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I.     Summary of Findings
II.    Interest in returning to past sites
III.   Comments about past sites
IV.    Attitudes about a fixed location for SFL
V.     Attitudes about more expensive future sites
VI.    Wishes about new sites

I.     Summary of Findings

a.     Among all respondents, the level of interest in attending a future event at specific
       locations is highest for Granby (90%) and North Conway (89%), followed by Green Bay
       (77%) and Anchorage (68%).

b.     Among only those respondents who have attended a previous event at the site, the
       level of future interest is essentially equal for Granby (91%), North Conway (91%) and
       Green Bay (87%), followed by Anchorage (71%).

c.     The comments submitted about each site provide some insight into the underlying
       strengths, concerns and issues for each of the four sites. While not quantitative, the
       flavor of responses for each site, both positive and negative, is as follows:

       Positive - reliable snow, good/great skiing
       Negative - altitude, hotel/food

       Green Bay
       Positive - good beginner trails, good hotel, location convenient
       Negative - boring/un-challenging trails, smoky hotel

       Positive - great place to visit, great hotel, fun/downtown location
       Negative - too far, too costly, iffy snow and ski conditions

       North Conway
       Positive - someplace new, in the east, good shopping
       Negative - iffy snow and trails, length of bus ride to/from ski area, unfriendly hotel

d.     A fixed location in Colorado for all SFL events is not a popular idea. Only 14 of the 94
       respondents said that they would probably or definitely attend more events in this
       scenario, while 44 said that they would definitely or probably attend fewer events.

e.     An occasional event at a more expensive but higher-appeal location does have strong

        support. Of the 101 respondents, 74 said that they would definitely or probably attend,
        while only 3 said that they would definitely or probably not attend.

f.      The most frequently mentioned wishes for new site locations, as determined by a key-
        word count of qualitative data, are an area with predictable and reliable snow (40
        mentions), a nice hotel (37), good trails/tracks (32), a nice and preferably new location
        (29) and a short distance between the hotel and ski area (25). Less frequently
        mentioned were food (14), cost (11), near airport (8), proximity to other activities (8) and
        the availability of alternate outdoor activities (8). Most respondents included on their
        wish list a combination of factors for their ideal location. Very few would be happy with
        just skiing, most also want variety, or a nice hotel near shopping, or a short travel
        distance to the ski area from the hotel. There is also substantial interest in trying new

II.     Interest in returning to past sites

Question: During the past eight years the SFL International event has been held in four different
locations: Granby, Colorado; Green Bay, Wisconsin; Anchorage, Alaska; and North Conway,
New Hampshire. Please indicate below, for each of these locations, whether or not you
attended one or more of the events that were held at that location, and your feelings about
attending a possible future event at that site.

Among all who responded to this question:

        90% would probably attend a future event in Granby
        89% would probably attend a future event in North Conway
        77% would probably attend a future event in Green Bay
        68% would probably attend a future event in Anchorage

Among those who have attended an event at the site:

        91% would probably attend a future event in Granby
        91% would probably attend a future event in North Conway
        87% would probably attend a future event in Green Bay
        71% would probably attend a future event in Anchorage

Granby details

91 respondents have attended at least one SFL event held in Granby. Among these 91:

        83 (91%) would probably attend a future event in Granby, while
        8 (9%) would probably not.

5 respondents did not attend any SFL events held in Granby. Among these 5
       3 (60%) would probably attend a future event in Granby, while

       2 (40%) would probably not.

Among all 96 respondents

       86 (90%) would probably attend a future event in Granby, while
       10 (10%) would probably not.

Green Bay Details

67 respondents have attended at least one SFL event held in Green Bay. Among these 67

       58 (87%) would probably attend a future event in Green Bay, while
       9 (13%) would probably not.

25 respondents did not attend any SFL events held in Green Bay. Among these 25:

       13 (52%) would probably attend a future event in Green Bay, while
       12 (48%) would probably not.

Among all 92 respondents

       71 (77%) would probably attend a future event in Green Bay, while
       21 (23%) would probably not.

Anchorage Details

70 respondents have attended at least one SFL event held in Anchorage. Among these 70:

       50 (71%) would probably attend a future event in Anchorage, while
       20 (29%) would probably not.

20 respondents did not attend any SFL events held in Anchorage. Among these 20:

       11 (55%) would probably attend a future event in Anchorage, while
       9 (45%) would probably not.

