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             Hosting Partner Community Call
                 Date: February 17th (9:00am-10:00am PST)

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Featured: Upcoming Hosting Events

DDC Bootcamp (Central Region) 2-Sessions
Dates (2 sessions): March 15th-16th and March 17th-18th
Location: Dallas, TX
Action: Please contact your Account Manager if you are interested in the Dallas

The Dynamic Data Center boot camp isn’t a basic training session; rather it is a targeted
event preparing you to deploy a customized cloud offering - equipping you with the
resources you need to go to market. Due to the small venue and personalized instruction
provided, we expect partners to be considering deploying a Hyper-V based Cloud
solution shortly after attending.

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 March Hosting Partner Community Call

        Register for March Hosting Community Call
                       (3rd Thursday of every month)

                 Date: March, 17th– 9:00 am PST
                       Pre-Registration click here.
• Quarterly Licensing Brief – SPUR and Pricing Updates, and question
  and answer session with Hosting Specialists.
• SQL Session

Invite: You will receive an invite via your Account Manager -or-
gotspla@microsoft.com approximately 2 weeks prior to event.

Or visit the Hosting Community Call Registration online at:

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              Hosting Community Call Agenda
                                      February 17th – 9:00am-10:00am PST

                    Jen Sieger
                    SR. Marketing Manager, US Solution Partner Team

Channel Development Resources & Events
Description: Introduction of the Microsoft Channel Development Toolkit, which is a key online resource site providing best practices on how you can
prepare to launch a partner channel, recruit channel partners, and support your channel once it is up and running.

                    Tina Hanson
                    Marketing Manager, US Partner Programs

Introduction to Microsoft Pinpoint
Description: Review Microsoft’s Pinpoint, an online connection tool that is marketed to end customers to find the right applications and services to meet
their needs. Tina will provide guidance on how to utilize PinPoint by creating a solid profile, sharing best practices to partners and to accelerate lead

                   Kelly Stark
                   SR. Marketing Partner Manager, US RTG Thru Partner Mktg.

Introduction to Microsoft’s Ready-To-Go Marketing
Description: Discuss the Next Generation of Microsoft’s Ready-to-Go Marketing site and share the new interface and provide an update on the
marketing and sales tools available to partners, including campaigns, services, syndication, and events. These easy-to-use resources are available for
you and can be tailored to meet your marketing and business needs.
Microsoft Communications Sector
hosting | media & entertainment | telecommunications

Channel Development Resources & Events

Jen Sieger
Sr. Marketing Manager, Solution Partner Team
February 17, 2011
Channel Development Resources from Microsoft
∙ Channel Development Toolkit
∙ Microsoft Channel Development Meet & Greet Events
∙ Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

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Microsoft Channel Development Toolkit
                                Online resource site that
                                provides Microsoft
                                Solution Partners
                                including ISVs, web
                                developers and hosters
                                with best practices on:

                                •    How you can prepare
                                    to launch a partner
                                    channel (both in the US
                                    and Internationally),
                                •   How to recruit channel
                                •   How to best support
                                    your channel once it is
                                    up and running.

                                Sign in with your Windows
                                Live ID that is associated to
                                your partner id.

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Microsoft Channel Development Toolkit
                                 Get access to
                                 resources to help
                                 you Prepare,
                                 Recruit Partners,
                                 and Support Your

                                         Microsoft confidential | 9
Microsoft Channel Development Toolkit
                                 Get access to
                                 resources to help
                                 you Prepare,
                                 Recruit Partners,
                                 and Support Your

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Microsoft Channel Development Toolkit
                                 ∙ Access a
                                   checklist to help
                                   you navigate and
                                   mark your
                                   progress through
                                   the content.
                                 ∙ Within the
                                   Prepare section
                                   you will find a
                                   wealth of
                                   materials to help
                                   you prepare to
                                   launch your
                                   channel program.

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Microsoft Channel Development Toolkit
                                Access resources
                                such as Sample
                                Agreements and
                                Marketing Plans.

