Office Lease Agreement

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									This Office Lease Agreement is between a landlord and a tenant, and it contains all the
essential language for executing a lease agreement. This document allows the parties
to customize the price, terms, and conditions for leasing out the property as office
space, or for leasing an office from a landlord. This document in its draft form contains
numerous of the standard clauses commonly used in these types of agreements;
however, additional language may be added to allow for customization to ensure the
specific terms of the parties' agreement are addressed. This document can be used by
a landlord or tenant to ensure that any agreement for a lease is clearly laid out and well-
                        OFFICE LEASE AGREEMENT

       This Office Lease Agreement (this “Lease”) is hereby entered into as of the ____ day of
_____________, 20__ (the “Lease Date”) by and between ____________________, with its
principal place of business located at __________________________________ (“Landlord”)
and _________________, with its principal place of business located at
__________________________ (“Tenant”).


       WHEREAS, Landlord warrants and represents that it owns that certain Parcel of land
located in the City of ________________, County of __________ (the “Parcel”) and the office
building located on said Parcel commonly referred to as _________________ (the “Building”);

       WHEREAS, Landlord wishes to lease to Tenant, and Tenant wishes to lease from
Landlord, under the terms and conditions of this Lease, approximately ___________ (___)
square feet of office space in the Building;

       NOW, THEREFORE, in exchange for the mutual promises herein contained, each of
Landlord and Tenant hereby agree to the terms and conditions set forth below:



        Landlord hereby agrees to lease to Tenant, and Tenant hereby leases from Landlord, the
following described premises, together with the right in common with other tenants to use any
other portions of the Parcel and Building that are designated by Landlord for the common use of
tenants and others, such as sidewalks, unreserved parking areas, common corridors, elevator
foyers, restrooms, vending areas, and lobby areas (the “Common Areas”):

       _______ (___) square feet of floor space on the ____ floor of the Building, as
       outlined in red in Exhibit “A” attached hereto, more commonly known as Suite
       _______ (the “Premises’), which floor space shall be finished and improved (the
       “Tenant Improvements”) in accordance with the plans and specifications attached
       to this Lease as Exhibit “B” (the “Work Letter”).


        The term of this Lease shall commence on the date of occupancy of the Premises by
Tenant following substantial completion of the Tenant Improvements (as defined and described
in the Work Letter), and shall continue for a period of ______________ (__) years thereafter,
unless sooner terminated as provided for in this Lease.

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       A.     Upon substantial completion of the Tenant Improvements, Landlord shall provide
              written notice of same to Tenant, who shall then inspect the work and provide a
              punch list of any deficiencies in construction.

       B.     Upon rectifying the deficiencies, Landlord shall provide notice of final
              completion to Tenant, and Tenant shall verify such completion within ___ (__)
              business days of such notice.

       C.     Upon verification that the Tenant Improvements have been completed in
              substantial conformity with the Work Letter, Tenant shall so specify in writing,
              and Tenant shall take occupancy of the Premises within ___ (__) days of such

       D.     Landlord and Tenant shall execute a memorandum in writing specifying the
              actual date Tenant occupies the Premises (the “Commencement Letter”).


        Landlord promises provide Tenant with peaceful possession of the Premises to Tenant,
upon payment of all sums referred to herein as being payable by Tenant, Tenant’s performance
of all Tenant’s agreements contained herein, and Tenant’s observance of all rules and
regulations. Tenant, by taking possession of the Premises, acknowledges that the Premises are in
satisfactory and acceptable condition.


       Tenant shall use the Premises for general office use, and shall not use or permit the
Premises to be used for any other purpose.


        Tenant agrees to observe all laws and governmental regulations applicable to its use of
the Premises, together with all reasonable rules and regulations that may be promulgated from
time to time by Landlord.


        Tenant agrees to pay Landlord a monthly rent during the Term of this Lease according to
the following schedule (“Base Rent”), payable in advance on the first day of each month without
notice or demand, provided that the installment of rent for the first full calendar month of the
Term shall be payable upon execution of this Lease:

Period                                 Monthly Rate            Monthly Base Rent

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      Tenant shall pay to Landlord, the following additional rent, for each calendar year:

      A.     Tenant’s pro rata share of the total building operating expenses (“Additional
             Rent”) pursuant to the following method of calculation: the proportion of the
             Building space leased by Tenant divided by the total leasable space in the
             Building (“Pro Rata Share”).