Among all 90 respondents:

       61 (68%) would probably attend a future event in Anchorage, while
       29 (32%) would probably not.

North Conway Details

35 respondents attended the SFL event held in North Conway. Among these 35:

       32 (91%) would probably attend a future event in North Conway, while
       3 (9%) would probably not.

53 respondents did not attend the event held in North Conway. Among these 53:

       46 (87%) would probably attend a future event in North Conway, while
       7 (13%) would probably not.

Among all 88 respondents:

       78 (89%) would probably attend a future event in North Conway, while
       10 (11%) would probably not.

III.   Comments about past sites

Comments about Granby, if any.

       Guide: 2005 Awesome snow, terrible food

       Guide: Ability matching is critical

       Guide: Altitude too high
       Guide: beautiful - great location

Guide: close to home, consistently great snow & trails

Guide: close to Perfect (which is only a few miles from Eden)

Guide: Excellent skiing

Guide: Excellent skiing conditions

Guide: good snow and trails; friendly but declining hotel

Guide: good snow, good weather, good facilities

Guide: Good skiing (the bus ride doesn't bother me); good food in 2000, quite bad food
in 2005; concern about cleanliness in the kitchen

Guide: Good snow nearly guaranteed

Guide: Good Snow, Lousy Altitude

Guide: Great, but would love to go East

Guide: Great snow and tracks

Guide: High altitude a detriment to flatlanders but I will still participate.

Guide: I am partial to Granby because it is in my home state and there is always snow
here even on a bad year. I feel that we need to go where the snow is and have a
reasonable price as well. We keep searching for all these new places to go but the price
is to high or the accommodations do not fit. If we are going to be an organization that
stays alive we need to be able to get new guides and skiers that can afford to go.

Guide: I love Granby, and hope we never get sick again

Guide: I love the place!

Guide: I think it's a great place to hold this event - weather, snow conditions, scenery

Guide: I would go every time even if we had to stay in Granby.

Guide: I've been there many times. Change is always nice. Wonderful skiing.

Guide: Lets go there every year. Norwegians always go to Beitostolen

Guide: Love this place, I live here!

Guide: my least favorite site so far due to altitude and ski trails (difficult to guide real
beginner skiers)

Guide: My favorite spot as the skiing is guaranteed, the hotel is good and has all of the
amenities and entertainment that most can enjoy and if you're lucky enough to find
someone with a car, shopping is always a fun break.

Guide: Perfect.

Guide: Poor food; fear of illness

Guide: Predictable snow ++, but also OK with less fancy lodging options

Guide: SMR is a great place to ski.

Guide: Snow is predictable; accommodations are good; food is only acceptable

Guide: Sunshine and snow is the best. Best trails for beginners

Guide: The altitude is hard to deal with but it is a great place to ski

Guide: The altitude is kind of risky for some of our older participants, etc.

MIP: Beautiful, the altitude is a challenge

MIP: Love it but not back to back years

VIP: All and all, the best location. Not perfect, but most reliable snow and that should
be, by far, our primary criteria for a location.

VIP: At that time, I got a flu and that makes the impression on high altitude rather

VIP: Attended three times. good conditions!

VIP: Beautiful views, sunny skies, and good snow

VIP: been there twice and I like it there

VIP: Best Snow, average hotel

VIP: don't like sofa

VIP: EXCELLENT even when the conditions are "bad" by their standards!

VIP: good all the way around

VIP: good skiing

VIP: good skiing conditions.

VIP: Granby was my first experience at SFL, and it was not altogether pleasant, but I
like the location so would probably attend again, someday.

VIP: great place to ski

VIP: Great location and skiing, decent hotel.

VIP: Great snow, good facility, close to downhill skiing, a favorite place

VIP: Guaranteed good skiing; hotel a bit large and disorientating.

VIP: Hard to beat, but altitude is a problem for some.

VIP: has the best of everything important

VIP: Hotel too difficult to navigate.

VIP: I did not like the accommodations/ sofa bed was so bad, I had to sleep on the floor

VIP: I hope to experience it a little more this year.

VIP: I liked it, but some people weren't able to attend because of the altitude

VIP: I liked it.

VIP: I love the pool

VIP: I love the site and lodge.

