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									                                             Streamline RFQ processing, auto
                                            generate purchase orders and quotes

                                 ISI Request for Quote
                             Integrates with Dynamics–GP
            Inventory, Purchase Order Processing and Sales Order Processing

  •    RFQ was created by a Certified
       Integration Developer at ISI.                                                How it Works
  •    ISI has a proven track record of               1. A Request For Quote is entered into the RFQ Entry window.
       supplying Companion Modules
       and customizations for the
       Microsoft Great Plains Platform.
                                                      2. RFQs may be generated for multiple Vendors from this
  •    ISI is support oriented.                          single point of entry.

  •    All ISI products are programmed
       in Dexterity.
                                                      3. When the vendors' responses are received, one or more
  •    ISI will customize the RFQ                        vendors may be chosen for individual items in the RFQ.
       System to suit your business

             See our website                          4. If integrated with SOP, a SOP quote to the customer may
                                                         be generated automatically from RFQ.

             or contact us at:
                                                      5. If integrated with Purchase Order, one or more Purchase
                                                         Orders may be generated automatically from RFQ.
           (321)984-1986 or
                                                      6. Reports are provided which link RFQs to Purchase Orders
                                                           and Quotes.

Microsoft Dynamics-GP is a registered trademarks of Microsoft Business Solutions.

                                                                           2060 Palm Bay Road, N.E., Palm Bay, FL 32905
                                                                           telephone: (321) 984-1986
                                                                           email: sales@isiusa.com web: www.isiusa.com

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