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									                             MFSA Marketing Opportunities

      If you sell products or provide services to mailing and fulfillment service
         companies, MFSA can help you grow and improve your bottom line
The Mailing & Fulfillment Service Association (MFSA) is the national trade association created by the
mailing and fulfillment service industry in 1920. For more than 88 years MFSA has been working to
improve the business environment for mailing and fulfillment companies and to provide learning
opportunities along with professional development for managers. In addition to core mailing and letter
shop services, most MFSA members also provide direct marketing services such as email marketing,
variable data printing, and print-on-demand.

MFSA is the primary association for companies in this segment of the direct marketing field, and most
of the industry’s largest companies are included among its nearly 600 members. MFSA primary
contacts within these companies are the owners, CEOs and other senior officers of the companies.

Using conservative numbers, MFSA’s 600 member companies recently generated more than $4 billion
in annual business (exclusive of postage). The current market value of machinery and equipment
(depreciation is factored in) on their shop floors is estimated at more than $800 million, and a bi-annual
survey shows that they will spend another $120 million on leased and rented equipment. They are
likely to spend more than $110 million this year on each of the following: paper; mailing and
fulfillment supplies; and packaging, shipping and deliveries. They also will spend an additional $340
million on other outside services. That is a very big market—one you probably cannot afford to

MFSA offers a variety of ways for your company to reach out to this market, including:
   Advertising in our publications
   Exhibiting at our trade shows
   Sponsoring an MFSA conference or industry event
   Communicating through our Web site
   Renting our mailing list

For each of these opportunities, companies that are members of MFSA receive substantial discounts.
Members also have access to additional marketing opportunities that are not available to non-members.
In addition, members receive access to a host of other programs and services that can help them make
sales and grow their bottom line.
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                              Advertising in MFSA Publications
MFSA PostScripts
Approximately 2,400 individuals within MFSA-member companies read PostScripts each month, with
hundreds more reading ―pass-along‖ copies. Circulation for this monthly newsletter is up more than 10% this
year. Both the member and non member rates are shown below:

PostScripts Advertising Rates

 Page size              1 time                    3 times             6 times             12 times
                        Member         Non-mbr    Member    Non-mbr   Member    Non-mbr   Member     Non-mbr
 Full page                 $750           $1500     $710      $1420     $655     $1310      $595      $1190
 Half page                 $435            $870     $410      $820      $365     $730       $330      $660
 Quarter page              $225            $450     $215      $430      $200     $400       $180      $360
 Eighth page               $140            $280     $135      $270      $125     $250       $110      $220

4-color ads: Add $600 to Full or Half page rates and $300 to partial ad (Quarter page and smaller) space
Publisher’s choice color: No charge for 2nd color if PMS 286 (blue) used
Advertising space reservation deadline: Generally the first business day of the month preceding issue date
(Example, March 1 for April 2008 issue). Advertising space materials deadline: Usually within 2-3 business
days of space closing.
For more information: Contact Bill Stevenson at 800-333-6272, ext. 204

Who’s Who—The MFSA Buyers Guide to Blue Ribbon Mailing and Fulfillment
Service Companies
MFSA’s Who’s Who is the association’s annual membership directory in print, published at the beginning of
each year. The directory is distributed to all members of MFSA and also to all U.S. ―buyer‖ members of the
Direct Marketing Association (DMA). In addition to the DMA mailing list, several hundred copies of the
buyer’s guide are freely distributed during major industry meetings, conferences and EXPOs that MFSA
exhibits or attends. Total circulation is more than 5,000 copies.

You can have your sales message delivered 365 days a year to more than 5,000 potential customers in the direct
mail industry by reserving advertising space in the publication.

For advertising rates and more information: Contact Bill Stevenson at MFSA (703) 836-9200 ext. 204 for
rates and information.

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                               Exhibiting at MFSA Conferences
MFSA Annual Conference and Mailing & Fulfillment EXPO
June 3-6, 2009 Annual Conference & EXPO in Chicago
This is MFSA’s premier exhibiting opportunity. Have you ever been to a trade show where virtually everyone
you see is the primary purchasing decision-maker? At the MFSA Expo, 83% of visitors to last year’s trade
show fell into that category! This is a great show for reaching the industry’s opinion leaders and also building
name recognition for your company among MFSA members. In addition to a host of educational sessions, the
conference is designed to allow time for networking with colleagues throughout the industry. It can also
features tours of member facilities in the local area, enjoyable social events, and a trade show--the Mailing &
Fulfillment EXPO.

         Booth cost: $1800 for members and $2400 for non-members with discounts for multiple booth spaces.
          Each EXPO has limited booth space available and space is sold on a first-come basis.
         What is included: One 10’ x 10’ exhibit booth; two complete conference registrations; 8-foot high
          backing drape and 3-foot high side rails; 7’ x 44’ inch back sign; pre- and post-conference mailing lists;
          detailed exhibitor listing in PostScripts and on MFSA’s Web site; and, complimentary guest tickets.
         For more information: Contact Bill Stevenson at 800-333-6272, ext. 204

MFSA Fulfillment & Print Conference
October 15-18, 2009,Tampa FL
This well-attended conference represents a tremendous chance for companies to reach established fulfillment
operations not only at MFSA member companies, but also from the rapidly expanding marketplace for
fulfillment services among printing operations. Designed for owners, CEOs and top managers wishing to start
up a fulfillment operation or expand an existing operation. Industry plant tours are a highlight of the conference.
Anticipated attendance: 150+ Sponsor reservation deadline: September 2009.

