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                                     basEd practice

                                     T    he key concept behind applied psychology
                                          is the application of theory into practice,
                                     and using existing knowledge to inform best
                                     practice. This is the essence of the term
                                                                                          conduct, and interpret research studies that
                                                                                          can guide EBPP, as we regard psychology as
                                                                                          a scientifically based profession. Psychology
                                                                                          is unique in that it combines a scientific
                                     “evidence-based practice” in psychology.             commitment with an emphasis on human
                                     Psychologists have been at the forefront of          relationships and individual differences (APA
                                     the development of evidence-based practice           Presidential Task Force, 2006). Psychological
                                     for many years, with the implementation of           practice needs to be based on evidence and
                                     the American Psychological Association (APA)         the research done needs to balance both
                                     policy on training doctoral psychologists as both    internal validity (degree of certainty with which
                                     scientists and practitioners as early as 1947        causal inferences can be made with regard
                                     (APA Presidential Task Force, 2006). In 2005,        to the relationship between independent and
                                     the APA created a Presidential Task Force to         dependent variables) and external validity
                                     investigate evidence-based practice (EBP) in         (generalisability). It needs to be recognised,
                                     psychology. The Task Force was charged with          however, that research will not always address
                                     defining and explicating principles of EBP in        all practice needs.
                                     psychology, but not with developing guidelines                   When evaluating research studies
                                     for practice.                                        and their utility, psychologists need to
                                                 As a result of the massive literature    consider a number of factors. Some of the
                                     review and subsequent discussions on the             decisions a psychologist may need to make
                                     literature, the Task Force arrived at the            may revolve around what weight to place on
                                     following definition: “Evidence-based practice       different research methods, considering the
                                     in psychology (EBPP) is the integration of the       representativeness of samples in the research
                                     best available research with clinical expertise in   study, and whether the research results
                                     the context of patient characteristics, culture,     should guide practice in change, intervention
                                     and preferences” (APA Presidential Task              strategies, and specific protocols. Another
         contact us:                 Force, 2006, p. 273). This definition has an
                                     exceptionally clinical flavor, and the Task Force
                                                                                          important consideration is the generalisability
                                                                                          and transportability of results from controlled
         johannesburg                acknowledges that psychological practice entails     settings to practice (which often differs
         +27 11 781 3705/6/7         many types of interventions in multiple settings     in reality), and also the extent to which
                                     for a wide variety of potential clients.             judgements can be made when only limited
         cape town                               In order to create a more generic        research has been done in a particular area
         +27 21 913 0541             definition from which to work, we at JvR have        (APA Presidential Task Force, 2006).
                                     defined EBPP as the following: “Evidence-based                   It is essential to remember that there
                                     practice in psychology is the integration of         are a number of different types of research
                                     the best available research with professional        methodologies that provide different kinds of
                                     expertise in the context of individual, group,       research evidence, and that some research
                                     organisation, or community characteristics,          designs address certain questions better than
                                     culture, and preferences”. The specific elements     others. Case studies, qualitative studies,
                                     of best available research, professional             process-outcome studies, and meta-analyses
                                     expertise, and client characteristics, culture and   are all examples of different types of research
                                     preferences will be discussed.                       designs that could add value in various ways.
                                                 Best available research evidence:        When multiple types of research evidence
                                     Psychologists are well-equipped to design,           is available, the psychologist will be better