VIP: I loved Granby. The lodging and skiing were great. Food was fine. I can eat

VIP: I would attend again.

VIP: I would have liked to be able to go downhill skiing, at least one day.

VIP: really like SMR and the Inn. Love the sunny days and variety of trails. Currently no
airfare cost to me.

VIP: Reliable and very good skiing conditions as well as a terrific hotel; the outdoor pool
is a highlight for me.

VIP: Rocky Mountain High!

VIP: Snow was great.

       VIP: the altitude is difficult for me as I age!

       VIP: The altitude could be tough on me.

       VIP: The altitude was a pain but the skiing conditions were worth it. Any possibility of
       getting a block of rooms at a Denver hotel at a cheaper rate for the day before we arrive
       so we could get acclimated?

       VIP: The skiing was excellent. The event well organized.

       VIP: The snow is great but the altitude is hard on me. Healthier breakfasts are needed
       (i.e. offer hot cereal every morning) and box lunches should be available for those who
       are sick or choose to skip a day of skiing and stay at the Inn instead

       VIP: too many times in Granby. Skin got very dry and eyes dry and itchy due to dry air
       particularly in hotel.

       VIP: too many times in Granby but great snow and weather conditions

       VIP: very bad meals, hotel is very difficult to negotiate, rigid bus schedule especially not
       having later bus in afternoon, more than one tracked trail

       VIP: wonderful snow, variety of trails

Comments about Green Bay, if any

       Guide: 10 K track needs a few more challenging hills

       Guide: close to airport, good beginner trails

       Guide: Close - I can drive rather than fly. Nice, gentle ski area.

       Guide: Concern about snow conditions; hotel (except for the smoke) and food were
       good in 2004

       Guide: enjoy trails, convenient location for me

       Guide: Excellent ski area especially for beginners.

       Guide: Great, but would love to go further East

       Guide: Great event there ... so what if it draws fewer people; cut down on expenses that
       make it necessary to have lots of participants.

       Guide: Great place for all ability levels

Guide: Great skiing

Guide: Green Bay has EXCELLENT trails and is also an easy location for me to get to
(but I know it is not easy for everyone to get to)

Guide: Green Bay has the best trail system ever and would be my other choice to go.

Guide: Hotel smoky, linked to casino. We've been lucky, but snow is iffy. Boring skiing.

Guide: I found the skiing not too good

Guide: I particularly like it because it's a short drive for me -- that saves money.

Guide: I would love to see the facilities here...I hear they are great!

Guide: It's fine and a hotel bar is a good alternative for people looking for something to

Guide: liked it - would attend one more time - but might be bored after that

Guide: more relaxed

Guide: Not expensive to get to

Guide: Ok, only under great snow conditions.

Guide: Small shelter---longer lunch times and doing lunch in shifts is good.

Guide: snow conditions fair, weather fair, good facilities

Guide: The down side to Green Bay for me was the smoky hotel/casino influence. Not a
vacation area I would pick but the trails were great for new skiers.

Guide: trails great, snow a bit iffy, very good hotel, cheaper travel for midwest

Guide: Unable to ski due to injury a few months previous to the event

MIP: Easy to get to. Great skiing facility.
MIP: Great Trails & very accessible hotel

VIP: a really good alternative to granby. just as good.

VIP: Attended once nice trails and not too difficult

VIP: been there once I'd like to return

VIP: don't like setting but I would go anywhere

VIP: excellent place to ski

VIP: Good skiing conditions.

VIP: great trails and nice hotel

VIP: I liked everything about Green Bay except the hotel

VIP: I liked it very much

VIP: I loved Green Bay!! I will definitely attend again!

VIP: I really like the events in Green Bay. The hotel is nice, the ski conditions are good,
and it's fairly easy to get too.

VIP: I thoroughly enjoyed Green Bay; it was great to get off the airplane and be right
there at our hotel and not have to take a lengthy bus ride.

VIP: Just Great, everything

VIP: Liked the hotel and trails.

VIP: Nice skiing, but kind of boring after awhile. I just love to ski, so I'd go.

VIP: smoky hotel; boring trails

VIP: Smoky, hotel staff unfriendly, boring skiing, snow iffy

VIP: Surprisingly great skiing and a fine hotel.

VIP: Terrain is too flat and boring for more advanced skiing

VIP: Terrific snow conditions; temperatures were not nearly as cold as one might
anticipate having never been there previously.

