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Purchase of Retail Center

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   Supplier to Retail Logistic Center


  This manual is the property of JCPenney Co., Inc. and contains
  valuable proprietary information. It is furnished to you in confidence
  and solely for use in connection with your dealings with JCPenney.
  While in your possession, this manual and its contents must be
  maintained in strict confidence and not be divulged to anyone other
  than those who need to know its contents for purpose of dealing with
  JCPenney. This manual is to be returned immediately upon cessation
  of your dealings with JCPenney or upon request.

                            Revised July 2006

 For any questions concerning this manual please contact: Supply Chain Specialist
                             Table of Contents
     Subject                                 Page(s)

I.   Retail Logistics Facility Information       2

II. General Guidelines                           3

III. Pre-Alert/Advanced Packing List             4-5

IV. Carton Marking Guidelines                    6

V. Expense Offset Policy                         7-8
   Retail Logistics Centers

VI. Domestic Transportation                      8-10

 This manual applies to all shipments to the following JCPenney
                 Retail Logistics Center units:
   Number               Description
    9263-5               Alliance Catalog Fluid Load
    9270-0              Alliance Catalog (Pickpack)
    9271-8              Alliance Catalog (Prepack)
    9273-4              Alliance General Mdse. (Pickpack)
    9396-3              Alliance Garment-On-Hanger
    9467-2              Alliance DISP
    9294-0              Alliance NFR Supply
    9171-0              Alliance Retail NFR
    9466-4              Buena Park DISP
    9360-9              Buena Park Catalog Fluid Load
    9755-0              Buena Park Purchasing
    9681-8              Buena Park Prepack Shoe
    9470-6              North Bergen DISP
    9469-8              Statesville Disp
    9468-0              Atlanta Disp

List of JCPenney Retail Logistics Facility Addresses

Alliance                                            Buena Park
JCPenney Whse #xxxx-x                               JCPenney Whse #xxxx-x
1701 Intermodal Pkwy                                6800 Valley View Avenue
Haslet, TX                                          Buena Park, CA
76052                                               90620
Statesville                                         Atlanta
JCPenney Whse #xxxx-x                               JCPenney Whse #xxxx-x
1634 Salisbury Road                                 120 Penney Road
Statesville, NC                                     Forest Park, GA 30297
North Bergen
JCPenney Whse #xxxx-x
2400 69th Street
North Bergen, NJ
Use the correct warehouse number where xxxx-x is indicated above.
List of JCPenney Contacts
Location             Telephone #      Contact                Fax #
Alliance             (817) 491-9443   Lynn Neeper            (817) 490-9217
Buena Park, CA       (714) 523-6359   Janet Castillo         (714) 523-6351
North Bergen, NJ     (201) 758-9900   Rich Greener           (201) 758-9050
Salt Lake City, UT   (801) 350-2206   Routing Publications   (801) 350-2245
Atlanta              (404) 362-6701   Larry Motycka          (404) 362-6704

General Guidelines for shipments to Retail Logistics Center

  •   An EDI 856: Ship Notice/Manifest is required for all shipments to a Retail D.C.
      For domestic shipments, the EDI 856 must be transmitted immediately upon
      release of the shipment to the carrier. An EDI 856 should not be transmitted
      prior to actual shipment in case of any required changes. Indirect Import
      shipments, where the supplier imports the merchandise but the import container
      is delivered to a JCPenney Retail D.C., is considered a domestic shipment. All
      domestic rules for the EDI 856 and UCC-128 labels apply to these shipments.

  •   In addition to the EDI 856 ASN, a Pre-Alert/Advanced Packing List must be
      emailed or faxed to the appropriate Logistics Center Order Services contact no
      later than the release of the shipment to the carrier. Refer to “Pre-
      Alert/Advanced Packing List Message” guidelines on page 5 for more detailed
      instructions. Failure to send the pre-alert will result in $500 expense offset.

  •   Each selling unit must have complete and accurate unit labeling in accordance
      with the packaging specifications found in the JCPenney Supplier Internet Site /
      Supplier Links / Packaging – Retail.