      B.     Tenant’s Pro Rata Share is ____ percent (___%).

      C.     The term “building operating expenses” includes, but is not limited to, the
             following costs and expenses incurred in the cost of operating and maintaining the

             1.      Real estate and other taxes assessed against the Building;

             2.      Maintenance and repairs to the Building, and its components, including
                     but not limited to air conditioning, heating, lighting, plumbing, yard, and

             3.      Parking lot maintenance costs;

             4.      Utilities costs, including, but not limited to water, gas, and electricity;

             5.      Building insurance costs;

             6.      Trash and garbage service expenses;

             7.      Janitorial service costs;

             8.      Building personnel costs;

             9.      Building management fees; and

             10.     Security expenses.

      D.     A statement of building operating expenses showing Tenant’s Pro Rata Share
             thereof shall be sent out on or about the first day of ______ each year. Thereafter
             the Tenant shall pay said statement within ___ (__) days. Failure to pay said
             statement within the aforesaid ___ (__)-day time period shall constitute an event
             of default.

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         A Security Deposit in the amount of __________ dollars ($______) shall be delivered to
Landlord upon the execution of this Lease by Tenant and shall be held by Landlord without
liability for interest (unless required by law) as security for the performance of Tenant’s
obligations. The Security Deposit is not an advance payment of Rent or a measure of Tenant’s
liability for damages. If permitted by law, Landlord may, from time to time, without prejudice to
any other remedy, use all or a portion of the Security Deposit to satisfy past due Rent or to cure
any uncured default by Tenant. If Landlord uses the Security Deposit, Tenant shall, upon
demand, restore the Security Deposit to its original amount. Landlord shall return any unapplied
portion of the Security Deposit to Tenant within ___ (__) days after the later to occur of: (1) the
date Tenant surrenders possession of the Premises to Landlord in accordance with this Lease or
(2) the Termination Date. If Landlord transfers its interest in the Premises, Landlord may assign
the Security Deposit to the transferee and following the assignment, Landlord shall have no
further liability for the return of the Security Deposit. Unless otherwise required by law,
Landlord shall not be required to keep the Security Deposit separate from its other accounts.


       Tenant, its agents, servants, employees, customers, guests, and invitees, shall have the
exclusive right to _________ (____) designated parking spaces marked with the ___________,
and more specifically indicated on Exhibit “C” attached hereto.


        Tenant agrees that except for the Tenant Improvements contemplated in the Work Letter,
Tenant shall make no alterations to the Premises without the prior written consent of the
Landlord. [Option: If Tenant shall be permitted to make alterations, the following language
can be used: Tenant, at Tenant’s expense, shall have the right, upon obtaining Landlord’s
consent, to remodel, redecorate, and make additions, improvements, and replacements of
and to all or any part of the Premises from time to time as Tenant may deem desirable,
provided the same are made in a workmanlike manner and utilizing good quality
materials. Tenant shall have the right to place and install personal property, trade
fixtures, equipment, and other temporary installations in and upon the Premises, and
fasten the same to the premises.]


        Tenant shall not use the Premises, nor permit them to be used, for any purpose that shall
increase the existing insurance rates of the Building, cause the cancellation of any insurance
policy covering the Building, or sell or permit to be kept, used, or sold in or about the Premises,
any item that may be prohibited by Landlord’s insurance policies.

        A.      Tenant shall not commit any waste upon the Premises, nor cause any public or
                private nuisance or other act that may disturb the quiet enjoyment of any other

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        B.      Tenant shall not allow the Premises to be used for any improper, immoral,
                unlawful, or unsafe purpose, including, but not limited to, the storage of any
                flammable materials or hazardous waste.

        C.      Tenant shall not use any machinery or device on said Premises that may make
                any noise or cause any vibration that can be detected by other tenants, or that
                shall in any way be detrimental to the Building.

