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									Research Paper

The Research Phase
     Steps to the Research Paper
1.   Select a research question
2.   Gather research
3.   Understand and organize your research
4.   Write your rough draft
5.   Create your works cited page
6.   Write your final draft
       Gathering Research
Today you will get your research notebooks.

 By the end of the week, you must
 collect between 4-7 pages of
 information in your notebook.

Your information must be handwritten.
Your information must be organized.
       Why handwritten?
I already printed this stuff out at my
grandma’s house. Why do I have to write
it? Can’t I just staple it in my notebook?

You have to read and understand the
information before you write. To prove
that you have done this, I need evidence
of your reading and thinking.
    Organizing Your Information
   Separate your information into main ideas.
   This will save you time.
   Each will become a section in your paper.

                 Dogs in the Circus                   Breeds
 Treatment                                              Of
of the Dogs                                           Circus
                        How they
                       are Trained    Famous Circus
   Earliest Examples
        Steps for This Week
1. Collect research
2. Read your sources
3. Organize your information
4. Write 4-7 pages in your notebook
 ^This will be four ^ 5 points writing grades.^
        Sharing Computers
1. When necessary, computer time will be
   split into twenty or thirty minute blocks.
2. Computers will be shared.
3. Bringing a book or printing research at
   home may be useful.
4. Consider writing down your information
   and organizing it when you’re off the PC.
5. Don’t forget to write the URLs (full web
   addresses) for each site that you use.

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