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					Volume 7 Issue 4                      A Publication of Zion Lutheran Church                                      November 2009

                              1003 Church Street, PO Box 63, Gowrie, IA 50543

                                                                                             Zion’s Church Staff
         Manger Mania                                                               James Davis ..... Administrative Pastor
                      This is the       gave up the manger for the weary            Rod Meyer ............. Pastoral Associate
                   story        of      parents. You’ll meet three “cool
                                                                                    Don Wahlgren .......... Visitation Pastor
                   Christmas…           eastern guys” who outwit the
                   told    in     a     nasty Herod. It’s a Christmas               Cindy Youngquist ................................
                   u n i q u e          party like you’ve never seen                              Stephen Ministry Leader
                   fas h i o n !        before!                                                                          352-3612
                   You’ve seen              We will be practicing on                Cheryl Rasmussen ... Admin. Assistant
                   them all over        Sunday mornings before Sunday                                                    352-3645
                   the place, you       school from 8:30—9:30 a.m.                  Beth Miller ........... Financial Secretary
know, all those Nativity Scenes!        Practices will begin on Nov.1st,                                                 879-2410
This is the story of Christmas as       and continue on Nov.8 t h ,                 Terry Mentzer ..................... Treasurer
told through the perspective of         Nov.15th, Nov.22nd, Dec.6th, and                                                 352-3292
                                        Dec.13th, the day of the program.           Paul Johnson family .......... Custodians
each of the pieces of the nativity.
In this musical you’ll meet some        All children 3 years old through            Nick & Lindy Lehman .........................
of the animals who were                 6th grade need to show up for the                           Sr. High Youth Leaders
displaced by the birth of Christ,       practices.                                                                       968-4342
and the innkeeper who hesitantly                       —Jennifer Carlson            Colleen Palmer ............ Music Director

            Council Minutes                                                                     E-mail Addresses
   Zion Lutheran Church                 financial reports as presented,
                                                                                    Stephen Ministry .........................................
  Annual Meeting Minutes                subject to audit. Carried.                      
    September 22, 2009                  Team Reports
                                          Faith Development Team
 Present: Marv Jensen, Trent
 Farnham, Greg Anderson, Todd              + Sunday School began                              Website Addresses
                                              September 13.                         ZION .......
 Anderson, Kim Rolfes, Ann
 Albert, and Pastor Jim                    + Confirmation has begun.
                                              There are currently 5                 COOPERATIVE ........................................
    Kim Rolfes called the                     students in the class.
 meeting was to order. Pastor Jim          + Property Team Report                                 Zion’s Council
 led devotions.                            + There was a question                   Kim Rolfes ......................................... Chair
                                              regarding what our policy             Greg Anderson ......................... Vice-Chair
    The minutes were approved                                                       Colleen Palmer ............................ Secretary
                                              is on non-member use of
 as presented. Greg Anderson
                                              the building. Pastor Jim              Ann Albert                          Todd Anderson
 moved, seconded by Trent
                                              will check and report at              Trent Farnham                         Marv Jensen
 Farnham, that we accept the                               (Continued on page 2a)   Dawn Loseke
 (Continued from page 1b)                   in the ELCA’s policies                 on the council. He will be
 Council Minutes                            regarding sexuality was                eligible for reelection to a
                                            held on September 13.                  four-year term at the next
           the October council              Approximately 15 people                annual meeting.
           meeting.                         attended.                            + The council reviewed and
                                          + A new members’ class                   discussed the resolution to
 Staff Report                               was held on September                  dissolve Countryside
    + Kyle Thomas Eastman                   20. New member Sunday                  Ministry.
        was baptized August 16.             will be October 18.
        Paisley Kylene Lautner            + “Run Through the Bible”          New Business
        was baptized Sept. 20.              workshop for 3rd and 7th             + Election of new officers
    + A funeral will be                     grade students will be                 passed by unanimous
        conducted for Leroy                 held September 30 and                  ballet.
        Larson on September 23.             October 7.                             ɤ Chair: Kim Rolfes
    + Pastor Jim will be
        attending the ELCA Tri-       Old Business                                 ɤ Vice Chair: Greg
        Synodical Pastors’                + The organ was sold to                     Anderson
        Conference from                     Terry Kleven from                      ɤ Secretary: Colleen
        September 27-29.                    Minneapolis for $2,500.                   Palmer.
    + Weddings were conducted               He will remove it soon.
        for Jessica Bergerson &             The new digital organ will       We adjourned with the Lord’s
        Scott Knoke and Jessica             then be installed.               Prayer.
        Haub & Jay Honomichl              + The Phoneathon was               Next meeting: October 27 at 7:00
        on September 12.                    discussed.                       p.m.
    + A forum on the issues               + Todd Anderson was
        related to current changes          elected to a one-year term                             Ann Albert

