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					                                                         Introduction to DPS and the Batch Processor

Direct Payment Solutions are a Payment and Billing Service Provider and the only certified gateway to have seamless connectivity for settlement into every bank in NZ, the
4 majors in Australia and Citibank in Singapore. DPS develops software which processes credit card transactions, in real time.

DPS evolved from CSD; the software development company which produced and certified several leading processing solutions, including the OCV Server, which was
subsequently, licensed to Ingenico, ANZ and St George banks in Australia and PC Eftpos – the first integrated Windows POS / EFT-POS solution. In 2000 the PC EFTPOS
technology was spun off in a multimillion-dollar deal to the ANZ bank and DPS replaced the legacy OCV Server with a next generation, zero hardware solution - Payment

Our area of expertise is with complex high value, high volume merchants: Ticketing, Utilities, Telecommunications, Insurance, Government, Online Trading, Travel,
Vending etc. Complex merchants use DPS technology for the ease of integration with billing and fulfillment systems and our global reconciliation facility, which provides
organizations with business intelligence and reporting tools across multiple business units and countries.

DPS’ clients include: AMI Insurance, American Express, APN Holdings, Ascent Technology, Automobile Association, Auckland City Council, AXA, Aussie Stadium, Air
Rarotonga, Bank of New Zealand, Bond and Bond, Boise, BTI, Cardmember Wines, Cash Handling Systems, Computerland, CommSecure, Contact-Energy, Cosmos,
Department of Internal Affairs, DHL, Docklands, Dun and Bradstreet, EDS, eMatters, Empower, Energy Online, Fairfax, Fatso, Farmers, Fonterra, Fedex, Freedom Air New
Zealand, Flexirent, Genesis Energy, Go Holidays, Hutt City Council, Hewlett Packard, IDG Communications, Intercity, Just Kids, Kroma Colour Prints, Lion Nathan,
Microsoft, Ministry of Justice, Mitre 10, Needitnow, NorthShore City Council, NZ Herald, NZ Post, Northern Territories Government, NuSkin, OmegaTrend, Origin Pacific,
Progressive Enterprises, Pumpkin Patch, Ricoh, Signature Travel, Sony, Southern Cross Insurance, Sun Microsystems, Sky TV, SkyTrans Airlines, 2day Internet, Tasmania
Temptation Holidays, Tech Pacific, Telecom, TelstraClear, Territory Discoveries, Ticketek, TMP, Toll NZ, Tourism Holdings, Tower Insurance, Travel Spirit Group, Trade Me,
TrustPower, UBD, Unicef, Vero Insurance, Visa Preferred Seating, Wellington City Council, Wilson Parking, Woosh, World Vision, Wotif.Com, XXXX, and many more.

                                                                                                          "AA has been very impressed with the DPS products and
                                                                                                          services. The DPS Credit Card system has allowed us to make
                                                                                                          significant improvements to our batch and online processing of
                                                                                                          Credit Card payments in the back office. The DPS personnel
                                                                                                          have always been helpful and efficient in assisting us set up
                                                                                                          new options."

                                                                   Customer testimonials can be viewed at

                                                                    BATCH PROCESSOR (PXBAT)

Visit the Online Reference
Visit the Online Technical Reference

The Batch Processor is a client application that connects to PaymentExpress Application Server, for batch billing and recurring payments. The system allows companies to
batch process all types of credit cards using a wide variety of transaction types (e.g. Purchase, Authorization/Completion, Refund etc).


   Process transactions in real-time.
   The Batch Processor supports DPS’ Token Billing Solutions; eliminating the risk of merchants storing credit card details on their systems.
   Merchants are able to track the progress of transactions using the DPS Payment Manager.
   Clearly separates approved and declined transactions.
   Comes with built in Risk Management features, incase of power failure or a duplicate file being processed.
   Integrates with most enterprise and proprietary billing applications i.e. PeopleSoft, SAP, Gentrac.

How Does the Batch Processor Work?

Using the PX Batch processor is the most common approach adopted by successful billing operations.

The PX Batch Processor is a client application that sits on the company network and monitors a specific directory for files to process. When a file is detected in the
directory, the PX Batch Processor checks the file to make sure it has not already been processed. If it is a valid file, it begins processing immediately and produces an End
of Batch file when the job is complete.

The billing batch file can be created either manually or automatically from within an accounting, billing or ERP system. This file contains the customer credit card details (or
billing id), dollar amount to be charged and a merchant reference (e.g. customer invoice number, etc.). This file is put into a specified directory on your company network
and the batch processor finds the new file, and immediately begins processing the file.

Once the batch is complete a file is generated that can be imported back into the accounting/billing system for reconciliation. The file clearly separates out APPROVED and
DECLINED transactions.

The system is very flexible and allows companies to batch process all types of credit card transactions - Purchase, Authorization/Completion and Refund transactions. The
system also has the intelligence to restart from the correct location in the file in the event of a power failure or shutdown on your computer system.

DPS has integrated the PX Batch Processor into a number of large enterprises in NZ and Australia, and can provide the necessary integration tools, advice and plug-ins for
different ERP systems (e.g. SAP, PeopleSoft, etc.).

Merchants are able to track the progress of the transaction processing activity using the online Payment Manager. The Payment Manager provides merchants with a real-
time summary of transactions processed.

            The Batch Processor solution is used by many businesses and large enterprises to quickly and efficiently automate the process of credit card billing.

                                                                       DPS Payment Manager
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All users of the Batch Processor also receive access to the Payment Manager, as part of our standard service. This enables our clients to take advantage of Payline® - a
virtual eftpos terminal on your computer to run Transactions Queries, for both web, MOTO and batch transactions. It also includes access to our Reporting and Business
Intelligence services, for rapid reconciliation and settlement of funds. Note: Payline® can also be provided as a stand alone service to process telephoned or faxed credit
card transactions, in real-time, with next-day settlement of funds.