j opie van rooyen                                                                                                   continues on page 2
                                     pageone                                                        www.jvrafrica.co.za
                                                     continues from page 1
                                                     equipped to make solid decisions about               knowledge and skills could be a barrier to
                                                     best practice.                                       implementing EBPP. If the individual has not
                                                                 Professional expertise:                  mastered a basic set of competencies, they
                                                     Professional expertise refers to competence          may find it difficult to implement new practices.
                                                     attained through education, training and             Another barrier is when the service provider
                                                     experience, resulting in effective practice.         teams have difficulty in developing a cohesive
                                                     It is essential for identifying and integrating      service plan for the client. When working
                                                     best research evidence with data obtained            together in a team, it is vital to coordinate
                                                     in the client’s environment in the context of        and integrate the contributions of each team
                                                     the client’s characteristics and preferences in      member to make sure that the intervention is
                                                     order to deliver services that have the highest      an effective and dynamic one. The last barrier
                                                     probability of achieving the client’s goals.         has to do with the limited time available for
                                                     Professional expertise is informed by scientific     training – if the professional does not have time
                     international                   expertise, thereby lending the term professional
                                                     scientists to psychologists in practice (Stricker
                                                                                                          (or other resources) available to be trained in
                                                                                                          the latest technologies or best practices, they
                     Lecture series                  & Trierweiler, 1995).
                                                                 Central to the concept of professional
                                                                                                          will not be able to implement that which they
                                                                                                          do not know.
                                                     expertise is having competence in areas                         Corrigan et al. (2001) also
                                                     such as assessment, diagnostic judgement,            identified a number of strategies to facilitate
                                                     systematic project formulation and intervention      the implementation of EBPP. The creation of
                                                     planning. Professional decision-making,              user-friendly process manuals and guidelines
                                                     intervention implementation and monitoring           should make the dissemination of the principles
                                                     of progress, as well as interpersonal expertise      and practice of EBPP easier for individuals,
                                                     were also all identified as key components           and should be accompanied by a programme
                                                     of professional expertise (APA Presidential          to educate professionals on the skills and
                                                     Task Force, 2006). Inherent to the practice of       principles in EBPP. Within an organisation, it is
                                                     psychology is the continual self-reflection and      vital to improve the organisational dynamics
                                                     acquisition of skills as well as the appropriate     through building team leadership, ensuring
                                                     evaluation and use of research evidence in both      total quality management, and engaging in
                                                     basic and applied psychological consultation.        interactive staff training.
                                                     Psychologists should be able to understand the                  Summary:
                                                     influence of individual, group and organisational    The question may be asked: “Why should I be
Come experience TYPE like never before!              differences and the dynamic interplay amongst        concerned about EBPP? What I do works for
                                                     these and other contextual variables on              me!” The fact of the matter is that individual
Join us for once-in-a-lifetime advanced MBTI         interventions, and seek available resources          psychologists have a substantial impact on the
accreditation and application workshops.             as needed. Professional expertise is also            outcome of the interventions in which they
Delegates will discover the newest                   characterised by having a cogent rationale for       are involved. Also, should any organization
international trends and insights, learning          psychological consultation strategies.               or individual question your process, you
from Linda Kirby and Nancy Barger, the                           Individual, group, organisation,         should be sure to have the scientific evidence
icons in TYPE training, against the backdrop                     or community characteristics,            to strengthen your argument. We have to
of culture, the evolution of life, and the origins               culture, and preferences:                remember that even experts are not infallible,
of humankind at Maropeng’s Conference                The most important aspect of EBPP in terms           so where there is consensus on a particular
Centre and then in our beautiful Mother City.        of the client is the realisation that each           methodology, the concurrent evidence should
Jot these three dates down now and book              client is different, and have their own unique       point to the validity of the methodology.
your seat                                            combinations of characteristics, culture and         The nature of work in psychology always
                                                     preferences. Psychologists are usually schooled      provides a risk of idiosyncratic interpretations,
MBTI Step II Accreditation Workshop                  in the theory of individual differences, and are     overgeneralisations, and confirmatory biases.
                                                     well-placed to understand that there is almost       Evidence-based practice should help to reduce
date:         Monday, 12 May 2008                    never a “one-size-fits-all” solution for clients.    the risks by providing a scientific platform to
Presenters:   Linda Kirby and Nancy Barger           While best practice would provide general            the interpretations resulting from psychological
Venue:        Maropeng                               guidelines in any psychological intervention,        interventions.
                                                     it is always up to the psychologist to ensure
Using MBTI Step II for Team                          that the intervention is designed to address         References
Development                                          the client’s needs according to their unique
                                                                                                          APA Presidential Task Force on Evidence-Based Practice.
                                                                                                          (2006). Evidence-based practice in psychology.
                                                     attributes and context.                              American Psychologist, 61, 271-285.
date:         Tuesday, 13 May 2008                               Implementing EBPP:
Presenters:   Linda Kirby and Nancy Barger           There are a number of barriers that a                Corrigan, P. W., Steiner, L., McCracken, S. G., Blaser,
Venue:        Maropeng                               professional could experience in implementing        B., & Barr, M. (2001). Strategies for disseminating
                                                     EBP in their work. Some research has been            evidence-based practice to staff who treat people with
Using MBTI Step I for Coaching Leaders               done in the clinical arena (Corrigan, Steiner,
                                                                                                          serious mental illness. Psychiatric Services, 52, 1598-
                                                     McCracken, Blaser & Barr, 2001), and it is likely
date:         Thursday, 15 May 2008                  that these barriers would translate to any other     Stricker, G., & Trierweiler, S. J. (1995). The local clinical
Presenters:   Linda Kirby and Nancy Barger           psychological context. Corrigan et al. (2001)        scientist: A bridge between science and practice.
Venue:        Cape Town                              found that the professional’s lack of necessary      American Psychologist, 50, 995-1002.

