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									Requisition and Purchase Order Process
        Requisitions are received by the Extension Business Office in paper form and
distributed by a student worker to the Business Office Representative.

       The Business Office Representative (Delegated Buyer) audits the transaction for
University, State and Federal compliance. The Business Office Representative
(Delegated Buyer) enters the Requisition in the PeopleSoft system.

        In addition, the Business Office Representative (Delegated Buyer) records
problem or unique transactions on the tracking spreadsheet. These problems include but
are not limited to:
        1. After the Fact Purchase Order explanations and
        2. RUSH or Immediate processing requests

The Business Office Representative (Delegated Buyer) monitors the Requisition to
follow through with Purchase Order creation, distribution of official and unofficial
Purchase Order copies and signed contracts as needed. A copy of the Requisition and
backup materials are filed by a student employee weekly.

Note: The paperwork remains with the Business Office Representative (Delegated
Buyer) until the Purchase Order is created unless any of the following apply. If one of the
following applies then the paperwork for the Requisition should be forwarded to the
Assistant Business Manager (Approver)
           o Requisition requires a public bid
           o Requisition is for the lease of office space
           o Federal Funds are being used to make the Purchase.

The Assistant Business Manager (Approver) approves electronically in PeopleSoft all
Requisitions and Purchase Orders run through the Business Office. Written approvals are
also recorded for requisitions listed above. The Assistant Business Manager (Approver)
reviews the tracking spreadsheet quarterly and reports repeat problems to the Business
Manager. Also, yearly the Assistant Business Manager conducts a limited self-audit to
ensure compliance of paper backup.

Updated 12/4/2008


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