  •   If the entire PO or Contract / POM Purchase Order cannot be shipped on one
      container, it must be noted on the Pre-Alert/Advanced Packing List.

  •   Merchandise being shipped into the prepack warehouse must be uniformly
      packed with the same number of units in each carton, as specified in the
      Contract/POM Purchase Order.

  •   Merchandise being shipped into the pickpack warehouses must not be mixed
      with other sku’s in the same carton. When possible, pack with the same
      number of units in each carton as specified in the Contract/POM Purchase Order.

  •   Odd packs must have Buyer’s approval. Odd packed cartons must be clearly
      marked and identifiable with no mixed skus within a carton, except in pre-packed
      master cartons specified on the Contract/POM Purchase Order.

  •   Master packing of cartons is not allowed. Do not over pack cartons into master

  •   All cartons must be marked with all required JCPenney information. The
      JCPenney Supplier Internet Site under UCC-128 Labels / Wholesale Distribution
      has examples of the carton shipping labels. Use the Expanded Size Labels
      [includes contents].

  •   Cartons must be loaded into the trailer/container by JCPenney lot (style) number.
      If there is more than one sku, each sku must be loaded completely before
      proceeding to the next sku number. Do not ship on pallets.

Pre-Alert / Advanced Packing List Message Guidelines

A separate Pre-Alert form must be completed for each trailer to a Retail Logistics

Trailer/container number and carrier must be indicated on the Pre-Alert for truck-
load/container load shipments. The carriers freight bill (PRO) number must appear in
lieu of the trailer number on less-than truck-load (LTL) shipments.

An example of the format for the Pre-Alert/Advanced Packing List appears as Exhibit #1 on
the next page of this manual.

The key fields in the pre-alert are listed below:
• From - The actual origin location from which you are shipping.
• Trailer/Container Number - One trailer/container per Pre-Alert. In case of an LTL
   shipment, use the freight bill (PRO) number.
• Subdivision - JCPenney subdivision number.
• Lot Number - JCPenney style number.
• Line Number - JCPenney color number.
• SKU Number - A complete breakdown by sku must be provided, but size range may
   be used if JCPenney sku is not known.
• Weight: - Carton weight.
• Island Pacific Prepack Code – Substitute for SKU number for all prepack footwear
   or apparel on Island Pacific System.
• DI Number.
• Island Pacific Purchase Order (IPPO) Number - for all merchandise on Island
   Pacific system.
• Pack Size - units per carton.
• Designate (LDP) Landed Duty Paid or (DDP) Deliver Duty Paid
• JCPenney Warehouse Facility and Location.
• Pre-Alert Number - Use any sequential number series.

A Pre-Alert/Advanced Packing List must be faxed to the respective Logistics Center
Order Services contact no later than the release of the shipment to the carrier.

Logistics Center      Fax Number To the Attention of       *Common Email ID
Alliance, TX          817-491-4740 Order Services
                                   Document Control
North Bergen, NJ      817-491-4740 Order Services
                                   Document Control
Buena Park, CA        714-523-6944 Order Services
                                   Document Control
Atlanta, GA           817-491-4740 Order Services
                                   Document Control

*All domestic/indirect information including emails/packing list attachments and emails
from supplier or consolidators MUST be sent to the appropriate common email address

                                     Exhibit #1
JCPenney                                            Pre-Alert #:
            Retail Shipment Pre-Alert/Advanced Packing List
TO: JCPenney Co., Inc.                                    From: Supplier Name
    Address-See page 2                                          JCP Supplier #
                                                                Supplier Address
      Phone:                                                    Supplier City, State, Zip Code
      Fax:                                                      Supplier Phone Number

Transportation/Carrier Information
Ship Date*:                                               Trailer #:
Carrier:                                                  PRO #:
* Actual Ship Date, as it was signed on Bill of Lading.
Shipment Information
Subdivision:                                     Total Weight Lbs.:
DI #:
Pack Size:
                                                           Total        Total   Carton
  Lot #        Line #        SKU #            Color        Units       Cartons WT (Lbs.)

