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					                                                                                        Volume 6, Issue 4, Winter 2009

                                           Considering the Season
                                           by Stan Crader
                                           Think right, act right. It’s that simple. The challenge is agreement on what’s
  Also in this issue...                    right. Doing so requires knowledge of the facts. Facts always lead to the
   2010 Marketing Advantage                truth, but not always agreement.
   TimberSports 25th Anniversary           Three of the biggest events to occur in the history of the world, in my
   CB Rewards                              humble opinion, are: the birth of Christ, invention of the Gutenberg Press,
  BR 600 Magnum                            and creation of the World Wide Web.
  500K iCademy Tests                       On December 25th, the United States of America will celebrate Christmas,
 New Limited Warranty Policy               a Christian holiday. Why? We do so because we’re a nation founded on
 BME Facility Expansion                    Christian principals, governed by a constitution written by Christians.
Interactive Price List                     James Madison, once said, "Belief in a God All Powerful, wise and good, is
Yellow Pages/Co-op Policy                  essential to the moral order of the world and to the happiness of man."
Greatest Brands Book                       George Washington said, "A reasoning being would lose his reason, in
                                           attempting to account for the great phenomena of nature, had he not a Su-
                                           preme Being to refer to: and well has it been said, that if there had been no
                                           God, mankind would have been obligated to imagine one." Wow, sounds
                                           like President Washington also believed in creation.
                                           Jimmy and Geo were statesmen. Ask the next five people you see to explain
                                           the difference between a statesman and a politician. Be prepared for blank
                                           looks and a variety of responses.
                                           Mikhail Gorbachev - -“A statesman does what he believes is best for his
                                           country, a politician does what best gets him elected.” Remember, Gorbach-
                                           ev tore down the iron curtain.
                                           James Freeman Clarke -- “A politician thinks about the next election, the
                                           statesman thinks about the next generation.”
                                           Webster used to define philosophy as ascertaining facts or truth, and
                                           causes of things or their phenomena and enlarging our views of God and
                                           his works. Today’s dictionary has no mention of God. The removal of God
                                           from philosophy was gradual, few noticed. But it’s the root cause of states-
                                           men turning into politicians. The standard by which a politician is measured
                                           has become subjective and has no constant. I’ll explain.
                                           Morality is now defined as what is, or the philosophical customs that govern
                                           a society. Ethics is defined as a moral philosophy. Get the picture?
                                             Everything gets back to philosophy. But without God as an integral basis
                                               for philosophical thinking, ethics and morality become moving targets.
                                                 Ethics and morality change with the notion of the day.
                                                   What’s the point you ask? Statesmen believe in something bigger
                                                     than themselves. All the signers of the Declaration of
                                                       Independence and the delegates to the Constitutional
                                                         Convention, as well as the delegates to the various sessions of
                                                          the Continental Congress were men who believed in God
                                                            and the special creation of the world and mankind. Nearly
                                                                                                     continued on page 8

               CDC•BME Serving Dealers in Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Southern Illinois, and Texas
2010 Marketing Advantage Program
by Roxanne Brown                                                         We are pleased to report that
                                                                         over 700 CDC•BME dealers have
2010 will mark the beginning of                                          signed up for the 2010 Market-
a new decade and the 6th year of                                         ing Advantage Program, and we
our Marketing Advantage Pro-                                             feel the ongoing growth in MAP
gram. Marketing Advantage has                                            Dealer participation is evidence of
steadily grown to be, we believe,                                        the program’s success. CDC•BME
the most comprehensive, value-                                           is committed to funding a whop-
packed program in our industry. And, while the         ping 70% of the 2010 advertising budget in order
program continues to evolve to meet the challeng-      to keep the program affordable for our dealers.
es of a changing marketplace, we remain focused        That investment combined with the dealer collec-
on the fact that everything about MAP is about         tions make it possible for us to deliver an outstand-
driving traffic to you, our STIHL dealers.             ing advertising program in 2010.
                                    In September
                                    and October,       Our regional advertising will include television on
                                    we held dealer     Fox Sports Midwest and Southwest, Fox News,
                                    meetings across    Radio Networks, Regional Magazines, Search En-
                                    the CDC•BME        gine Pay-Per-Click advertising, Email Marketing, and
                                    territory, where   more. Combined, CDC•BME dealers will receive
                                    we shared our      approximately 50 different medias, over 15,000
advertising strategy, the media plan for 2010, prod-   ads, and 200 million impressions! All advertising will
uct information updates, and more. A big “Thank        point to the “local” dealer locator,
You” to all the dealers that came out to these meet-   where your dealership and PowerChord Plus STIHL
ings! We had over 650 in attendance, and we sin-       website can be found. Look for specific schedules
cerely appreciate the effort you made to be there.     and creative samples to be available on our web-
                                                       site,, in early spring.