        New Members Received                                                      ZION'S VISION:
                                                                                 CARING FOR ALL
   Recently a new members class      Matt, Amanda, Mona, Zach, Ben &
was held and the following people        Elizabeth Thompson                       GOD’S PEOPLE,
were welcomed into the Zion Lu-      Jim & Sandy Witte                             ONE BY ONE
theran Church family on Sunday,      Wayne & Bertha Youngquist
October 18:
Barry & Bailey Anderson                  We pray that they may continue
Jon Anderson                         to grow strong in their faith as they
Bob Anderson                         work with us in the kingdom of          Zion’s Guiding Principles:
Chris Behrens                        God.                                    1. Jesus is Lord.
Todd, Tiffany, Cole & Wyatt Bing-        (Watch future newsletters for       2. Each person is a child of God.
     ham                             articles introducing our new mem-       3. Everyone is welcome.
Kathy Carlson                        bers.)                                  4. Love changes us.
Joe, Lindy, Kylee & Jonathan Greg-                                           5. Everyone has gifts to offer.
     ory                                                                     6. The world needs the vision
Justin Johnson                                                                     we have to offer.
Gary Kaehler                                                                 7. We exist to serve others.
Cornell Lowery
Brandon Shostak
Kayla Smith
                      Zion Women of the E.L.C.A.
    Mobilizing Women to Act Boldly on Their Faith in Jesus Christ

 Zion Women of the ELCA Relief and Bible Camp Auctions.                                   Upcoming Events
    It’s November again and that         Needed are: New or slightly used
means THANKOFFERING time is              material in good shape, especially NOVEMBER
here. As we consider the many            larger pieces or used sheets for 3—Bible Briefing....... 10:00 a.m.
blessings we have received this          quilt backs and sheet blankets for 5—Circle Meetings
                                         fillers. If you have questions, con-   —Dorcas & Esther .... 9:00 a.m.
past year, we are reminded of the
                                         tact Ruth E. Sandeen.                       ............................ At church
opportunities we have to “ . . . offer
                                              Good Reading: Many of the              Bible Study Marj Wahlgren
with joy and thanksgiving what
                                         articles in the November issue of           Hostesses ............................
God as first given to us.” That is
                                         Lutheran Woman Today Magazine,              Wanda Hade & Jean Larson
why envelopes for a special gift to
                                         particularly “Ordinary Saints” by      —Martha Circle ........1:30 p.m.
the Women of the ELCA have
                                         Christa von Zychlin, (pages 6-9),           ............................ At church
been put in your mailboxes here at
                                         are especially uplifting.                   Bible Study....................... ?
Zion for all the women. We en-
                                                                                     Hostess ......... Rita Peterson
courage you to use them and bring                       —Marjorie Wahlgren 12—Project Day ...........1:30 p.m.
them either to your circle meeting
                                                                              18—Birthdays at Gowrie Care
in November or to church by
                                                                                  Center ....................2:30 p.m.
Thankoffering Sunday, November
                                                                                  .........................Martha Circle
                                                                               22—Thankoffering Worship
    Materials are needed for mak-
                                                                                     Service .............. 10:30 a.m.
ing more quilts for Lutheran World