*There will be a shuttle service, available

                                                         siOPsa future conference
free of charge, from JvR’s Johannesburg
offices to Maropeng on the dates of the

Act fast and book now!

          or call:
                     (011) 781 3705 (JHB)
                     (021) 913 0541 (CT)             O         n Tuesday 26 February, SIOPSA held
                                                               a one-day conference on the future of
                                                     Industrial/Organisational Psychology in South
                                                                                                          tasked, in various ways, to identify themes
                                                                                                          critical to the future of IOP’s. At the end of the
                                                                                                          day, eleven key areas of focus were identified,
                                                     Africa at the University of Johannesburg’s           and the participants were asked to indicate
                                                     School of Tourism venue. A number of                 their willingness to participate in the task
                                                     prominent IO Psychologists (IOPs) from               groups to provide a project plan for each area
                                                     different backgrounds and years of experience        by the SIOPSA Conference in May. At that
                                                     were present to debate this area of special          point, it is hoped that more IOP’s will volunteer
                                                     concern. The day was facilitated by Theo             their time to participate in creating a new
                                                     Veldsman, the UJ venue was excellent and             future for IO Psychology in South Africa.
                                                     the people who attended were involved and            JvR would like to congratulate SIOPSA on
                                                     passionate, creating a really positive vibe! Jopie   taking the lead with such a critically important
                                                     de Beer and Nicola Taylor attended the day on        matter, and will certainly be pledging our
                                                     behalf of JvR.                                       support in the discussions around the
                                                                The issue was on the future of IO         respective topics.
                                                     Psychology in South Africa. The group was

 j opie van rooyen
                                                     pagetwo                                                           www.jvrafrica.co.za
                                               assEssMEnT cEnTRE
                                                             sTUdy GROUP
                                                          stellenbosch conference, 12-14 March 2008
                                                        s always, the recent ACSG conference        to the organisation from an individual level,
                                                        in Stellenbosch was excellent! The JvR      thus assisting HR in driving the organization’s
                                               employees who attended came back with lots of        strategy and overall success.
                                               new ideas, insights and even some drumming                       With her cutting-edge research on
                                               expertise. The international speakers such as        assessment centre construct validity and its
                                               Deniz Ones, Eva Bergvall and Stephen Dilchert        implications for AC use in applied settings,
                                               were well received, as was Theo Veldsman’s           Deniz Ones discussed how AC dimensions can
                                               opening address on profiling talent for success.     be used to provide developmental feedback
                                                           The conference topics and                and how this information can and should
                                               presentations reflected the current changes          be supplemented by psychometric tests.
                                               in the world of Assessment Centres (AC).             Her colleague, Stephen Dilchert, is an avid
                                               Due to the challenges faced nationally and           researcher of the individual differences in the
                                               internationally, there seems to be a slight          domains of cognitive ability and personality.
                                               paradigm shift from from using Assessement           He, once again, confirmed the importance of
                                               and Development Centre technology purely for         cognitive ability in predicting work success, and
                                               selection or development purposes to viewing         presented evidence that supports the reliability
                                               it as the first step in the process of driving       and validity of traditional cognitive ability tests
                                               organizational success. Traditionally, while         in applied settings.
                                               some organisations preferred to use the results                  A specific highlight of the conference
                                               from an AC as the starting block from where          was the launch of a new AC design handbook
                                               talent management and succession planning            by Prof Gert Roodt and Sandra Schlebusch.
                                               can be inferred, others view AC’s as a tool          This book (Assessment Centres: Unlocking
                                               which will ensure that the right people are          potential for growth) will assist practitioners in
                                               selected and developed into the right positions      following an evidence-based approach to AC
                                               in accordance with their competence and              design, implementation and standardization. It
                                               knowledge. The more integrated approach may          is the first of its kind for SA and is an excellent
                                               ensure personal motivation and an increase           addition to any AC practitioner’s toolkit.
                                               in the overall performance and contribution

                                               Do You Know of Deniz Ones’s Research?
                                               Professor Deniz Ones from the University of          personality in the workplace, counterproductive
                                               Minnesota visited South Africa in March as a         work behaviours, and assessment centres. JvR
                                               keynote speaker for the Assessment Centre            was privileged to have been represented at
JvR’s Johannesburg offices(Above) and Cape     Study Group conference in Stellenbosch.              each of these talks, and found immense value
Town offices (Below) were bustling with        In association with the ACSG, SIOPSA, and the        from the knowledge that Deniz shared. Please
eager-to-learn, future psychologists, on our   Universities of Johannesburg and Stellenbosch,       make sure to Google her research or ask us for
first annual Student Open Day.                 Professor Ones conducted a number of lectures        more information at research@jvrafrica.co.za
                                               and talks on topics such as social desirability,

                                                                                                                      1st annual

                                               sTUdEnT OPEn day
                                               O        pen Days at JvR are usually exciting
                                                        and challenging at the same time.
                                               And it was no exception when the Cape Town
                                                                                                    guidelines, ethics and the JvR Research
                                                                                                    Assistance Programme. Case studies on
                                                                                                    recruitment & selection and team development
                                               and Johannesburg offices hosted our first            resulted in interactive discussions, along with
                                               Student Open Day on Leap Day, 29 February.           innovative solutions and responses.
                                                         Short presentations were given                        Thank you for all the positive
                                               on a number of topics, including consulting          feedback. We look forward to this becoming a
                                               psychology, the HPCSA regulations and                permanent fixture on our JvR calendar.

