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Married to the Mob

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					The “Holy Alliance”
  How “Suits” and “Creatives” Can
  Make Great Games Together

           Bing Gordon March 2004
“Size and Creativity is a Lethal Combination”

   Advertising:      1/5
    • Ogilvy and Mather

   Motion picture:   2/8
    • Dreamworks, New Line

   Pop music:        1/5
    • Warners

   Videogames:       2/5
    • Nintendo, EA
My Hero
            Because Ogilvy…
   Business and
    creative success

   Company builder

   Master teacher
         Started late: 39 years
   Expelled from Oxford
    • "for his indifference"
   Social worker in Edinburgh
   Chef's apprentice in Paris
   Door-to-door salesman in England
   Researcher for Gallup in America
   British intelligence WW2
    Ogilvy’s Brand-Building Success
   American Express      Rolls-Royce
   Ford                  Schweppes
   Shell                 Hathaway Shirts
   Barbie                Nokia
   Dove                  Puerto Rico
 Or, What I learned from David Ogilvy

How to Build an Effective
  Creative Company

           Bing Gordon
          Electronic Arts
 Ogilvy on company building

I have come to the conclusion that
the top man has one principle
responsibility: to provide an
atmosphere in which creative
mavericks can do useful work.
- David Ogilvy
             Teamwork is a habit
Ogilvy & Mather          “Other” Ad Agency

   Share raw data          Communicate by
   Socialize               Separate floors
   Iterative strategy      Approve strategy,
                             then start creative
   “Magic Lanterns”        Headhunting
   Empathy                 Alienation
The Ogilvy Philosophy


          Ogilvy on culture
Only first class business, and that
in a first class way.

I despise toadies who suck up to
 their bosses; they are generally
 the same people who bully their
                     No whiners!
Marketing Whines                Development Whines
   They‟re “slipping”!          Retailers won‟t take
   They won‟t show it to         risks.
                                 Not enough
    Retailers don‟t get it.

   They won‟t listen to the
                                 They use research
   They don‟t appreciate us.     too much.
                                 They don‟t appreciate

        Ogilvy on Mission

Ogilvy & Mather does two things: We
look after clients and we teach young
advertising people.
    Master teaching: “Magic Lanterns”
   By leaders. For all new employees.

   "Ogilvy & Mather has created over 650 million
    dollars worth of travel advertising on behalf of
    our clients. Here is what we've learned."

   Dozens of different "rules."
     • “Always make sure to show the food in motion."

   But "Rules are for the obedience of fools. And the
    guidance of wise men."
My favorite Magic Lantern

How to compete with Procter and

   Provably 20% better.

   Read their test markets.

   Attack their test markets.

   Be fast.
     5 Ways to Tell if Your Company is
        Structured for Teamwork
1.   “Shadow of the Leader”

2.   Equal representation on top team.

3.   Teamwork values “on the walls”.

4.   Can people describe team roles?

5.   Visual signs of appreciation.
      Ogilvy on Executives
In most agencies, account
 executives outnumber the
 copywriters two to one.

If you were a dairy farmer, would
 you employ twice as many
 milkers as you had cows?
Or, How Advertising Principles Translate to Games

How to Succeed as an EA
            Bing Gordon
       Exec VP Marketing, Ret.
“The relationship between a
manufacturer and his advertising
agency is almost as intimate as the
relationship between a patient and his
-David Ogilvy

“Between marketing and studio people,
- Bing Gordon
                   Role definition
Marketing Team             Development Team
   Customer mgmt.            Category choice
   Channel mgmt.             Design
   Marcom                    Quality execution
   License acquisition       License management
   Ship date                 Final date
   Input:                    Input:
    • Category                 • Marcom
    • License
    • Quality definers
Highest “marketing” leverage is quality.
    Quality drives sales
     • +5% metacritic= +50-100% sales
     • Within category

    Marketing adds leverage
     • License +0-30%
     • Marcom +0-30%
     • Ship date +-30%

 Source: 1996-1998 top 50 US hits. Bing
    Advertising is only a multiplier.
   Paper Boy: “the only measurable sales
    spike from advertising.”
    • Toys R Us exec, Genesis era.

   2 biggest hits launched mostly by PR.
5 “Quality Definers” from Marketing
1.   “This is the year of Real Physics.”

2.   “T-Rex level needs to be early.”

3.   “Freestyle is bigger than right analog

4.   “They want the interface to be Tamogotchi,
     not Mensa.”

