Performance Characteristics of Cluster Based Group Key Management in Manet by bey14596

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Ref.No     Title of Paper                                       Authors and Affiliations
202        Performance Analysis of PID and Fuzzy Logic          ATUL KIMOTHI, HITENDRA KHATI, RICHIEE SOODESH MASEY, BILAL AHMED
           Controller for Higher Order System                   KHAN, HUSAIN AHMED
                                                                DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING
                                                                DEHRADUN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY
                                                                DEHRADUN, U.A.-248001 INDIA
211        Impact Of Pause Time On The Performance of           Pooja Saini, Assistant Professor
           Backoff Algorithms                                   Department of Computer Enginnering, SDDIET,Panchkula, India
           For IEEE 802.11-Based Multi-hop Wireless
           Mobile Ad hoc Networks
212        An Approach for Page Organization using              A. K. Sharma, Computer Engineering Deptt., YMCA University of Science & Technology,
           Clustering, Ranking and Cluster representative       Faridabad, India,
                                                                Naresh Kumar, Information Technology Deptt., ITM, Gurgaon, India
214        LABVIEW BASED SIMULATION OF                          1. Dr. S.Chatterji , Professor and Head
           MULTI-MACHINE SYSTEM INCORPORATED                    2. Mrs. Lini Mathew, Assistant Professor
           WITH SVC                                             3. Ms. Pooja Rani, M.E. Student
                                                                NITTTR, Chandigarh, NITTTR, Chandigarh

217        A REVIEW - Mobile Phone’s Electromagnetic            Preeti Bhalla1, Ravinder Kumar2 , Chandan Sharma3, Sonia Sharma4
           Fields causes no harmful effects Of On human         M.Tech. ECE Students
           Health, & animals                                    University Institute of Engineering & Technology
                                                                Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra
222        A New Approach for Mining Multiple Level             1. Mittar Vishav
           Association Rules                                    2. Ms Deepika Sirohi
                                                                Department of Information Technology, M.M. University, Mullana
226        Two-Body Abrasive Wear Behaviour of Granite          1. Santosh Kumar, Department of Studies in Mechanical Engineering, University B.D.T.
           Filled G -E Composites: A Statistical Approach       College of Engineering, Davangere-577004, Karnataka, INDIA
                                                                S.Basavarajappa, Manjunath, Yadav.S.1,G.M.Praveen

227        Wear Behaviour Of Aluminium Alloy and its            1. S. Manjunath Yadav
           Composites reinforced by Al2O3 Particles using       Department of Studies in Mechanical Engineering, University B.D.T. College of
           Statistical Analysis                                 Engineering, Davangere-577004, Karnataka, INDIA
                                                                2. S.Basavarajappa, Chakrasali
                                                                Department of Studies in Mechanical Engineering, University B.D.T. College of
                                                                Engineering, Davangere-577004, Karnataka, INDIA
                                                                3. Chandrakumar, K.V.Arun
228        Exploring Genetic Algorithm for Routing in           1. Rakesh Kumar,Department of Computer Science and Applications DCSA, Kurukshetra
           Dynamic Communication Networks                       University, Kurukshetra, India
                                                                2. Mahesh Kumar,Research Scholar, Department of Computer Science and Applications ,
                                                                Kurukshetra University
                                                                3. Rajesh Yadav,Department of CSE, DAVCET Kanina

229   Network Security: Policies and Guidelines for    1. Pooja Gupta, Lecturer, SDITM, Israna, Panipat
      Effective Network Management                     2. Deepali Gupta, Astt. Professor, GIMT, Kanipla, KKR


232   WEB SITE RECOMMENDATION SYSTEM                   Prof. Bhupendra Verma, Professor CS Deptt       , Karunesh Gupta 2 Student of
                                                       MTechIT, Shivani Panchal3 Student of MTechCSE. Prof. Rajesh Nigam 4 Asst Professor
                                                       CS DEPTT
                                                       TIT ,Bhopal

233   TEXTURAL CLASSIFICATION OF LUNG                  S.K. Vijai Anand
      TUMOR USING IMAGE SEGMENTATION                   Department of Computer Science & Engineering, College of Engineering Guindy, Anna
      AND NEURAL NETWORK                               University Chennai

235   EXPERIMENTAL INVESTIGATION ON                    P.Gopalakrishnan, Dr.K.Annamalai, V.N.Banugopan, S.Prabhakar.
      CONTROL OF EMISSION IN D.I. DIESEL               Madras Institute of Technology,Anna University, Chennai

236   Implementation of Modbus Protocol in IEEE        Isha, Lecturer Bhagwan Pershuram College of Engineering Gohana , India
      802.15.4 stack
                                                       Nitin Sharma, Assistant Professor, N.C. College of Engineering israna, Panipat ,India

                                                       Manisha, senior lecturer karnal institute of technology and management karnal ,India

                                                       Dheera, Student Master of Science in software system BITS Pilani,India
238   Real Time Speed Control of a Stepper Motor       Ujjwal Mondal
                                                       Electrical Engineering Dept., Haldia Institute of Technology, West Bengal, India

239   Evolving Fuzzy Petri Net Rules-Based             Raed I. Hamed
      Computational approach to                        Department of Computer Science, JMI, New Delhi-110025, India;
      Model and Simulate Gene Expression levels
243   Steganography and the Secure                     Pramneeet Kaur
      Transportation of Sensitive Data                 Lecturer, Computer Science Department
                                                       Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering
246   Experimental Study on Manufacture and Analysis   S.S Varun Shankar, R.Dinesh,B.vinoth,T.naveen Prakash,T.oliver thomas
      of Rubber Nanoclay MWCNT Composite               Velammal College of Engineering, Surapet, Chennai.
                                                       Guided by Dr.P.Jawahar PhD in IIT-M, Assistant Professor, Velammal Engineering College
250   Study of Software Techniques for Power           *Shailendra Kr. Mishra **Kiran Joshi Agrawal
      Optimization in Wireless Embedded Systems        * M.Tech., BIST Bhopal MP
                                                       **Department of IT- BIST, Bhopal MP

252   Improved Two-Factor User Authentication in        Vollu Srinivasa Rao
      Wireless Sensor Networks                          C.Shoba Bindu, Andhra Pradesh, India.