        D.      Tenant further agrees that except for the Tenant Improvements contemplated in
                the Work Letter, Tenant shall not install or construct within the Premises or
                Building electrical wires, water or drain pipes, machinery, or other permanently
                installed devices, including, but not limited to, alarm systems, private music
                systems, or special ventilation, without the prior written consent of Landlord.


        Provided Landlord shall not unreasonably interfere with the conduct of Tenant’s
business, Landlord, its agents, contractors, and representatives may enter the Premises to inspect
or show the Premises, to clean and make repairs, alterations, or additions to the Premises, and to
conduct or facilitate repairs, alterations, or additions to any portion of the Building, including
other tenants’ premises. Except in emergencies or to provide janitorial and/or other Building
services after normal business hours, Landlord shall provide Tenant with reasonable prior notice
of entry into the Premises, which may be given orally. If reasonably necessary for the protection
and safety of Tenant and its employees, Landlord shall have the right to temporarily close all or a
portion of the Premises to perform repairs, alterations, and additions. However, except in
emergencies, Landlord shall not close the Premises if the work can reasonably be completed on
weekends and/or after normal business hours. Entry by Landlord shall not constitute
constructive eviction or entitle Tenant to an abatement or reduction of Rent.


        Any trade fixtures, equipment, or personal property permanently installed in or attached
to the Premises, Building, or Parcel by or at the expense of Tenant shall be and shall remain the
property of Tenant. Tenant shall have the right to remove any and all of such property prior to
the expiration or termination of this Lease Agreement, so long as no default exists under this
Lease. Tenant shall, at its expense, repair any damage caused to the Premises by reason of the
removal of any of its trade fixtures, equipment, or other permanently affixed personal property as
described above.


        Tenant shall make any repairs or replacements to damaged property caused by the Tenant
or its employees, agents, invitees, or visitors. However, if Tenant fails to make any such repairs
or replacements promptly, Landlord may, at its sole discretion, make such repairs or

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replacements after providing at least ___ (__) day’s prior written notice to Tenant, and Tenant
shall repay the cost of such repairs or replacements to Landlord upon demand.


       A.      Landlord agrees to provide to or for the Premises, adequate heat, electricity,
               water, air conditioning, replacement light tubes, trash removal service, and
               sewage disposal service, in such quantities and at such times as is necessary for
               Tenant’s comfortable and reasonable use of the Premises, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.,
               Monday through Friday. These services will not be provided on Saturdays,
               Sundays, or any nationally recognized holidays.

       B.      In the event of an interruption or malfunction for any reason of any utility or other
               service to the Premises or Building, Landlord shall use reasonable diligence to
               restore such utility or service.

       C.      Any such interruption or malfunction, if restored within a reasonable time, shall
               not (1) entitle Tenant to be relieved from any of its obligations under this Lease,
               (2) grant Tenant the right of set-off, (3) be considered a breach by Landlord, or
               (4) entitle Tenant to any damages.

       D.      Should any of the equipment or machinery break down, or for any cause beyond
               the reasonable control of Landlord cease to function properly, Landlord shall use
               reasonable diligence to repair the machinery or equipment promptly, but Tenant
               shall have no claim for rebate of rent or damages on account of any interruptions
               in utilities services occasioned by or resulting from any such breakdown or
               cessation for the length of time reasonably required for repair.


       Landlord agrees to provide the Premises with the following janitorial services: cleaning
___ (__) days per week; trash disposal ___ (__) days per week; vacuuming of carpets ___ (__)
days per week; cleaning of lighting fixtures ___ (__) days per year; cleaning of windows (interior
and exterior) ___ (__) times per year; and replacing of light tubes and bulbs as required.


        If, at any time during the Term of this Lease, the Premises or any part of the Building or
Parcel shall be damaged or destroyed in a way that does not render the premises unfit for the
conduct of Tenant’s business or that does not injure Tenant’s business, Landlord shall, at
Landlord’s expense, promptly and through the exercise of reasonable diligence, repair the
damage and restore the Premises to the condition in which the Premises existed immediately
prior to the damage or destruction. In such case there shall be no abatement of Rent.