                                         Microsoft confidential | 12
Microsoft Channel Development Toolkit
                                 Once you are ready
                                 to recruit channel
                                 partners you will
                                 find guidance on
                                 how to identify the
                                 right target, how to
                                 qualify partners, and
                                 how to get a partner
                                 up and running so
                                 that they will be

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Microsoft Channel Development Toolkit
                                   Spread the word
                                   about your
                                   program with a
                                   partner recruit

                                   • Email
                                   • Business Letter
                                   • PowerPoint

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Microsoft Channel Development Toolkit

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Microsoft Channel Development Toolkit
                                   Obtain best
                                   practices on how
                                   you can better
                                   support your
                                   partners and
                                   keep them up to
                                   date on your
                                   products and
                                   your channel

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Microsoft Channel Development Toolkit
                                   Access webinars
                                   and podcasts
                                   from industry
                                   experts providing
                                   best practices on
                                   how to build and
                                   support your
                                   partner channel.

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   Microsoft Channel Development Meet & Greet Events
  Channel Dev Meet & Greet Spring Event Schedule   You’re invited to attend a local
Date             City          Time                Channel Development Meet & Greet
West Region
       3/10/2011 Denver        6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
                                                   this spring to:
       3/22/2011 San Francisco 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
       3/29/2011 Bellevue      6:30 pm - 8:00 pm   • Network with other local partners
       4/21/2011 Irvine        6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Central Region
                                                   • Connect with Microsoft field
       3/14/2011 Minneapolis 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm       representatives in your area
       3/22/2011 Chicago       4:30 pm - 6:30 pm
       3/29/2011 Detroit       4:30 pm - 6:30 pm
       3/31/2011 Houston       4:30 pm - 6:30 pm   Interesting facts:
East Region                                        • Fall events generated an average of 5
       4/14/2011 Miami         4:30 pm - 7:30 pm
       4/18/2011 Philadelphia 4:30 pm - 7:30 pm
                                                      partner connections per attendee.
       4/21/2011 New York City 4:30 pm - 7:30 pm   • Event RSVPs are hosted on LinkedIn
       4/26/2011 Atlanta       4:30 pm - 7:30 pm      to maximize networking. Each event in
       4/27/2011 DC            4:30 pm - 7:30 pm
                                                      the fall generated an average of 500
                                                      connections on LinkedIn with 25%
                                                      occurring prior to each event and 75%
                                                      after each event.

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               Join the Microsoft U.S. Team at WPC 2011
                     July 10-14 in Los Angeles, CA
Why Attend WPC 2011?                                         Conference Timeline (Tentative)
•   Meet and network with other partners and with            •   January – U.S. WPC 2011 Partner Communities Open
    Microsoft                                                •   January – U.S. WPC 2011 Partner Survey
•   Hear the product and technology roadmap from             •   February – Award Submissions Opens
    Microsoft executives                                     •   March – Sponsorship/Exhibition Opportunities
•   Learn about Microsoft priorities for the partner         •   March – Registration Open
    business in our new fiscal year (FY12 starts July)
                                                             •   May – Session Scheduler Opens
•   Obtain guidance to win with your Microsoft-based
    solutions against competitors
•   Be among the first to know about the latest              Complete our WPC Planning survey at
    opportunities and incentive programs

Activities for U.S. Partners
•   U.S. Lounge open throughout the Conference
•   U.S. Party on Tuesday, July 12                       Stay Informed                    Connect
•   U.S. Track on Thursday, July 14
                                                         digitalWPC.com                   facebook.com/wpcus
•   Microsoft U.S. team members available on WPC
    Connect for meetings during the Conference           bit.ly/partnerconcierge          linkd.in/wpcusgroup


Please use the Q&A Tool for questions (example below)