VIP: The hotel was fine but the ski place (golf course) sucked!!!

VIP: The ski area was great and I loved the hotel and casino.

VIP: The ski trails are boring and the hotel is too smoky.
VIP: Though I am not a beginner, I think it is a great location for first-timers, and I agree
with Jeff that it is a good place to practice technique.

VIP: Too much smoke in hotel, trails friendly, airport easy

VIP: trails great for improving technique, allows for gaining confidence and speed

       VIP: Trails too flat.

       VIP: Turned out very good, but the upper midwest does concern me for bitter cold

       VIP: What's nice there is that we stayed at a hotel that was connected to a casino,
       providing a bit of distraction. Plus there's a nice happy hour in their bar.

Comments about Anchorage, if any

       Guide: a great place, but we had poor snow, so it was a bit dangerous and less than

       Guide: airfare more expensive and travel time creates longer week

       Guide: Anchorage is a beautiful place and the accommodations are 2nd to none

       Guide: Being there for the start of the Iditarod compensated for the poor ski conditions.
       It was fun anyway.

       Guide: Doesn't everyone want to go to Alaska? But I heard the skiing was not great.

       Guide: flight too expensive and extensive

       Guide: fun downtown area

       Guide: I hope there is snow next time!

       Guide: I like the idea of Alaska - very appealing if snow is there

       Guide: I live there, snow conditions marginal - blame it on global warming

       Guide: I would probably NOT be happy about Anchorage but would go

       Guide: If the snow is good, skiing is fun; like ability to ski to hotel; travel there is a pain,
       but worth it if there's snow

       Guide: Long way to travel - and I fly right over Perfect and Eden
       Guide: More expensive to attend?

       Guide: My hometown... so I would always attend Ski For Light in Anchorage

       Guide: Needed more snow that year; higher on the travel budget unless use FF miles

       Guide: no snow that year and too far to go

Guide: No snow last time. Unique area for most of us - different.

Guide: Snow ?

Guide: Snow horrible first time; I MIGHT give it another try.

Guide: The flights are too long and the flight times inconvenient so you arrive home at a
lousy time for those that have to go to work the next day.

Guide: The hotel was great, skiing was lousy in 2003.

Guide: This is a beautiful place but the cost on the second time for me was to much.

Guide: This is a tough one - the cost of flights and the ice to ski on was not favorable.

Guide: Time difference. 4 hours is a drag.

Guide: too far, too expensive, conditions not any better than elsewhere

Guide: Travel distance and expense makes one trip enough

Guide: Travel expense; risk of bad snow conditions

Guide: very expensive to fly there, may impact my ability to attend again

Guide: Wonderful, lets go again

MIP: I loved SFL at Anchorage.

MIP: Wonderful skiing, hope the travel cost doesn't price us out

VIP: a great vacation, whether or not there is any snow

VIP: Accommodations were fabulous!

VIP: Alaska is a special place, I learned how to fall down (in poor conditions), Iditarod
was fun
VIP: Anchorage was fantastic! Absolutely, I would/will attend there again!

VIP: been there once snow was of course way below average and may be too risky for
now since they have had poor snowfall in recent years

VIP: Best hotel we've been in, lots to do in Anchorage

VIP: depends on whether weather changes; it's a long and costly trip for iffy snow.

VIP: Dry climate and excellent ski trails. The dog sledding was cool!

VIP: exciting and worth continuing effort.

VIP: favorite place to go!!

VIP: First year there was really fun (1999) so I can overlook the crummy snow year.
Like the ability to ski back to hotel as a fun alternative.

VIP: good hotel, well run

VIP: Great skiing and facilities

VIP: Hopefully snow will be there next time. But I enjoyed it the last time even without
the snow.

VIP: I attended the year the snow was good and it was great!!

VIP: I had the opportunity while there to ski a few miles away where there was good
snow and it gave me a true Alaskan experience which made the trip worthwhile. Also
the tremendous work done with limited snow helped greatly.

VIP: I liked this event, even though the conditions weren't the best. It gave me a good
excuse to see Alaska. I also enjoyed seeing the start of the Iditarod. I would like to go
again, and give the conditions another chance. From what I've heard the conditions are
normally good.

VIP: I love Alaska

VIP: I love Anchorage and really hope we can go there again. I love the hotel and the
ski conditions.