5.   “Designed by John Madden.”
     Chuck Yeager Flight Trainer
   Forecast was: Not Top 20

   Added 1 day work
    • Improved plane shape in trail
    • Added Chuck taunts at failure

   Payoff: EA‟s first number 1
Advertising people who ignore
research are as dangerous as
generals who ignore decodes of
enemy signals.

- David Ogilvy
Never stop testing, and your
advertising will never stop

The most important word in the
vocabulary of advertising is TEST.

-David Ogilvy
How to Succeed with      Concept Testing

5 on 5 Pro Basketball             was
top-rated concept in 1987.
 • “Very interesting” had 80% correlation
   with Top 20 best-sellers.

Pets was the most requested
feature on in 2002.
How to fail without Package    testing
1988, 90% of basketball gamers DID NOT
pick up the sequel game package.

Guess we should have tested.
        Communications testing

 On the average, five times as many
 people read the headline as read the body
-David Ogilvy

 On the average, four times as many
 people remember the screenshots as read
 the body copy.
- Bing G
How to succeed with   Previsualization
   In 1991, producers refused to put a
    consistent branding across
    Madden, NHL, Lakers….

until Don Transeth showed them T-
    shirts with the new logo: EASN.

   In 2001, it was a lot easier.
I once used the word
 OBSOLETE in a headline,
 only to discover that 43
 per cent of housewives had
 no idea what it meant.

In another headline, I used
the word INEFFABLE, only
to discover that I didn't
know what it meant

-David Ogilvy
   Big ideas are usually simple ideas.
It takes a big idea to attract the attention
 of consumers and get them to buy your
 product. Unless your advertising contains
 a big idea, it will pass like a ship in the
-David Ogilvy

          Rolls Royce sales increased 50%.
     Ogilvy’s 5 Rules to Judge Big Ideas
1.    Did it make me gasp when I first saw it?

2.    Do I wish I had thought of it myself

3.    Is it unique?

4.    Does it fit the strategy to perfection?

5.    Could it be used for 30 years?
   The Schweppes brand
    advertising creative
    brief was a short

     How to inspire your Developers
   Immerse them in

   Show them the

   Take them to a movie.

   Write a short story.
When people aren‟t having any fun, they seldom
 produce good advertising. Kill grimness with
 laughter. Encourage exuberance. Get rid of sad
 dogs who spread gloom.
- David Ogilvy

The first rule of brainstorming:
 outlaw “No.”
- Bing

Introduce “How.”
- Rory Armes
The best ideas come as jokes. Make
your thinking as funny as possible.
-David Ogilvy

You can‟t entertain „em if you‟re not
laughing when you make it.
Are your development meetings   fun?
    How to succeed as an   (account executive)

   Know more about the client‟s
    business than he does.

   Use his product.

    From “Confessions of an Advertising Man”, David
Studio Praises Marketers who..
   “Feels like part of the studio…”
   “Understands our customer…”
   “Backs up with research data…”
   “Gives and takes early input…”
   “Works for our forecasts…”
   “Honest communication…”
   “Creative solutions on business issues…”
   “Makes the game better…”
          What studios hate
   “Doesn‟t even play our game…”
   “Doesn‟t challenge our bad ideas…”
   “Doesn‟t know our competition…”
   “Doesn‟t show us ads/packages…”
   “Doesn‟t seek our input…”
   “Surprise requests for
   “Tries to be the producer…”
"Do not compete with your agency in
 the creative area. Why keep a dog
 and bark yourself?
 -David Ogilvy
             Example: Blue
   NOT: “I really feel that your
    character would look better in a blue

   BUT: “74% of your customers tell us
    their favorite color is blue.”
        It didn’t work out…

“That new marketing manager might
  be a cool cat, but it always felt like
  he was trying to make me his bitch.”
 - Anon.
 Or, How I Copywriters Learned to Work with Me

     Married to the Mob

Chief Creative Officer
 If it doesn't sell, it isn't creative.
 -David Ogilvy

What he said.
 - Bing
In the modern world of business, it is
useless to be a creative, original
thinker unless you can also sell what
you create.
- David Ogilvy

Treat your marketing team like
“surrogate customers.”
- Bing
Ogilvy on Creative Structures
Shakespeare wrote his sonnets within a
strict discipline, fourteen lines of iambic
pentameter, rhyming in three quatrains
and a couplet. Were his sonnets dull?