                                                                                         Pastoral acts
                                                                                   since our last newsletter:
                                                                                   Funeral Services:
                                                                                   LaVern Urelius           10/21/2009
                                                                                   Transfer In:
                                                                                   Chris Behrens            10/18/2009
                                                                                   Justin Johnson           10/18/2009
                                   September                Y.T.D.
                                                                                   New Members/Affirmation of Faith:
  ACTUAL INCOME                    10,793.00             106,750.51                Kathy Carlson        10/18/2009
                                                                                   Joe Gregory          10/18/2009
  BUDGETED INCOME                  14,076.83             126,534.64                Lindy Gregory        10/18/2009
                                                                                   Kylee Gregory        10/18/2009
                                                                                   Jonathan Gregory     10/18/2009
  ACTUAL EXPENSES                  12,652.09             123,339.85
                                                                                   Gary Kaehler         10/18/2009
                                                                                   Cornell Lowery       10/18/2009
  BUDGETED EXPENSES                14,076.81             126,551.79                Kayla Smith          10/18/2009
                                                                                   Jim Witte            10/18/2009
  (The entire line item reports are posted on the bulletin board by                Sandy Witte          10/18/2009
    Pastor Jim’s office. Please take a moment to look at them.)                    Wayne Youngquist     10/18/2009
                                                                                   Bertha Youngquist    10/18/2009
                                                                                   Rachel Mischke/
                                                                                   Kurt Martens             10/17/2009
        Confirmation Sunday                                                      LIBRARY NEWS
                                                                                Recent acquisitions to the Church
                                                                                Library include the following:
                                Sunday, November 1, 2009, we will re-
                            joice with the 9th grade confirmation class         Biography:
                            and their families as they reaffirm their baptis-   Adventures in Darkness
                            mal vows through the rite of confirmation.                            by Tom Sullivan
                            Confirmation is an important step, but only         Memories of an eleven year old
                            one of many in a lifetime of learning. The          blind boy.
                            Church expects these children to continue to        Fiction:
                            learn and assume greater responsibilities as        Seasons of Grace Series
                            members of the family of God and as ambas-          Book 1—The Secret
sadors of Christ in the world.                                                                   by Beverly Lewis
     In Christian love we congratulate the following students as they be-
gin this new stage in their Christian life:                                     Inspiration:
Chelsea Anderson, daughter of Todd & Vicki Anderson                             Why Pray? selected from Prayer:
Nick Carlson, son of Marty & Christi Carlson                                    Does it Make a Difference?
Taylor Clough, son of Alan Clough and Kelly Clough                                                by Philip Zancey
Lexie Davis, daughter of Amy Davis                                              Why?—Trusting God When You
Andrew Kinley, son of Dennis Kinley & Crystal Kinley                            Don’t Understand
Kiersten McGuire, daughter of Joe McGuire                                                     by Anne Grahm Lotz
Mariah Welter, daughter of Gary & Kellie Welter and Marcie & Tim
Lundberg                                                                           —Marjorie Wahlgren, Librarian

                               The Jesse Tree will                                       We are wanting to pur-
                            be up soon and ready to                                  chase enough New Red
                            be filled with hats, mit-                                Hymnals (approximately 25-
                            tens, gloves, scarves, and                               30) for use in the choir loft.
                            headbands.     The items                                 The cost through the end of
                            will be given to the Prai-                               December is $20 and then
                            rie Valley school to be                                  they will be going up in
                            distributed to children                                  price. If you would like to
                            who are in need. Please                                  purchase one or more hym-
                            drop off your donations at                               nals please bring your money
                            the church and help us fill                              to the church office or drop it
                            our tree.                         in the offering plate marked Red Hymnals. If you
                                                              would like a plaque put in the front in memory of
                                                              someone, please let Cheryl know.

       Please see Pastor Jim if you are
        considering a legacy gift to our                                    Please remember in your
                                                                            prayers Andy Summers Zion who
      Zion Endowed Benevolence Minis-                                       is stationed in Iraq. His address to
      try – continuing your discipleship                                    send him a letter of encourage-
          by helping people in need.                                        ment is Spc. Summers, Andrew,
                                                                 2nd Plt 445th Trans Company 260th CSSB,
                                                                 Camp Liberty Iraq, Apoae 09344.