253   Programmable Low Cost Embedded Controller         Santosh Kumar, Amit Pandey,Aditya Sinha, Soman Nikhara, S.S.Sadistap
      for Controlled Atmosphere Storage Applications    Central Electronics Engineering Research institute CEERI
                                                        Council of Scientific and Industrial Research CSIR
                                                        Pilani, India

254   Modified Flow Control Protocol for Data Link      Suraj Agarwal[1],Manish Kumar M[2], Sanchita Jha [3], Swetha Prasad [4]
      Layer                                             Dept. of Computer Science, PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India
256   AN EXPERIMENTAL INVESTIGATION OF                  S. Santhosh Prabhu and 2 Dr. K. Balasubramanian
      ELECTRICALLY ACTUATED VARIABLE                      Internal Combustion Engineering Division
      GEOMETRY TURBINE ON THE                           Department of Mechanical Engineering
      PERFORMANCE AND EXHAUST EMISSIONS                 College of Engineering, Guindy Campus
      OF AN AUTOMOTIVE DIESEL ENGINE                    Anna University Chennai, Chennai-25

257   TITLE: DESIGN AND FINITE ELEMENT                  R.K.Pohane1* R.G.Choudhari2
      ANALYSIS OF DISC BRAKE                            1 Bhagawati chaturvedi college of engineering, Nagpur, India
                                                        2 Priyadarshini college of engineering, Nagpur, India
261   Performance of Microatrip Patch Antenna for       Gian Chand* Ramesh kumar* Monish Gupta** Dinesh Gupta***
      Ultra Wide Band Application                       *M.Tech scholar Department of ECE Maharishi Markandeshwer University Mullana
                                                        ** Senior lecturer Department of ECE U.I.E.T Kurukashetra University.
                                                        *** Department of ECE Maharishi Markandeshwer University, Mullana, Ambala.

265   Content based video retrieval through feature     Sheenam Malhotra1, Rajwinder Singh2, C. Rama Krishna3, Sangeeta Gupta4
      extraction using mobile agents                    Asstt Prof. and Head, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, CEC Mohali
                                                        Asstt Prof. and Head, Department of Computer Science, NITTTR, Sec26, Chd
                                                        Jr. System Programmer, Department of Computer Science, NITTTR, Sec26, Chd

266   Automatic Segmentation of Touching Rice Grains    Abhishek Singhal Student - ME-Electronics PEC University of Technology Chandigarh UT
      Using Image Processing                            Dr. Neelam Rup Prakash Associate Professor E&EC Department PEC University of
                                                        Chandigarh UT
268   Rectangular Microstrip Antenna on Dielectric      S. M. Danish Abbas, K. Malakar, A.K. Bhagat, G. Das and S. Chattopadhyay
      Strips for High Gain Symmetrical 3-D Beam         Department of ECE,
      Width                                             Siliguri Institute of Technology,
                                                        P.O-Sukna, Darjeeling 734009, WB, India

272   STEGANALYSIS OF LSB INSERTION                     Mohit Kr. Srivastava, Asst. Prof.
      METHOD IN UNCOMMPRESSED                           Sharad Kr. Gupta, Asst. Prof.
      IMAGES USING MATLAB                               Sushil Kushwaha, Asst. Prof.
                                                        Brishket S. Tripathi, Lecturer
                                                        Department of Electronics Engineering , MPEC, Kothi Mandhana, Kanpur

274   Securing Web Applications by analyzing the logs   G SWAPNA, M.TechSE, JNTU,ANANTHAPUR,
      of the database server or web server              ANDHRA PRADESH

275   MOBILE COMMUNICATION IN 4 G                       Dr. Umesh Sehgal, A.P.

      NETWORK HYBRID DEVELOPMENT                        Department of Computer Application
      SYSTEMS                                           Mr. Deepak choudhary A.P/H.O.D
                                                        Department of ECE,Lovely Professional University
277   IT Outsourcing Featuring UML Based BPR            *Sandeep Jaglan
                                                        **Priyanka Choudhary
                                                        *Assistant Professor, CSE Deptt. N.C.College of Engg.Israna, Panipat
                                                        ** M.Tech CSE, N.C.College of Engg.Israna, Panipat
279   Shadow Detection of Moving Objects using          P. P. Halkarnikar, A. B. Chougule
      Gaussian Mixture Model                            Shivaji University, Kolhapur

280   Software Defect Detection and Process             V.SWETHA
      Improvement Using Personal Software Process       Dr A.ANANDA RAO                                                .
      Data                                              JNTU, ANANTAPUR.

