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									                                   Northwest Regional Radio Board
                              Joint Operations Facility, Thief River Falls
                                          Wednesday August 13th, 2008


 Bill Montague, Polk County                                  Craig Spilde, Kittson County
 John Bellefeuille, Becker County                            Joe Vene, Beltrami County
 Orris Rasmussen, Roseau County                              Gary Kiesow, Marshall County
 John C. Peterick, Mahnomen County                           Todd Beckel, Lake of the Woods County
 John Chevalier, Clearwater County                           Gracia Nelson, Regional Advisory Committee
 Marvin Gunderson, Norman County                             Brent Strand, Red Lake County
 Skip Swanson, Pennington County

 1.0 Call to Order – Bill Montague, Chairperson of the Regional Radio Board called the meeting to order at
     10:30 AM and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

 2.0 Roll Call – Roll call was taken by passing around a sign up sheet. Guests were introduced: Dennis
     Hausman and Rajit Hjaver of Federal Engineering and Ron Whithead with the Department of Public

 3.0 Approval and Revisions to NWRRB Agenda – The Agenda was approved as presented. M/S/C (J.
     Peterick / J. Chevalier)

 4.0 Approval of NWRRB Meeting Minutes – The June 18th minutes were approved as presented. M/S/C (J.
     Vene / C. Spilde)

 5.0 NWRRB Chairperson Comments – Chairperson Bill Montague commented on the great meeting room.
     Further, please contact Bill Montague or Mark LeTexier if you are unable to attend a meeting so that we
     make sure we have a quorum. Bill also encouraged board members to communicate with colleagues about
     budgetary items and matching funds.

 6.0 NWRRB Vice-Chairperson Comments – Vice Chairperson Skip Swanson had nothing to add.

 7.0 NWRAC Chair/Vice-chairperson Comments – Chairperson Mark LeTexier had nothing to add.

 8.0 Tom Hannon, Communications Consultant – Tom Hannon gave an update on fellow Regional Radio
     Boards. Southwest will hold a formational meeting scheduled for the week of August 18th. South Central
     has scheduled their meeting for September 30th. Northeast signs their joint powers agreement this month.
     That will complete the build out of Regional Radio Boards across the State. Central has approved a draft
     template letter regarding the sales tax exemption on the purchase of public safety equipment for all counties
     in Minnesota. They are asking counties to send the letter to legislators asking for the extension of the sales
     tax exemption for all the counties in the State.

 9.0 Brian Holmer, Communications Consultant - Brian will refrain from comments until later in the

10.0 William (Bill) Bernhjelm, Regional Interoperability Coordinator – Bill reported that his major update is
     a new assignment to meet with all Sheriffs in his region to open up the lines of communication. Also,
     September 25th is a Vendor Fair in Ramsey County that will be held in conjunction with the State Radio
     Board meeting.
11.0   NWRAC Committee Reports

       11.1 State Technical and Operations Committee – Chair: Beryl – Beryl reported that the focus
       continues to be on naming standards for interoperability.

       11.2 Technical and Operations Committee – Interim Chair Brian Zastoupil – Brian is in the
       process of collecting data to be useable for us as well as the State.

       11.3 Planning Committee – Chair: Brad Athmann – No Chair as yet—still looking for someone to
       fill the position.

       11.4 Policy Committee – Chair: Frank Homer – Frank reported that the Committee has been
       working on language for a policy on approval to pay. Policies were handed out as follows: Expense
       Reimbursement Rates & Policy, Special Committee Reimbursement Policy, Disbursements Policy and
       Billing Policy. Chairperson Mark LeTexier explained the concerns of the RAC—trying to keep part-
       time members involved by reimbursing expenses. Tom Vanderwal explained that the Expense
       Reimbursement Rates & Policy follows the Commissioner’s Plan. A short discussion was held as to
       whether there are funds available. Tom Vanderwal reported the two $5,000 grants are intended for
       upfront monies for different expenditures such as the travel. Chairperson Montague suggested this item
       to be brought up again under New Business.

       11.5   Radio Advisory Board Liaison – Chair: Gracia Nelson – Nothing to update.

       11.6 Finance Committee – Chair: Curt Ireland – Tom Vanderwal reported that ear-marked dollars
       have been set aside for the Radio Board for both of the $5,000 grants and was placed in a savings
       account. They have been placed in a separate category within the GNWEMS books as requested by the
       auditors. The internal accounting procedures and policies of GNWEMS will cover the Radio Board. A
       notice was sent out in reference to the Minnesota Counties Insurance Trust to have each RRB member
       have their county boards sign a resolution to approve the changes to the joint powers agreement. 8
       counties have been returned, but 7 are still pending: Beltrami, Clay, Hubbard, Lake of the Woods,
       Mahnomen, Marshall and Norman.

       11.7   Interoperability Committee – Chair: Pat Novacek – Nothing at this point.

       11.8   User Committee Chairperson – In development

       11.9   Owners and Operators Committee – In development

12.0   Old business

       12.1 User/Owner Committee progress report – Gracia reported that a kick off meeting is being
       planned for the User Committee—basically a meet and greet. Further details will be discussed at the
       work group meeting in September.