                                Exhibit #2
                                 Carton Labels

Reference: JCPenney Supplier Website for EDI/JCPenney/UCC 128
Labels/Wholesale Distribution

Expense Offset Policy – Packaging & Labeling

Non-compliance with our requirements for Supplier to Retail will result in an expense
offset for any resulting labor and material costs. These Expense offset charges are
posted on the JCPenney Supplier Internet Site under the below noted link:

Expense Offset Policy – Floor Ready Compliance

On supplier to Warehouse shipments you must be compliant on the below noted floor
ready compliance metrics. Expense offset chargers for non-compliance are posted on
the J.C. Penney Supplier Internet Site under Supplier links: Supplier Performance –
Supplier Compliance Expense Offsets.

    •   Early/Late Shipping
    •   Late ASN /Invalid Date
    •   Missing/Invalid ASN’s
    •   Logistics Data Error
    •   Hanger Compliance
    •   POS Ticketing
    •   Carton Contents do not Match ASN

The following general areas result in violation, which will be, assessed a charge of $500
per incident.

•   Not Faxing or Emailing the Pre-Alert/Advanced Packing List to the respective
    Logistics Control Order contact by the release of shipment to carrier.
•   Incorrect Pre Alert/Advanced Packing Lists.- Must have the JCP Subdivision, Lot,
    Line, SKU, Contract/POM Purchase Order, Weight and pack size.
•   Incorrect or Missing Weight on Pre-Alert/Advance Packing List.
•   Missing or incorrect JCP carton marking. “Labor and Material costs will be
    charged to correct the problem plus the $500 incident charge”.
•   Incorrect pack size (units per carton) - any carton containing units of merchandise
    not equal to the contract/POM purchase order pack size, with the exception of any
    request from the Buying Unit. “Labor and Material costs will be charged to correct the
    problem plus the $500 incident charge”.
•   Mixed cartons - any carton that contains merchandise not as specified on the
    contract/POM purchase order or mixed sku’s within a carton. (i.e. merchandise from
    another subdivision, lot, line, or sku number) “Labor and Material costs will be
    charged to correct the problem plus the $500 incident charge”.
•   Merchandise substitutions - any substitution not authorized by a contract / master
    purchase order number revision or directly by the Buying Unit, including but not
    limited to substitutions of color and size.
•   Multiple trailers or containers on one shipment manifest. “Labor and Material
    costs will be charged to correct the problem plus the $500 incident charge”.
•   Incorrect wholesale Logistics center address and/or unit number
•   Substandard carton quality or taping - any carton not suitable for normal
    warehouse handling and domestic transportation to JCPenney stores. “Labor and
    Material costs will be charged to correct the problem plus the $500 incident charge”.
•   Plastic wrapped cartons – the use of plastic or similar types of material for
    wrapping cartons is prohibited.
     •   Stenciled cartons - use of stencils is not permitted.
     •   Banded Cartons – use of bands, regardless of material type, is prohibited from
         placement around cartons.
     •   Improper trailer loading by supplier - any trailer not loaded in accordance with
         JCPenney specified requirements in the General Guidelines section of this manual,
         or loaded improperly, resulting in physical damage to the cartons or contents.
     •   Do not ship on pallets.
     •   Supplier paid freight coming into our facilities must not be a live unload. Live
         unloads will be subject to a $500 penalty plus any charges for detention of

     Domestic/Inland Transportation
     The F.O.B. point for your shipments is shown on the contract/POM purchase order. If
     the F.O.B. ship point is not correct, please contact JCPenney at (801) 350-2206
     immediately. All requirements of this manual apply regardless of terms of purchase to
     the JCPenney warehouse.

I.   Shipping Terms FOB Supplier’s Warehouse
     When the shipping terms are not “F.O.B. JCPenney Warehouse,” JCPenney assumes
     the cost of domestic transportation and controls the carrier routing. For nonfull TMS
     suppliers the following routings apply for all shipments to JCPenney warehouse units
     listed on page 2 of this manual: NOTE: Full TMS suppliers continue to submit 753
     request for routing, as normal, for shipments destined to our warehouses.