282   Performance Evaluation of DPSK modulation         Vasundhara shukla
      technique free space optical communication        Rajiv Gandhi Prodyuiki visvidayala, Technocrat’s institute of Technology, Bhopal, India
      system                                            Durgesh Shukla , Rajiv Gandhi Prodyuiki visvidayala, vidypeeth institute science&
                                                        technology, Bhopal, India
285   Pilot Plant Test Loop Facility for Performance    Sunil Chandel
      Characteristics of Centrifugal Slurry Pumps at    Asst Professor, Mechanical Engg Department, DIAT DU, Girinagar, Pune
      High Concentrations                               S. N. Singh
                                                        Professor, Applied Mechanics Department, Indian Institute of
                                                        Technology Delhi, New Delhi
                                                        V. Seshadri
                                                        Professor, Applied Mechanics Department, Indian Institute of
                                                        Technology Delhi, New Delhi
291   Decision –Theoretic Expert Systems                Dr. I.M. Talwar* and Chander Shekhar**
                                                        Department of Computer Engineering
                                                        Shri Krishan Institute of Engineering and Technology,

294   Educational Technology Innovation -M learning     Shaveta Thakral, Pratima Manhas
                                                        Asstt Professor, Manav Rachna International University MRIU Faridabad

295   Precise distance measurement using mixed signal   A.P.Deshpande, M.S.Pawar, S.K.Shrivastava
      processor                                         Department of Electronics and Telecommunication, YC college of Engg. Nagpur University
                                                        440015,Nagpur, M.S.,India

303   MICROCONTROLLER BASED ELECTRICITY                 A.Bhagat, S.Singh, G.Das
      CONSUMPTION   SAVING METER                        Department of ECE,
                                                        Siliguri Institute of Technology,
                                                        P.O-Sukna, Darjeeling 734009, WB, India
306   AN EFFECT OF MULTISENSOR DATA                     Kuldeep Singh Nagla Asst. Proff., Dr. B.R.Ambedkar National Institute of Technology,
      FUSION ON THE ACCURACY OF THE                     Jalandhar Punjab

307   REAL-TIME ONLINE MONITORING OF                    Sharvan Kumar Pahuja Gavendra Singh,Vishwa M. Singh, Varun Gupta
      LOW COST FOR DEVELOPING COUNTRIES                 Shekhar Pundir,Mr.Nikhil Rathi6
                                                        Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology

                                                           Jalandhar, PUNJAB,
311   Enhancement of Noise Handling Capacity with          Disha Bathla, Student
      Cryptographic Algorithms using Convolution           M. Gangadharrappa, Asstt. Professor
      Encoding                                             Electronics & Communication Deptt
                                                           Indira Gandhi institute of Technology
                                                           Guru gobind singh indraprastha university
                                                           Kashmere gate,delhi,India
315   Using Harmonic Balance and EM Simulation             Prof. Laxmikant Narote, Prof.Rajendra Zope, Dr.D.N.Kyatanavar
      Design of Nonlinear Synthesis of a Linear Active     Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.
      Oscillator Antenna Array                             SRES College of Engineering , Kopargaon-423603
316   A Simulation study of different Routing Protocol     Ankur Saxena, U.I.T. BU
      for Mobile Ad-Hoc Network                            Abhishek Mathur,U.I.T. BU
                                                           D. Singh, ,CSE UIT,BU,Bhopal
                                                           Amit Baghel,Deptt. Of CSE UIT,BU,Bho
317   Lean: A key success factor in automobile industry    Jyoti Sharma
                                                           Asst. Professor
                                                           Department of Business Management
                                                           Punjab College of Technical Education, Ludhiana Punjab

319   Behaviour of some iterative procedures in locating   Surjeet Singh Chauhan
      fixed point using computational technique            Department of Applied Science and Humanities
                                                           Punjab College of Engineering and Technology, Lalru Mandi, Distt. Mohali, Punjab, India.

321   Eye Tracking based Driver Fatigue Monitoring         Hardeep Singh, P.E.C University of Tech, Chd
      and Warning System                                   Mr. J.S Bhatia, A-34, Sector-71 Mohali
                                                           Mrs. Jasbir Kaur P.E.C University of Tech, Chd
325   Design of Quadrupole Magnet Power Supply using       Saurabh Kumar Pandey #, Chanchal Soni# , Anjali Gupta#
      SMPS Topology                                          Asst.Prof., Electronics and Communication Department,
                                                           Shri Vaishnav Institute of Technology and Science,
                                                           Indore MP, India
328   PACKET FAULT ANALYSIS AND                            B.JYOTHI, M.Tech CS,
      DETECTION SYSTEM USING SESSION                       JNTUACE, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, India

330   Implementation of Speaker Recognition System         Edet Bijoy K., Irshad Ali T.K.
                                                           Department of ECE,
                                                           MES College of Engineering,
                                                           Malappuram, Kerala, India – 679573
                                                           Praveen K.C.
                                                           Department of ECE,
                                                           MES IT & M, Chathannoor,
                                                           Kollam, Kerala, India - 691572

331   Gesture-based Communication Using Fuzzy              Rajesh Doriya,KIET, Ghaziabad
      Inference System                                     Jay Shankar Prasad,IIIT, Allahabad
                                                           G.C. Nandi,IIIT, Allahabad

332   Effect of Mixture of Graphite and Iron Powder on   Sachin Jasuja1, Lakhvir Singh2, Jasbir Singh3
      Surface Roughness and Material Removal Rate of       Department of Mechanical Engineering, Guru Nanak Institute of Technology, Mullana,
      D2 Die Steel Using Copper Electrode                Ambala-133203 India
                                                             Department of Mechanical Engineering, Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Engineering College,
                                                         Fatehgarh Sahib, Sirhind-140407 India
336   How Governments Should Spur Entrepreneurship       Yashpal Singh
                                                         Lecturer, Department of Management Studies,
                                                         Anju Agarwal
                                                         Lecturer, Department of Applied Sciences,
                                                         Kurukshetra Institute of Technology & Management, Kurukshetra
338   Comparative Analysis of Multiplier less DCT to     Muhammed Yusuf Khan
      Integer Transform Conversion Techniques            Faculty of Engg. & Technology,Aligarh Muslim University,Aligarh,
341   Effect of Tool Polarity in Electric Discharge      Dilshad Ahmad Khan and 2M. Hameedullah
      Machining Performance of Silver Steel               Mechanical Engineering Department,
                                                         Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, UP, INDIA

