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									                    The Various Benefits Of Lychee Fruit

Never heard of and seen fruit lychee? This fruit is the fruit of kelengkeng relatives and rambutan.
Many use this fruit to mixture of food. Besides the taste is sweet, lychee fruit have many
benefits, lho! Anything, Yes, it help me? We find out, yuk!
Content Of Lychee
For every 100 grams of fruit lychee, there are 72 mg of vitamin c. Vitamin is a vitamin contained
most fruit lychee. Just by eating the nine fruit lychee, daily vitamin C needs of adults will be
fulfilled. They are also low in fat so that both are consumed by people who are dieting or just
maintain weight.
Content of sucrose and glucose lychee fruit is also very abundant. Lychee fruit eating at night
may increase energy reserves for the next day. The content of sugar in them vary widely,
depending on varieties of lychees. In addition, the Lychee is a source of fibre food (dietary fiber)
that is tolerable. For every 100 grams of fruit, lychee, fiber owned about 1.3 grams.
Help growth and Preventing Cancer
During this time, red wine is considered the most good for heart health. However, based on
research in France, found that just contain polyphenols 15% higher than that of red wine.
Polyphenols are useful to prevent tissue damage cells of the body that can cause cancer. The
study was published in the Journal of Nutrition.
"Polyphenol serves as a bulwark which protect the body from diseases and cell damage," said
David Grotto, author of 101 Foods That Could Save Your Life!
In addition, in the fruit lychee, there are calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. All three of these
minerals are essential for children in times of growth. This Mineral is also needed by adults to
inhibit the rate of osteoporosis.
Help Lower Hypertension
Potassium levels contained in fruit lychee is very high. Potassium is very useful to increase the
regularity of the heart rate. Potassium, another name for potassium, is also great for controlling
the balance of fluids in the body's cell network. In addition, the fruit can also be consumed to
lower high blood pressure or hypertension.

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