Mozart wrote his sonatas within an equally
rigid discipline - exposition, development,
and recapitulation. Were they dull?
    Ogilvy’s Print Ad starter format
    Visual
    Caption
    Headline
    Copy
    Signature

    in that order.
5 Researchable Ideas for Game Structures

 1.   Click pressure: clicks per minute.

 2.   Time between excitements.

 3.   Graphable save game data.

 4.   Beta web page clicks.

 5.   Online play stats.
Importance of Graphic User Interface
   I have seen a new beer label
    cause 30% sales increase.

   “Golden” Sim City 3000 GUI.

   NASCAR “draft meter” tripled
    sales forecast.
     Learning about Openings
If you grab attention in the first frame with a visual
 surprise, you stand a better chance of holding the viewer.
 People screen out a lot of commercials because they open
 with something dull... When you advertise fire-
 extinguishers, open with the fire.
- David Ogilvy

Viewer satisfaction in the first 30 seconds adds or subtracts
10% from the final audience rating score of a Hollywood
- Bing
        Learning about killer apps
   Demo the Hardware
    •   Sonic the Hedgehog (speed)
    •   Mario 64 (3D)
    •   Myst (cd)
   New Category
    •   Madden Football (sports sims)
    •   Doom (fps)
    •   Command and Conquer (RTS)
   New Audience needs
    •   Grand Theft Auto (M)
    •   Sims (females)
    •   Road Rash (rock video
   Piggyback Marketing
    •   Twisted Metal (“You are not
    •   Halo (“Life is short”)
    •   Final Fantasy (“Emotion Engine”)
 Make research work for you.

I‟ve seen ideas so wild
 nobody would dare use
 them—until research
 showed they would work.
 - David Ogilvy
              How to wreck a sequel
1.   Add complexity.
     •   More buttons, more sub-systems, more sub-features

2.   Increase difficulty.
     •   for players who beat previous version
     •   for expert reviewers

3.   Forecast sales too high.

4.   Go Stale.
     •   from tired, but proud original designer

5.   “Not Invented Here” syndrome
     •   New team gets too creative

Good rule of thumb: 1/3 new, 1/3 improved, 1/3 the same
How to make products TV-ready
   “Marketing X”
    • A key-frame or animation
    • Suggests positioning
    • “TV-able”

   6 months before launch!

   Idea: put a film-maker on staff.
5 Rules of Entertainment Marketing
1.   Early adopters decide up to 6 months early.

2.   “HIT” is most important position to
     entertainment customers.

3.   “Street date” increases retailer purchases by up
     to 30%..

4.   “I‟ll buy it later” means “never”.

5.   “All hits are surprises”.
Developers have a different biorhythm.

   • Annual vs. seasonal deliveries

   • Daily progress checks

   • 10x interdependencies
Studio designs from the inside out.
   Customers see
    • GUI
    • Art direction
    • Features

   Designers build
    • Emergent systems
    • Algorithms
    • Animations
       Studio takes more risks.
   Invention.

   Layoffs based on failure.

   Names are on the game.

   10-15 projects per career.
    Studio has time and management

   Engineers write 15x lines of code
    than industry average!
   Artists, designers 1x output, but
    worse tools, and realtime.
   Producers manage ¼ production
    budget but changing pipelines and
    organization models.
            Studio is one
        F&%*ing Complex
            Cocktail Party!

Artists            = Artists
Designers          = Poets
Avatars            = Celebrities
Producers          = Auteurs
Engineers          = Car mechanics
Marketing has positioning pressure

   Marketing has unusual pressure
    on insight, not time.

   More than any other consumer
    category: game marketers don‟t
    know what they have, till almost
    too late.
1/3 of games are “Problem Products”

   Failure of position.
   Failure of marketing imagination.
   Market surprises.

Avoid the Blame Game!
     We have common cultures

   We all love games.

   We agree that commerce defines

   We all are winners.

   And we all want to get better.
Set exorbitant standards, and
give your people hell when they
don't live up to them.

There is nothing so demoralizing
as a boss who tolerates second
rate work.

-David Ogilvy
Hire people who are better than you
are, then leave them to get on with
Look for people who will aim for the

-David Ogilvy
  I met Ogilvy once…

in his signature red suspenders…

      came into my office…

 after just winning the first Clio…

   for California First Bank…

      and he said….
“If you‟re such a bright guy, that
  can‟t be very interesting work.”

So I joined Amazin‟ Software
So Let’s Get Down to Business
Many people - and I think I am one
of them - are more productive when
they've had a little to drink. I find if I
drink two or three brandies, I'm far
better able to write.

David Ogilvy

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