343   Review Paper on Analysis and Synthesis of          Gurdeep Mohal, ECE Department, RIMT-MAEC, Mandi Gobindgarh, India, ,
      Antenna Array Patterns using Convex                Amanpreet Kaur, ECE Department, Thapar University, Patiala, India

345   Energy Conserving Routing Protocols for Wireless   Ashish Thakur, Siddhartha Choubey
      Sensor Networks using an Optimized Path            Computer Technology & Applications , Shri Shankaracharya College of Engineering &
                                                         Technology, Bhilai, India
347   Three Dimensional MHD Flow with Heat and           N. Ananda Reddy
      Mass Transfer through a Porous Medium with         Department of Mathematics, A.I.T.S., Affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological
      Periodic Permeability and Chemical Reaction        University A,
                                                         Rajampet, Kadapa - 516126. A.P. India.
                                                         S. Vijay Kumar Varma
                                                         Department of Mathematics, S.V. University, Tirupati. A.P. India.
349   SYMBOL DETECTION ALGORITHM FOR                     Anshul Pareek, Garima Mathur
      MIMO CHANNELS:VBLAST                               Electronics &Communication Deptt, Rajasthan Technical University,
351   Assessment of power potential in five cities of    Veenu
      Haryana,India                                      ECE Deptt., KITM, Kurukshetra.
                                                         Er. Surekha Aggarwal
                                                         Electrical Deptt., GIMT, Kanipla

354   A Server Load Balancing Through Distributed        Ravi Kant, Neeraj Mangla
      Network: A Survey                                  MMEC Mullana (Ambala)

356   Performance Analysis of LRU and an Enhanced        Jitendra Singh Yadav, Saroj Hiranwal
      Technique to Decrease Page Fault Rate              Sri Balaji College Of Engineering and Technology
                                                         Benad Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
357   Optimization Tool for Speech Recognition           Kadam V.K
                                                         P.E.S College of Engineering
                                                         Nagsenvan, Aurangabad-431002 (M.S)

                                                       SGGS Institute of Engineering Technology
                                                       Vishnupuri, Nanded 431606 (M.S)

358   Study of Drain Current Variation with Drain       A Biswas ,Dumkal Institute of Engineering and Technology, West Bengal University of
      Voltage and Temperature Dependence of Mobility   Technology
      in 1D GaN Nanowire FETs                            P.O-Basantapur, Murshidabad
                                                       A Ghosal, Institute of Radio Physics and Electronics, University of Calcutta, 92, A.P.C
                                                       Road, Kolkata-700009
360   FPGA Implementation of Encryption Engine for     Jayashri E. Patil1, Dr. A.D. Shaligram2
      Real Time Video                                    IsquareIT, ESD & VLSI department, Pune, India
                                                         Pune University, Electronics Science Department, Pune, India
378   Wireless Transmission of Electricity
                                                       Mohit Bansal, BMIET Sonepat ,Vishal Verma, BMIET Sonepat         Surender Gupta, HIT
      TECHNIQUE FOR PATTERN RECOGNITION                Ekta Malhotra*, Savita Wadhawan**, Poonam Chaudhary***
                                                       *M.Tech(C.S.E), M.M.E.C, Mullana
                                                       ** M.M.E.C, Mullana
                                                       ***M.Tech(C.S.E), C.I.T.M, Faridabad
381   Modifications in K-Means Clustering Algorithm.
                                                       Yelmar P. M. Department of Computer Science & Engineering. Walchand college of
                                                       Engineering, Sangli. Sangli-416415.India
                                                       Dr. B. F. Momin,
                                                       Department of Computer Science & Engineering. Walchand college of Engineering, Sangli.
      EXPERT KNOWLEDGE                                 ALI MIRZA MAHMOOD1, 2* MRITHYUMJAYA RAO KUPPA3
                                                        Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, India.
                                                           DMSSVH College of Engineering, Machilipatnam,
                                                       Vaagdevi College of Engineering, Warangal, India
394   Noise Robust Automatic Speech Recognition: A     Deepika Sethi, Darshan Singh
      Multilevel Hybrid HMM/ANN Approach               Department of Computer Engg (M. Tech)
                                                       National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra

395   Image Compression Algorithms: A Review           Sachin Dhawan
                                                       UIET Department, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

398   Breakthrough Curve Analysis and Kinetic          Rahul Misra, Papita Saha*
      Modeling of Aqueous Safranine Adsorption onto    Assistant Professor, Biotechnology Department;
      Treated Rice Husk in Packed Bed Column           National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, West Bengal
402   STUDY OF EFFECT OF TALC OF DIFFERENT             Kumar Baljeev1, Yadav Pramod2, Bhinder Surinder Singh3
      GRADES AS A FILLER ON MECHANICAL &               1.Lecturer (SS),Deptt of Chemical Engg., Beant College of Engg.& Tech, Gurdaspur
      RHEOLOGICAL PROPERTIES OF                        2. Lecturer (SS),Deptt of Chemical Engg., Beant College of Engg.& Tech, Gurdaspur
      POLYPROPYLENE                                    3. Lecturer Deptt of Chemical Engg, Deen bandhu Chottu Ram Universityof science &


413   Minority carrier lifetime analysis by MWPCD        P. K. Basu, Firoz Khan and Devi Singh
      technique of Industrial Multicrystalline Silicon
      Solar Cell

