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Purchase Reconciliation


Purchase Reconciliation document sample

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									                           PeopleSoft Financials Problem Submission Form
                                         For Purchase Orders

PO #:
Voucher #’s:
Receiver #’s:

Purchase Orders
1.     Canceled Purchase Orders – the PO reconciliation process is automatically initiated when you cancel
       a PO from either in the PO or PO Workbench.
2.     Dispatched Purchase Orders – to close a PO with a status of “Dispatched”, all of the following
       conditions must be met:
         • The Purchase Order Matched Status must be Matched, Not Required, or Override Match
         • The receiving option is required and all line items are fully received OR receiving is not required.
         • The Current Date minus the Purchase Order’s Close Days (currently set to 0 days) is greater than
            or equal to the PO’s Last Activity Date.
         • The Shipment Due Date is less than or equal to the Current Date.
         • All Vouchers and Payments for the PO must be posted.
         • Final Payment must be made on the PO and/or payment equal to the amount of the PO must be
         • If the Voucher amount is less than the PO amount then you MUST finalize the PO line on the
            voucher in order for the encumbered difference to be relieved.

When you finalize a PO Voucher line, the Voucher must be Budget Checked and Posted. This will relieve
the open encumbrance on the purchase order line in the Budget tables (BUD_TRANS_DTL &
LEDGER_BUDG) and create the reversing entries in the PO_LINE_ACCTG table.

 PO Statuses: (Please run the following query to get the results for this Purchase Order.)
 Document             Description       Field Status                   Query                   Results
     Purchase Order PO status    PO_STATUS can =                       MCG_PO_HDR_
                                 ‘A’ – Approved                        DISTRIB_
                                 ‘C’ – Complete                        STATUS
                                 ‘D’ – Dispatched
                                 ‘I’ – Initial
                                 ‘O’ – Open
                                 ‘P’ – Pending Approval
                                 ‘X’ - Canceled
     Purchase Order PO_Hdr tbl   PO_POST_STATUS =                      MCG_PO_HDR_
                    For PO_POST_ ‘D’ – Distributed                     DISTRIB_
                    STATUS       ‘N’ - None                            STATUS
     Purchase Order PO_Hdr tbl   BCM_HDR_STATUS =                      MCG_PO_HDR_

                    For BCM_HDR         ‘E’ – Error in Budget chk     STATUS
                    _STATUS             ‘I’ – Bud Chking in process
                                        ‘N’ – Not Budget Checked
                                        ‘S’ – Selected by BCM to
                                        ‘V’ – Valid Budget Check
                                        ‘Z’ – PYD BCM errors
  Purchase Order PO_LINE_               GFPF_INPROCESS_FLG =          MCG_PO_HDR_
                 DISTRIB                ‘Y’ – Yes                     DISTRIB_
                                        ‘N’ – No                      STATUS

A Purchase Order is available for reconciliation if it meets the following requirements. Please enter
the results for this problem PO to pinpoint where the problems are. Run the Queries listed below to
find the results. If there are multiple lines on the PO, then please list all the line statuses. If there are
multiple vouchers paid on the PO, then list all the voucher statuses.

  Document           Description                       Field Status         Query            Results
  Purchase Order     Match Status is ‘Matched’, ‘Not   MATCH_STATUS_PO      MCG_PO_HDR_
                     Required’, or ‘Override’          = ‘M’, ‘N’ or ‘O’    DISTRIB_

  Purchase Order     Receiving Status = ‘Partially     RECV_STATUS = ‘P’    MCG_PO_HDR_
                     Received’ If THREE_WAY.                                DISTRIB_
                     Receiving Status = ‘Not           RECV_STATUS = ‘N’
                     Received’ If TWO_WAY.

  Purchase Order     Type of Match = “THREE-WAY” MATCH_CNTRL_ID             MCG_PO_HDR_
                     “TWO-WAY” OR “NO MATCH” = “THREE-WAY”                  DISTRIB_
                                                 “TWO-WAY” OR               STATUS
                                                  “NO MATCH”

  Purchase Order     Header Status = ‘Dispatched’      PO_STATUS = ‘D’ or   MCG_PO_HDR_
                     or ‘Canceled’                     ‘X’                  DISTRIB_

  Purchase Order     Post Status = ‘Dispatched’        PO_POST_STATUS       MCG_PO_HDR_
                                                       = ‘D’                DISTRIB_
                                                       From Po_hdr          STATUS

  Purchase Order     Distribution Line Status = ‘Open’ DISTRIB_LN_STATUS    MCG_PO_HDR_
                     or ‘Canceled’                     = ‘X’ or ‘O’         DISTRIB_

  Purchase Order     PO Line Distribution Full         GFPF_FULL_LIQ_FLG    MCG_PO_HDR_
                     Liquidation Flag = ‘Yes’.         = ‘Y’                DISTRIB_
                     Updated when PO Voucher is                             STATUS
                     Fully liquidated (PO line amt
                     = Voucher line amt).
  Purchase Order     DUE_DT <= to the Current          DUE_DT = Current     MCG_PO_HDR_
                     Date                              Date                 DISTRIB_


  Purchase Order     PO Line Distribution Partial   GFPF_PARTFINAL_       MCG_PO_HDR_
                     Final Flag = ‘Yes’. Updated    FLG = ‘Y’             DISTRIB_
                     when PO Voucher line is                              STATUS

  Purchase Order     DUE_DT <= to the Current       DUE_DT = Current      MCG_PO_HDR_
                     Date                           Date                  DISTRIB_

  Voucher            Voucher Posting Status =       POST_STATUS_AP        MCG_AP_VCHR
                     ‘Posted’                       = ‘P’                 PYMNT_
                                                    From Voucher          STATUS

  Payment            Payment Posting Status =       POST_STATUS_AP        MCG_AP_VCHR
                     ‘Posted’                       = ‘P’                 PYMNT_
                                                    From PAYMENT_TBL      STATUS

NOTE: You can also inquire on-line to see what PO Voucher lines have been fully liquidated. Enter Voucher
Information > Inquire > Partial/Final PO Voucher. Click on the Fetch button and Search by the PO number.
The status of “None” means that the lines are not finalized. This will also display the voucher IDs.


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