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        Either Party may terminate this Lease if the whole or any material part of the Premises
shall be taken or condemned for any public or quasi-public use under law, by eminent domain or
private purchase in lieu thereof (a “Taking”). Landlord shall also have the right to terminate this
Lease if there is a Taking of any portion of the Building or Property that would leave the
remainder of the Building unsuitable for use as an office building in a manner comparable to the
Building’s use prior to the Taking. In order to exercise the right to terminate the Lease, Landlord
or Tenant, as the case may be, must provide written notice of termination to the other within ___
(__) days after the terminating party first receives notice of the Taking. Any such termination
shall be effective as of the date the physical taking of the Premises or the portion of the Building
or Property occurs. If this Lease is not terminated, the square footage of the Building leased by
Tenant and Tenant’s Pro Rata Share shall, if applicable, be appropriately adjusted. In addition,
Rent for any portion of the Premises taken or condemned shall be abated during the unexpired
Term of this Lease effective when the physical taking of the portion of the Premises occurs. All
compensation awarded for a Taking or sale proceeds (other than any compensation that may be
separately awarded to Tenant pursuant to the terms of the next succeeding sentence), shall be the
property of Landlord, any right to receive compensation or proceeds being expressly waived by
Tenant. However, Tenant may file a separate claim, at its sole cost and expense, in connection
with such Taking for Tenant’s property and Tenant’s reasonable relocation expenses, provided
the filing of the claim does not diminish the award that would otherwise be receivable by

        As used in this section, the word “condemned” shall include: (A) receipt of written notice
of the intent to condemn from an entity having the power of eminent domain, (B) the filing of
any action or proceeding for condemnation by any such entity, and/or (C) the conveyance of any
interest in the Premises by Landlord or Tenant to a public or quasi public authority having the
power of eminent domain with respect to the Premises as a result of the authority’s express
written intent to condemn.


       Tenant may not sublet or assign its interest under this Lease without the written consent
of Landlord, except to a business entity that is owned or controlled by Tenant or that is the
survivor of any merger, acquisition, or corporate reorganization in which Tenant’s shareholders
control the survivor. If permission is granted, Tenant may assign its interest in this Lease,
provided Tenant remains personally liable for the performance of its obligations under this Lease
through the remainder of the Term, together will all extensions, expansions, and renewals that
may have been executed by Tenant and Landlord prior to any such assignment. Landlord’s
consent shall not be unreasonably withheld.


        Tenant shall be considered to be in default of this Lease upon the occurrence of any of
the following events of default:

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       A.     Tenant’s failure to pay when due all or any portion of the Rent, if the failure
              continues for ___ (__) days after written notice to Tenant (“Monetary Default”).

       B.     Tenant’s failure (other than a Monetary Default) to comply with any term,
              provision or covenant of this Lease, if the failure is not cured within ___ (__) days
              after written notice to Tenant. However, if Tenant's failure to comply cannot
              reasonably be cured within ___ (__) days, Tenant shall be allowed such additional
              time (not to exceed ___ (__) days) as is reasonably necessary to cure the failure so
              long as: (1) Tenant commences to cure the failure within ___ (__) days, and (2)
              Tenant diligently pursues a course of action that will cure the failure and bring
              Tenant back into compliance with the Lease. However, if Tenant’s failure to
              comply creates a hazardous condition, the failure must be cured immediately upon
              notice to Tenant. In addition, if Landlord provides Tenant with notice of Tenant’s
              failure to comply with any particular term, provision, or covenant of the Lease on
              ___ (__) occasions during any ___ (__) month period, subsequent violation of
              such term, provision or covenant shall, at Landlord’s option, be an incurable event
              of default by Tenant.

       C.     Tenant is unable to pay its debts when due, admits in writing its inability to pay
              its debts when due, makes a transfer in fraud of creditors, or makes an assignment
              for the benefit of creditors.

       D.     Tenant obtains its leasehold estate by a taking of the leasehold estate of a prior
              tenant hereunder by process or operation of law.

       E.     Tenant is in default beyond any notice and cure period under any other lease or
              agreement with Landlord in the Building (other than for parking).


       Upon the occurrence of any Event of Default under this Lease, whether specifically
enumerated or not, Landlord shall have the option to terminate this Lease and Tenant’s right of
possession and collect from Tenant damages equal to any unpaid Rent and any other amount
necessary to compensate Landlord for the detriment caused by Tenant’s breach of this Lease.


