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					                 Kenyon Woods Middle School
    1515 Raymond Street, South Elgin, IL 60177
               847-289-6685 (main office) 847-289-6654 (attendance)

                                   Success For All
        Kenyon Woods Middle School Mission Statement
The mission of Kenyon Woods Middle School is to create a safe and productive
learning environment that offers a wide variety of classroom experiences,
enrichment opportunities and extra-curricular activities. Kenyon Woods Middle
School will:
           provide a challenging curriculum
           establish high student expectations
           encourage the qualities of honesty, respect and responsibility
           empower students to become lifelong learners.

Registration Edition/Back to School – July 2010
     Welcome to Kenyon Woods Middle School, the Home of the Panthers.
 Dear Parents,
          The purpose of this newsletter is to      bus transportation. Students will not be
 inform parents of when registration will be        allowed to walk or ride their bikes to or
 held, and for those who participated in mail-      from school. Parents wishing to drop
 in registration the process they will follow.      students off at school may do so after 8:30
 In addition, information is included that is       AM. Students are to enter the building at
 necessary to begin the school year. It’s hard      Entrance 20. We thank you for your support.
 to believe that summer is just about over and                We will be hosting a meeting for
 we’re ready to begin our seventh year. I           parents interested in being a part of the
 hope you all had an enjoyable and relaxing         Parent Teacher Organization on Tuesday,
 summer and are eager to begin a new school         August 3rd at 6 PM, here at KWMS.
 year.                                                        Please do not hesitate to contact the
          It is important that all students         school office should you have any questions
 register prior to school’s opening on August       regarding registration or the opening of
 25, 2010. If you know of any students who          school. This newsletter and others following
 are new to our attendance area and will be         will be posted on our website. Our website
 enrolling at Kenyon Woods, please have             is
 them contact the school office. Finally, if it               The Kenyon Woods Middle School
 is definite that your child will be attending      staff is geared up and ready for another
 another middle school, (either in or out of        successful and enjoyable year. Working
 School District U-46) please notify the            together is the key to the smooth operation
 office in order to process the transfer prior to   of any school. We are looking forward to
 the opening of school.                             working with you and your student this year.
          All students attending Kenyon
 Woods Middle School will be transported by         Sincerely,
                                                    Sue Welu, Principal
Registration Dates – (enter through the front doors if you have not participated in mail-in
 The following information is for those who have not begun the registration process.
Thursday, August 12, 2010          3:30 PM – 7 PM
Tuesday, August 17, 2010           8 AM – noon

The school will be closed Friday, August 13, 2010 and Monday, August 16, 2009. Make-
up registration will be held, Wednesday, August 18th and Thursday, August 19th. The
office will be opened from 7:30 AM – 3 PM.

Bring to Registration
    1. Fee Payment – cash, Visa or Master Card credit card or a check made out to
       Kenyon Woods Middle School

Middle School Instructional Fees
Instructional Material Fees        $119.00
Locks                              $ 7.00 (seventh graders only)
Student ID/Academic Planner        $ 6.00
Exploratory Program 7th/8th        $13.00 each

Fee Payment for the above – Visa/Master Card, cash, and checks made out to Kenyon
Woods Middle School.

Optional Fee
Students Insurance Information (Grades 7-8)    Standard Plan
School Time Coverage                           $18.50
Twenty-four Hour Coverage                      $ 94.00
Dental Coverage – Optional 24-Hour             $16.00
(Dental Benefits are included in the 24-Hour and School Time Policies)

Checks for school insurance will not be payable to the school. You will need to issue a
separate check to Continental Assurance Co. and mail it to the agent: Zevitz-Redfield
& Assoc. Inc., 333 North Michigan Ave., Suite 2711, Chicago, IL 60601. Envelopes for
school insurance will be available at registration or anytime during the school year in
the main office.

Mail-in Registration Participants – (please enter through Door 20 which is located on the
Southside of the school – the dates to pick up schedules are the same as regular
registration listed above)

If you’ve participated in mail-in/online registration, we hope the process will be a good
experience for you. Please stop and the table set up by Door 20; once you receive your
child’s schedule, you will proceed to the commons to pick up a few necessary items.
Such items may include: sports forms, PE uniform, calculator, bus information, etc. You
will then exit out the commons door. You may parallel park in bus turn around lanes on
the Southside of the building.