         Display cost: $1500.00, which includes registration for two exhibitors. If you wish to attend the
          education sessions, you may register for an additional $545.00 ($745.00 for non-members)
         What is included: One 6-foot table and identification sign. Access to all food functions held during
          vendor forum hours.
         For more information: Contact Bill Stevenson at 800-333-6272, ext. 204

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                               Sponsoring an MFSA Conference
MFSA provides several conferences and professional development events throughout each year, reaching the
diverse segments of the mailing industry. Each event offers a defined audience for your products and services,
making them ideal occasions to showcase your company by being a sponsor of the conference

Five great reasons to sponsor an MFSA conference, workshop or webinar:
     1.   An opportunity to build relationships with purchasing decision makers
     2.   Chance to introduce new programs or services to attendees
     3.   Ability to distribute product literature or conduct product demonstrations to select groups
     4.   Customer goodwill created through support of MFSA
     5.   Option to obtain pre- or post-conference mailing lists

MFSA Schedule for 2009
     Four National Conferences
         Midwinter Meeting in Cancun-January 30
         Mailers Strategies in DC-April 30
         Annual Conference & EXPO in Chicago-June 3
         Fulfillment & Print Conference in Tampa-October 15-18

     Eight Regional Workshops
         March 26 – Atlanta Area
         April 2 – Philadelphia Area
         June 23 – Houston or Dallas Area
         June 30 – New York, New England
         September 22 – Southern California area
         October 7 – L.A., Chicago area
         November 17 – Washington/Baltimore area
         November 19 – Seattle area

     Eight Webinars presented online
           Each Webinar needs a sponsor which will provide an opportunity to present online and walk away
           with a participants list. Our Webinars have between 30 and 65 locations logged in that participated
           in 2008.
                February 10
                March 10
                April 7
                May 12
                June 16
                July 21
                October 1
                November 12

For more information about any of these sponsorships: Contact Bill Stevenson at 800-333-6272, ext. 204

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                                 Renting the MFSA Mailing List
MFSA’s roster of members is available for one-time use rental, pending approval by the association. The full
list currently contains about 1,600 names of top contacts at MFSA member companies. Lists are provided only
in electronic format. Sorry, we are unable to provide telephone, fax or e-mail information with the list.

List Rental Cost: $90 for MFSA members per rental; $250 for non-MFSA members.
For more information: Contact Bill Stevenson at 800-333-6272, ext. 204

                                 Advertising on MFSA’s Website
MFSA’s Website – www.MFSAnet.org – is the first place mailing and fulfillment companies go for news and
information affecting their businesses. Organized by ―knowledge domains‖ that correspond to functional areas
within member companies, the website is the most comprehensive source for information that mailing and
fulfillment companies use every day. With more than 20,000 user sessions each month (and growing!),
MFSAnet.org may be your most effective vehicle for getting out into the marketplace.

Banner ads on MFSAnet.org: Where available, you can reserve a page in other sections of the site as well.
These pages are available for just $950/year or $550 for six months. Banner dimension are 468 pixels wide and
100 pixels tall in a 72dpi RGB resolution.

General Information
    All advertisements that appear on MFSAnet are paid for by entities separate from MFSAnet. MFSAnet does not endorse any
        product(s) or service(s) that are advertised in any Banner AD or Sponsored AD.
    Banner Advertisements on MFSAnet are independent from site content. Banner Ads will always appear at the top of any
        page, below the MFSAnet header. Selection of Banner Ads to be displayed happens automatically and without any regard to
        the MFSAnet content that is displayed.
    Banner Advertisements are rotated on a fair and unbiased basis. The banner ad to be displayed is selected by determining
        which banner advertisement has not been displayed in the longest period of time. This selection happens automatically, and
        the algorithm that selects the banner ad has no knowledge or access to the content that will be displayed on the same page as
        the banner ad.
    MFSAnet banner advertisment providers have no prior knowledge or control over which advertisements will be displayed in
        conjunction with specific site content.
    Users of MFSAnet will be able to distinguish between advertisements and site content by the advertisement appearing in a
        random order at the top of various pages All advertisements on MFSAnet will be truthful and factual, will not be designed to
        mislead or deceive, and will be in good taste.
    MFSAnet has no responsibility or control over website content that is linked to by an advertisement. If an advertisement links
        to a site that is external to MFSAnet, that site is maintained by persons over whom MFSAnet has no control and will adhere
        to its own policies and not the policies of MFSAnet.
    Links from Advertisements must link to a website, and may not contain links to email addresses or files (e.g., images, audio,
        video, or documents) which require an external viewer to open or run.
    Links from Advertisements to external websites must work. If any advertisement is found to have a URL that is invalid then
        it will be removed from the site pending verification of the link.
    Links that refer to external websites will open in a new browser window. If a link for an Advertisement refers to a page
        within MFSAnet then the existing browser window will be used.
    MFSAnet reserves the right to decline or remove any advertisement from the site at any time.

