who want to
9/5/61    out of tension because now people can see that Williams is a       George Weismann, Carl Braden,       fight for what they believe to be their
          violent, lawless Communist inspired by outsider Communists         John Kasper, Khrushchev             rights, are not helped by human trash
                                                                                                                 washed up in tides of tension and
#194      Liberals: JH attacks liberals for not being specific and for      Clyde Hoey
9/6/61    advocating ―pipe dreams‖ such as socialized medicine
#195      Railroads: JH advocates lifting government controls so that
9/7/61    U.S. railroads will be strong and productive
#196      Slandering Walker: JH defends Maj. Gen. Walker, who had           John McNamara, Edwin Walker,
9/8/61    been criticized by Sec. McNamara and others for expressing        Eleanor Roosevelt, Harry Truman,
          conservative ideas                                                Adlai Stevenson
#197      Paroles Board: JH criticizes patronage in Paroles Board           Charles Cahoon, Terry Sanford
#198      Urban renewal: JH uses example of Wink, TX, to argue that         LBJ
9/12/61   urban renewal ―is unworthy of America‘s principles and
#199      Foreign aid and policy: JH lambastes policy makers who seek       Che Guevara, Richard Goodwin,        This edit is a blueprint for how JH
9/13/61   to make economic deals with Cuba, advocates strong stand          Castro, Khrushchev, Charles Bohlen   would run Foreign Relations
          against Castro                                                                                         Committee in future. Great quote:
                                                                                                                 ―Time is running out for Castro.‖
#200      Democratic party politics: JH criticizes Democrats for being      Terry Sanford
9/14/61   intolerant of conservatives in their own party
#201      Raleigh taxes: JH argues that recent tax increase shows devious   Paul Smith
9/15/61   methods by which government takes power from people
#202      ―Socialized parking‖: JH discusses Richmond debate over
9/18/61   whether or not government should get into parking business
#203      Mount Olive College professor flap: JH defends House Un-          Rev. Herman Hersey, Alger Hiss       ―Any loyal American who is willing to
9/19/61   American Activities Committee‘s investigations, argues that                                            tell the truth has nothing to fear from
          prof who pleaded the 5th should be suspected                                                           the Committee.‖
#204      Blacks and opportunity: JH highlights efforts of black            John Wheeler, C.C. Spaulding         ―We advocate neither segregation or
9/20/61   businessmen who operate segregated businesses that cater to the                                        integration. We are simply saying that
          black community, argues that blacks should take more initiative                                        the Negro who devotes most of his
                                                                                                                 energies and enthusiasm to argument,
                                                                                                                 litigation, and legislation regarding
                                                                                                                 social questions is passing up a golden
                                                                                                                 opportunity to move ahead in a
                                                                                                                 competitive society.‖
#205      Judicial appointments: JH criticizes JFK for rejecting Seawell    JFK, Malcolm Seawell, William
9/21/61   as nominee, claims that labor leaders influenced him to do it     Pollock, JFK, Judge Richardson
                                                                           Preyer, Luther Hodges
#206      Voice of America: JH attacks VOA for not touting America‘s       Constantine Brown
9/22/61   virtues enough
#207      Being negative: JH defends saying ―No‖                           Harris Purks                          An early defense of ―Senator NO‖
9/25/61                                                                                                          ―What this nation needs most is an
                                                                                                                 enlightened citizenship which will take
                                                                                                                 the time to study the issues and dare to
                                                                                                                 say ‗No‘ when it needs saying.‖
#208      Trading with the enemy: JH pounds Hodges for advocating the      Luther Hodges
9/26/61   trade of ―non-strategic‖ commodities to Russians – everything,
          including food and clothing, is strategic
#209      Insurance: JH criticizes proposed insurance plan to reward       Earl Johnson, Charles Gold
9/27/61   ―good‖ drivers
#210      Walker affair: JH argues that U.S. government and media owe      John McNamara, Edwin Walker,
9/28/61   Maj. Gen. Walker an apology for slandering him                   Siegfried Naujocks, William
                                                                           Fulbright, Herbert Hoover, Lolyd
                                                                           Wright, Ben Moreell, Felix Morley,
                                                                           Edgar Eisenhower, Charles Edison,