Celebrate 25 Years of Timbersports
The 2009 STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Series season kicked off on
ESPN2, but it's not too late to get in on the action. Watch top athletes
from across the globe battle it out for a chance to call themselves
the world's best lumberjack. And be sure to check out the new 2010
STIHL Outfitters catalog that will be arriving with your 2010 Price List
and Dealer Support Manual. You'll find a teriffic new array of STIHL®
TIMBERSPORTS® merchandise that is only available in 2010.

         USA Round 2
          Columbus, GA
       Dec 20th 1:00-1:30pm

  USA Championships
          Columbus, GA
       Dec 27th 3:00-4:00pm

World Championships                                                                             For more information, visit
        Brienz, Switzerland                                                          or
       Dec 27th 4:00-4:30pm                                                                   become a fan of "The Official
                                                                                             STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Series"
            On ESPN2                                                                                 on Facebook.

by Justin Crader
As of December 9, 2009, we have 1590         explain how the program works. Also,           Points from 2009 will carry over into
participants in the CB Rewards pro-          check out the recently updated FAQs.           2010. However, points will not carry
gram that was introduced this year by                                                       over from 2010 to 2011.
                                             Updates/changes for 2010:
CDC•BME. There have been over nine                                                          From the entire CDC•BME organization,
                                             Please note: All products registered on
million reward points redeemed for STIHL                                                    we would like to wish you and your fam-
                                             CB Rewards and eService must be com-
units/apparel, and CDC•BME has award-                                                       ily a Merry Christmas.
                                             pleted under the same dealer account as
ed more than $185,000 in STIHL items to      listed in the participant’s 'My Info.' Doing   Thank you for your support of STIHL,

you and/or your employees through the        so will help avoid any issues with reward      and for participating in the CB Rewards
CB Rewards program as a way of saying        points not verifying.                          program.
'thank you' for supporting STIHL.                                                                                                   j
                                             Account Status: CB Rewards accounts
We have been working on improve-             with no activity for a period of 45 days
ments/modifications to the program,          will be moved to inactive status and
and are working to ensure everything         sales associates will not be able to
continues to function properly.              enter sales or redeem points. (After
Please take a minute to visit the site and   30 days, an email will be sent to the
review the terms of the program, listed      participant giving them a 15 day notice
under the ‘STIHL Rewards Rules’ tab at       before the account is changed to inac-
the top of the home page. This will help     tive.)
                                                                                                   YOU NEED POWER.
                                                                                              YOU NEED DURABILITY.
                                                                                                    You need to pump
                                                                                                     up efficiency and
                                                                                                 blow away operating
                                                                                                  costs. You need the
                                                                                               commitment to quality
                                                                                                    you have come to
                                                                                                   expect from STIHL.

                         Introducing the new STIHL Magnum backpack blower. Power-
                         ful, fuel efficient and now more durable, the STIHL Magnum
                         is the next generation of STIHL backpack blowers.

    • An improved, more durable nozzle with extended wear area for longer life
    • Longer equipment life cycle and greater durability from an improved exhaust valve
      and cylinder valve seat
    • Savings on fuel costs with a low-emission engine up to 28% more fuel efficient than
      tested competitive models*
    • A sturdy wear-resistant nylon harness that is tough, yet comfortable
    • Easily adjustable blower tubes for tackling a wide variety of jobs
    • Emissions are 69% lower than current EPA requirements**