VIP: I loved Anchorage the year there was snow, and had a wonderful time both years; I
love the people.

VIP: I loved it but having been there it is unlikely I would travel so far.

VIP: I would like to go back and was sorry I couldn't in 2003.

VIP: I've been there twice already and it's too far from the East Coast.

VIP: It was a thrill to attend however disappointing with unfortunately very little snow

VIP: It was fun to have a down town area.

VIP: It would be a good excuse to visit.

       VIP: last time not enough snow and it is a long way to go. it was exciting to go twice but
       probably would not go there again

       VIP: Less enthusiastic about this location. Weather was not good on last trip.

       VIP: loved Alaska, but the skiing was not so good

       VIP: My most favorite.

       VIP: Realistically, a bit too far away. Good atmosphere though.

       VIP: Should be considered for occasional visits.

       VIP: Skiing in 2003 was not very good but we found other things to do. Where as in
       Green Bay it is just boring. No snow was just a bad year.

       VIP: The ski trails were fair - not as scenic as Granby - although the hotel was nice, I
       didn't care to be right in the city - preferred a more scenic spot

       VIP: Too expensive for just skiing

       VIP: Too far away--flight too expensive and takes too much time. I live in Washington

       VIP: travel was extremely long and tedious and expensive, snow was terrible

       VIP: Travel days too lengthy; did not like the skiing course because of steep, dangerous
       hill at beginning.

       VIP: Unreliable snow, prefer 1 bar area to 2 separate areas (makes it hard to find
       people), hotel so big that it is hard to get the SFL family feel, fun cultural events and
       good shopping

       VIP: When and if I make the long trip to Alaska, it will be a sightseeing trip in the

Comments about North Conway, if any

       Guide: After rain, staff did excellent job to repair trails.

       Guide: Before my time but sounds interesting.

       Guide: But not at that hotel!

       Guide: danger of New England icy conditions

Guide: Even though it was icy, I'd consider NH again but with a different hotel if possible
that accommodates the people who gather in the evenings in rooms or they should
supply "party" rooms for people

Guide: Hope for snow?

Guide: Hotel too far from ski area

Guide: I enjoyed it, but, was the hardest for me to get to

Guide: I would try this at least once as I have not been there.

Guide: I've never seen the east coast in winter...I think it sounds like a blast!

Guide: Inconsistency in weather from nice to really cold and ice. Liked skiing there.

Guide: It doesn't seem particularly good for skiing; but perhaps that was the weather
that year.

Guide: It would be close to home for me and others on the east coast

Guide: Lack of hospitality from the hotel staff, bus ride too long

Guide: Liked the ski area; didn't like the hotel. Too far between hotel and ski area. If that
could be solved, would like to go back.

Guide: New England location so no airfare cost

Guide: proximity

Guide: Risk of bad snow conditions; lack of hotel to accommodate everyone (correct?)

Guide: To far away from the skiing and the hotel to say the least was not friendly at all.
Price is also an issue.
Guide: Too far to travel

Guide: Travel time was long between hotel and skiing

MIP: Close to home for me...helps me save $ when it's this close. Can introduce my
friends to it too.

MIP: Ski site was too far away from hotel.

VIP: Enjoyed the skiing and the nearby outlet mall.

VIP: every event can't be perfect; we need to go east at least once in a while

VIP: Good area for skiing and nice town; long way from major airport.

VIP: I have never been to New Hampshire and would like to check it out

VIP: I like visiting places I have not traveled to previously.

VIP: I liked the ski facility and the shopping by the hotel, there were places you could
walk to

VIP: I would go just because I have never been there.

VIP: I'd probably attend because I have not before.

VIP: I'd probably go, but my recollection of NH is lots of icy conditions that scared me.
Even as a better skier now, I still don't like ice. I hear they widened the trails, so maybe
it would be less scary now.

VIP: I'm sure there's a new hotel by now. Let's come back to the East!

VIP: Icy snow, hotel mediocre, good shopping, long bus ride to ski area, staff very

VIP: Less enthusiastic about this location. Too much driving between hotel and ski area.

VIP: Long bus ride to ski area. Shopping nearby.

VIP: need to keep an eye on annual snow trends; New England always is uncertain but
NH is close and short trip for me.

VIP: never again. skiing was not good, and the weather was worse.

