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					City of Mt. Pleasant Property Tax Calculator
Real Property Tax Calculator
True Cash Value                                   $    143,800                    True Cash Value is approximately the purchase price of the property

Taxable Value                                     $     71,900                    Taxable Value is 1/2 of true cash value in the first year of ownership, thereafter it is capped.
                                                                                  See your assessment notice or tax bill for taxable value
Principal Residence %                                       0%                    If your home is your principal residence enter 100.
                                                                                  If a part or all your property is not your principal residence enter the part that is your principal residence
Summer Taxes                                                                      For example a house with an apartment that 75% of the square footage is owner occupied enter 75
Unit                                                  Millage          Tax
Regional Education Service District                       4.2985        $309.06
Mt. Pleasant Public Schools
  Debt                                                   2.7400          197.01
  Operating (Non- PRE)                                   9.0000          647.10 Only non-PRE pays
State Education Tax                                      6.0000          431.40
City of Mt. Pleasant *                                  15.7500        1,132.43
Isabella County                                          6.4700          465.19
Chippewa River District Library                          1.6859          121.22
Total Summer Taxes                                      45.9444        3,303.41
Property Tax Administration Fee                                           21.71 Pay 1% on non- city taxes
Total Summer Tax Billing                                               3,325.12

Winter Taxes
Mt. Pleasant Public Schools
  Debt                                                   2.7400        $197.01
  Operating (Non- Homestead)                             9.0000          647.10 Only non-PRE pays
Isabella County Commission on Aging                      0.6500           46.74
Isabella County Transportation Commission                0.9929           71.39
Isabella County Medical Care Facility                    0.9000           64.71
Total Winter Taxes                                      14.2829        1,026.95
Property Tax Administration Fee                                           10.27
Total Winter Tax Billing                                               1,037.22

Estimated Total 2009 Taxes                              60.2273 $      4,362.34

* - Only the City of Mt. Pleasant has set the 2009 tax rate at this time. All other rates are 2008 rates.

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