13.0   New business

       13.1 Interoperability Project Planner/Coordinator – Chairperson Mark LeTexier reported that two
       applicants were interviewed for the Interoperability Project Grant Manager position. The Committee
       recommended Brian Holmer for the position. A motion was made to accept the Committee’s
       recommendation. M/S/C (J. Bellefeuille / J. Vene)
13.2 Presentation by Ron Whitehead – Ron Whitehead spoke on the local and regional assessment
process and introduced Federal Engineering as the vendor selected to complete the assessments. And
with that a presentation was given by Dennis Hausman of Federal Engineering as to their background
and a review of their scope and goals.

13.3 P.S.I.C. grant matching funds – Brian Holmer spoke to the group in reference to the 10
investments approved by the Public Safety Interoperability Communications (P.S.I.C.) grant committee.
Investment #8 is for subscriber radios (portable or mobile) with a total of $554,396.22 for the Northwest
Region. This grant would require a 20% match which would be $110,879.25. If the total allocation
were divided by the 14 counties and 1 city, each county would receive $36,959.74 and $7,391.95 would
be the 20% match for each county. This match allocation would need to be available by January 1st of
2010 and the money spent by June 30th of 2010. It would be recommended that the amount of $7,391.95
would be committed by each county board by budget or resolution by May 1, 2009 or would be
available for re-allocation.

It was stressed that consideration be given to the NIMS 10 (highway departments, public works,
hospitals, EMS, fire, police department, sheriffs department, emergency managers, etc.) and give them
the opportunity to participate. There was a discussion about the allocation of funds. Brian also
explained that this is the only one of the 10 investments that requires a 20% match. It was discussed that
the Federal Engineering assessments will be completed by June of 2009 and that would help decide the
number of radios needed. The information as to the need for radios will be passed on to other partners
through letters to EMS associations and Tribal Governments. Also the Emergency Managers will be a
good contact to pass on information. It was noted that if there are other partners that need the radios
they would provide the match for the grant. The cost at the present time for a multi-band radio is
approximately $5,000.

Tom Hannon suggested that the RRB approve the RAC’s recommendation on the allocation plan. Also
recommend that each member insert the $7,400 in their current budget. And adopt the deadlines to have
funds in the 2009 budget or the county board would write a resolution committing to the match by May
of 2009. Bill Bernhjelm relayed that the grant funds cannot supplant the general radio budget. The
grant funds need to be identified specifically as radio grant match or grant match contingency. The
motion was made to accept Tom Hannon’s recommendation of the allocation, the budget plan and
deadlines. M/S/C (T. Beckel / J. Chevalier)

13.4 Expense Reimbursement Rates & Policy, Special Committee Reimbursement Policy,
Disbursements Policy and Billing Policy – Tom Vanderwal suggested that the Disbursement Policy
and Billing Policy be approved with parliamentary procedure. The Expense Reimbursement Rates &
Policy and Special Committee Reimbursement Policy could be referred back to the RAC. The two
$5,000 grants to fund these policies were given to the RRB by GNEMS and the Hospital Bioterrorism
Group. GNEMS wants to help the communication backbone process along. The Hospital Bioterrorism
Group saw an opportunity to participate. If you need someone to attend a special meeting we will have
them fill out a travel form and they will be reimbursed based on the board’s recommendation. The
$10,000 is not part of the budget. The motion was made to act on the Disbursement Policy and Billing
Policy. There was a discussion about the expenditures exceeding the $10,000. Tom reported that there
is an opportunity for other investments through the PSIC grant, such as the M&A funds that have been
applied for. It should be understood that any additional funds would not come out of county funds. The
expenses would come through the Board for approval. M/S/C (G. Kiesow / C. Spilde).

Expense Reimbursement Rates & Policy and Special Committee Reimbursement Policy were discussed.
The Expense Reimbursement speaks to bringing part-timers back into the fold. The policy would only
be to reimburse part-time employees only. Full time employees and county commissioners are getting
reimbursed already. The Special Committee Reimbursement policy would reimburse members that
      went on special assignment representing our region—going outside of our region. A motion was made
      to accept the Expense Reimbursement Rates & Policy with an addendum that this policy applies to part-
      time employees only within the region and the Special Committee Reimbursement Policy with an
      addendum that this policy applies to travel outside the region only. Also, all approvals will be made by
      the RRB. M/S/C (T. Beckel / J. Chevalier)

14.0 NWRAC work group session 9:00 a.m. for September 10, 2008
      14.1 Thief River Falls, Joint Operations Building

15.0 Next proposed NWRRB meeting at 10:30 a.m. on October 8, 2008
       15.1 Thief River Falls, Joint Operations Building

16.0 Adjournment – Chairperson Bill Montague adjourned the meeting at 12:30 PM. M/S/C (J. Vene / J.

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