                                               JvR consulting

                  contact us:
                  +27 11 781 3705/6/7
                                                                       for Remediation and Peak Performance
                  cape town
                  +27 21 913 0541
                                                         affeine, Prozac, Ritalin, Anyone...?       life. In the face of this overwhelming scenario,
                                                         Our society’s destructive overreliance     a new technique, a science still in its infancy,
                                               on drugs – licit and illicit – suggests a frenetic   is starting to attract attention.
                                               search for ways to cope with the daily demands                   Neurofeedback also called
                                               of life in the third millennium. We are stressed     neurotherapy, or EEG biofeedback is a
                                               out, sleep deprived, exhausted, depressed with       technique or a therapy that has been
                                               few effective solutions offered to us. Children      found to effectively improve a spectrum of
                                               are displaying an increased amount of learning       symptoms and illnesses such as attention
                                               and behaviour problems. Our competitive              deficient disorder, learning disabilities, autism,
                                               culture places a high value and demand on            depression, addiction, closed-head injuries,
                                               performing at peak levels in every sphere of         autism, epilepsy, migraines, chronic pain,

  j opie van rooyen                                                                                                            continues on page 4
                                               pagethree                                                       www.jvrafrica.co.za
                                              continues from page 3
                                              stroke, PTSD, and Tourette’s syndrome, among                    The Othmers argue that we do not
                                              many others.                                         suffer an epidemic of depression, chronic
                                                          In the 1960’s Barry Sternman,            pain, or immune system dysfunction. Instead,
                                              a researcher stumbled upon the effects of            the epidemic needs to be conceptualised in
                                              neurofeedback inadvertently while doing              terms of a hyperactive or worn-out nervous
                                              research with cats. He first discovered that cats    systems. It could have been damaged at
                                              could be operantly conditioned to create specific    birth, through physical or emotional trauma,
                                              brainwaves on their own – to wilfully alter what     or imbalanced by a culture that produces an
                                              was thought to be out of their control. Later he     inordinate amount of stress. There are only
                                              discovered that the cats which had been trained      three diagnoses under the Othmer model of
                                              in this manner, when injected with a seizure         arousal: Firstly, that of chronic over-arousal
                                              inducing substance, had a delayed onset of           of the brain, such that an individual cannot
                                              epilepsy, or did not have seizures at all. On the    relax. This results in, for example, anxiety,
                                              other hand, the control group cats who had not       agitation, impulsivity, or anger. Secondly, an
                                              had not been trained with neurofeedback were         individual may be chronically under-aroused,
                                              severely and effected by grand mal seizures.         resulting in some types of depression, lack of
                                              After these discoveries, he went on to treat         motivation, and ‘spaciness’. The third principle
                                              many humans with epilepsy successfully.              diagnosis is brain instability. Bi-polar disorder,
                                              Others such as Margaret Ayers, Sue and               migraines, PMS, panic attacks, motor and vocal
                                              Siegfied Othmer, who also played a significant       ticks, vertigo, bruxism (teeth grinding), and
                                              role in the pioneering of neurofeedback, found       epilepsy are considered stability problems.
                                              that many other illnesses and symptoms could         With any of the three conditions, the stressed
   catalogue                                  be greatly improved or eliminated with the use       out brain and the rest of the central nervous
   Let the Final countdown begin…5, 4,        of neurofeedback.                                    system are not stable. They render people
   3, 2, 1…Our new bi-annual catalogue                    Neurofeedback is a science which         susceptible to any condition to which they may
   2008/09 will be arriving soon, featuring   simply quantifies subtle electrical information      be pre-disposed. This model changes the way
   exciting new south african and             from a person’s brain with the use of electrodes     one approaches, diagnosis and treatment of
   international products!!                   placed on certain sites of the head, and             the above mentioned illnesses, from previously
              if you would like to get a      then amplifies the brain frequencies that are        categorising them according to the DSM-IV.
   head start and receive a copy of the       produced. This information is then fed back to                  While neurofeedback has been used
   catalogue ‘hot off the press’, please      that person, by the use of a computer game or        successfully to treat a number of problems,
   contact us at info@jvrafrica.co.za with    sounds. Certain brain frequencies are inhibited,     symptoms and illnesses, it is also becoming
   your contact & postal details.             while others are rewarded. This results in the       more widely used by people who simply want
                                              increased stability of certain areas of the brain,   to enhance their performance by improving
                                              as well as the ability to move flexibly between      memory, sleep, energy levels, cognition,
                                              mental states. For example, a person is able to      concentration and creativity. Sportsmen,
   Training schedule                          transition more fluidly and wilfully from sleep
                                              to consciousness or arousal to relaxation. Over
                                                                                                   musicians and other high performance
                                                                                                   professionals are beginning to make use of
   The 2008 version of the JvR training       time, the brain is trained to be more vigorous       the technique. It is also being used for stress
   academy schedule is available              and able to do a better job of managing body         management and peak performance in a
   in both electronic and hardcopy            and mind.                                            corporate setting.
   formats. if you would like to receive a                But how can one tool treat so many                  Neurofeedback, though still a young
   copy of the schedule, requests can         seemingly disparate problems? The answer to          science is an exciting field, and as it grows,
   be sent to elma@jvrafrica.co.za            this lies in the model on which neurofeedback        one of the most promising aspects of its
                                              is based, the model of arousal. According to         future is the use of the technique to enhance
                                              Sue and Siegfried Othmer, pioneers in the            other interventions. At JvRC, consistent
                                              development of the neurofeedback equipment,          with our consulting psychology model which
   Website                                    and founders of EEG Spectrum, neurofeedback
                                              can treat so many seemingly unrelated
                                                                                                   draws from the various disciplines within
                                                                                                   psychology, we will be offering neurofeedback
   We are currently in the final stages of    problems because they are really rooted in just      in the near future. It will be provided as
   our new website’s development. We          one condition – the dysregulation of the brain.      part of our individual development and
   will be launching early in april 2008.     Since the brain is in command of all aspects of      coaching programmes in order to develop
   We look forward to introducing a fresh     the functioning of the body, once it is running at   poor functioning, as well as optimise effective
   new look, feel and functionality for       the appropriate speed and has been stabilised,       functioning. For more information, you are
   our website in the new year.               it more able to resolve the presenting issue.        welcome to contact Nicole@jvrafrica.co.za

