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A. Mazon & Associates        
Albina Fuel                  
American Sani-Can            
Anchor Marine Insurance      
Anderson Signs, Inc.         
Banks Sails/Waagmeester Canvas
Baxter Auto Parts            
Bedtime Mattress             
Bentley’s Tops and Seats     
Bill Stevens Marine Artist   
Blue Heron Marine Surveying  
Boat Insurance Agency        
Carol’s Custom Canvas        
Channel’s Edge               
Chevalier Advertising        
Columbia Crossings           
Columbia Marine Exchange     
Cook Engine                  
Elochoman Marina             
Emerson Hardwood             
Englund Marine and Industrial Supply
Farmers Insurance            
Freshwater News              
Harrang Long Gary Rudnick P.C.
Hayden Island Canvas         
Hoelscher & Associates P.C.  
Impact Marine Services       
Inflatable Boat Center       
Irwin Yacht Sales            
JRE Consulting, Inc.         
Just Us Travel               
Kepler’s Upholstery          
Landscape Management Services
Mary Kay, Laura Mack         
McCuddy’s Marinas            
Metro Marine Service         
Monarch Hotel                
Nautek Marine, Skeeter Kershaw
Neil Kelly                   
Norgard-Kirkpatrick Boat Hauling
North Sails/                 
   North Winds Canvas        
Northwest Battery Supply     
Northwest Inflatable Boats   
On Shore Management Services 
Oregon Yacht Sales           
Passion Yachts               

Port of Camas/Washougal      
Port of Ilwaco               
Ray-Burt’s Rugs              
Rocky Pointe Marina/A&D Yacht Repair
Rodgers Marine Electronics   
Rose City Liquor                       503-284-7591
Royal Flush                            503-335-9930
Salty’s Seafood Grill        
Sanderson Safety Supply      
Schooner Creek Boat Works    
Seaward Yacht Sales          
Seaview Boatyard & Yacht Service
Sells Marine Service         
Sexton’s Chandlery           
SK Northwest                 
Sportcraft Marina            
St. Helen’s Marina                     503-397-4162
Sundance Yacht Sales & Moorage
The Sextant Bar & Galley               503-281-5944
Vercoe Yacht Sails           
Vessel Assist/Boat US/NW Rivertow      503-247-9004
Vic Alfonso Cadillac Hummer  
W.C. Winks Hardware          
White Marine Services        

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