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									                      2008 Shop, Save, & Share Card
                     Retail Application and Contract
                Deadline: Must be returned by July 31, 2008
Please retain a copy for your files. This contract confirms your participation in the 2008 Shop Save &
Share Card charity shopping event benefiting the Junior League of Birmingham. You agree to offer a 20%
storewide discount off retail purchases with the exception of those exclusions provided below to all holders
of the 2008 Shop Save and Share Card.

Retail Name:___________________________________________________________

Retail Address:__________________________________________________________

Card Contact Person:______________________________ Local____ Corporate______

Phone:___________________________ Email:_________________________________

Corporate contact if applicable ___________________ Corporate phone_____________

                                     Retail Guide Information:

Phone number for retail guide: _______________

Area of town store is located: _______________

Number of participating locations: ___________ If more than 1, please fill out page 3.

Please provide a description of your store for your listing in the retail guide.

EXCULSIONS, if any, MUST be listed here:

______ Please check if you agree to promote and SELL the Shop Save & Share cards to
your customers. You agree to be responsible for funds received from card sales and
unsold cards until collected by a Jr. League representative.

_______ Please check if you would like an email from the Jr. League with the Shop Save
and Share logo in order to advertise the promotion via email to your customers.
                   SHOP SAVE & SHARE POLICIES
                All policies are honored at the individual stores discretion.

   •   The shop Save & Share Card discount is for card holders only and applies to
       purchases during the event dates only.
   •   The Shop Save & Share Card entitles the holder to a 20% discount during the
       specified shopping dates
   •   The Shop Save & Share Card discount does not apply to any purchases made
       prior to the event dates
   •   Sale merchandise, Special Orders, and Gift Certificates are not honored with the
       Shop Save & Share Discount.
   •   Only the Shop Save & Share Card Holder can use the card for discounts, and it
       must be presented at the time of purchase for discount.
   •   The Shop Save & Share Card discount is not valid with any other offer.
   •   Exceptions and exclusions apply as stated in the Shop Save & Share Card retail
       shopping guide. A copy of the guide is provided at time of purchase.
   •   The Shop Save & Share Card is non-transferable, non-replaceable and non –
   •   We agree to advise all store personnel of this arrangement, to encourage
       promotion training and to promote the purchase of the Shop Save & Share Card
   •   We acknowledge that the Junior League of Birmingham retain all proceeds fro the
       sale of the Shop Save & Share Card

I, ______________________________on behalf of _____________________________,
Have read all materials in the document and agree to abide by the rules and regulations
set forth in this document and the Shop Save & share Card guidelines.

Signature_____________________________________ Date ______________________

Please retain a copy of this contract for your records. Please return by July 31, 2008
 Retailers with multiple locations, MUST submit a copy of this
              page for each participating location.

Retail Name ____________________________________________

Retail Address: ____________________________________________

Phone number for the retail guide: _______________________________

Area of town where store is located: _________________________________

Description of store if different from page 1: _____________________

Exclusions- if different from page 1:_____________________________


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