Student IDs
For the 2010-2011 school year, students will be issued a picture ID card, which must be
worn at all times in the school. The card serves as a bus pass and has a bar code that
facilitates students’ library checkout and school lunch purchases. Students are to wear
their ID at all school-sponsored activities. If a student forgets their ID, they are to
purchase a temporary for $1.00. Replacement IDs costs are $2.00.

All students will remain at school and eat lunch in the commons. Students may bring
their lunch from home and buy milk or purchase a hot lunch. Please do not bring your
student lunch from McDonalds, Burger King, etc. School lunches may be purchased on
a daily basis or money can be placed on account by writing a check to Kenyon Woods
Middle School Cafeteria. The cafeteria runs on a cash or debit card system. Families
are invited to make a deposit into the student’s account at the time of registration. Cash
or checks will be accepted at registration. Checks must have the student’s full first and
last name with their students ID number. Families may also use MealPay Plus, which will
include a service fee charged to the user by MealPay Plus that supports this service
without additional costs to District U-46 or KWMS. Please locate the link or by going to the school district website at
(included in this newsletter)

At registration, look for the table with the “Cafeteria Deposits” box and an employee
from Food Services. The first day’s lunch will run smoother for your student if he/she
doesn’t have to worry about money.

The following sports are offered to our students:
Fall          Girls’ Volleyball
Winter        Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball

Students participating in athletics are required to have a completed physical form
signed by their doctor at the time practice begins. Please schedule your physicals soon.
Middle school sports are limited to specific numbers for each sport. Not having the
physical could prevent your student from being considered to a given team. Before
participating, each athlete will be required to have the following: 1) have an up-to-
date physical examination form turned in, 2) have school insurance or sign a “Waiver of
Insurance” form, 3) complete the “Consent to Participate” form and 4) pay the $70.00
participation fee. The athletic participation fee is $70.00 per sport, payable after
acceptance on the team.

South Elgin Parks and Recreation Programs
South Elgin Parks & Recreation will be running a 7th/8th Grade Girls Volleyball Program,
7th/8th Grade Boys Youth Basketball Program, and 7th/8th Grade Girl's Basketball
Program coinciding with the Kenyon Woods sports schedule. Practices and games will
take place at Kenyon Woods Middle School. Please call 847-622-0003 or check out the
Fall 2010 Brochure on for registration information.

Math teachers will require the use of a calculator for some sections of class. Calculators
will be available at registration. Texas Instrument TI-30XIIS will be sold for $15.00. All
students are encouraged to have their own scientific calculator.

PE Uniforms
All students are required to wear a U46 approved physical education uniform which
consists of navy and gold reversible top and navy shorts. Uniforms may be purchased at
registration or at Bartlett Sports (630) 289-0090, or Keeney’s Sporting Goods (847) 742-
4880. More information will be available at registration.

Student Led Conferences
In lieu of the traditional parent-teacher conferences, students will be leading his/her
own conferences with their parents. For the past six years, Kenyon Woods held Student
Led Conferences and received a warm reception with many compliments from
parents, students and staff. Student led conferences foster competence in self-
evaluation and encourages students to become more independent learners while
giving them an opportunity to improve their oral communication skills. This process will
allow your child to demonstrate knowledge, reflect upon work, share progress with you
and set goals for the future.

Once school begins in the fall, your child will begin compiling work samples from all of
their subjects to build a portfolio. These work samples will be shared with you during the
student led conferences.