        Tenant agrees to redeliver to Landlord the physical possession of the Premises at the end
of the Term of this Lease, or any extension thereof, in good condition, excepting reasonable wear
and tear, and damage by fire or from any other cause not attributable to the willful or negligent
act of the Tenant, or its employees, agents, invitees, or visitors.

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        Any holding over after the expiration of the Term of this Lease shall be deemed to
constitute a tenancy from month to month only, and shall be on the same terms and conditions as
specified in this Lease, so far as applicable, and at a monthly rental equal to that for the previous


       If either Party institutes a suit against the other for violation of or to enforce any covenant
or condition of this Lease, or if either Party intervenes in any suit in which the other is a party to
enforce or protect its interest or rights, the prevailing party shall be entitled to all of its costs and
expenses, including, without limitation, reasonable attorney fees.


        Time is of the essence in this Lease.


       Tenant is hereby given an option to renew this lease for an additional term of ___ (__)
years by giving Landlord written notice on or before ___ (__) days before the expiration of the
Term of this Lease. The renewal lease is to be upon the same terms, covenants, and conditions
contained in this Lease except as to Base Rent, as provided herein, and Tenant Improvements.


        A.      Landlord reserves the right for itself and/or its agents to install a sign designating
                the Building or Parcel for sale or for lease, and shall be permitted to show the
                Premises to a prospective tenant or buyer.

        B.      Following Landlord’s consent, Tenant shall have the right to place on the
                Premises, at locations selected by Tenant, any signs permitted by applicable
                zoning ordinances and private restrictions. Landlord may refuse consent to any
                proposed signage that is, in Landlord’s opinion, too large, deceptive, unattractive,
                or otherwise inconsistent with or inappropriate for the Premises or use by any
                other tenant. Landlord shall assist and cooperate with Tenant in obtaining any
                necessary permission from governmental authorities, adjoining owners and
                occupants, or management companies or cooperative or condominium boards, as
                the case may be, for Tenant to place or construct the foregoing signs. Tenant
                shall repair all damage to the Premises resulting from the removal of signs
                installed by Tenant. Landlord acknowledges that Tenant is the sole owner of the
                signs situated on the Parcel and that Tenant may only enlarge, improve, or remove
                the signs upon prior consent of Landlord.

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       A.      Landlord hereby agrees to a tenant improvement allowance in the total sum of
               ___________ dollars ($__) (“Tenant Allowance”), which represents the portion of
               the cost of the Tenant Improvements described in the Work Letter and specified
               by Tenant to be constructed by Landlord.

       B.      The cost of such Tenant Improvements shall be borne by Landlord up to the
               amount of the Tenant Allowance.

       C.      All costs of such Tenant Improvements constructed in compliance with the Work
               Letter in excess of the Tenant Allowance that have been approved by Tenant shall
               be advanced by Landlord during construction but shall be reimbursed to Landlord
               by Tenant as provided below.

        This Lease is subject and subordinate to all mortgages and deeds of trust that may now or
hereafter encumber the Building, Parcel, or any appurtenances thereto, or any leases, renewals,
or modifications related thereto. This section shall be self-operative and no further instruments
of subordination shall be required in order for this section to be effective. Tenant hereby agrees
to execute, within ___ (__) days of a request, any and all reasonable instruments in writing
required by Landlord or any lender to subordinate Tenant’s rights acquired by this Lease in
accordance with this section.


        The term “Landlord” shall mean only the owner for the time being of the Building and
Parcel, and, in the event of a transfer by owner of its interest in the Building or Parcel, owner
shall be released and discharged from all covenants and obligations of Landlord thereafter
accruing, but such covenants and obligations shall be binding during the Lease Term on each
new owner, and their successors and assigns for the duration of this Lease.


        Landlord shall have at all times a valid lien for all rentals and other sums of money
becoming due under this Lease from Tenant, subject to any purchase money liens or security
interests outstanding from time to time to third parties, on all goods, wares, equipment, fixtures,
furniture, and other personal property of Tenant situated on and in the Premises. After notice of
default is given by Landlord, such property shall not be removed from the Premises without the
consent of Landlord, which shall be given when all rent in arrears, as well as any and all other
sums of money then due to Landlord under this Lease, have been paid.

