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					Exercise Planning

   Scenario Based Learning


                             By Jinyoung Choi
     The scene
Hello. This is John.
Can I speak to the
personal trainer, Ann?


I’d like to start to do
exercises, and improve
my body shape but I’ve
no idea how to plan it
out.                      No problem. Let’s
                          work it out!
 Objectives                          Guidelines
This learning session is           Choose on the activity which
 designed to help you                you think most accurate.
 to plan a balanced
 exercise program.

How often do you need to do exercise?

     A    Once a week

     B    Six days and one day off

     C    Everyday
             A. Once a week
► Why   is this wrong?

 Come on, don’t be slack. If you do exercise
 only once a week, you’ll be never able to
 get the body shape you want to have!
B. Six days and one day off
► That’s   right!

 You can do exercise hard six days and then
 have a sweet rest on the weekend.

                    Let’s go to the next quiz!
                C. Everyday
► Why   is this wrong?

 Don’t you think so when your body does
 exercise everyday, it will be knocked down?
 Let’s give your body some rest so that it can
 be refreshed and recharged for the next
What types of exercises do you need to do?

      A     Aerobic exercise

      B     Weight training

      C     Stretching

      D     All of the above
           A. Aerobic exercise
► Why   is this wrong?

 Aerobic exercise is a good way to burn your
 fat. However, the impact is instant; you
 burn your fat only while you are doing
 exercise and it doesn’t sculpture your body
 shape. You may lose your weight, but you
 can’t expect to have an excellent body
           B. Weight training
► Why   is this wrong?

 Weight training is great for exercise,
 however, you still need to do it with other
 exercises in order to achieve a balanced
 exercise plan.
               C. Stretching
► Why   is this wrong?

 Stretching can’t be a proper exercise by
 itself. You may be flexible, however, it will
 not burn your fat. It is great for before
 doing weight training.
             D. All of the above
► That’s   right!

 The combination of aerobic exercise, weight
 training and stretching will achieve a
 balanced exercise plan.

                     Let’s go to the last quiz!
How do you plan exercise for each day?
         According to what?

      A    Body parts

      B    Exercise types

      C    What I feel like to do
                    A. Body parts
► That’s   right!

 It is better to concentrate one part of your
  body rather than doing every part bit by bit.

    Let’s go and see an example of exercise timetable then!
            B. Exercise types
► Why   is this wrong?

 You have to do aerobic exercise, weight
 training and stretching every time when you
 do exercise.
  C. What I feel like to do
► Why   is this wrong?

 You have to do exercise precisely, so you
 have to plan it out. You can’t hang around
 with what you feel like to do.
A suggested exercise timetable
                     Mon     Tues      Wed      Thurs      Fri      Sat     Sun
Exercise type

          Warming up (cycle, 5 min)


                    Upper   Lower               Repeat   Repeat    Repeat
Weight training                       Abdomen                               Rest
                    Body    Body                as Mon   as Tues   as Wed

Aerobic exercise

                   Cooling down
            You’ve done it well!
Let’s get out of the bed and start do some
          exercises from now on!

                                 The End

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