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									642981bd-b36d-48cc-800d-ff5f87de5421.docNew Purchase Order Document          GMIS Bulletin

New Purchase Order Document

The printable Purchase Order document will change on 07/01/07. This change will
affect all purchase orders printed after that, including purchase orders that were created
earlier. The new format will improve the readability of the document for both Vendors
and State staff.

      Sample New PO

Do not re-print a Purchase Order simply because the format has changed.
Later today we will post a two page Word document on the Information and Helpful
Hints page that explains the changes and provides a side-by-side view of the old and
the new look.
This is a brief list of the changes in the printable purchase order.
            The heading that prints on every page will include only:
                    o The State Seal
                    o The Purchase order type and Issuing authority
                    o The order summary block.
            The order summary block is changed:
                    o Department number removed
                    o Project number removed
                    o Buyer name moved to a separate block with the signatures
                    o QPA number removed
                    o QPA Expiration removed
                    o Agency number and name now print
                    o Facility removed
            The Vendor ENCOMPASS number, location, and address sequence print
               above the Remit To address
            The address blocks are now outlined and will print only on the first page of
               the PO. There are blocks for the vendor contact designated on the PO
               header and for the buyer’s name and email address.
            The “Reporting Code” is removed
            The “Invoice Information” is moved to the last page above the signature
               and prints only once.
            Sections of the PO body now have a shaded section heading. A section
               heading is not printed if that section is not used, i.e. no header comments.
            The blank area above the signature will be shaded if it is more than 5
             The signature block will print only once before the terms and conditions
             Every page of the PO will have a bar code for the business unit and PO
              number (3 of 9 extended)

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