     Shipment Weight               Carrier Name

     1-400 lbs.                    Authorized small package carrier (UPS or FedEX)
                                   as shown in the routing section of the JCPenney
                                   Supplier Website.
     401-4,500 lbs.                LTL Motor Carrier shown in Routing Section of JCPenney
                                   Supplier Website.
     4,500 lbs. or more            Email The Load Management Center (LMC) at

     •   If the volume of your shipment is greater than 1,200 cubic feet, regardless of weight,
         contact the LMC for routing.

     •   If your shipment occupies more than 20 linear feet of trailer space, regardless of
         weight, contact the LMC for routing.

     •   The LMC needs to be contacted at least 48 hours before shipping.

     •   In some cases the LMC may determine that your shipment does not qualify for a
         truckload move. If that happens, The LMC will contact you within 24 hours to use the
         designated LTL motor carrier for that shipment.

     •   UPS “Consignee Billing” and FedEX “Ground Collect” shipments will be billed directly
         to JCPenney. All other domestic/inland shipments at JCPenney expense are to be
         tendered to the carrier as follows:

              LTL COLLECT. Bill to: JCP Logistics L.P. Attn. Logistics Control office.
                                                      P.O. Box 45111, Salt Lake City, UT

              TL COLLECT.       Bill to: JCP Logistics L.P. Attn. Logistics Control office.
                                                          P.O. Box 45111, Salt Lake City, UT

       •      Refer to Retail General Guidelines and Retail Routing Section of JCPenney Supplier
              Website for additional shipping information.

 II.   Shipping Terms Landed Duty Paid
       Use the following chart to determine the proper carrier when terms are Landed Duty
       Paid (LDP).

       Full Containers
           Landed At                    Final Destination           Carrier

                                                                    PDS Trucking
           Long Beach/LA                Buena Park, CA              310-518-8888
                                                                    310-609-0341 Fax

                                                                    Southwest Freight
           Haslet, TX                                               214-371-1901
                                        Haslet, TX
           Dallas, TX

                                                                    Pacer Cartage
           Seattle, WA                  Sumner, WA                  206-405-2920

                                                                    Premier Transport
           Tacoma, WA                   Sumner, WA                  253-383-4409 or

                                                                    201-865-2121 Ext 700
           NY/NJ Ports                  Statesville, NC

       LCL Shipments
       Call Transportation Division at 972-431-2540.

III.   Shipping Terms Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) or FOB JCPenney
       For shipping terms of Delivery Duty Paid or FOB JCPenney Retail Warehouse, the
       supplier is responsible for transportation to final destination. Note that all pre-alert
       requirements as detailed on pages 4 & 5 apply on these shipments as well.
       •      When Shipping terms are ‘F.O.B JCPenney Warehouse’, your shipping dept. must inform the
              carrier at time of booking that the trailer or container must be dropped at the destination
              JCPenney facility. Failure to do so may cause a delay in receipt of your merchandise.
              Shipments cannot be a live unload.

       Document Distribution
       Below is a summary that details how documents, such as the Bill of Lading, are to be distributed.
       This summary breaks down the distribution by warehouse facility.
                      Buena Park, CA
                      Atlanta, GA                                               Dallas, TX
Document              North Bergen, NJ             Statesville, NC              Haslet, TX (Alliance)
Bill of Lading
(original)            Issued to Carrier            Issued to Carrier            Issued to Carrier

Bill of Lading (copy) Place the documents          Place the documents          Place the documents
and Pre-Alert (copy) in an envelope and hand       in an envelope and           in an envelope and
                      deliver to driver for Whse   staple to the wall of        staple to the wall of
                      9056-3 and 9466-4. For       trailer or to last carton.   trailer or to last carton.
                      all other units, staple
                      envelop to wall of trailer
                      or to last carton.
Merchandise Invoices
All invoices must be transmitted to JCPenney via the EDI 810 transaction set. Questions should
be directed to JCPenney Salt Lake City Accounting Center, EDI Department at (801) 350-2415


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