                                                                           Bonner Fellers, Allan Klin, Douglas
                                                                           MacArthur, Hanson Baldwin
#211      State Board of Health appointments: JH criticizes Sanford‘s      Terry Sanford, Glenn Hooper,
9/29/61   appointments as politically motivated                            Clyde Minges, Zeno Edwards, Guy
#212      Postal service & Communism: JH praises Sen. Humphery for         Sam Ervin, David Stephens, Hubert
10/2/61   demanding reciprocity in the mails – if Communists can send      Humphery, Khrushchev, Everett
          propaganda through our mails, then we should be allowed to use   Jordan
          their mails too
#213      ―Negative thinkers‖: JH challenges the liberal claim that        Hans Sennholz
10/3/61   conservatives who oppose foreign aid and government spending
          are ―negative‖
#214      Economic policy: JH discusses impact of national debt on U.S.    Douglas Dillon
10/4/61   economic power and prestige abroad
#215      Taxing and spending: JH praises Sen. Williams for being a        Sen. John Williams (DE)
10/5/61   watchdog on government excess
#216      ―Ladies‖ in politics: JH applauds the efforts of women working   Terry Sanford                         ―It may be all right to chuckle at a
10/6/61   for good government and anti-Communism                                                                 lady‘s hat. But the man who fails to
                                                                                                                 respect a lady‘s serious judgment has
                                                                                                                    very little judgment himself.‖
#217       Media bias: JH attacks N&O for portraying Thomas Anderson             Sam Ervin, Woodrow Jones,
10/7/61    as a ―right wing extremist‖                                           Thomas Anderson
#218       Government spending: JH praises State Treasurer Gill for              Edwin Gill
10/8/61    slashing his department‘s operating costs
#219       Communism: JH applauds Supreme Court decision affirming               J. Edgar Hoover, Gus Hall, RFK     ―We have had enough haggling about
10/11/61   law that requires Communists to register as ―tool[s] of Russia‖                                          the rights of Communists. Let them
                                                                                                                    retain the right to move among us for so
                                                                                                                    long as they stand exposed for what
                                                                                                                    they are.‖
#220       ―Socialized power‖: JH questions role of Tennessee Valley             JFK, George Norris
10/12/61   Authority in deceiving public about rate cuts
#221       Missing
#222       Welfare: JH praises Newburgh ―revolt‖ against welfare, sees it
10/16/61   as beginning of larger movement
#223       Freedom & government: JH argues that American people don‘t            Cedric Foster                      JH uses analogy of monkey grabbing
10/17/61   realize that they are sacrificing their freedom for the promises of                                      sugar from a thin-necked jar to illustrate
           socialism                                                                                                point about getting something for
#224       ―Desirable socialism‖: JH criticizes Tennessee Valley
10/18/61   Authority, insists that there is no such thing as ―desirable
#225       Socialism: JH uses historical example of Mayflower Compact            Thurman Sensing, William
10/19/61   to show that socialism has never worked                               Bradford
#226       Russia and the future: JH slams Russia as a ―failure,‖                Khrushchev                         ―Our danger is measured only by our
10/20/61   emphasizes that Americans have duty to protect free enterprise                                           weakness. Mankind‘s freedom will not
                                                                                                                    be lost unless we throw it away.‖
#227       Debt and spending: JH warns about dangers of accruing debt            Douglas Dillon, FDR                ―We cannot have both government-
10/23/61                                                                                                            provided security and individual
#228       Sales tax: JH implies that Sanford misled people about his            Lynn Nisbet, Terry Sanford, John
10/24/61   support of the tax                                                    Jordan
#229       Federal aid: JH supports congressmen who fight federal control        Alton Lennon
#230       Sales tax: JH again raises questions about Sanford‘s role in          John Jordan, Terry Sanford
10/26/61   passing sales tax
#231       ―Quality education‖: JH urges NC citizens to take more               Albert Edwards, Harris Purks
10/27/61   initiative in education and schooling
#232       China in the U.N.: JH attacks China for atrocities, argues that it   Eleanor Roosevelt, Joseph Grew,
10/30/61   should not be allowed in U.N.                                        Mark Clark
#233       Fair Employment Practices Commission: JH chastises Golden            Harry Golden, I. Beverly Lake
10/31/61   for not showing up to a debate on the FEPC
#234       Bond issue: JH questions whether state needs to borrow money         Edwin Gill
11/1/61    for bond issue
#235       Religion in politics: JH criticizes the idea that churches should    Robert McAfee Brown                Rather ironic views coming from Mr.