420   Dielectric Relaxation Studies of N, N-             Vimal Sharma*, Rohan Samkaria,Department of Physics, NIT Hamirpur–177005, Himachal
      Dimethylformamide in the Benzene Solution from     Pradesh, India
      Microwave Absorption Data                          Nagesh Thakur,Department of Physics, H. P. University, Shimla–171005, Himachal Pradesh

432   Reengineering Comparison with Distinct UML
      Tools                                              Sandeep Jaglan, Priyanka Choudhary, N.C.College of Engg.Israna, Panipat

436   Hardware Implementation of Interval Multiplier
                                                         Tejas V. Shah 1, J. S. Shah 2
                                                         S. S. Engineering College ,
                                                         Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar-364060,
                                                         L. D. College of Engineering,
                                                         Gujarat University, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad-380015,
437   Improvement in Surface Finish with Minimum
      Quantity Lubrication in Turning En-31 Steel        L B Abhang and M Hameedullah, Mechanical Engineering Department, Aligarh Muslim
                                                         University, Aligarh, India
438   Enhancing Security of Arithmetic Coding Using
      Public Key Cryptography                            Sunil Sharma, ECE, GIMT, Kanipla

440   Role of Technology in Education Sector             Preeti Verma,Department of Computer Science Engineering, MIET, Mohri

441   RAKSHITA- A Novel web based Approach for           Vikas Pareek , Ankita Arora, Ashma Grover, Nidhi Sharma, Pinki Kumari, Richa Jasuja ,
      Protecting Digital Copyrights Using Public Key     Taruna Kalra
      Digital Watermarking and Human Fingerprints
                                                         Apaji Institute of Mathematics and Applied Computer Technology

                                                         Banasthali Vidyapeeth, India-304022

446   A comparative study of logistic map through
      function iteration                                 Bhagwati Prasad and Kuldip Katiyar
                                                         Department of Mathematics
                                                         Jaypee Institute of Information Technology University
450   Implementation and Simulation of Variational
      Level Set Segmentation and Filtering Techniques    Shweta Gupta
      on MRI Images                                      MBS College of Engineering and Technology, University of Jammu, India

454   Band Gap Tailoring of 1-D Photonic Crystal with
      Defect.                                             Subhayu Sengupta, Shounak Dasgupta,
                                                          ECE Dept, MCKV Institute of Engineering 243, G.T Road, Howrah- 711204, India
455   Experimental investigations of the effect of work
      piece geometry on the performance measures in       Saad Saeed Siddiqui*, M Hameedullah
      abrasive flow machining                             Department of Mechanical Engineering, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh-202 002,
                                                          U.P., INDIA
459   Investigation of Floating Body Voltage Variation    1
      in SOI nMOSFETS                                      Muhammad Danish Parray, 2Mujtaba Rasool, and 3Hakim Najeeb-ud-Din Shah,,
                                                          Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, National Institute of
                                                          Technology, Hazratbal, Srinagar, India-190006
      TRANSFERRING COLOR TO GRAY SCALE                    Yogesh Rathore*, Avinash Dhole, Ram Nivas Giri
      IMAGE USING LUMINANCE MATCHING                      Department of Computer Science and Engineering, RITEE, Raipur (C.G.)
      ANALYSER                                            M.SMITHA ,Department of Biomedical Instrumentation Engineering
                                                          P.S.N.A College of Engineering & Technology Dindigul, INDIA.
                                                          LAKSHMI PRABHA.P,Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
                                                          Karunya University Coimbatore, INDIA.
465   Handwritten Devnagari Word Recognition using
      Curvelet Transform and SVM Recognizer               Brijmohan Singh1 , Mridula2, Rashmi Gupta3, D.Ghosh4
                                                          Department of CS&E,
                                                          College of Engineering Roorkee, India1, 2
                                                          M.M. University, Mullana, Ambala, India3
                                                          IIT Roorkee, India4
469   A Wide Tuning Range Voltage-Controlled Ring
      Oscillator                                          Nisha Gupta,Department of Electronics & Communications
                                                          NIT Kurukshetra, India
470   Health ATM
                                                          Piyush Goel#1, Savita Rangi*2
                                                          Deptt. Of Bio-Medical Engineering,Manav Rachana International University,Faridabad
                                                          (HARYANA) 121003
471   High Speed, High Resolution Voltage Comparator      Mrs. Nitin Sachdeva,ECE Department
      Design                                              YMCA, Faridabad
477   Optimization of cutting parameters in turning
      operation by Taguchi method                         Iram Fatima, Abhang and M. Hameedullah
                                                          Mechanical Engineering Department, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh

479   Parameterized Characterization of Bioinfomatics
      Workload on SIMD Architecture                     Er. Pankaj Dev Chadha
                                                        Asst. Prof. – Information Technology Dept.,
                                                        Geeta Institute of Management & Technology, Kanipla.
491   Harmonizing of Face Recognition
      Using Laplacian Faces                                   K.Jaya Sudha ,K.Valli Madhavi ,.Tamilkodi

495   Comparative study of textile effluent treatment
      methods                                           Pratibha Choudhary1, Atul Kumar2, Poonam Verma2
                                                         Department of Chemistry, DCRUST Murthal (Sonipat)
                                                         Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities, NCCE Isarna (Panipat
497   Microcontroller based Green house control with
      data acuqsition & data logger Implementation      Jyoti Shukla
                                                        Department of CSE
                                                        AMITY School of engineering & Technology, Noida

498   Effect of Thermal Impedance on Bottom Emitting
      863 nm VCSEL                                      Surinder K Bali1, Gausia Qazi2, and H. Najeeb-ud-din Shah3
                                                        Electronics & Communication Engineering Department,
                                                        National Institute of Technology Srinagar (J&K) INDIA 190 006