                                                The MbTi                                   TyPE in Understanding Teams*
                                              T    he MBTI® instrument, based on Carl
                                                   Jung’s theory of type, has been applied
                                              in a number of contexts around the world for
                                                                                                   we find ourselves facing complaints about
                                                                                                   interpersonal issues. This may in fact be a
                                                                                                   symptom as opposed to a cause of the problem
           contact us:                        over 60 years. Examples of such applications
                                              include individual coaching, career guidance,
                                                                                                   which may be fuelled by an operational issue
                                                                                                   within the team. We have found that the
           johannesburg                       group or team development, and even creating         results obtained, through delivering MBTI®
                                              organizational awareness. Essentially, the           workshops, can be optimized and enhanced by
           +27 11 781 3705/6/7                MBTI® instrument has been applied in these           taking the context into consideration. In fact,
           cape town                          situations so as to provide insight into how our     our experience in applying the theory in teams
           +27 21 913 0541                    preferences and tendencies can influence the         encountering these symptoms revealed certain
                                              way in which we deal with changing situations,       trends which raise three fundamental questions
                                              how we manage conflict, how we communicate           facilitators need to ask in order to understand
                                              with others, the way we prefer to learn and how      the team in its context. These questions are:
                                              we contribute to teams.                              what work is to be done by the team and its
                                                         This theory has more often than not       members (content)? What steps or processes
                                              been applied within the area of teams for a          does the team need to take to fulfill its role
                                              number of reasons which may include attending        (processes)? And lastly, do the team member’s
                                              to symptoms such as poor team performance,           know who they need to talk to carry out their
                                              poor team dynamics, politics, communication          respective roles (interface). These questions
                                              related issues etc. Though as consultants in         highlight that the underlying cause is often
                                              the field of psychology it is often the case that    related to a systemic issue such as a lack of

j opie van rooyen                                                                                                            continues on page 5
                                              pagefour                                                       www.jvrafrica.co.za
                                     continues from page 4
                                     role clarity as opposed to a surface issue such       be used as one of the activities facilitators can
                                     as poor team dynamics.                                implement to create awareness within the team
                                                                                           and harness this knowledge to work effectively
                                     So what is the role of type theory within             with one another on an interpersonal level so
                                     the context of teams?                                 that the team can focus with clarity on dealing
                                                                                           with more systemic or operational issues.
                                     The underlying premise on which team                              In conclusion, the MBTI® instrument
                                     related efforts are based is that it provides an      is based on a sound theory that emerged in
                                     opportunity to create a level of self-awareness       the early part of the last century and has been
                                     within each individual and in addition provide        applied in a number of contexts around the
                                     a sound theoretical lens through which to             world with great effect. However, using type
                                     look at, understanding and appreciate other’s         theory in isolation can result in less impressive
                                     preferences in the way in which they deal             outcomes if the context is not taken into
                                     with the world. In raising this awareness,            consideration. So depending on the context,
                                     individuals are given insight into the make-up        it would be ideal if the process is designed to
                                     of the team. However, to ensure that the effort       elicit the fundamental problems around the
                                     is sustainable facilitators will need to figure out   content (what people do), processes (how
                                     a way to carefully incorporate type theory into       people do their work), and interface (how
                                     the process they are facilitating. Essentially        people will need to interact) within the team
                                     process facilitation concerns applying a              context while at the same time incorporating
                                     number of activities geared to create a level of      type theory.
                                     understanding within the team and then taking                     For more information, feel free to
                                     action to improve how the team operates. As           contact gareth@jvrafrica.co.za
                                     part of the process the theory of type could