11/2/61    get involved in politics, argues that only individuals should act                                       Religious Right
           politically                                                                                             ―Too many ministers are confusing the
                                                                                                                   Gospel of Christ with their own
                                                                                                                   personal political views‖
#236       Agriculture: JH declares that federal programs have trapped          Charles Shuman, Douglas Dillon,
11/3/61    farmers in a vicious circle                                          Orville Freeman
#237       Highway money: JH attacks Sanford‘s plan to juggle highway           Terry Sanford, Henry Ford
11/6/61    money among local communities
#238       Walker affair: JH laments the resignation of Maj. Gen. Walker,       Douglas MacArthur, Edwin Walker
11/7/61    whom he thinks was attacked unfairly
#239       Welfare: JH again praises Newburgh, NY, plan to get people           Joseph Mitchell, Robert Byrd       JH calls Sen. Byrd an ―ultra-liberal‖
11/8/61    off welfare rolls
#240       NC elections: JH explains defeat of all 12 state bond measures       Terry Sanford
11/9/61    as a vote against Sanford political machine
#241       Welfare: JH comments on Sanford‘s proposed welfare                   Terry Sanford, Victor Weingarten
11/10/61   commission, suggesting that the city follow Newburgh, NY,
#242       Agriculture: JH takes Cong. Cooley to task for his defense of        Harold Cooley, Charles Shuman,
11/13/61   federal farm programs, which JH considers wasteful                   Ezra Benson, Orville Freeman,
                                                                                Douglas Dillon
#243       NC politics: JH defends NC citizens who voted against state          Terry Sanford
11/14/61   bonds, blames political leadership for the failure
#244       Higher education: JH insists that NC offers solid higher
11/15/61   education, esp. at community college level, and he worries
           about the number of out-of-state students
#245       ―Super patriots‖: JH challenges liberals who have made ―super        Edward Murrow, Edwin Walker,
11/16/61   patriot‖ an epithet                                                  Jack Kilpatrick, Joe McCarthy,
                                                                                Frederick Schwartz
#246       Sam Beard substitutes for JH, discusses letters
#247       Profit motive: JH derides corporations that tout their ―service to
11/20/61   the community‖ — they should promote their product; what‘s
           wrong with the profit motive? He wonders
#248       NC bonds: JH defends defeat of bonds, argues that citizens
11/21/61   have supported higher education well
#249       NC bonds (cont.): JH again defends defeat of bonds, listing
11/22/61   higher education accomplishments
#250       ―Extremists‖: JH wonders why JFK only attacks right-wing             JFK, J. Edgar Hoover, Galbraith,    ―whatever the differences of opinion
11/24/61   extremists, argues that left-wing extremists abound and are more     Schlesinger, Sen. McCarthy, Alger   about the late Senator McCarthy, the
           dangerous                                                            Hiss, Dean Acheson, Adlai           face remains that McCarthy would
                                                                                Stevenson                           never have achieved prominence had it
                                                                                                                    not been for Alger Hiss and other
                                                                                                                    traitors in government.‖

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