The following are key issues about student led conferences:
What is a “student led conference?”
Traditionally at the middle school level, parent-teacher conferences have been used as
interventions for students who are not achieving academically and/or are exhibiting
disciplinary problems. Unfortunately, in many cases, the child is completely left out of
the process. With the approach of student led conferences, students are trained in the
specific skills necessary to engage their parents in a meaningful discussion about their
goals and academic progress. This process of self-assessment is demonstrated through
a very structured examination of the student’s portfolio. This discussion is led by the
What are portfolios?
Simply stated, a portfolio is a purposeful collection of your child’s work that tells the story
of his/her achievement, progress and growth over time, in all subject areas. It is more
than “just a container full of stuff.” Reflected in its content are each child’s knowledge,
skills and attitudes in a specific area of study.
Why are we instituting student led conferences?
It is our belief that by planning and participating in these conferences, our students will
learn how to set goals, to evaluate their own work, to improve their communication
and organization skills, and to take a more active role in their learning. It is an
opportunity for parents to show a positive interest in their child’s progress, to accept or
challenge their child’s evaluation of his/her accomplishments and to provide support
and encouragement. With the harried pace of family life today, this is a very unique
opportunity to focus upon your child’s growth and achievement. The necessary
materials for dialogue are all in the child’s portfolio or will be readily accessible during
the conference.
What supplies are necessary to begin building individual portfolios?
Each student is asked to purchase a 2 inch, three-ring binder with a package of divider
tabs for eight subjects. The binder should have a clear sleeve on the front cover in order
to place a front page to the portfolio. This binder should accompany the student to
school the first day of classes.
Dates for student led conferences for School Year 2010-2011.
The following dates have been set for student led conferences for 2010-2011 school
year: November 22 (PM conferences) and November 23 (AM conferences). This
conference will be used to share individual student goals and what has been collected
in his/her portfolio. Other dates will be determined after the start of the school year and
will be shared at a later date.

School Supplies – see list included in this newsletter

Ways to Help Raise Funds for the Students of Kenyon Woods Middle School
Three easy ways to help fundraise for Kenyon Woods Middle School that will assist in
providing programs and activities for the students of our school:

   1. Do your school supply shopping at Office Depot. They offer a 5% Back to Schools
      program by providing the following number at the checkout, Kenyon Woods will
      receive credits to purchase supplies for the school. That number is 70204922
   2. If you currently have a Target Visa card, go to the following website: then type in the search box Take Charge of Education. Once
      on this page, check out the right-hand column and click on the one that applies
      to you and your family.
   3. Kenyon Woods has recently signed on with Best Buy Reward Zone program and it
      is an easy way for all Kenyon Woods families to help raise money for our school.
      When making a purchase at any Best Buy or at,com let the cashier
      know which school you would like to donate your points. For every 250 points
      accumulated, we will receive $5 in reward certificate value. Certificates can be
      redeemed for products that will enhance the school environment. Tell your
      family and friends and join us in building points!

Dates For Your Calendar
Student Orientation Day is an informal afternoon scheduled for students and parents to
come into the school, find the student’s locker and make sure the combination works.
Students may also bring their supplies and place them in their lockers. Students and
parents will have an opportunity to walk through the student’s schedule and then exit
the building. Student Orientation is scheduled for Thursday, August 19th anytime
between 1:00 – 6:00 PM. There will be no registration taken during the time. We will be
available in the morning for registration through noon.

Back to School Night will be held on two different nights this year. 7th grade Back to
School Night is scheduled for Wednesday, September 1, 2010 beginning at 6 PM. 8th
grade Back to School Night will be held on Thursday, September 2nd beginning at 6PM.
The program for both nights will begin in the gym. Parents will have the opportunity to
walk through their child’s schedule. Each class will be approximately 8 to 10 minutes in
length. Teachers will share their expectations for their class. Please place these dates on
your calendar.

Parent/Student Handbook-Planner
Parent/Student Handbook-Planner is part of the registration fee, along with the students
ID. The information contained in this handbook outlines Kenyon Woods’ policies and
procedures as well as the 2010-2011 school activity calendar. Please become familiar
with the policies in this handbook. Students will review the policies with the school
administrators during the first week of school.
Class Schedules
Changes in class schedules will not be made unless a student has been given the
wrong class. Check your schedule at the time you register so that errors can be
corrected immediately.

