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Mint Hotel Tower of London London


									Mint Hotel Tower of London

Bennetts Associates Architects                                                                 
London	 	 1	Rawstorne	Place,	London	EC1V	7NL		•		T	+44	(0)20	7520	3300		•	F	+44	(0)20	7520	3333		•		
Edinburgh			 3	Boroughloch	Square,	Edinburgh	EH8	9NJ			•		T	+44	(0)131	667	7351		•	F	+44		(0)131	662	1867			•
                                                                                 Mint Hotel Tower of London

After	the	acclaimed	success	of	Mint	Hotel	
Westminster,	Bennetts	Associates	was	
commissioned to design a second London
hotel	near	Tower	Bridge	on	a	tight	island	
site	bound	by	Fenchurch	Street	Station	to	
the North and conservation areas to the
South	and	West.	

The	prevailing	urban	grain	of	the	area	is	tight	and	dense	
with most blocks of building defined by the medieval streets
as	they	fan	out	from	one	of	the	City’s	original	Gates.		The	
1960s	 building	 which	 previously	 occupied	 the	 site	 was	 a	
notable	exception	to	this	by	virtue	of	its	H-shaped	plan,	
which	 left	 large	 voids	 in	 the	 townscape	 on	 streets	 that	
could benefit from a greater sense of enclosure.

The	new	hotel	development	addresses	this	by	conforming	
to the original street edges and enlivening the ground
level	with	a	variety	of	public	uses.		Extensive	landscaping	is	
incorporated	into	the	building	in	the	form	of	a	courtyard	
extending from ground to roof level, the largest green wall
in	Europe	and	external	roof	terraces	at	level	11.		The	hotel	
houses a bar, restaurant, meeting and conference facilities
at	ground	and	level	1,	and	accommodates	583	bedrooms	
over	a	further	9	floors.	 	The	main	massing	of	the	hotel	is	
in	 keeping	 with	 the	 surrounding	 buildings	 both	 in	 terms	
of	 height	 and	 materials	 but	 the	 trademark	 SkyLounge	 is	
treated as an identifiable element which sits discreetly
above	 the	 adjacent	 roofs,	 offering	 360°	 views	 of	 the	
London skyline.

The	extensive	views	are	particularly	exciting	towards	the	
Tower	of	London	to	the	south	and	the	high-rise	buildings	
of	the	City’s	financial	district	to	the	north.		In	consequence,	
this	part	of	the	Tower	Conservation	Area	should	change	
from	 a	 rather	 barren,	 ill-defined	 area	 to	 one	 which	 has	
street life and a strong urban character.
                                                                    Client                  Contractor
                                                                    Mint	Hotel              Laing O’Rourke
                                                                    Architect               Interior Design
                                                                    Bennetts	Associates     Woods	Bagot/Bennetts	Associates
                                                                    Structural Engineer
                                                                    Buro	Happold            Area 27,500m²
                                                                                            Value £65	million
                                                                    Services Engineer       Programme 2006	-	2010

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