For more information: Contact Bill Stevenson at 800-333-6272, ext. 204

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                                                             Bring it All Together
                                               Become a MFSA Gold Partner
What’s the best way to get the most out of your marketing dollars? Become a MFSA Gold Partner. This
program is a unique opportunity to partner with MFSA and maximize your exposure to the mailing and
fulfillment services community with this complete marketing package. This program will save you money while
giving you a host of avenues to reach your best customers and improve your bottom line. Consider these

    Reach—MFSA puts your firm in front of members, direct marketers and others year round in a variety of
    forms--print, electronic and in-person. You get maximum exposure to every significant mail house and
    fulfillment operation in the country.
   Convenience—No need to scramble to meet deadlines to avoid missing important showcases for your
    product. MFSA handles these details for you, even providing reminders when necessary.
   Flexibility—3 levels of Gold Partner support make this a good fit for most budgets.
   Savings—Each package delivers tremendous value. You save more than 30-35% compared with
    purchasing these items individually, plus you receive many value-added, Gold-Partner-only benefits.
   Recognition—MFSA members are well-known for supporting those who support the industry and the
    association. As a loyal supporter, becoming a Gold Partner will give you more recognition.

                                                  14kt. Level            18kt. Level               24kt. level
Partnership Levels                                     ($15,000)               ($20,000)               ($25,000)
                                                        Value of                Value of                Value of
Benefits                                                 benefits                benefits                benefits
Membership dues                                           $2,145                  $2,145                   $2,145
Fulfillment Conference Vendor table                       $1,200                  $1,200                   $1,200
Annual EXPO exhibit space                                 $1,800                  $1,800                   $1,800
Advertising in PostScripts                                $2,840                  $7,530                  $14,340
                                               (4 full-page B&W Ads)    (6 full-page 4C Ads)   (12 full-page 4C Ads)
MFSA Mailing List Rental                                      $180                   $180                    $180
MFSA Web site banner ad (yearlong)                          $1,500                 $1,500                  $1,500
Sponsorship credit (Apply credit to any
conference or other sponsorship)                            $7,500                 $7,500                  $7,500

Plus these Gold Partner items:

     -    Listing in Gold Partners section of PostScripts
     -    Speaking opportunities at MFSA conferences (topics need committee approval)
     -    Liaison with MFSA chapters
     -    Opportunities to place articles in PostScripts
     -    Gold Partner recognition plaque
     -    Listing in Gold Partners section of Who’s Who

Total if purchased separately                  $17,165                 $21,855                 $28,665

For more information: Contact Bill Stevenson at 800-333-6272, ext. 204
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                             Additional Opportunities Available
                                 Only to MFSA Members
Access to MFSA’s Listserve:
MFSA members are eligible to sign up for and participate at no cost in the MFSA Discussion Listserve. This is
MFSA’s e-mail based, 7/24, real-time, electronic discussion forum. Think of the Listserve as your finger on the
pulse of the industry. More than 600 individuals are signed up for the Listserve so that they can share
information and help their fellow members solve problems. By participating as a vendor, you have an
opportunity to identify leads, understand challenges your customers face, offer solutions, and receive feedback
you might not have known otherwise. It’s a hugely valuable resource.

Full rights to the “Members Only” section of MFSA’s website, www.MFSAnet.org:
Our newly redesigned website has rapidly become a primary source for knowledge about the mailing and
fulfillment industries. Behind the members-only section, you will find more than 1,500 documents covering
virtually all aspects of mailing and fulfillment management and operations.

Free listing in MFSA’s Who’s Who, the association’s member directory:
As a member, you are automatically listed in Who’s Who. Your complete contact information, along with a 50-
word description of what you provide is included.

Free listing in on-line version of member directory on website:
The on-line counterpart to the printed Who’s Who, lets prospective customers search for your company by
product, location, name and key contacts. Your on-line listing includes a full description of your contact
information, a live hypertext link to your website, and a 50-word summary of what you do.

Company announcements:
We regularly print brief items about our supplier members in PostScripts. These include staff or location
changes, acquisitions, honors and brief new product announcements. We also print an announcement describing
who you are and what you do when you join MFSA.

Opportunity to submit articles for two New Products issues in PostScripts:
Twice per year, PostScripts produces a new products issue, in which members are given the opportunity to
publish an article of up to 500 words describing new products or enhancements to existing products.

Staff referrals:
MFSA staff frequently receives telephone calls from members and others looking for help in identifying
providers of various products or services. Our policy is to only provide information about MFSA members who
provide the product(s). We don’t make value judgments about which members are better than another; we just
try to make sure that you have a leg up on those competitors which are not members.

It’s easy to join MFSA to take full advantage of these member only benefits and the
member discounts on other programs and services MFSA provides.
Simply call 800-333-6272 or visit our website: www.MFSAnet.org.

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