Attendance/Truancy Alert
Regular and punctual attendance is a key to a student’s success. When your son or
daughter is absent from school it is necessary to call the attendance telephone number
by 9:00 AM the same day. You may access the 24-hour attendance line by calling 847-
289-6654. The school will attempt to contact the parent/guardian if the absence is not
reported. If we do not hear from you by 9:00 AM, we will send home a Truancy Alert
form with the students on the next attendance day. This form needs to be completed
by a parent and returned to the attendance secretary in one day or a central
detention will be assigned for the following Wednesday. Thank you for your cooperation
in this matter.

Dress for Academic Success
Students are reminded that short shorts, tank tops, midriff shirts, tube tops, low cut tops,
spaghetti straps, sleeveless shirts, flip flops and clothing that is ripped or torn should not
be worn to school. Pants or shorts are to be worn at the natural waist line. Our school is
just that, a school. We are not the beach or a park. Students who are dressed
improperly will be asked to change or to call a parent to bring them appropriate

Citizens Advisory Council (CAC)
We are seeking parents to serve as representatives from Kenyon Woods on the U-46
Citizens Advisory Council. The CAC is an advisory body to the U-46 Board of Education.
They assist the Board in established goals which will provide the best possible education
for U-46 students. We would like to have five representatives from our school on the
council. Any parent interested in serving as a representative to CAC for Kenyon Woods
is asked to call Ms. Welu at 847-289-6685.

Smoking Prohibited on School District Property
As a result of federal legislation (Pro-Children Act of 1994) the U-46 Board of Education
has adopted a Tobacco Prohibition Policy which prohibits the use of tobacco or
tobacco products on all school property. This includes after school activities held on
any school district property.

The Magazine Drive
The Magazine Drive, through QSP, is the major fundraiser for Kenyon Woods Middle
School. This will run during the month of September. Plan to renew your magazines or
purchase new ones through our school. Information regarding the magazine drive will
be sent home at the beginning of September.

Student Portrait Day
Student portraits will be taken on Friday, September 3rd during PE classes. Specific
information regarding the variety of packages will be given to students prior to
September 3rd.

No Excuses University is a program which is made up of a network of schools
throughout the United States that share two fundamental similarities: there is an
established culture of universal achievement as well as creating exceptional systems
that will result in educational achievement for all students. No Excuses University (NEU) is
committed to helping students believe in their ability to attend and be successful at a
four year university, regardless of race, gender, socio-economic status, address or GPI
(Grade Point Index). It is our belief at Kenyon Woods that with the right motivation and
guidance, a student who has never thought of attending college can change his or her
mindset to become someone who has the option and motivation to attend college.

Each teacher has been assigned one of the major universities in the United States to
begin to develop a partnership that will inspire students to see what is available for
them beyond high school. During the summer letters have been sent to the universities
to begin the partnership process. We have asked them to send their university flag to
display outside of the classroom. This is just the beginning of a life changing focus for
middle school students.

In addition to the university partnerships, students will be more focused on creating
individual academic goal setting in all classes. We will be using their MAP scores as one
way to gauge their progress. Students, parents and teachers will be asked to sign a
pledge that makes a commitment to the academic success of our students. We will be
establishing a code of conduct that all students will adhere to. Our conversations will
focus on assisting students to achieve their goal of college readiness.

Handouts in this Newsletter:
   7th/8th grade orientation flyer
   Emergency Card
   Welcome to Our Cafeteria
   Generic Supply List if not ordered at mail in registration time
   Student Activity Calendar – dates may change through out the year

We would like to invite students and faculty to participate in School District U-46’s school meal
program. To better serve you, we have several options of payment available. All students have
a meal program account by virtue of their school ID card. Every student who enters the cafeteria
serving area will enter their ID number or scan their card to use their account. They can pay
each day after they select their food or they can pre-pay, which will speed up the process and
allow each student more time to eat and socialize. To prepay, parents can send a check or cash
to school with their child. After choosing their meal and scanning their card, they simply tell the
cashier that they have money for their account. A second option for pre-payment is called
MealpayPlus. This internet service is not controlled by our school district but is linked to our
cafeteria software. MealpayPlus is an online prepayment system that you can access from
home using a credit card or check. Please note that there is a small fee of $2.00 per transaction
for using this convenience. It could take 24 to 36 hours for the money to reach the student’s
We welcome building staff to set up meal accounts with the cafeteria manager for quick,
convenient service.
If you would like to pay by check, please see below:
      Make check payable to Your Schools Name Cafeteria. (not U-46)
      Put the student’s school ID number above your name on the check.
      Write the student’s full name on the memo line.
      Please include your phone number on the check.
We would be happy to accept cash or checks at registration, at the food service station.
Prices for the 2010-2011 school year will remain the same as last year:
    Full Price - $1.25
    Reduced Price - $0.30
    Full Price - $2.40
    Reduced Price $0.40

