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                 DA S H BOA R DS

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                                                  Performance Dashboards

                                 WHAT IS SAFEPATH SOFTWARE?

SafePath software is a suite of interactive Safety Management System (SMS) applications that supplies expertise
to support world-class safety and & health management practices. The SafePath application suite works as
individual stand alone applications and as an integrated toolset that supports benchmarking, creation of world-
class safety management systems and the day-to-day safety management practices.

    Figure 1 shows the application suite — the three Safepath software products. The “Leading Indicators”
make up our Performance Dashboard product which presents visual performance data to help you manage
proactively. The “Benchmarks” are provided as a Performance Benchmark toolset which identifies gaps and
performance improvement opportunities, in addition to identifying activities that are candidates for inclusion
into your suite of leading indicators. The “Master Control Plan” is the Control Plan product that defines and
houses policies, procedures and safety-related information by embedding content and information or linking to
other data systems.

Figure 1. SafePath Application Suite

    SafePath Software is the distillation of the safety performance expertise of CoreAdvantage’s consulting
practice encapsulated in simple, affordable software tools. Used as a set of decision support tools, they enable
front-line managers and safety and health professionals to capture, organize and deploy workplace safety
knowledge within the context of their organization’s business processes.

    It is important to understand — SafePath Software is a performance management system, not a data
processing or safety information/incident tracking system. Should you require database management for
recordkeeping, hazard tracking, training, etc., we can discuss these or any other safety needs with you.

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                                                Performance Dashboards

                       WHAT IS THE PERF ORMANCE DASHBOARD?

Day-to-day safety practices that drive improvement can include any relevant indicators you select. Each
dashboard comes with a recordkeeping worksheet for recording key performance data for each manager,
supervisor, safety professional and executive team member. The performance improvement activities that you
choose to measure can be leading indicators or trailing/lagging indicators or a combination.
Once you know what you want to measure you set goals for performing these critical practices. Your dashboard
displays your weekly/monthly/yearly data. For example, if your focus is building a robust safety culture, you
may want to pick behaviors that visibly reinforce management’s commitment to safety as a core organizational
value. Discrete indicators might include sitting in on training, holding one-on-one discussions with direct
reports, fixing problems fast, reducing total number of safety-related problems, conducting safety walk-arounds
and audits, etc. Key indicator scores are imported from a worksheet and are rendered graphically into gauges,
sliding scales, single-value-readouts, charts and other presentation components (see Figure 2).

Site-Level Indicators:                                    Manager-Level Indicators:
Collective Responsibility                                 Individual Accountability
Easily spot trends and changes over time. Jump to         Managers take responsibility when managers are held
prior months or toggle over to see manager-level          accountable. Meaningful performance metrics will,
data. Collective performance measurement is only          over time, change performance outcomes. The
half of the performance improvement formula.              secret? Measure what matters, not what is easy to
What’s the other half? Individual performer               measure or will make you look good.
Figure 2. Sample Performance Dashboards

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                                                  Performance Dashboards

                                        HOW DOES IT WORK?

First, you record monthly KPI data into your MSEXCEL worksheet. Once recorded, the point and click
rendering engine produces an interactive Performance Dashboard. Your dashboard can be viewed as web pages,
PowerPoint slides or PDF formatted files.
There are two leading indicator dashboards in the toolset, one showing your site’s month-to-month performance
in year-at-a-glance and a second showing individual manager’s current activity detail. Showing names along the
left, you click the name of anyone on the list and their individual activity scores – actual-to-goal comparison is
dynamically presented. Viewers toggle between “Site View” and “Manager View” as well as jump to past
months to view previous scores and changes over time.

A lagging indicator, i.e., OSHA Rate dashboard is also available.

Point-and-Click Ease. Includes an intuitive interface with pre-built components, skins and charts to make it
easy for non-technical users to render fully-interactive visual performance analytics.
Stunning Presentation. Custom graphics and interactivity allow you to present compelling, yet easy-to-
understand performance results and business presentations.
Visual Modeling. Sliders, gauges, filters, numerical input tools and other visual components allow you to
quickly review performance scenarios with the click of a mouse.
Dynamic Dashboards. Easily communicate your results with one-click export of your interactive dashboard
into PowerPoint slides, HTML, and Adobe PDF.