    *Fuel consumption data provided by a third party independent laboratory: Porsche Engineering Group GmbH. 1240 hours of run time (equal to 2 seasons).
    **The BR 600 STIHL Magnum has the lowest emissions in its class per the current EPA website posted March 2009 -
Half-a-Million iCademy Tests...and Counting...
The award-winning STIHL iCademy Internet-based
training program celebrated the completion of its
500,000th test by presenting a pair of airline tickets
and STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® 25th anniversary
jacket to the lucky test taker. The site trains service
and sales staff at dealers on the latest STIHL
products, programs and innovations.
The lucky person taking the 500,000th test
was Michael Stier, a sales assistant at Brookside
Equipment in Houston, Texas. “I was shocked
to learn I won something for just taking a test,”
he said. “All of the sales and tech staff here are
required to keep up to date on the STIHL iCademy
training in order to better serve our customers.”
There is an added incentive offered by Brookside’s
STIHL distributor, says Robin Hastings, sales             From left to right, Robin Hastings, BME Sales Manager, Mi-
manager for Blue Mountain Equipment. “We have             chael Stier and Raymond Krajca of Brookside Equipment in
developed an incentive program that rewards the           Houston, TX, and BME Territory Manager Ron Swanson.
service techs and sales staff with completion points
for using iCademy in our territories. Beside the gifts
Mike will receive from STIHL Inc., he is also earning
points to own STIHL equipment of his choice.”
                                                          New STIHL Limited Warranty
Store manager Raymond Krajca also likes the STIHL         Effective October 1, 2009, STIHL introduced a new
iCademy website. “It keeps our staff on top of new        limited warranty policy. You'll find some of the high-
tools and training that benefits our customers.           lights in the chart below, or you can visit this link to
When we took on the STIHL line of products, we            download a copy of the warranty from
were glad to see a tool like iCademy in place to
help us ramp up our service and sales lines.”
STIHL iCademy was developed by STIHL’s National                                                Personal, Family, or
Training Manager, John Keeler, who saw the                Model                                Household Use          Professional Use

Internet as a natural solution to keeping the latest      Gasoline and Electric Chainsaws             1 year              3 months

technical training in front of all service and sales      Trimmers, Brushcutters, Clearing           2 years               2 years
                                                          Saws, Edgers, Hedge Trimmers, Tree
staff at dealers. “We are pleased beyond our wildest      Pruners, Blowers, Sprayers, Shred-
                                                          der/Vacs, Boring Gears
expectations at the success of this program. There
                                                          Manual Sprayers                            2 years               2 years
have been more than a half million tests taken and

                                                          Cut-Off Machines                          3 months              3 months
over 30,000 dealer employees registered. Each
user has their own customized site. I believe we are
setting the standard for the OPE industry to follow
in distance-based learning programs.”
The award-winning iCademy program was
designed and built by STIHL specifically for all STIHL
dealers and is offered at no charge, according to
Blue Mountain Equipment Breaks
Ground on New Facility

Thanks to our supportive dealer base, this past September, Blue Mountain Equipment
broke ground on it’s new distribution facility. The facility will consist of a two-story, 18,000
sq. ft. office and training center, and 90,000 sq. ft. of distribution warehouse. Construction
is set to be complete in June of 2010.
The 10 acre site is located just south of Industrial Blvd., at 1800 S. Airport Drive, directly
across the road from the McKinney Airport, which is also undergoing a large expansion.
Below is an aerial photo of the ground breaking, 10/1/2009.
Thank you again for your continued support
of STIHL and Blue Mountain Equipment.

6                                                                                                }
CDC•BME Price List Goes Interactive
by Stan Beel
CDC•BME is introducing an              for your dealership. The file can
enhanced electronic Price List         be loaded on every computer
for 2010 that will be included         in your facility and eliminate the
with your print version when it        need of sharing the printed Price
is released. The new electronic        List or having to order multiple
version is interactive and loaded      copies of the printed version. The
with quick links that allow the        interactive Price List will allow us
user to quickly and efficiently find   to move to an electronic Price List
the information needed.                in the near future and eliminate
                                       the need for print versions.
The quick links home page in-                                                 j
cludes images of whole good
and accessories that are clickable
and will take you directly to that
section. No longer is it necessary
                                       Yellow Pages/Co-op Changes
to click the bookmarks on the left     CDC•BME STIHL is committed to sup-           Likewise, we have discontinued our
side of the screen, although that      porting its dealers with industry leading    traditional Advertising Co-op Program.
                                       marketing and advertising programs.          CDC•BME will be committing all co-
option is still available.             Our strategy with the Marketing Advan-       op funds in support of the Marketing
Each page includes quick links         tage Program and PowerChord Plus,            Advantage Program and PowerChord
                                       combined with national brand support         Plus. Our strategy with MAP and
at the top that take you back to
                                       will continue to give STIHL dealers an       PowerChord will be combined with
the home screen, page forward,         edge over their competition.                 national brand support to continue to
or backward as well as a $ sign        We are constantly looking at the             offer local and regional representation
link that, when clicked, will show     return on investment to ensure that          complimented with online compo-
                                       every marketing initiative is in line with   nents.
you pricing. There is another link
                                       our plan, market trends, and provides    We know that as the market changes,
by each unit model that can be
                                       optimal returns for our dealers.         a better use of marketing dollars is
clicked on to bring up additional                                               towards MAP and the PowerChord
                                       Traditionally our Yellow Pages pro-
information about that unit in a       gram has been a component to our         programs; they offer much higher vis-
handy pop up box.                      marketing plan. However, the value of ibility and greater flexibility. By being a
                                       the program has declined for the last    STIHL dealer, you have access to some
Updates with the electronic Price      several years while the costs associ-    of the best marketing programs and
List will be much easier to dis-       ated continue to increase. In contrast, tactics available in the industry that of-
                                                                                fer a great return on investment.
seminate as they can be loaded         the use of the internet, STIHL’s dealer
on the website for        locator and the PowerChord programs We are looking forward to growing
                                       are a much greater value and are         with you in the future and have excel-
you to download. This will give        increasing in use. We have seen the      lent programs in place to help you

