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					Website design question?
I have built many small and cheep websites and have had to mostly learn
as I go. I built one with yahoo site builder and that was the easiest. My
question is on how to build not just a password protected site bit also
with forms to sign up with user names and passwords. I need them to also
pay for access with credit card etc. I would pay for a person to build it
but I'd love to know how to do it my self. I had a great time building
mine and am happy with it. I know a little about html coding and iframes.
Any pointers are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Use Ultimate Web Builder. It has a built-in members access app where you
can create a sign up form for members and groups, and control which pages
are open to which members/groups. It is very easy to use - no experience
Ultimate Web Builder -
To build a forum type of service from scratch you'll have to use either
PHP & MySQL or ASP.NET (VB.NET or C#) and SQL Server 2008.

If your web building knowledge is limited to simple sites and using tools
like Yahoo Sitebuilder then a project like this will be beyond your
ability at this time. You have a lot to learn still before you try this.

If this is something for you personally you better have something really
great to offer people who pay for access or your venture will be very
short lived.
Source(s):VB.NET Programmer
I actually had this issue that other day, funny. Anyways, I used
Wordpress's cms as a hack that delt with the pain that is password
protecting pages. I emailed a developer I worked with and he recommended
that as the easiest solution. I'll give you the address so I guess you
can give it a wing if you like in the source. Hope that helps dude!
Source(s): is the main page, is the page for developer contact so
you can ask away.

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