                                                   and THE aRT OF TRacKinG

                                                                                                              by: ian Mccallum
                                                  hat follows is an excerpt from a book    We keep track of family and friends, of the
                                                  that is due to be published during the   weather, of time, birthdays, human scandals,
                                     course of this year entitled ‘Wild Leaders’. It is    seasons and situations. We track the progress
                                     a book that addresses the topic of ecological         of plans, investments as well as the alarm and
                                     literacy, leadership and the ‘spoor’ of influence.    territorial calls of colleagues and competitors.
                                     I have used the art of tracking as a metaphor         We cover our tracks, we double track and we
                                     and as a practical exercise to help us get to         lose track (the reason why we seek help).
                                     know ourselves a little better. To give this work     Tracking is about sequence and consequence.
                                     the required credibility, I became an accredited      It is fundamental to the origins of logical
                                     administrator of the Myers-Briggs Type                thinking, to language, science, music, culture
                                     Indicator. I am very grateful for this.               and economics. Unable to track, there would
                                                   In the past ten years, working and      be no diagnostic medicine, no music, no space
                                     guiding in many of the wild areas of south and        travel, no literature, no Sherlock Holmes. There
   Reminder from                     central Africa, much of my interest has been
                                     directed to the study of the animal-human
                                                                                           may have been an Iliad but because Odysseus
                                                                                           would have been unable to find his way home,
   accounts:                         interface, to the exciting field of evolutionary
                                     biology and to what we learn about ourselves
                                                                                           no Odyssey. It is fundamental to ecological
                                                                                           literacy, to leadership and ultimately, to our
   Please check your statement       from the wild. I have been equally drawn              survival.
   carefully and advise us of any    to the principles and art of tracking and to          And we all track differently.
   discrepancies.                    the delightful discovery of the parallels and
                                     application of this ancient art to my training as     Drawing on CG Jung’s typology, it is not that
   Ensure that you fax or email a    a psychiatrist and analyst.                           difficult to see how tracking styles can be linked
   remittance when making payment                  Every animal leaves a spoor – a         to innate mental processes, more specifically,
   to the JvR bank account.          track, a ‘calling card’, a signature, a document      to the functions of thinking, feeling, sensation
                                     and a narrative of their behaviour and of their       and intuition. There are essentially four styles
   Please use the account number     intentions. To wake up in the morning and to          or priorities of tracking, each in their own way
   or document as a reference when   go out in search of tracks is as deliberate and       an indication of a preferred style or disposition
   making payment.                   as informative as going out to buy the morning        of the tracker. We all have something of
                                     newspaper. Like the analysis of a dream, to           each style. The degree to which these styles
                                     analyse the nocturnal tracks in the wild is to        can be integrated will determine the overall
                                     read the diary of the night. It is to participate     competence and influence of the tracker. They
                                     in a ward-round in which the comings and              also determine areas of strengths as well as
                                     goings of ‘patients’ and ‘visitors’ are analyzed      skills that need to be worked on.
                                     assessed and evaluated. To see a fresh track                      PRECISION trackers pay careful
          contact us:                of a leopard, for instance, is often the closest
                                     you will get to seeing the animal. Be excited
                                                                                           attention to detail, to the impact of the track
                                                                                           in and around the substrate. They are quick
                                     – it is still an encounter. You may not see that      to notice peculiarities that are specific to the
          johannesburg               leopard, but you can be quite sure it will have       animal such as wear and tear on hoofs or pads,
          +27 11 781 3705/6/7        seen you. To hear a snatch of information or          size, shape and likely weight and gender of the
          cape town                  a faint alarm call from a patient is sometimes        animal. These are clearly SENSATE trackers.
          +27 21 913 0541            your only indication that you are on the right                    PROCESS trackers tend to be more
                                     path to the core of that patient’s suffering. Be      systematic. They are more drawn to direction
                                     prepared – it is still an encounter. Sometimes        - where do the tracks come from, what are
                                     you determine more about an animal from               they communicating now and where are they
                                     its tracks, ‘droppings’ and the calls than from       headed. Logical thinking, impartiality and
                                     direct observation of the animal itself.              cause and effect play a big part in the way they
                                                   How you track is how you learn, how     process information. These are the THINKING
                                     you live and how you lead. It determines the          trackers.
                                     way you interpret the news and the intentions                     PROBABILITY trackers are more
                                     of others. It is how you assess the signs of          drawn to scanning than to the focused approach
                                     the times. Linked to our inborn temperaments          of the first two ‘type’. Once the animal has been
                                     and personality styles, tracking is innate.           identified, they turn their attention to linking

j opie van rooyen                                                                                                    continues on page 6
                                     pagefive                                                        www.jvrafrica.co.za
                                          continues from page 5
                                          the spoor to the surrounding vegetation and          They have a strong empathy for the animal
                                          landscape. They are quick to derive patterns         they are tracking. These are the FEELING
                                          and connections from what they read in the           trackers.
                                          spoor. These are the INTUITIVE trackers.
                                                     PROJECTION trackers put                   We could go on, but there’ll be more, later.
                                          themselves ‘into the skin’ of the animal. After      In the meantime, if you want to do some
                                          identifying the spoor, it is as if they ‘become’     wilderness tracking, please visit
                                          the animal. Sometimes they take on the               www.inventafrica.com to find out more or
                                          animal’s gait and body position.                     call JvR on (011) 781 3705 // (021) 913 0541.