      LEVEL                                             Anupama Sharma Dr. Abdul Wahid,, Gautam Buddha University

512   Comparison of DCT and DWT Digital Image           Kirti Arora Jasuja,Guru Nanak Institute of Technology,Mullana, Ambala,
                                                        Baljit Singh Khehra,Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Engineering College, Fatehgarh Sahib,

513   Discovering Concise Weighted Association Rules
                                                        Deepak Sinwar#1, Saroj*2, Kuldeep Singh#3
                                                         M.Tech (CSE), *Associate Professor
                                                        Department of Computer Science & Engineering,
                                                        Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology, Hisar-Haryana (INDIA)
517   Throughput Comparisons of Routing Protocols in
      WMNs using Free Space Path Loss Propagation       Sandeep Joshi ,Sharad Sharma ,Akhilesh Kumar Bhardwaj

521    LOW Power CMOS Transconductance Multiplier
      using Source- degeneration V-I Converters              Ruby Gupta, Department of Electronics & Communication
                                                                NIT, KURUKSHETRA
535   Security Challenges in WiMAX Networks
                                                        Rajesh Kumar, Geeta
                                                        ECE Department, P.I.E.T, Samalkha, Panipat, India.
                                                        CSE Department, B.P.S Women University, Khanpur, Sonepat, India.
539   High Bit Rate Turbo Coding for Wireless           Kunal M Pattani
      Communication                                     C. U. Shah College of Engineering and Technology, Wadhwan city, Gujarat, India,
                                                        Bharat H.Nagpara
                                                        C. U. Shah College of Engineering and Technology, Wadhwan city, Gujarat, India,
                                                        Gaurav R.Joshi
                                                        C. U. Shah College of Engineering and Technology,
                                                        Wadhwan city, Gujarat, India,
                                                        C. U. Shah College of Engineering and Technology, Wadhwan city, Gujarat, India
550   Implementation of Finite State Machine for RFID
      system Using Single Spin Logic                    Ankush Ghosh, Kuntal Chakraborty, Anup Sarkar#, Anindya Jana, Rajanna KM, Subir
                                                        Kumar Sarkar
                                                        Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Jadavpur University,
                                                         Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Womens Polytechnique,
553   To Study the Performance of an Efficient
      Nanoscale DGMOSFET Model                          Suman Basu, Somnath Maiti, Biplab Roy and Subir Kumar Sarkar
                                                        Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Jadavpur University,
554   Performance Comparison of AODV, DSR and
      DYMO Routing Protocols used in MANET              Preeti Bathla , Monika Bathla, Purnima Ahuja
                                                        N.C.College of Engineering, Israna,Panipat (Haryana)
      USED IN UNDERWATER ACOUSTIC                       Priyanka Handa, U.I.E.T, PANJAB UNIVERSITY ,Chandigarh
      SENSOR NETWORK                                    Naresh Kumar, ECE ,U.I.E.T, PANJAB UNIVERSITY ,Chandigarh

560   Discharge Characteristics of Low Molecular
      Weight Solid Polymer Electrolyte                  P.Naveen Kumar1, U.Sasikala, A.K.Sharma, V.V.R.N.Rao
                                                        Department of Physics, S.V.University, Tirupati-517502, India

562   Some Improved Fixed Point Iterations
                                                       Bhagwati Prasad,Department of Mathematics,
                                                       Jaypee Institute of Information Technology
                                                            A-10, Sector-62, Noida-201307 INDIA
568   Design of VHDL Based Error Detection Circuitry
      in Controller Area Network: Extension to FPGA    Rajib Sarkar,Tripura University/Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
      Implementation                                   Agartala, India
                                                       Bijoy Kumar Upadhyaya, Tripura Institute of Technology/Department of Electronics and
                                                       Telecommunication, Agartala, India
571   Robust Optimum Design by Method of
      Transmitted Variation – A Review                 Mr. Kelkar Satej Sudhakar, Dept of Mechanical Engg.
                                                       Jaywantrao Sawant College of Engg. Hadapsar, Pune-411028, Maharastra,
572   Alternative Energy Resources: The path to
      Sustainability                                   Amit Kumar1; Dr. B.S.Jaswal2; Sunder Gopal Singh3
                                                       College of Information Science and Technology, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing,
                                                           Govt. Degree College, Dharampur, HP, India.
                                                        Department of IT, G.G.D.S.D.College, Sector-32, Chandigarh, India.
578   Performance Evaluation of Various Routing
      Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network             Parul Kansal1, M.Tech. , ECE Deptt. , NIT Kurukshetra, INDIA.
                                                       Mrs Vrinda Gupta2, Asst.Prof. ECE Deptt. , NIT Kurukshetra, INDIA
580   The factor affecting the accuracy of ASR         Kamlesh Kumari

581   Comparative study and analysis of Current
      Comparator                                       Jai Bhagwan, Manoj Kumar, Sandeep K. Arya
      Circuits in 0.35μm CMOS Technology               Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering,
                                                       Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology, Hisar, India
582   Education Technology: The Next Big Thing         Astha, Rashmi, and Geeta, TIT&S, Bhiwani

588   Wireless Communications for Mobile Robotic
      Tele-Ultrasonography                             .Soumen Chatterjee ,Manan Tiwari, Chhattisgarh Institute of Technology,
                                                       Chhattisgarh Institute of Technology
591    Web Navigation Techniques using Parallel        UtkalUniversity,ORISSA ,
      Genetic Algorithm
                                                       Subhendu kumar pani            Deepak Mohapatra          Lingaraj panigrahi
                                                       Bikram Keshari Rath           RCMA,BPUT,ORISSA               RCEM,BPUT,ORISSA