The Department of Food and Nutrition Services looks forward to serving your student again this
year. Your cafeteria manager is available for questions between 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in
Middle and High Schools and 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in elementary schools. For additional
information, please contact the Department of Food and Nutrition Services at (847) 888-5000 X
5036 or your cafeteria manager.

Your Cafeteria Staff looks forward to serving you!
Kenyon Woods Middle School
School Supply List

  o 1- TI-30XIIS calculator [will be available for purchase at
  o 8- three-holed, two-pocket folder
  o 2-inch three-ring binder for student portfolio
  o 1- 12 pack of colored pencils
  o 1- pack of blue or black pens, 10 or 12 count
  o 1- pack of red pens, 10 or 12 count
  o 1- 10 count package of#2 pencils
  o 10- mechanical pencils for math
  o 1- four pack of highlighters
  o 3 - composition notebooks – one titled Learning Log
  o 2- packs of college ruled, loose-leaf notebook paper
  o 2- single-subject, college ruled, spiral notebooks
  o 1- three subject, college ruled, spiral notebook
  o 2- graphing spiral notebooks, 80-100 pages each
  o 1- Jumbo book cover
  o 1 -6 pk of 3x3 post-it notes
  o 1- Glue stick
  o 2- packs of 3 x 5 index cards
  o 1- 1G flash drive
  o 1- gum eraser
               Kenyon Woods Middle School
                School Calendar 2010-2011
                              2010     * Sports Tentative Date

