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					What's wrong with youtube's view counter?
Videos have been frozen around 302 views for about 2 weeks now and have
been stuck like that since even though they are getting thumbs up and
comments and all that. I know that youtube usually does this regularly
but it doesn't last nearly this long to update the views. Does anyone
know what the problem is, or when the problem is going to get fixed?

View freezing is normal, it allows whatever monkey at YT to make sure
videos are getting real views (if a video gets a ton of views right as it
comes out). YouTube is messed up right not as far as views goes, they're
not counting properly to begin with. Best to let them sort it out, then
find something else to "fix".

There are several things people should know
about youtube views, first of all, in my opinion the best place to go is
right here, it's free, easy and you don't have to do a thing after a few
clicks. it has earned me thousands of views daily

also, labelling their videos: 'tags' are only the
3rd most important component in YouTube's
search results. Words in the title are 1st, and
words in the description are 2nd.

And ahead of all those characteristics is your
YouTube username. Thus, 'tags' are really in
4th place, and as such are the least important
element in any search.

[Whenever you do a search, how often do you
find videos at the top of the search results list
with no matching words in the username, titles
or descriptions? Probably never. If you ever do
come across videos like that with no matches
whatsoever, that's when the 'tags' are actually
relevant in the search.]

Thus if you're searching for videos (either your
own or somebody else's), and you want them
to appear at the top of search results, type the
username first, and then the title of the video
(or at least the most unique words of the title).

If you don't want your actual username being
part of the search (perhaps because people
don't know it), and you want your videos near
the top of search results, then make the titles
and descriptions of all your videos as long as
you can, using plenty of "buzz" words. (If you
are fascinated by 'tags', try to include them in
your titles.)
As for "generic" searches, it should come as
no surprise that YouTube employs the Google
search engine, which has its own peculiar set
of rules. Thus consider these when you label
your videos:

1 -- Try   not to use lots of hyphens (-), because
they are   considered just like minus signs, and
compound   words risk being totally eliminated
from any   search.

2 -- Avoid using many 1- or 2-letter words such
as "a", "I", "at", "in", "me", "my", "no", "of", "to"
or "we" because Google actually ignores those
types of words, and they too will most likely be
eliminated from any search.

3 -- Use quotation marks to denote phrases or
words that must be together, or else YouTube
treats them like separate words. For example,
there is a ton of difference between just typing
Qantas Airlines vs "Qantas Airlines", or typing
the spirit of Australia vs "the spirit of Australia".
(Check it out yourself.)

but remember, as i said before the best place to go is here

Nothing is wrong with it, it just takes time to update because in the
past they never use to update it and the views kept crashing their
servers i dont know how but i know it did

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