603   CHARECTORIZATION OF HYBRID                           * Department of Mechanical Engg., KIT, Tiptur – 572 202,
      DISC                                                 ** Department of Mechanical Engg. KIT, Tiptur

                                                           *** KIT, Tiptur, Pin: 572202 , Tumkur Dist., Karnataka, India

604   Disease Diagnosis through Neural Network with
      Fuzzy Technique                                      PAWAN KUMAR GOEL1                                                Raman kumar2
                                                                                SIET, Shamli (U.P.) India
                                                                      GHEC, Solan (H.P.), India
      MECHANISM DURING EXTRUSION OF                        SANDEEP PHOGAT1            Mr. PANKAJ SHARMA2           Dr. R K RANJAN3
      SINTERED PREFORMS                                    (1.&2.) MECH. ENGG. DEPT. , GJUS&T HISSAR, HARYANA (INDIA)
                                                           3. MECH. ENGG. DEPT. , BRCM CET BAHAL BHIWANI, HARYANA (INDIA
618   Measurements of thermal conductivity and thermal
      diffusivity of polycrystalline indium chalcogenide    Yogendra kumar, Yogendra Singh, Anshul gaur
      In2Se3XTe3(1-X) (x = 0, .2, .4, .6 and .8) at room     Department of Physics, D.R.A. Govt. Degree College Bisauli (Budaun) 202520, UP,
      temperature                                          India

619   Generating Statistical Data for Quality Check of
      Membrane Filter using Image Processing               Sumit Kaushik,Ashima Kalra,Preeti kaushik
                                                           *A.P.,Department of Computer Science & Engineering, ACE & AR , Mithapur
                                                           **A.P , Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering , GIMT, kanipla
                                                           ***Lecturer, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, ACE& AR,
622   Information Theory based Cryptanalysis with          Yudhvir Singh, Ankur Singhal, Promila Singhal
      Cryptool-A Survey                                    *A.P., Department of Computer Science & Engineering, GJU, Hisar
                                                           **A.P., Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, M.M.University, Mullana
                                                           ***Lecturer, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, GIMT, kanipla

                                                           Bini Koshy Varghese
                                                           Mechanical Engineering Department, Kerala University
                                                           Muslim Association College of Engineering , Venjaaramud,Trivandrum
627   Earthquake Predictions & Early Warning
      Systems: A Classical & Contemporary Review           Dr. Shailendra Singh Rathore #1, Smt. S. V. Shende *2
                                                           Principal, MIET, Gondia – 441 614
630   Gruneisen parameter of MgO at high temperatures      S.K. Sharma1*, Pallavi Sinha2, and S.K Srivastava2 and B.K. Sharma1

      and high pressures                               Department of Physics ,Lingaya's University, Jasana road, Nachauli, Faridabad, Haryana
                                                      (India) 121002

                                                       Geeta Institute of Management and Technology, Kanipla, Kurukshetra, 136 118
                                                      (Haryana), India.

631   Gruneisen ratio of Mg2SiO4 based on K- primed
      Equations of State                              S.K Srivastava2, S.K. Sharma1*, Pallavi Sinha2 and B.S.Sharma3
                                                       Department of Physics ,Lingaya's University, Jasana road, Nachauli, Faridabad, Haryana
                                                      (India) 121002
                                                       Geeta Institute of Management and Technology, Kanipla, Kurukshetra, 136 118 (Haryana),
                                                       Department of Physics, Institute of Basic Sciences Khandari Agra (U.P.), India

      HYDROXYAPATITE FROM BIOLOGICAL                  M.Dasgupta Adak1, A. K. Chattopadhayay2 and K. M. Purohit3
      WASTE MATERIAL : THE DEAD SNAIL                 1
                                                       Department of Chemistry, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela –
                                                       Managing Director, Tata Refractories Limited, Belpahar – 768218,     3
                                                                                                                             Department of Life
                                                      Sciences, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela
      BOUNDS ON A GENERALIZED COST                        1                  2                  3
                                                              AtakltiAray;       SatishKumar;       ArunChoudhary
                                                      1. Faculty of Education, Department of Mathematics, Mekelle University, Mekelle
                                                      2,3. Department of Mathematics, G.I.M.T. (Kanipla)- 136131 ,Kurukshetra, Haryana

                                                      PANKAJ,DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING (K.U.K.)
                                                      GIMT KANIPLA (KKR.) .
                                                      VISHAL KUMAR,DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING (K.U.K.)
                                                      GIMT KANIPLA (KKR.)
651   Alternator Design Considerations for Wind
      Turbine                                         Rajiv Prabhakar, Electronics and Comm. Engg. Deptt,
                                                      Guru Nanak Institute of Technology, Vill. Sohana, Mullana, Distt. Ambala , Haryana, India
                                                      Snajeev Shakarwal,Electrical Engg. Deptt., M. M. Engg. College, Mullana,          Distt.
                                                      Ambala , Haryana, India