                                          aFRican LEadERsHiP
                                                                             cOnFEREncE at MaROPEnG
                                          s     ome of JvR’s senior managers attended a
                                                recent Knowledge Resources conference
                                          on African Leadership. The activities started
                                          off with Colin Hall sharing his views on African
                                                                                               for society.
                                                                                                          Dr Lushaba’s presentation on
                                                                                               Effective Leadership highlighted the following
                                                                                               challenges Africans face: poverty, poor health,
                                          Leaders, Ubuntu and the role of the follower         poor and inadequate institutional planning,
                                          in defining Leaders. This thought provoking          abuse of power, lack of accountability,
                                          presentation was followed by Dr Msiska,              inadequate education and high illiteracy,
                                          Director of the UNDP: Southern Africa Capacity       despondency, apathy, high violent crime,
                                          Initiative, discussing research results on the       and natural disaster. These challenges can
                                          dominant mindset in Africa which has evolved         be addressed through creating harmony and
                                          through various stages. From the slavery             prosperity for all, working jointly in lasting
                                          mindset where the slave owner viewed the             efforts for peace & stability, no greed or
                                          slave as “not human” and the slave developing        self-serving interests and celebrating ‘WE’
                                          a mindset of “who am I?”, to Colonialism and         before ‘ME’. By looking at different African
                                          apartheid where the slavery mindset was              state’s leadership styles, he concluded that the
                                          substituted for a superior vs. inferior mindset.     following principles define effective leadership
   newsletter                             With Post-colonialism, the new leadership
                                          had a similar mindset of being superior over
                                                                                               styles: Ubuntu, honesty, integrity, dedication
                                                                                               to high work ethic, focus on shared vision and
   Feedback                               the inferior subordinates and the increase
                                          of drought and war in Africa resulted in an
                                                                                               mission and offering resilient, bold and decisive
   should you have any comments or        increase in poverty, with the accompanying                      Then there was also Prof Hellicy
   requests specific to our newsletter,   poverty mindset. According to Dr. Msiska             Ngambi from Unisa who shed some light on her
   please contact us at:                  the mindset which will facilitate sustained          research on trust-building as a leadership pillar
   hofmeyr@jvrafrica.co.za.               growth and creativity in Africa should be one        in a cross-cultural context, and Eric Mafuna
   We would love to hear from you.        of a Servant Leader. Where the leader has            presented a new leadership paradigm to the
                                          no inferiority or superiority complex and the        group: The Constellational Leadership Model.
                                          subordinate believes the leader is interested                   The unanimous conclusion between
                                          in his/her improvement. This will result in          attendees, and the only critique, was that there
                                          behaviour which welcomes change and sees it          should have been more time for these eloquent
                                          as an opportunity to improve, with creative and      speakers to share their views. Hopefully the
                                          innovative problem solving and respect               next one will be at least two days long!

                                             16 PF Rollout

                                          J     vR is in the process of implementing a
                                                training initiative which would enable
                                          lecturers of Psychology to provide accreditation
                                          training on the 16PF5. This initiative applies
                                                                                               geographical boundaries within which the
                                                                                               training may take place.
                                                                                                          The lecturers will also be required
                                                                                               to remain the supervising psychologists for
                                          to lecturers who have been employed by a             Master’s students trained in the 16PF5 until
                                          University on a full time basis for at least         such time as the student is registered with
                                          the past three years and who are currently           the HPCSA. This has specific bearing on the
                                          registered as psychologists with the HPCSA.          purchasing of 16PF5 material, interpretation of
                                                      In order to facilitate this process we   reports and report writing.
                                          request that lecturers who meet the criteria                    As you may already know, the 16PF
           contact us:                    for this initiative, attend a two day 16PF5
                                          accreditation training workshop at either our
                                                                                               has shown itself to be a well-researched and
                                                                                               very versatile psychometric instrument within
           johannesburg                   Johannesburg or                                      a variety of contexts. However due to our
                                          Cape Town office.                                    commitment to our international publishers
           +27 11 781 3705/6/7                        After completion of the training         as well as the need to keep up to date with
           cape town                      course, each lecturer will be provided with          international test developments, we will be
           +27 21 913 0541                a training pack which will contain all the           starting to phase out earlier versions of the
                                          necessary master copy training materials to          16PF in favour of the 16PF5. Therefore we
                                          enable the lecturer to conduct a 2 day 16PF5         have no hesitation in partnering with selected
                                          training workshop. In addition, the lecturer         lecturers with the view to introducing the latest
                                          will need to pass a 16PF5 qualifying exam and        version of the 16PF and in so doing increasing
                                          will then be requested to sign a contract with       the use of the instrument by appropriately
                                          JvR. The contract will include aspects such as       qualified professionals. Should you have any
                                          copyright, and the lecturer’s commitment to the      queries regarding this training initiative, please
                                          ethical use of the 16PF5 material and training       do not hesitate to contact Marty Ferreira at
                                          material, in keeping with HPCSA regulations.         JvR on either (011) 781 3705/6 or via
                                          This contract will also include aspects such         e-mail: marty@jvrafrica.co.za
                                          as standard examination procedure and the

