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Bully and Bullying Prevention


									                                     Bully and Bullying Prevention
                               Virginia Beall Ball Library - Indiana Youth Institute

                No room for bullies:                    Cyber bullying:                           Bullies are a pain in
                from the classroom to                   bullying in the                           the brain
                cyberspace                              digital age
                                                                                                  Trevor Romain
                                                        Robin M. Kowalski                         DVD
                BF637 .B85 N6 2005                      HV6773 .K69 2008                          BF637 .B85 B85 2004

                Bullyproof your child                   Safe places to learn:                     The complete guide to
                for life: protect your                  21 lessons to help                        understanding,
                child from teasing,                     students promote a                        controlling, and
                taunting, and bullying                  caring school climate                     stopping bullies &
                for good                                                                          bullying

                Joel David Haber                        Paul Sulley                               Margaret R. Kohut
                BF637 .B85 H313 2007                    LB2864.5 .S894 2007                       LB3013.3 .K627 2007


 The bully free classroom: over 100 tips and strategies for teachers K-8. By Allan L. Beane. (LB3013.3 .B43 2005)

 The bully, the bullied, and the bystander: from preschool to high school--how parents and teachers can help
 break the cycle of violence. By Barbara Coloroso. (LB3013.32 .C65 2004)

 Child victimization: maltreatment, bullying and dating violence, prevention and intervention.
 (HV6626.52 .C565 2005)

 Empowering bystanders in bullying prevention: grades K-8. By Stan Davis. (LB3013.3 .D38 2007)

 Girl wars: 12 strategies that will end female bullying. By Cheryl Dellasega. (BF637.B85 D45 2003)

 Helping your socially vulnerable child: what to do when your child is shy, socially anxious, withdrawn, or
 bullied. By Andrew R. Eisen. (BF723 .B3 E57 2007)

 How not to be a bully target: a program for victims of childhood bullying (grades 3-6). By Terry Centrone.
 (LB3013.3 .C46 2007)

 The kids' guide to working out conflicts: how to keep cool, stay safe, and get along. By Naomi Drew.
 (BF637 .I48 D74 2004)

 A leader's guide to the kids' guide to working out conflicts: how to keep cool, stay safe, and get along.
 By Naomi Drew. (BF637 .I48 D742 2004)

 Mean girls: 101 ½ creative strategies and activities for working with relational aggression. By Kaye Randall.
 (LB3013.3 .R36 2008)

 Odd girl out: the hidden culture of aggression in girls. By Rachel Simmons. (BF723 .A35 .S56 2002)

 Once upon a time--storytelling to teach character and prevent bullying. By Elisa Davy Pearmain.
 (LB1042 .P42 2006)

 Preventing hazing: how parents, teachers, and coaches can stop the violence, harassment, and humiliation.
 By Susan Lipkins. (LB3013.3 .L56 2006)

                                                                                                                April 2009
  Safe school ambassadors: harnessing student power to stop bullying and violence. By Rick Phillips.
  (LB3013.32 .P49 2008)

  Schools where everyone belongs: practical strategies for reducing bullying. By Stan Davis.
  (LB3013.3 .U5 .D382 2007)

  Stop bullying now!: take a stand, lend a hand: resource kit. U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services.
  (LB3013.32 .S77 2005)

  Working with parents of bullies and victims. By Walter B. Roberts, Jr. (LB3013.3 .R635 2008)


  American girl: Chrissa stands strong. Warner Home Video. (DVD BF637 .B85 .A4 2009)

  Bullies and harassment on campus. TMW Media Group. (DVD BF637 .B85 B85 2004)

  Bullies, loners, and violence. MTV Television Networks; Distributed by AIMS Multimedia.
  (BF723 .A35 B8 2002) Available on DVD and VHS.

  Bullying: not just a guy thing. AIMS Multimedia. (DVD BF637 .B85 B86 2003x)

  Bystander issues and bullying. AIMS Multimedia. (DVD BF637 .B85 B9 2004)

  Challenge day: be the change. (DVD BF724.3 .S9 C42 2007)

  Defending yourself: bullying, teasing and put-downs. GO Media. (HM1116 .D44 2004) Available on DVD and VHS.

  Ghosts in the hall: the aftermath of bullying. Bureau for At-Risk Youth. (BF637.B85 G4 2004)

  In the face of bullying and taunting. Sunburst Visual Media. (DVD BF637 .B85 I5 2006)

  Invisible weapons. CWK Network. (DVD BF637 .B85 I58 2007)

  Reality matters. Cruel schools. Discovery Channel School/Discovery Health Channel. (VIDEO LB3013.3 .R42 2004)

  Targets, bullies, bystanders: handling harassment. Sunburst Visual Media. (DVD BF637 .B85 T33 2006)

  Welcome back, Devon. AIMS Multimedia. (DVD BF637 .B85 W4 2004)

When Push Comes to Shove: How to Help Bullies and Their Targets (April 2009)

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          Director of Library Services            603 E. Washington St., Suite 800                  Call: 800-343-7060 or 317-396-2725
          Virginia Beall Ball Library             Indianapolis, IN 46204                            E-mail:

                                                                                                                                             April 2009

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