you more timely updates and            total number of visits to STIHL’s dealer along the way.                       j
keep you from having to update         locator, PowerChord and other STIHL
                                       related sites increase year over year.
printed pages. We know from ex-
perience that printed updates do       Potential customers are able to edu-
                                       cate themselves on the product, com-
not get inserted into the Price List   pare our various models and locate the
binder and the user will be work-      nearest dealer. Dealers participating in
ing from outdated information.         the Yellow Pages program in the past
                                       have been notified that going forward
We feel the new electronic Price       we will no longer be funding/support-
List will be a very valuable tool      ing the printed Yellow Pages.
POST Powerline                A publication of STIHL distributors Crader Distributing and Blue Mountain Equipment

Coffee Table Book Features STIHL
In the last issue of the POST Powerline, we reported          vice president of sales and marketing at STIHL Inc.
that the American Brands Council had recognized               “The entire STIHL team – from employees and our
STIHL as one of America’s greatest brands. The                twelve U.S. distributors to our hardworking servic-
iconic outdoor power equipment manufacturer                   ing dealers – is dedicated to the success of the
is now featured in the 2009 edition of America’s              STIHL brand, and it is thanks to their commitment
Greatest Brands, a hard cover coffee table book               to excellence that the brand continues to be one of
recognizing some of the strongest and most trusted            the leaders in the industry.”
business brands in the United States.                America’s Greatest Brands is currently available in
Currently in its seventh edition, America's Greatest major bookstores nationwide or online at
Brands features leading companies from a brand
marketing perspective. The book explores the his-
tory behind the top brands and highlights their
innovations and accomplishments. America’s Great-
est Brands offers insight from the highly respected
marketing and communication professionals that
comprise the American Brands Council.
Each company is featured in a two-page spread.
Among brands recognized in this year’s book
include Campbell’s Soup, the National Football
League (NFL) and Xerox.
“We are honored to receive this recognition from
the American Brands Council,” said Peter Burton,

Considering the Season
continued from page 1

all were members of Christian churches and believed
the Bible to be the inspired Word of God.
As we celebrate Christmas this year, it would be ap-
propriate for all Americans (including those who have
come here from other nations) first of all to reflect on
Christ, and then the Christian foundations on which our
nation was built. Christ can make the difference be-
tween a statesman and a politician. There’s a shortage
of statesmen on both sides of the aisle.
Armed with the facts, I hope you have a Merry Christ-
mas and that your philosophical notions regarding the
celebration include God. And please, wipe Happy Holi-
days from your lexicon.                                  j

                                                                            The POST Powerline
                                                                            Volume 6, Number 4, Winter 2009
                                                 Editorial Staff: Connie Bennett, Editor. Assistants: Barb Bennett, Stan Beel, Bob Long,
                                                              Jim Fahrenkrog, Kim Long, Robin Hastings, Roxanne Brown
                                                The POST Powerline is published quarterly by CDC•BME for its STIHL Servicing Dealers.
                                                                             Direct Inquiries & Comments to:
                                                                                  Connie Bennett, Editor
                                                                              Crader Distributing Company
                                                                      808 Highway 34 West, Marble Hill, MO 63764
                                                                   Voice: (573) 238-2675 ext 255 / Fax: (573) 238-3088

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