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Pinpoint Quiz

Q: How many customers have visited the Pinpoint since we launched the site?
       A. 750,000
       B. 2,000,000      Answer: D. Over 1,000,000 customers have visited
       C. 500,000        Pinpoint since we launched in the US in July 2008. In
                         FY11 we have been averaging about 90,000 visits a
       D. 1,000,000      month to Pinpoint.
       E. 300,000

Q: Pinpoint is a requirement to be a part of the Microsoft Partner Network?
         A. True
         B. False
                             Answer: False. Pinpoint Marketplace prioritization is
                             one of the benefits for partners who pursue Silver and
                             Gold Competencies. Partners with Silver and Gold
                             competencies will receive marketplace prioritization in
                             search results for customers.
                                                                                                  [Buy It button]

                          Helps developers
     Dynamic            successfully connect    Largest directory of     Lists professional     Links to your demo,
  marketplace for       with customers who     qualified IT providers       services and         trial and purchase
buyers and sellers of    need their software   and widest customer      applications built on         pages now
  Microsoft-based         applications and            audience              all Microsoft
   technologies             professional                                   platforms and
                              services                                        products

                                        This month’s Pinpoint Pointer:

                        The Importance of a well written Pinpoint Profile

•   Microsoft Investments with Pinpoint
•   Introducing Pinpoint Marketplaces (Beta)
•   Microsoft.com screenshots with Pinpoint
•   Pinpoint Pointers - This month’s “Pointer”: The importance of a well written Pinpoint
•   Pinpoint Resources
   Investments into Pinpoint

              Campaign/site         Discovery in                    In-product         Co-branded
               integration         search engines                   integration        Marketplaces
   facing       SMB site                 Yahoo                      Azure Dev            3rd party
experiences      BG sites                                             Portal 5.0             Azure
                                           Google                     CRM
                  Campaigns                    Bing                     Admin
                                                                          Microsoft          Dynamics
                     MS.com                                                Online                “Union”
                                                                           Portal             Marketplace

                 Products                SEO/SEM                    Web Service          Branded UI

                                                 Pinpoint Platform

                                         Catalog                                       Reporting
                              (applications, services, companies)

 Platform               Search                                 Trial                  App hosting

                       Reviews                           Transaction*                 Profile Mgt
                                         Customer UI                                    Partner UI
Introducing Pinpoint Marketplaces
•   Dynamics CRM Marketplace (Beta)
      •   Dynamics Partners will be able to add digital goods (application bits and end-user license
          agreement - EULA) through the Pinpoint Dashboard. These digital goods will be available as
          downloads from the app details pages
•   Windows Azure Marketplace (Beta)
      •   Windows Azure Marketplace is now available in the US only

When a partner creates and enters their profile and solution offerings in the product Marketplaces,
their profile will also automatically populate into Pinpoint.
 Microsoft.com Screenshots with Pinpoint
1. Small Business Center     3. System Center

 2. Windows Server

                                4. Microsoft.com Homepage
The Importance of a well written Pinpoint Profile
The difference between an “okay” profile and a “great” profile could mean losing out
on new customer prospects
• Each month over an average of 15,000 business customers visit Pinpoint in search of a
   Microsoft Partner
• One in four customers interact with a partner through a variety of ways including clicking
   through the partner website, product download, screenshot, request for information and
   much more.
• Customers spend an average of 6:00 per visit and viewing 3-4 pages while on Pinpoint

Characteristics of an “OK” Pinpoint                    Characteristics of a “Great” Pinpoint profile
                                                       • Written in customer language and is easily relatable
•     Generic partner profile that does not promote      for the customer
      your professional services or applications       • Showcases and highlights your company’s specific
•     Vaguely written and a customer has a hard time     experience with solving business challenges for
      understanding your company’s competitive           customers
      difference                                       • Profile is succinct and easy to read through
•   Written in a lot of technical jargon or industry   • Includes customer reviews with your profile
    language that a customer may not understand        • Regularly updated using Pinpoint dashboard
•     Does not include customer reviews with their       analytics to optimize your profile
•     Profile is stagnant and may not be the best
      representation of your company
 A well-written profile attracts new prospects

  Company Logo

      Tagging                                                                       Full Applications and
                                                                                    Professional Services

      Web Site

        Succinct                                           Customer Ratings and
        Company                                                  Reviews

More Tips
  •     Create listings for each specific product or service you offer.
  •     Limit associations to the most accurate for each offering.
  •     Tag your offering as either an application or service, not both.
  •     Get customer reviews for your software and services.
  •     By being specific, you showcase your expertise. Your offerings rank higher in search results and
        customers who need what you offer can more easily find you.
Update Your Profile Today!