Payline® is popular with businesses that have previously had to telephone, or fax credit card details to the bank for manual processing, and are now at a
stage where real-time, immediate authorisation and next-day settlement of funds is a requirement.                  To evaluate Payline® please logon to with Username: sample and Password: sample - then select Purchase and use card: 4111 1111 1111 1111
with a valid expiry date to process a test transaction. Note: As this is a sample site, duplicate transactions may occur and a prompt will be displayed.
                                                                       DPS Business Intelligence
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The ability to reconcile and settle funds effectively saves time, money and frustration. Our reports are available in PDF, RTF, or CSV formats, accessible anytime, in real
time via the DPS Payment Manager (Payline®). This is all achieved in a simple 2 step process, as illustrated below. This feature is provided at no additional cost to the

                                                  Step 1 (left): Enter a ‘Report Name’; select the
                                                  ‘Output format’. Select the types of transactions you
                                                  want the report generate. Select the date range and
                                                  how you would like the reports sorted. Click ‘Submit’ to
                                                  generate the report.

                                                  Step 2 (right): Once a report has been generated, it
                                                  will be displayed under the ‘Ready Reports’ section.
                                                  Unread reports are marked in red. To view any ‘Ready
                                                  Reports’, simply click on its title.

          Standard Report in PDF format                       Detailed Transaction Report in CSV format                 Merchant Summary Report in RTF format
                                                                               DPS Monthly Service Fees

                                                                        Free Transactions         Overage Fee (for
              Price Plan                 Monthly Service Fee              included (per             subsequent                 Support              Setup Fee *                   Term
                                                                        Calendar Month)            transactions)
  Business                                         $150                         500                    $0.45                  Email Only                 $200                       N/A
  Business A                                       $250                       1 000                    $0.42                  24×7x365                   $200                  24   Months
  Business B                                       $480                       2 000                    $0.41                  24×7x365                   $200                  24   Months
  Business C                                       $690                       3 000                    $0.40                  24×7x365                   $200                  24   Months
  Business D                                       $880                       4 000                    $0.39                  24×7x365                   $200                  24   Months
  Enterprise                                      $1 000                       5 000                   $0.38                  24×7x365                   $500                  24   Months
  Enterprise A                                    $1 800                      10 000                   $0.35                  24×7x365                   $500                  24   Months
  Enterprise B                                    $2 250                      15 000                   $0.32                  24×7x365                   $500                  24   Months
  Enterprise C                                    $2 500                      20 000                   $0.30                  24×7x365                   $500                  24   Months
  Enterprise D                                    $3 000                      25 000                   $0.28                  24×7x365                   $500                  24   Months
  Transaction                                     $3 500                      30 000                   $0.25                  24×7x365                   POA                   36   Months
  Transaction A                                   $4 000                      35 000                   $0.22                  24×7x365                   POA                   36   Months
  Transaction B                                   $4 500                      40 000                   $0.20                  24×7x365                   POA                   36   Months
  Transaction C                                   $4 750                      45 000                   $0.15                  24×7x365                   POA                   36   Months
  Transaction D                                   $5 000                      50 000                   $0.10                  24×7x365                   POA                   36   Months
Direct Payment Solutions monthly service fee is based on the volume of transactions processed – All ‘off the shelf’ and standard Payment Express® software components / applications are
included in our fees. These can be bundled for a total ‘card not present’ processing solution, including access to the DPS Payment Manager. Please email to confirm
costs and receive a quote for our services, specific to your needs.
Set up fee is billed automatically after 30 days. Monthly Service Fee commences after testing is complete and the live account is activated. The set-up fee covers initial technical support (email
only), access to our software and a test environment to simulate processing via a Direct Payment Solution.
Pricing is charged in the same currency as the acquiring bank account (e.g. if processing both NZ and AUD currencies you will receive two separate charges for the different currencies).
Multicurrency processing is currently only available via the National Australia Bank and Bank of New Zealand. There may be additional set up fees from the acquirer for this service. Please
discuss this directly with your banking representative. There is an additional $100 set up for Multicurrency processing / account configuration.
* DPS charge $100 for setting up each additional merchant account, above and beyond the 4 included in a standard set up (up to 9989 merchant accounts can be added and processed via a
single interface into multiple bank accounts, with 9990 – 9999 reserved for testing).
* There is a $30 set up fee for setting up of additional users to the DPS Payment Manager
Development and Professional Services cost is $150 per hour, per person (if required).
Customer must agree to DPS standard terms and conditions.
All pricing is plus GST (if any).

Please note: All transaction types and requests, sent to DPS by the merchant, are billable.

                                                                            Getting Started

Getting started and setup with a DPS solution is a simple 3 step process.

o Apply online with DPS at       We will provide your with a test account, where you can simulate test transactions and integrate into your billing
  software if necessary. To apply please complete the application wizard.
o Organize for an electronic merchant facility with your bank / acquirer, which DPS has connectivity to. For more information on this, please view the ‘Australian Merchant
  Activation Guide’ or the ‘New Zealand Merchant Activation Guide’.
o Once your systems administrator has completed integration and testing, send through your electronic merchant account details (obtained from your bank/acquirer).

DPS’ Technical Support team will be able to assist and provide guidance to the merchant through all three steps outlined above. Please contact
if you have any questions, or need additional information. Alternatively the team can be contacted on 1 800 006 254 (toll free from Australia) or +64 9 309 4693
(0800 PAYMENT) from within New Zealand.

Useful Links:

o Visit the Payment Express® website
o View product specific brochures


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