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					Dainippon Ink &
Chemicals, Inc.
 Research Frontiers Inc.
 Shareholders Meeting
 June 8, 2006

                Tony Pirro, Vice President
DIC Corporate Overview
• Founded in 1908
• Headquarters - Tokyo, Japan
• Diversified Global Chemical Company
• 230 Affiliates and Subsidiaries In Over 60 Countries
• 29,000 Employees Worldwide

                        Tony Pirro, Vice President
2005 Results
 Sales:                                   $9.37 billion
 Operating Income:                        $450 million
 Net Income:                              $99 million
 Stockholders’ Equity:                    $1.35 billion
 Total Assets:                            $9.33 billion

                  Tony Pirro, Vice President
Corporate Philosophy

“The DIC Group is dedicated to being a
creative, distinctive organization capable of
innovating products that enhance the lives of
people around the world.”

                  Tony Pirro, Vice President
Review of Operations
                                              Graphic Arts

                                              Industrial Materials
         4% 5%
                                              High Performance &
                                              Applied Products
   26%                                        Electronics &

                 Tony Pirro, Vice President
Research & Development
 DIC Central Research Laboratories
       Sakura, Japan - Next Generation Technologies

 Independent Technical Departments
       Specialized Research - Current Market Requirements

 Overseas - 6 Principal R&D Centers Outside Japan
       Sun Chemical – U.S.A. & Europe
       DIC Berlin - Germany
       Qingdao DIC Fine Chemicals - PRC

                              Tony Pirro, Vice President
Consolidated R & D Investment

Approximately $140 million
 6% increase from previous year
 1.49% of net sales

                        Tony Pirro, Vice President
Corporate Goals & Activities
  Reduce the environmental impact of core activities.
  Lower energy and resource consumption.
  Minimize generation of solid waste.
  Develop environmentally sound products.
  Guarantee comprehensive and safe management of chemical substances.
  Realize “zero” occupational accident frequency rate.
  Promote communication with local communities.
  Conduct internal audits.
  Host open sessions within communities.
  Promote transfer of technology.
  Strive for our facilities to become ISO 14001 Certified.

                                     Tony Pirro, Vice President
 Product Focus
Develop innovative products by focusing on four essential concepts:
    Color-related chemicals: (Inc. Photochromic Glass Colorants – SPD)
    Coatings
    Environmental conservation
    Increasing the role of information in society

                             Tony Pirro, Vice President
DIC International (USA), LLC
   “Sales & Marketing Arm” for Dainippon Ink & Chemicals, Inc. in the Americas

   North American HQ – Teaneck, NJ
       Satellite Offices
            Irvine, CA
            Houston, TX
       21 employees
            8 Sales Managers
            13 Sales Assistants / Support Staff
            3 Accounting members
            Numerous Independent Representatives, Distributors & Consultants

                                Tony Pirro, Vice President
DIC International (USA), LLC
North America – Strategic Agenda
    Focus on “New Business”
       Established “New Business Team”
            Investigate opportunities
            Coordinate with DIC HQ
       Allocating resources and re-defining job
        responsibilities to optimize new business opportunities

    Prioritize new product lines
        SPD – A key business unit for DIC

                              Tony Pirro, Vice President
Chronology of DIC’s SPD
    1999: Began working to produce SPD emulsion
        Allocation of financial resources and manpower to SPD Project
        Ongoing information exchange / product review with RFI
        Sample submissions (emulsion & film): evaluation, feedback from licensees
        Continuous efforts to improve quality

    April 2006: Acquired additional license to produce SPD film
        To better support all SPD applications first hand
        To maximize SPD business opportunity for DIC

    June 2006: First “commercial” shipment of DIC’s SPD-Smart
     “CONFOVIEW” Film

                                Tony Pirro, Vice President
SPD Product Line
   Commercialized SPD-Smart Products:

      - DIC CONFOVIEW Film
      - DIC CONFOVIEW Emulsion

                   Tony Pirro, Vice President
DIC’s SPD Objective
   Supply CONFOVIEW film & emulsion for
    all SPD applications
    - Aerospace
    - Architectural
    - Automotive
    - Marine

                  Tony Pirro, Vice President
DIC Global SPD Network
The “CORE” SPD Team:
  + 4 Technical Group Members
  + 9 Sales, Marketing & Support Members
  + 3 Senior Management Members

  *Many more DIC members in Japan, U.S.A. and Europe
  support our day-to-day SPD business.*

                      Tony Pirro, Vice President
SPD Project Team Key Members: Japan
   DIC – Plant 18,                                     DIC – HQ
    Kashima, Japan                                       Tokyo, Japan
       Technical Department                                Sales & Marketing
           GM - Technical Dept.                                GM – Pigment Div.
           SPD Project Manager                                  Sales & Marketing
           SPD Technical Leader                                Sales & Marketing
           Assistant                                            Manager
                                                                Sales Representative
                                                                Delivery Coordinator

                            Tony Pirro, Vice President
SPD Project Team Key Members:
U.S.A. & Europe

   DIC International                              DIC Europe
    (U.S.A.) Teaneck, NJ                            Dusseldorf, Germany
         President                                          President
         Vice President                                     General Manager
         Sales Director                                     Sales Assistant / Traffic
         Sales Assistant / Traffic

                             Tony Pirro, Vice President
SPD Team - Expansion
   Current Expansion
       Adding Technical Group Members
          To increase current group capabilities
          To support current efforts
          To accelerate & expand our SPD business
   Future Plan
       Designate Additional Sales, Marketing & Support Staff in all
        geographic regions
       Committed to expand Technical Group / Production Capabilities as
        required to support global SPD business

                              Tony Pirro, Vice President
DIC CONFOVIEW Film Production
   Current
         Current Capacity of 2000 sheets / mo.
             Sheet fed production

   Future Plan
         Increase capacity to meet market requirements
         Produce minimum 1m (39.4in) width film
         Pursue alternate production methods (roll coating,
          etc.) to achieve objectives

                           Tony Pirro, Vice President
Sales, Marketing & Support Plan
   Work closely with RFI licensees
    -   Identify true demand / plan for adequate
        production capacity
    -   Support all applications
    -   Support specific licensee / end-user projects
    -   Joint visits with licensees to end-users
    -   Promote SPD technology to global markets

                         Tony Pirro, Vice President
Sales, Marketing & Support Plan
   Coordinate Internal Efforts
       Establish “internal network” within DIC to
        address all technical requirements, support
        projects globally, meet customer demand and
        promote SPD sales.
       Implement a global communication system for
        DIC’s SPD Team.

                       Tony Pirro, Vice President
Sales, Marketing & Support Plan
   Work with all levels of SPD supply chain
       Exchange technical and market information with
        RFI & licensees to optimize synergies and
        promote SPD.
       Provide newly developed, improved samples to
        laminators, licensees, etc. to assist with
        refinement of process.

                       Tony Pirro, Vice President
Moving Forward
   Continue “Partnering” with RFI licensees
       Shared dedication & enthusiasm
   Continue offering support to all levels of SPD
    supply chain
   Plan future production to meet market needs
   Ongoing commitment to SPD business

                       Tony Pirro, Vice President

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