Get Listed!

If you’re a Microsoft Dynamics Partner see guidance for listing in the Microsoft Dynamics
Maximize Your Pinpoint Profile in 4 Steps…

1.   Review the Pinpoint Profile Guidelines to learn how to create a successful profile. If your company is
     already on Pinpoint, sign in to your Pinpoint Dashboard with your Windows Live ID.
2.   Important note: You will not be able to create or edit profiles through the Pinpoint Dashboard, if your
     company is not yet listed on the site. Please contact the Pinpoint team if you are not listed, but
     believe you should be.
3.   Click on “Edit Profiles” to create new application or professional service listings, or to revise any
     existing profiles.
4.   Submit for approval by the Pinpoint team.
Pinpoint Resources

•   Read marketplace profile requirements
•   Learn how to create your best profile
•   Learn how to generate leads using the marketplace
•   Understand applications and professional services
•   Get Help
•   Watch the Pinpoint for Partners video on how to showcase your apps
    + services.
•   Get customer reviews with the customer review e-mail template.
    Reviews can enhance your credibility and improve your search
•   Share the Review Guidelines with customers. Request reviews for
    your applications and services, as well as your company.
Please use the Q&A Tool for questions (example below)

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Ready-to-Go Marketing

                              Kelly Stark
          Sr. Partner Marketing Manager
         SMB Online & Digital Marketing
Ready-to-Go Marketing
●   ●
    Ready-to-Go Next Gen “User-Experience”




Ready-to-Go Marketing Services Updates

● Improved, targeted offerings
● Elimination of preset packages
  = increased flexibility for
Questions and Next Steps

● The official “Launch” is forthcoming. Stay tuned for more
● Leverage our Ready-to-Go Marketing Help Desk for best-
  practice guidance and support for all your Ready-to-Go
  Marketing activities.
  – Email us at rtgmktg@microsoft.com
  – Call us direct at (866) 201-5673

                   THANK YOU!
Please use the Q&A Tool for questions (example below)

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                            License Resources
Licensing Info
∙ http://www.microsoft.com/licensing/programs/spla/default.mspx

Hosting Resources for Partners
∙ http://www.microsoft.com/hosting

Hosting Competency
∙ https://partner.microsoft.com/US/program/competencies/40057328

Hosting University
∙ www.hosting-university.com

Training for Solution Providers
∙ www.msdev.com

Virtualization Whitepaper on microsoft.com
∙ http://www.microsoft.com/virtualization/en/us/resources.aspx

Dynamic Datacenter (DDC)
∙ http://www.microsoft.com/hosting/dynamicdatacenter/Home.html

Hosting Community Calls:
∙ http://www.microsoft.com/hosting/en/us/resources/default.aspx

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         How to Reach Us:

Email: GotSPLA@microsoft.com

Toll Free: 888-424-1285
Upcoming Hosting Industry Events

Event                        Dates                  Location
Parallels Hosting Summit     February 23-24, 2011   Orlando, FL
All About the Cloud Summit   May 24-26, 2011        San Francisco, CA

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Hosting Partners
Questions, Suggestions, or Feedback?
We want to hear from you!

What topics do you want to learn or present for
future Hosting Partner Community calls?

For suggestions, please send your meeting ideas
or speaker interest to Hosting Marketing PM
Angela Hernandez, v-anhern@microsoft.com

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Thank you for your attendance!

- The US Hosting Team

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