       A.      Tenant hereby grants a security interest, subject to any purchase money liens or
               security interests executed by Tenant outstanding from time to time to third
               parties, in such personal property described in this section XXXI. The lien hereby

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              granted may be foreclosed on in the manner and form provided for under the
              Uniform Commercial Code of the State of _________, or in any other manner and
              form provided by law.


       This Lease and the following exhibits and attachments constitute the entire agreement
between the parties and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings related to the
Premises, including all lease proposals, letters of intent, and other documents: Exhibit “A,”
Exhibit “B,” and Exhibit “C.”


       Wherever in this Lease it is required or permitted that notice or demand be given or
served by either party on the other, such notice or demand shall be deemed given or served when
written and hand delivered, or deposited in the United States Mail, certified, return receipt
requested, postage prepaid, and addressed as follows:

       To Landlord: ___________________________

       To Tenant:    ___________________________


       A.     The Parties hereby agree that this document contains the entire agreement
              between the parties and this Agreement shall not be modified, changed, altered, or
              amended in any way except through a written amendment signed by all of the
              Parties hereto.

       B.     Tenant represents that Tenant was not shown the Premises by any real estate
              broker or agent and that Tenant has not otherwise engaged in any activity that
              could form the basis for a claim for real estate commission, brokerage fee,
              finder’s fee, or other similar charge in connection with this Lease. [Option: This
              paragraph may be customized to set forth a broker or brokers used in this

       C.     This Agreement shall be governed, construed, and interpreted by, through, and
              under the laws of the State of _____. [Instruction: Insert state.]

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      D.     If any provision of this Agreement or the application thereof shall, for any reason
             and to any extent, be deemed invalid or unenforceable, neither the remainder of
             this Agreement nor the application of the provision to other persons, entities, or
             circumstances shall be affected thereby, but instead shall be enforced to the
             maximum extent permitted by law.

      E.     Any mention of or references to Landlord or Tenant contained in this Lease shall
             be deemed to extend to and include the heirs, executors, administrators,
             successors, and assigns of Landlord and of Tenant and sub-tenants of Tenant as
             the case may be, and if Landlord or Tenant shall be a female or if there be more
             than one Landlord or Tenant, the pronouns used throughout shall be taken to be
             altered accordingly.

      F.     No indulgence, waiver, election, or non-election by Landlord under this
             Agreement shall affect Tenant’s duties and/or liabilities hereunder.

        IN WITNESS WHEREOF, each of Landlord and Tenant has executed this Lease on the
date first above-written.

TENANT: _____________________
By: ___________________________
Name: ________________________
Title: _________________________

LANDLORD: __________________
By: ___________________________
Name: ________________________
Title: _________________________


       THE UNDERSIGNED hereby acknowledges receiving a duplicate original copy of the
herein Lease on this _______ day of ____________, 20______.


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                                  EXHIBIT “A”
                           Outline and Location of Premises

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                           EXHIBIT “B”
                           (Work Letter)

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                           EXHIBIT “C”
                            Parking Plan

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d or Tenant shall be a
       female or if there be more than one Landlord or Tenant, the pronouns used
       throughout shall be taken to be altered accordingly.

    6. No indulgence, waiver, election or non-election by Landlord under this
       Agreement shall affect Tenant's duties and liabilities hereunder.

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                       [SIGNATURE PAGE TO FOLLOW]

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IN WITNESS WHEREOF, each of Landlord and Tenant has caused this Lease to be
executed on this __________ day of _______________________, 20_____.

TENANT: _______________________________________

By: ___________________________
Name: ________________________
Title: _________________________

LANDLORD: ___________________________________________

By: ___________________________
Name: ________________________
Title: _________________________


THE UNDERSIGNED hereby acknowledges receiving a duplicate original copy of the
herein Lease this _______ day of ____________, 20______.


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                        (Outline and Location of Premises)

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                                 EXHIBIT C

                                (Parking Plan)

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                                 EXHIBIT C

                                (Parking Plan)

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