VIP: never been there I heard that is tends to be icy so this is not appealing
VIP: Nice and close to me. Please hold there again.

VIP: Skiing was too far from hotel, hotel was not very pleasant.

VIP: snow is iffy but what the heck

VIP: The course was probably more difficult than all the others, but my year there was
just magical; I also loved having the shops so close by.

VIP: The traveling to and from the airport and to the ski area was a pain, but I loved the
ski area and wish we would go back

VIP: Unimpressed with hotel and ski area

IV.     Attitudes about a fixed location for SFL

Question: If the Ski for Light International event were held in the same location every year, at
Snow Mountain Ranch and the Inn at Silver Creek in Granby, Colorado, what effect would this
have on your frequency of participation at future Ski for Light events?

        Among 94 respondents
        11        I would definitely attend more events
        3         I would probably attend more events
        36        I would attend about the same number of events
        29        I would probably attend fewer events
        15        I would definitely attend fewer events

V.    Attitudes about more expensive future sites

Question: If the Ski for Light event were held from time to time in a location that offered more in
atmosphere and activities than most other locations, but at a participant fee that was about
$200 higher than other locations, what effect would that have on your decision to attend that
event? (Examples of such locations include: Lake Placid, New York; Dixville Notch, New
Hampshire; Sun Valley, Idaho and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.)

      Among 101 Respondents
      42 I would definitely attend
      32 I would probably attend
      24 I might or might not attend
      2 I would probably not attend
      1 I would definitely not attend

VI.   Wishes about new sites

Question: As SFL searches for new locations for future events, what things do you personally
hope will be high on the list of criteria for selecting a new location? Provide up to three

90 people provided responses to this question (43 Guides, 4 MIPs and 43 VIPs). A total of 229
wishes and suggestions were provided.

      Guide: Wish-1 = A good ski area with excellent snow conditions; Wish-2 = Not more than
      two hours from a major airport; Wish-3 = Easy access to shopping for a nice break

      Guide: Wish-1 = ADA accessibility; Wish-2 = resort /ski lodge atmosphere; Wish-3 = price

      Guide: Wish-1 = airport availability; Wish-2 = shopping

      Guide: Wish-1 = Alternate Rocky Mountain Location; Wish-2 = Pacific-Northwest
      Location; Wish-3 = Tahoe?

      Guide: Wish-1 = Better food; Wish-2 = variety of trails; Wish-3 = easy accessibility

      Guide: Wish-1 = Central location in the USA would make it equitably priced for most;
      Wish-2 = Good snow

      Guide: Wish-1 = close to skiing; Wish-2 = consistent snow; Wish-3 = large hot tub with
      female back scrubbing attendants - hey, it's a wish right.

      Guide: Wish-1 = Consistent snow / good trail system; Wish-2 = Ski site close to
      hotel/hotels; Wish-3 = good accommodations

      Guide: Wish-1 = Consistently good snow conditions; Wish-2 = Minimal bussing; Wish-3 =
      Ability to ski past 3:00 p.m.

      Guide: Wish-1 = Eastern location; Wish-2 = Wyoming; Wish-3 = California

      Guide: Wish-1 = Easy access for younger guides and participants to get to (financially)

      Guide: Wish-1 = Excellent snow conditions and trails; Wish-2 = Reasonably priced room
      and board; Wish-3 = Would love to ski back to hotel, ex. Anchorage.

      Guide: Wish-1 = good skiing conditions

      Guide: Wish-1 = good snow, good weather; Wish-2 = facilities near trails; Wish-3 = good

      Guide: Wish-1 = good snow; Wish-2 = not expensive

Guide: Wish-1 = Good skiing conditions; Wish-2 = Comfortable/adequate lodging

Guide: Wish-1 = Good skiing or opportunities for other winter outdoor activities such as
snowshoeing, sledding, ice fishing etc.
VIP: Wish-1 = Good skiing; Wish-2 = nice hotel

Guide: Wish-1 = Good snow, and some relatively easy trails; Wish-2 = Facilities
amenable to meeting rooms, exercising, camaraderie

Guide: Wish-1 = Good snow conditions; Wish-2 = Not pt cold; Wish-3 = Ease for MIPs
and VIPs to get around

Guide: Wish-1 = Good snow; Wish-2 = Lodging close to skiing

Guide: Wish-1 = Good snow; Wish-2 = Varied ski terrain - not flat Green Bay.; Wish-3 =
Skiing close to the hotel

Guide: Wish-1 = Good snow; Wish-2 = Great accommodations; Wish-3 = Tasty food

Guide: Wish-1 = Great breakfasts; Wish-2 = beautiful scenery; Wish-3 = nice rooms

Guide: Wish-1 = Guarantee of snow; Wish-2 = Short distance to ski area from hotel;
Wish-3 = Good food

Guide: Wish-1 = have good conditions, for sure!