AUGUST                                           NOVEMBER
Aug. 12 ……..Registration - 3:30 -7:30PM          Nov. 1………..Boy’s Basketball – Tefft
Aug. 17…...…Registration – 8:00 AM –                            (away)
Noon                                             Nov. 3………..Boy’s Basketball – Canton
Aug. 23, 24 ....Teacher’s Institute Days         Nov. 8……...Boy’s Basketball – Eastview
Aug. 25 …......First Day of School                              (away)
                                                 Nov. 9……...Beginners Orchestra Demo –
SEPTEMBER                                                        7:00 PM – KWMS
Sept. 1............Back To School Night                         Commons
                   7th Grade – 6:00PM            Nov. 10…….Boy’s Basketball – Ellis
Sept. 2............Back To School Night          Nov. 11 ……Veteran’s Day/Offices Closed
                   8th Grade – 6:00 PM                                  No Classes
Sept. 3……… Picture Day                           Nov. 15…….Boy’s Basketball – Abbott
Sept. 6 . ……. Labor Day Holiday - No             Nov. 16…….KWMS – Fall Rehearsal
                   Classes                       Nov. 17…….Band Concert – 7:00 PM
Sept. 13……...Girl’s Volleyball – Tefft                         grades 6-8 @ SEHS
                   (away)                        Nov. 17…….Boy’s Basketball – Larsen
Sept. 15……...Girl’s Volleyball – Canton                         (away)
Sept. 20……...Girl’s Volleyball – Eastview        Nov. 18…….KWMS Fall Play 7:00 PM
                   (away)                        Nov. 19…….KWMS Fall Play 7:00 PM
Sept. 22 ……..Girl’s Volleyball – Ellis           Nov. 22 …….Institute Day - No Classes
Sept. 24……...Panoramic Picture Day               Nov. 22 …….Parent/Teacher Conferences -
Sept. 27……...Girl’s Volleyball – Abbott                         PM
Sept. 29……...Girl’s Volleyball – Larsen          Nov. 23 …… Parent /Teacher Conference -
                   (away)                                       AM
                                                 Nov. 24 ….... Non-Attendance Day/Offices
OCTOBER                                                         Open
Oct. 1………. 7th Grade Dance                       Nov. 25,26 ....Thanksgiving Break – No
Oct. 4………..Girl’s Volleyball – Canton                           Classes
Oct. 6………..Girl’s Volleyball – Tefft             DECEMBER
Oct. 8 ……….In-Service/School                     Dec. 1………Boy’s Basketball – Tefft
             Improvement                         Dec. 6………Boy’s Basketball – Kimball
                Day - No Classes                                (away)
Oct. 11 ………Columbus Day Holiday -                Dec. 7………Beginning Band Demo –
                No Classes                                     7:00PM @ KWMS
Oct. 12………Girl’s Volleyball – Kimball            Dec. 8………Boy’s Basketball – Eastview
             (away)                              Dec. 13……. Boy’s Basketball
Oct. 13……... Girl’s Volleyball – Eastview                       Championship 7th & 8th TBA
Oct. 14………First Choral Concert 7:00 PM           Dec. 14 …….Orchestra Concert – Grades
Oct. 18………Volleyball Championship 7th                           5th – 8th
             & 8th Games -TBA                                   7:00 PM – @ SEHS
Oct. 22 ……..End of First Quarter                 Dec. 16……..Choral Concert – 7:00 PM @
Oct. 22 ……..Picture Re-Take Day                                 KWMS
                                                 Dec. 20-31 ... Winter Recess – No Classes
Jan. 3 ..…… Classes Resume
Jan. 7………Winter Dance – 6:00PM –             APRIL
               8:00PM                        Apr. 1 ……. Spring Recess (Continued)
Jan. 14 ….... End of First Semester          Apr. 4 ……. Classes Resume
Jan. 17 ….... Martin Luther King Jr. - No    Apr. 14…… M.S. Concert @ SHS
               Classes                       Apr. 15…… Spring Pictures
Jan. 18……..Girl’s Basketball – Tefft         Apr. 22 ……Spring Holiday / Offices
               (away)                                       Closed-No Classes
Jan. 19……..Girl’s Basketball – Canton        Apr. 25, 26, 27 …Vision and Hearing
Jan. 24……..Girl’s Basketball – Eastview                     Screening
               (away)                        Apr. 28…….Daddy Daughter Dance –
Jan. 26 …….Girl’s Basketball – Ellis                       6:30PM – 8:30PM
Jan. 31……..Girl’s Basketball – Abbott
FEBRUARY                                     May 3..……..Orchestra Concert 7:00 PM
Feb. 2……..Girl’s Basketball – Larsen                        @ SEHS
              (away)                         May 9………Honors Dinner – 7th Grade
Feb. 7……..Girl’s Basketball – Canton         May 12……..M.S. Band Fest - @ SEHS
              (away)                         May 13 ….... Non-Attendance/School
Feb. 9……..Girl’s basketball – Tefft                        Improvement Day
Feb. 14……Girl’s Basketball – Kimball                       No Classes
              (away)                         May 16……..Honors Dinner – 8th Grade
Feb. 16……Girl’s Basketball – Eastview        May 17……..Choral Concert - 7:00 PM @
Feb. 21 …… President’s Day Observance -                    KWMS
             No Classes                      May 23……..Band – 7:00PM @ KWMS
Feb. 22……Girl’s Basketball Championship                    Gym
              Games 7th & 8th TBA            May 25……..Vision & Hearing Re-screen
Feb. 24……M.S. Orchestra Festival             May 27……...8th Grade Recognition
Feb. 25 …...Institute Day - No Classes       May 30 .….... Memorial Day Holiday – No
March 2……Band 7:00 PM @ SEHS                 JUNE
March 22......Orchestra 5th & 6th - @ SEHS   June 2…….....8th Grade Dance-tentative
March 24…..Spring Dance – 6:00 PM –          June 3…….....Last Day of School – If No
               8:00 PM                                     “Emergency Days” are used
Mar. 25 …...End of Third Quarter             June 13……. Last Day of School –
Mar. 28-31 .. Spring Recess - No Classes            If 5 “Emergency Days” are used

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