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									Dept. 09                           REAL ESTATE MANAGER                                   Page 1 of 3


Performs highly responsible duties of a complex and advanced nature associated with the acquisition,
leasing, condemnation, sale, abandonment and exchange of real estate, rights of ways, and easements for
City purposes.

Under direct supervision of the Financial Services Director, employees of this class exercise considerable
independent judgement and initiative in the acquisition, sale, leasing, and management of the City’s real
property. Duties include research of legal documents, the execution of legal instruments, field investigation,
negotiations, and meetings with legal counsel, City officials, private owners and appraisers in the
coordination of assigned projects. An important aspect of this position is the ability to negotiate and
communicate in delicate and sensitive situations. This position is FLSA exempt.


   Executes and records legal descriptions, transactions, deeds, agreements, and other related documents
    associated with rights-of-way, easements, property leases, and real property.

   Conducts research and coordinates with other City divisions and outside agencies to determine titles,
    legal descriptions, values, and drafts of legal forms for City acquisitions, easements, abandonments, and

   Manages, negotiates, prepares, and administers leases for City owned property and property leased by
    the City; coordinates the inspections and maintenance of City rental properties.

   Performs acquisition work which involves contacting owners personally or by letter explaining City
    intentions and their rights, coordinating with appraisers to determine property values, conducting
    negotiations, and securing dedications, agreements, easements or deeds from property owners for City
    development purposes.

   Manages Real Estate consultants under contract with the City performing additional real estate related

   Notifies the appropriate tax officials of City purchases.

   Prepares documents for City council action on abandonments and acquisitions and notifies all
    departments and utility companies of such action.

   Advises and makes recommendations at City Council, Commission, CIP, or Development Review
    Board meetings representing acquisition, easement, abandonment, or lease concerns.

   Confers with attorneys, developers, engineers, neighborhood leaders and concerned citizens to discuss
    and explain policies and procedures related to real estate acquisition.

   Assists in the arrangements for moving or demolishing structures and other encumbrances to clear
    properties; assists displaced citizens with relocation.

   Provides support to the legal department during condemnation proceedings or other real estate matters.

   Coordinates with Environmental Services to conduct environmental surveys of properties being
    acquired or disposed of.

Revised 05/01
Dept. 09                           REAL ESTATE MANAGER                                     Page 2 of 3

   Keeps a computerized inventory of City-owned properties and coordinates geographic information with
    the GIS department.

   Coordinates with the Public Information Officer matters dealing with the media.

   Assists the Financial Services Director with budget matters relating to real estate and real property.

   Keeps the Management Services Director and Financial Services Director informed of all matters
    relating to real estate and real property.

   Advises the City Council on Real Estate related issues in executive session.

   Performs related duties as required.

   Provides excellent customer service to both internal and external customers.

   Regular attendance is an essential function of this job to ensure continuity.


   Working knowledge of engineering terminology relevant to right-of-way and real property acquisition
    and abandonment, including legal descriptions.

   Working knowledge of title search and purchase closing procedures.

   Working knowledge of right-of-way and real estate acquisition research procedures.

   Working knowledge of the principals and practices of real estate appraisal.

   Working knowledge of the principles and practices of property management, real estate law, and
    business acquisition, negotiation, and relocation.

   Ability to thoroughly learn and apply City property acquisition and abandonment procedures and

   Ability to acquire and dispose of real property by researching and preparing legal descriptions,
    determining legal ownership, contacting owners to explain the purpose of acquisitions and the
    acquisition process, requesting appraisals, and negotiating mutually acceptable compensation between
    the City and the owner.

   Ability to follow through with all closing activities, including setting up escrow accounts and
    determining relocation allowance.

   Ability to determine property values by weighing appraisal results against any special circumstances or
    conditions that may effect the price.

   Ability to prepare cost estimates in order to help evaluate what is the most feasible route selection to
    provide a basis for planning.

   Ability to coordinate all real estate and right-of-way acquisition/disposal matters with involved parties,
    City departments, attorneys, and other agencies and utility companies.

Revised 05/01
Dept. 09                           REAL ESTATE MANAGER                                     Page 3 of 3

   Ability to handle delicate and sensitive acquisition matters professionally and tactfully.

   Ability to prepare professional reports associated with acquisitions, leases, and other matters associated
    with real property.

   Ability to perform appraisal reviews, analyze leases, and review purchase and sale contracts.

   Ability to negotiate and manage lease arrangements.

   Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other City employees and
    officials, neighborhood groups, private citizens, and the news media.

   Ability to give public presentations and to represent real estate matters at public and staff meetings.


   Bachelor’s degree in business or public administration, real estate, economics, or related field.

   Some experience relating to the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.


   Real estate experience and license.

   Title work experience.

   Appraisal experience.


   May be required to obtain a real estate license upon employment if one is not already possessed.

   Must possess, or obtain upon employment, a valid Arizona driver’s license.

Revised 05/01

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