Guide: Wish-1 = High odds of good snow; Wish-2 = Reasonable cost-This should not be
an event for the wealthy; Wish-3 = Minimal travel time between hotel and skiing

Guide: Wish-1 = High probability of good snow; Wish-2 = High food standards; Wish-3 =
Consider holding an event in Canada

Guide: Wish-1 = Interesting/diverse ski trails; Wish-2 = "Guarantee" of good snow; Wish-
3 = Comfortable lodging

Guide: Wish-1 = Location to skiing; Wish-2 = Reasonable accommodations; Wish-3 =
Good tracks

Guide: Wish-1 = Lodging options could be more rustic/camp-like to lessen expense;
Wish-2 = Healthy food --especially breakfasts; Wish-3 = Predictable SNOW

Guide: Wish-1 = Lower altitude; Wish-2 = Not so much structure; Wish-3 = New activities

Guide: Wish-1 = New England Location; Wish-2 = Endowment high enough to assist with
event cost

Guide: Wish-1 = nice place; Wish-2 = good food; Wish-3 = various activities

Guide: Wish-1 = probability of snow; Wish-2 = attendees all in same hotel; Wish-3 = keep
cost as low as possible

Guide: Wish-1 = Reliable snow; Wish-2 = safe skiing conditions; Wish-3 = Large trail

Guide: Wish-1 = short or no transport to the ski area

Guide: Wish-1 = Snow; Wish-2 = Healthy food; Wish-3 = Accessibility

Guide: Wish-1 = Snow; Wish-2 = Affordability

Guide: Wish-1 = sun valley, idaho; Wish-2 = wyoming; Wish-3 = utah - perhaps where
olympics were held (soldier hollow)

Guide: Wish-1 = variety in location; Wish-2 = convenience to ski area; Wish-3 =
convenience to airport

Guide: Wish-1 = varying the region of country; Wish-2 = well groomed trails, ski

Guide: Wish-1 = WE PLAY HOCKEY!

MIP: Wish-1 = Change venue to accommodate folks from different areas of the country;
Wish-2 = Be sure that at least some venues are suitable to beginning skiers; Wish-3 = Off
site cultural/entertainment activities

MIP: Wish-1 = good snow/terrain; Wish-2 = good socialization facilities/banquet hall;
Wish-3 = good food

MIP: Wish-1 = Great Trails

MIP: Wish-1 = new part of the country

VIP: Wish-1 = Ability to go into town.; Wish-2 = Easy to learn hotel/resort.

VIP: Wish-1 = access to shopping; Wish-2 = casino; Wish-3 = piano bar

VIP: Wish-1 = access to town and shopping; Wish-2 = access not clubs

VIP: Wish-1 = Adequate trails for all levels; Wish-2 = Comfortable hotel; Wish-3 =
Reasonable distance from airport

VIP: Wish-1 = Beautiful views; Wish-2 = Ice skating; Wish-3 = uncrowded conditions

VIP: Wish-1 = Better food; Wish-2 = Hotel close too ski trails (longer ski day); Wish-3 =
High probability of good ski conditions

VIP: Wish-1 = Distance from hotel to ski area.; Wish-2 = Quality of food served.; Wish-3 =
Variety of terrain to suit beginner and advanced skiers.

VIP: Wish-1 = good reliable snow; Wish-2 = hotel that is not a nightmare for blind people;
Wish-3 = reasonable to reach by flights that don't require many connections

VIP: Wish-1 = good skiing conditions; Wish-2 = decent hotel

VIP: Wish-1 = good skiing conditions; Wish-2 = Reasonably priced; Wish-3 = Lodging
and skiing 20 min. or less apart

VIP: Wish-1 = good snow and nice trails; Wish-2 = a nice hotel with things to do and not
too hard to get around.; Wish-3 = a ski site out the door from the hotel.