                              MISSIONARY NEWS
       October 2009 Newsletter of                             joyfully announces the end of the crises, the after-
  Jean Wahlstrom and Marvin Kananen                           shocks remain, crippling the most vulnerable (that
                                                              would be our students, among others). Their exam
        ELCA-GM missionaries
                                                              scores will be out in February. Then they will know.
          serving in Tanzania                                 Statistically, at AA, this is the moment in the Form
                                                              Fours lives that they find peace in alcohol. Almost
Dear friends, family, sponsors, and all,                      half of our AA members who are educated cite this
    Following a totally waterless August, we are              period of uncertainty as the time they began to drink.
proud to announce that we also got through all of             Last year we lost two of our Form Four students to
September without the benefit of water. There was a           pregnancies, unwanted and victimized. Because it is
brief period, two hours worth, on the first of Septem-        still against the law in Tanzania to further educate
ber when water actually reached our pipes. Unfortu-           any secondary school student who has had a baby,
nately, we were both teaching at that time but we did         we have no idea where they are now.
get our toilet tank filled once. Thus, we began the               Our newest batch of little girls has arrived. After
month flush, so to speak. Rumor (our only source of           their Standard Seven exam, 17 of them showed up
political news) has it that a new waterline is being          that very day, delivered by their heads of school, pas-
added, in fact one of our guards was fined five dol-          tors, and some parents. In ten days, we had 44 on
lars (we paid it for him) when he left the process of         campus. The remaining 16 will appear, but for now,
digging a new trench to come to work for us that day.         we have four veteran Pre-Form One teachers, sisters
The district council had come and gathered all able-          Kay and Rae, Donna Kernutt, and Bev Meyers. All
bodied people to dig, he dug but then it came time for        four of these teachers were here four years ago so
him to go to his job. They said, “No;” he said, “Yes;”        their previous Pre-Form One students are now in
they said, “Pay.” There is now a trench, there is no          Form Four. Our guests returned and saw their stu-
pipe, there is no water, but still we have hope, some         dents go from being scared little girls to scared big-
hope, small-small hope.                                       ger girls who are entering their exams. Since taking
    Our eleventh Form Four graduation took place on           the Head of School job three years ago, Mary Kipuyo
September 19th. In 1999 at our first Form Four                has worked hard to continue to bring in our target
graduation we had between 14 and 18 guests of the             group, the bush kids. Two years ago one of the Pre-
graduates. This year we had several hundred. That             Form teachers complained, “This is the slowest
may be our last graduation because we feed the stu-           bunch of students I’ve seen here.” Three weeks later
dent-related guests and this year some of the                 she said, “You know, they’re making progress.”
“relationships” to our girls were pretty scant—they           Bush kids, on fire, burn like Moses’ bush, fire and
came for the food. We don’t blame them, we don’t              light while not being consumed. Miraculous! When
hate it, but the school thinks we can’t afford to do          these new students come to us with poor educational
that again. This year we did enjoy having five spon-          backgrounds and see what is possible, they burn, out-
sors from the States to celebrate with their girls. The       shining any classmates who might have benefited
guest of honor (whose name we will not mention, but           from an ‘English Medium’ education. Therefore,
a political figure) promised that we would get water          Operation Bootstrap Africa (OBA) begins a most im-
to our campus soon. If we get water, we will men-             portant work: securing funding for this new class. If
tion him by name next month.                                  you or your church would like to consider sponsoring
    Fifty-seven Form Four students began their exams          a scholarship for one of these new little ones, please
on October 5th. Over the next two weeks they will             contact OBA at either or give
be tested, and then told their options. Then they             them a call at 612-871-4980 for details. Consider
leave and perhaps half of them will not be seen               putting a scholarship for MGLSS in your church
again. Even the girls who pass may well be the next           budget. Even if you cannot provide a full scholar-
generation of victims of the financial meltdown
which has rocked the world, and though the radio                                                     (Continued on page 6)

                                                                                    8 – OFF
                                                                                   15 – practice after church
                                                                                   22 – practice after church
                                                                                   29 – OFF because of
     I want to wish you all a won-    songs that the 3-6 year olds sang                 Thanksgiving weekend
derful Thanksgiving!!!! It’s hard     in church. This group accompa-                VESPER RINGERS
to believe that I am already saying   nied the singers. It’s always fun       Nov. 4 – 6:30 rehearsal
that. Anyway, I’m very thankful       to incorporate groups together!            11 – 6:30 rehearsal
for all of you! You make my job       Nov. 4 – practice after school –           18 – 6:30 rehearsal
a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing                Jarrett L, snacks                22 – AS OF NOW, THE PLAN
your time and talents!!!!                  11 – practice after school –                IS FOR YOU TO PLAY
                                                Josh & Daniel J, snacks                IN CHURCH
                                           18 – practice after school –          25 – OFF – Thanksgiving Eve
                                                Landon P, snacks
     WOW! Both groups are just                                                Super job, well done in October!
                                           25 – OFF – early dismissal
fantastic this year!!!! I’m amazed
                                                from school
at all the boys we have! It’s won-                                                       SR. CHOIR
                                           When planning for a snacks,
derful! They are doing very well                                                   It was so good to have you
                                      it will be helpful to know that
with beginning ringing. The be-                                               back in the choir loft lifting your
                                      there are 11 kids at bells. I will
ginners will soon be to the point                                             voices in praise!!! Thanks. You
                                      continue to provide the drink,
of starting to read notes. We’ve                                              will be singing in church on Sun-
                                      cups, and napkins.
been working on correct ringing,                                              day, Nov. 15., 9:00 rehearsal that
damping, and recognizing the val-      MORNING GLORY BELLS                    morning.
ues of notes and rests. The Son-      Nov. 1 – PLAY IN CHURCH –
shine bells have been working on               All Saints Day                                          —Colleen