j opie van rooyen
                                          pagesix                                                        www.jvrafrica.co.za
                                                 Well done Liza-Marie!
                                                 JvR is excited by academic excellence! For        Liza-Marie Vermeulen in Potchefstroom in
                                                 the past two years we have sponsored a prize      March. Lize-Marie is a truly worthy recipient
                                                 for the best Masters’ student in Industrial       and her hard work and brilliant results are
                                                 Psychology at North West University. Dr Jopie     inspiring. Congratulations!
                                                 de Beer proudly presented this prize to

                                                 JObs on OFFER
                                                 RESEARCHER – REF: RESEARCH                            statistical analysis programs
                                                                                                   •   Must be computer literate, with in-depth
                                                 JvR requires the services of a researcher             knowledge of Excel and Word
                                                 to assist with the validation of psychometric     • Should be professional and able to work as
                                                 assessments                                           part of a team
                                                                                                   • Should have experience in writing and
                                                             The ideal candidate:                      evaluating research proposals
                                                 •   Must hold a current registration as           If you need any more information, please
                                                     psychometrist or Research Psychologist with   contact Nicola Taylor on (011) 781-3705.
                                                     the HPCSA
                                                 •   Should have been registered with the HPCSA
                                                     for at least one year                         TRAINER – REF: TRAINING ACADEMY
                                                 •   Must have at least a Master’s degree in
                                                     Psychology or Research Psychology             The JvR Training Academy is growing! We are
                                                 •   Should have at least three years experience   looking for a psychologist who is passionate
                                                     working in research                           about training. If you think you should be
                                                 •   Must have proven experience in the            the newest trainer on our team, please email
                                                     validation of psychometric assessments        kathy@jvrafrica.co.za
                                                     (esp. reliability, factor analysis,
                                                     SEM experience)                               If you meet the requirements for the above

   Training Venue                                •   Should have thorough knowledge of
                                                     psychological assessments
                                                                                                   vacancies, we’d love to see your CV. Please
                                                                                                   send a brief copy (citing the relevant
                                                     and psychometrics                             REFERENCE) to rita@jvrafrica.co.za.
   The JvR Training Academy is happy             •   Must have experience in SPSS and other
   to announce that our training room
   is in the process of being upgraded!
   Come May, we will boast a new and
   improved venue that will be able to           JVR TRaininG acadEMy UPcOMinG EVEnTs
   comfortably accommodate 20-25
              We are looking forward             The Lens                                          10-11 april 2008                         Jhb
   to seeing all our clients enjoy our
   improved training venue with us!
                                                 south african accreditation                       1.5 days                           R3190.00

                                                 customer Excellence survey 14-16 april 2008                                                Jhb
                                                 south african accreditation                           2.5 days                       R5325.00

   if you do not want to receive the             MbTi Qualifying Training                          15-18 april 2008                           cT
   newsletter, reply to this message with
   the word “unsubscribe” in the subject         international accreditation                       3.5 days                           R7545.00
   line. To ensure that your address is
   removed from our database, please
   include the e-mail address the news-          Psychology in the courtroom 17 april 2008                                                  Jhb
   letter was originally sent to.
                                                 cPd Workshop                                          1 day                          R2850.00

                                                 MbTi Refresher                                    22 april 2008                            Jhb
                                                 south african accreditation                       1 day                              R2385.00
      jopie van rooyen & partners sa
      johannesburg head office                   16PF 5th Edition                                  21-22 april 2008                           cT
      15 Hunter avenue O Ferndale O 2194
      P.O. box 2560 O Pinegowrie O 2123          south african accreditation                       2 days                             R4275.00
      cape town regional office
                                                 Private Practice Management 24 april 2008                                                 Jhb
      block 3 Oude Westhof Village square
      Van Riebeeckshof Road O bellville O 7530
      P.O. box 5534 O Tygervalley O 7536

      co.Reg.no. 2001/015618/07                  cPd Workshop                                               1 day                     R2280.00
      VaT Reg.no. 4300195064

                                                 career coaching                                   25 april 2008                              cT
                                                 cPd Workshop                                      1 day                              R2280.00

                                                 Hogan [HPi, Hds & MVPi] 6-7 May 2008                                                         cT
                                                 international accreditation                       2 days                             R7810.00

                                                 MbTi Qualifying Training                          6-9 May 2008                             Jhb
                                                 international accreditation                       3.5 days                           R7545.00
j opie van rooyen
                                                 pageseven                                                    www.jvrafrica.co.za

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