VIP: Wish-1 = good snow; Wish-2 = ski area close to hotel; Wish-3 = some place with a
recognized name

VIP: Wish-1 = Good skiing conditions; Wish-2 = A nice hotel.; Wish-3 = Things to do
outside the hotel. Like sight seeing, or shopping.

VIP: Wish-1 = Good skiing; Wish-2 = Nice hotel; Wish-3 = maybe a place to see local

VIP: Wish-1 = Good snow

VIP: Wish-1 = Good snow and pretty area; Wish-2 = easier to get around (lay out of
hotel); Wish-3 = Nicer place, food

VIP: Wish-1 = Good snow; Wish-2 = Nice facility; Wish-3 = Nearby downhill ski area a
nice bonus but not mandatory

VIP: Wish-1 = Good trails for skate technique; Wish-2 = Good hotel accommodations;
Wish-3 = Nice scenic location

VIP: Wish-1 = Good trails; Wish-2 = Good food; Wish-3 = ease of travel

VIP: Wish-1 = Great snow and weather; Wish-2 = Travel friendly; Wish-3 = Unique

VIP: Wish-1 = Have you considered having a "low budget" hotel for folks w/ lower
Guide: Wish-1 = Snow; Wish-2 = Proximity to ski area from hotel; Wish-3 = Snow

VIP: Wish-1 = I would like to go places I've not been to before.

VIP: Wish-1 = Look at a location in California possibly?; Wish-2 = I like the idea of
periodically visiting a bit more of a high-end resort.

VIP: Wish-1 = lower elevation than granby; Wish-2 = focus on high quality skiing; Wish-3
= nice accommodations, not bunk beds or trashy food

VIP: Wish-1 = more atmosphere and activities like snow shoeing, downhill skiing,
sledding; Wish-2 = well known and exciting locations; Wish-3 = international

VIP: Wish-1 = More varied routes to ski on, not just the race/rally route; Wish-2 = Short
distance between hotel and ski site so we can ski longer; Wish-3 = Gathering places in
the evening in addition to the bar

VIP: Wish-1 = new places that I would never otherwise get to visit; Wish-2 = reliable
snow; Wish-3 = interesting trails; not just a flat golf course

VIP: Wish-1 = New York; Wish-2 = New Hampshire; Wish-3 = Wyoming

VIP: Wish-1 = nice hotel; Wish-2 = good snow and trails; Wish-3 = good food

VIP: Wish-1 = not too far from local major airport; Wish-2 = the skiing area is near the
hotel; Wish-3 = good food and beer!

VIP: Wish-1 = Number and variety of ski trails; Wish-2 = Non-smoking lodging

VIP: Wish-1 = oxygen; Wish-2 = nearby town; Anchorage was perfect and walkable.;
Wish-3 = reliable snow with oxygen

VIP: Wish-1 = Perhaps a location in Canada; Wish-2 = Skiing just outside our door

VIP: Wish-1 = Place we haven't been before, always exciting to try new locations.; Wish-
2 = Enjoy new locations and learning about local culture. maple sugar on snow party in
Woodstock, VT., dog sled rides and hearing Martin Bisser speak in Anchorage, etc.

VIP: Wish-1 = places known for skiing and more variety of places; Wish-2 = ski out the
door like Woodstock (I did not attend that one); Wish-3 = exotic location like Jackson
Hole or Sun Valley ID

VIP: Wish-1 = Proximity to trails; Wish-2 = reasonable rates; Wish-3 = so much space
that we could handle as many participants as we had guides for!

VIP: Wish-1 = reliable snow; Wish-2 = a variety of trails; Wish-3 = as close to Michigan as

VIP: Wish-1 = Reliable snow; Wish-2 = Interesting environment

VIP: Wish-1 = ski conditions; Wish-2 = different parts of the country; Wish-3 = easy to get
to in terms of flights

VIP: Wish-1 = Snow, snow, and more snow!!!

VIP: Wish-1 = Snowshoe capability (not very likely, for instance, in Green Bay; Wish-2 =
More variety of trails (such as is found at Tahoe-Donner); Wish-3 = More likelihood of
deep snow (of course, who would have thought Alaska wouldn't have that?)

VIP: Wish-1 = variety of ski trails (levels and routes); Wish-2 = likelihood of good snow;
Wish-3 = less travel time to ski area


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