With this tool, our clients can reasonably expect to answer five key performance questions:
    1.   What happened?
    2.   What does it mean?
    3.   What’s going on now?
    4.   What’s next?
    5.   What do I want to happen?

Managing by TCIR/DART numbers restricts management to item #1 and is, in our opinion, required but
insufficient for real performance management. Goals lay out key practices (what should be done) aligned with
local operating practices (how we do it here) as they align people and processes addressing questions #2 and #5.
Benchmarks and leading indicator dashboards address question #3 and prioritize actions to address question #4.
Because dashboards are alert-based data visualization tools with performance against goals (red/yellow/green
thresholds), question #5 becomes quite simple: move red to green and keep it that way.

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                                            Performance Dashboards

                                 HOW ARE PEOPLE USING IT?

                                 They typically select 5-6 metrics that matter. These are in-process metrics,
Improve safety culture.
                                 not outcome metrics. This set becomes your safety performance index and
                                 can be reviewed in “Monday Morning Management Meetings” alongside
                                 your cost and productivity discussions. Leading indicators reflect
                                 management’s strategy to remove the performance constraints or improve
                                 current actual capability gaps that were identified by your expert knowledge
                                 of your organization or by using our SafePath Benchmark Tool Set and
                                 alignment surveys. Where possible, metrics should set goals that
                                 concurrently move culture and operational performance. Doing so
                                 improves safety processes and visibly demonstrates supervisor commitment
                                 and buy-in. As one indicator performance improves, your focus can shift to
                                 other “red line” indicators. Your task simply becomes “manage to the

                                 Monthly Performance Dashboards will show manager-specific and overall
                                 site performance as they improve. When you are meeting your target goals
                                 gauges stay in the green. As you move to improving other key practices, the
Provide a means for continuous   leading indicators and performance goals can shift to reflect new priorities
improvement of site safety       or opportunities for improvement – a process to deliver continuous
performance                      improvement!

                                 Tracking lagging indicators produces information less powerful for
                                 improving performance outcomes because they can only confirm whether
                                 changes are working (after the fact) or perhaps prove or disprove ideas
                                 about what works in the real world. These “bottom line” indicators only
                                 show what happened after the fact, not why or what to change.
                                 Tracking leading indicators is how you actually improve performance
                                 outcomes. By showing individual performance goal-to-actual you can finally
                                 manage safety like you manage productivity and quality.
                                 When configured to show both leading and lagging indicators, Performance
                                 Dashboards from SafePath Software gives you a full 360o view of safety.
 Complements lagging indicator
tracking (TCIR and DART).

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                                         Performance Dashboards

                                     Information (because it is represented graphically via dashboards)
                                     spawns analysis (whether business process-related or performer-
                                     based). Analysis then spawns insight.

Facilitate information sharing and
stakeholder alignment

                                     These insights can be discussed and hypotheses can be developed
                                     for how to address the outcomes presented and how performers
                                     should align to take action, allocate resources and execute. As
                                     improvement occurs new mental models of what excellent
                                     performance looks like are adopted by all stakeholder groups.

                                     Red/Yellow/Green performance indicators in dashboards compare
                                     quantifiable performance against goals. Incentives and rewards as
                                     well as responsibilities and consequences can be moved from the
                                     realm of the subjective to the measurable.
                                     SafePath can be used to explain the standards required for
                                     rewardable performance as well as instantly reveal good performers
                                     and poor performers via customizable dashboards.

Provide a link between reward
systems and the performance
management system

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                                             Performance Dashboards

                                       CLIENT SAMPLER

                           TECH SPECS | CU STOMER SUPPORT

Minimum Recommended Hardware                        Telephone and email support.
 PC with Pentium 3 or equivalent processor           M-F, 9AM-8PM CST.
 128MB of RAM
Operating System:                                   Training is ongoing and tailored to the performance
 Windows 2000 or Windows XP                         strategy of each client.
Microsoft Office
 Office 2000, Office XP, or Office 2003

                                 WHAT’S MY BOTTO M LINE?
     DASHBOARD COSTS $2195.00                         TRAIN ING TAKES 30 MINUTES

                               OTHER SAFEPATH PRODUCTS
    PERFORMANCE BENCHMARKS                                                 CON TROL PLANS

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