652   Recurrence Quantification of Heart Rate
      Variability                                        Rangaprakash.D
      Data with Applications                             Department of Electrical Communication Engineering
                                                         Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore-560012, India
653   Optical Properties of ZnO Nano Phosphors
      Synthesized Through Solid State Process            Rajni Seth*, K.L. Gosain* , and Neena Jaggi:
                                                         *Department of Physics, Dayal Singh College, Karnal-132001, Haryana, India
                                                         # Department of Physics, NIT, Kurukshetra, Haryana, India
654   Comparison of Various 2-D Compression
      Techniques as Applied to ECG                       Venkatakrishna Thanneeru,Dept. of ECE’Indian Institute of Science
                                                         Bangalore, India 560082
                                                         Narayana Dutt Deshpande,Dept. of ECE,Indian Institute of Science
                                                         Bangalore, India-560082
655    Assignments of vibrational spectra of 1,10-
      dibromodecane                                              Devinder Singh1*, Neena Jaggi2, Nafa Singh3
                                                             Department of Physics, Dayal Singh College, Karnal – 132001, Haryana,
                                                              Department of Physics, NIT,Kurukshetra – 136119, Haryana, India.
                                                              Department of Physics, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra – 136119, Haryana, India
657   Relationship between thermal expansivity and
      thermal pressure at high temperatures for solids   Rajeev K. Shrivastava1, Biswajit Paik 2
                                                           Sciences & Mathematics Department, Natural and Applied Sciences Building, Edge Hill
                                                         University, Ormskirk, L39 4QP, UK
                                                           Institute for Advanced Materials Research, Hiroshima University, Hiroshima, 7398530,
658   Association Rule Mining Algorithms for
      Personalized Web Search Results: Comparative       Manju Saini1
      study                                              Savera Group of Institutions, Gurgaon

659   Related Issues in Data Mining
                                                         Tarun Kumar, (Geeta Institute of Mgmt. & Technology, Kanipla)

665   Modularizing cross-cutting concerns using AOP      Abhishek Aggarwal1, Manoj Verma2
                                                          Asstt. Prof. & Head of Deptt. Information Technology,
                                                         SKIET Kurukshetra
                                                            Asstt. Prof. & Head of Deptt. Computing, APIIT SD INDIA Panipat
666   Simulation of Flow in microchannel in
      Incompressible region                              Manoj Kumar*1, Anoop kumar2, Niledra Jena3

                                                           Hindustan College of Science & Technology, Farah Agra, U.P, India
                                                           National institute Of Technology Hamirpur, H.P, India
      WORLD                                                SUMIT KUMAR MAHANA, GIMT,Kanipla,Kurukshetra
                                                           RUBAL AGGARWAL, MEGHA,DIET Karnal
670   Cloud Computing: A Survey Report
                                                           Amit Kumar Bindal, Deptt. Of Computer Engg. M.M University Mullana
                                                           Parul Gupta, CSE Deptt., GIMT, Kanipla

672   Image based Fatigue Detection System
                                                           Neha Sehgal,Sachin Sehgal;
                                                           Deptt. of Electronics and Communication,MMEC, Mullana

675   Computer Aided Durability Analysis of Plastic
      Spur Gear in Comparison with Metal Gear              V.G. Arajpure,Deptt. Of Mechanical Engg. BDCOE, Sewagram. Dist- Wardha, Maharashtra
                                                           P. M. Padole ,Deptt. Of Mechanical Engg. VNIT, Nagpur. Maharashtra (India)
677   Entrepreneurship and Economic Process                 Virender pal,Department of MBA,Geeta Institute of Management & Technology,Kanipla-
                                                           136131, Kurukshetra,Haryana (India)

680   Analysis of six bus system against different types   Y.S. Brar, Department of Electrical Engg., GNDEC Ludhiana, Punjab
      of faults by using Matlab Programming
                                                           Harvinder Singh,Manpreet Singh, YIET, Gadholi, Yamunanagar, Haryana

681   Natural computation for analysis of enemy’s          Isha Trehan* , V.K. Panchal**
      Deployment Strategies in a battlefield situation.
                                                           Landis and Gyr, c-48 sector 57,Noida.

                                                             ** Defence Terrain & Research Lab, Defence & Research Development Organisation
                                                           ,Metcalfe House, Delhi,India.

682   Synthesis and Luminescence studies of CdS            Puja Chawlaa,b and Nafa Singhb
                                                               Geeta Intitute of management and technology, Kanipla (Kurukshetra),

                                                               Department of Physics, Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra-136 119,

684   Impact of Entrepreneurship Development &             Shilpa loomba & Dr. S.K.Sindhi
      Urbanization on Economic Development”

686   In Data Stream Association Rule Mining           Sonia Suneja,Geeta Institute of Mgmt. & Technology, Kanipla
      Research Problems: An Overview
688   Determination of Plasmaspheric parameters from        S. A. Sheikh, 1 Naseer Iqbal and 2Lalmani
      the whistlers      observed at a low latitude
      ground station Srinagar (L = 1.28)                   1
                                                               Department of Physics, University of Kashmir Hazartbal, Srinagar-190006

                                                        Department of Physics, National Institute of Technology, Srinagar-190006, Kashmir

690   Comparison of Qualitative Models of Software     Divya Goel
                                                       Geeta Institute of Management and Technology, Kanipla, Kurukshetra

691   GREEN TECHNOLOGY FOR MITIGATING                  Navneet Gupta1* and Ashish Jasuja2
                                                       1 School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

                                                        Geeta institute of Engineering and Technology, Kurukshetra, India.

692   Performance Evaluation of Wireless Mesh          Yogesh Chauhan*, Sharad Sharma*, Vijay Kumar**
      Network under Varied Traffic
                                                       *ECE Deptt., Shri Krishan Institute of Engg. & Technology, Kurukshetra

                                                       **ECE Deptt., Maharishi Markandeswar Engg. Collage, Mullana

693   EFFECT OF MERCURY ON THE PROTEIN                 Gupta Shipra,Assistant Professor, Geeta Institute of Management and Technology
      CONTENT OF THE FISH CHANNA                       ,Kurukshetra, Haryana (India)
                                                       Seth Reenu, Haryana College of Technology & Management, Kaithal.

                                                       Rishi. S., Department of Zoology, KUK

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