(Continued from page 5)                                      they turned on the valve and—drum roll—there was
Missionary News                                              no water. They have apparently linked the new line to
                                                             the existing line to the school which, as we know, car-
ship, any amount is welcome.                                 ries no water. You should be here to see this: Marvin
                                                             is speechless. (At least there are no words he is will-
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: There will be an                       ing to say aloud.)
OBA sponsored trip to Tanzania from January 20 to
February 1, 2010. Highlights will include attending          p.p.s. And this one is more like the usual P.S. It was
the Form 6 graduation at MGLSS, visiting OBA pro-            brought to our attention by one of our staff that a de-
jects, and enjoying a short safari. If you are inter-        serving young Maasai man, Form 6 graduate, his
ested, contact the OBA office at 612-871-4980.               name is Noah, needs whatever scholarship help that
   And with a sigh of deep gratitude to God and you          might be available. His father is dead, his mother
gracious people, Jean thinks all the 2009 F6 and 2008        teaches primary school in a bush area, and he has
F4 grads who qualified for further education have            three younger sisters for whom he will one day be
been placed and funded.                                      responsible. He has been accepted into a bachelor
   God bless you, your family, your work, and your           program in Community Development at a local gov-
ministries. God bless us all.                                ernment university branch. If any of you can provide
                                                Love,        some help, let us know as soon as possible. His
                 Jean Wahlstrom and Marvin Kananen           mother, after saving money from her salary all year,
            Your ELCA-GM missionaries in Tanzania            has one-eighth of the sum needed for the first of a
                                                             three year program.
p.s. (and this may be the ultimate P.S.) Water: And
so they laid the pipe in the trench they dug, they re-
buried the line, they connected it to the waterline,

      NOVEMBER BIRTHDAYS                                                        CHURCH DUTIES
                                        16              Chelsea Anderson
                                                            Carol Barnum         1            Greg & Kris Carlson
                                                          Andrew Kinley                      Greg & Sue Anderson
                                        17                  Sam Peterson         8             Bob & Sherri Schill
                                        19                  Aaron Darnell                       Jim & Sandy Witte
                                                              John Fevold       15               Tim & Deb Olson
                                                             Scott Palmer                     Steve & Renae Lane
                                        22                     Dale Miller      22       Lonnie & Paulette Carlson
  2                 Pauline Olson                        Deb Schloesslin                    Jon & Megan Eastman
                  Jennifer Taylor       23                 Richard Carlon       29         Marty & Christi Carlson
  3             Paulyne Anderson        24             Bruce McCormack                       Alan & Nancy Burger
                   Collette Bethel      25                    Joey Kinley
                   Nicholas Field       26              Ashley Anderson
  4                  Alan Larson                        Suzanne Petersen                            USHERS
  5               Todd Anderson         27                  Ryan Carlson
                      Matt Schill                            J.D. Jackson                             Steve Lane
                   Kirsten Towne                             Brian Norine                            Tom Larson
  7                Diana Carlson        29                 Angie Kennell                             Paul Fevold
                  Neeley Hanson                           Jeni Rasmussen                            Alan Burger
  8                 Maria Towne         30                 Taylor Clough                          Matt Thompson
  9                   Don Larson                          Amanda Kinley
 10                 Kylin Pepples
                     Stacy Miller                                                     SCRIPTURE
 12                  Chad Loseke                                                       READERS
                                        If your birthday was missed or
                    Harley Patton
                                         you would like a birthday in-
                    Cassie Zinnel
 13               Marleen Fevold         cluded, please call the church
 14             Megan Thompson            office so we can update the            1          Confirmation Students
                    Conner Trupe                   computer.                     8                    Don Larson
 15                Katie Albright            Thank you!—— Cheryl                15                  Kelly Clough
                                                                                22                       WELCA
                                                                                29               Marsha Farnham
                                                                                       GOWRIE CARE CENTER
  2                 Pauline Olson
 19                  Scott Palmer
 23                   J. R. Carlon
                                                                                 1         Bob & Almeda Gordon
 26                    Mary Lind
                                                                                15         Ned & Colleen Palmer
 29                 Angie Kennel
                                                                                29         Jim & Jennifer Carlson

                                                                                       LITURGICAL DEACONS
*Zion is in need of more members to sign up for “Missionary for a Day.” All
you need to do is sign your name next to a date on the Missionary Calendar in        Greg Anderson & Ann Albert
the library. Gifts range from 50 cents to whatever amount you wish to give.
For a better copy of the calendar go to and click on the calendar tab on the left.

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