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									                          Job Order Costing
             Learning to Taste Success in Managerial Accounting
                          Accounting 230
                          Instructor: Judith Paquette
                                                 Group Points:                85
                                              Indivdual Points:               15
                                                  Total Points:              100
Estimated Time Requirements:
In class: Fifteen minutes to form groups, fifteen minutes to discuss quality standards,thirty minutes
to taste and evaluate cookies, fifteen minutes to debrief.
Out-of-class: A weekend for cookie baking, PowerPoint presentation/report, display

         1) Form a group of 4-6 people to work as a team.
            These do not need to be from your homework teams.
         2) Give yourselves a team name (e.g., Team Kite Runner)
         3) If a page name is CAPITALIZED it has a corresponding form with the same name on a tab
             in the project Excel workbook.
         4) This Excel workbook can be found on my website.
         5) All sheets will be typed unless specified on form.
         6) Turn in your final paper at the beginning of class (prior to tasting). Late papers will result
            in loss of points.
         7) Save all papers, you will need them.
         8) These instructions are not all inclusive. There will be additional instructions given in class

             Learning Outcomes:
        1) Students will create, observe and measure a product value chain.
        2) Students will gain increased understanding of job costing environment, the use of product
            specifications and quality controls.
        3) Students will be able to create a physical marketing display and an online web marketing presence.
        4) Improve team communication and management skills
        5) Improve project organization, planning, and implementation skills
If you have any questions, consult by e-mail early ...

COOKIE QUALITY STANDARDS – Required Reading To set the context, the class discusses
how to judge product success. The discussion is based on reading of the Consumer Reports
article on chocolate chip cookies that appeared in the October 1993 issue, pages 643-647.
The article discusses and rates packaged, mix and bake, and scratch cookies. Students can
access this article in the BCC Library database or from the reserve desk. After reading this
article, hand deliver three (3) quality criteria to the instructor. Based on the class’ criteria, and a brief
class discussion, the class chooses three primary evaluation criteria for verification of
customer/student satisfaction, which are used to evaluate the Job Cost Activity. Students
individually evaluate the job cost cookie displays first by appearance and then by tasting
their top three choices and ranking their preferences based on the predetermined evaluation

Adapted from Susan Crosson, Santa Fe Community College, used with permission

   fb28b3da-196b-4e90-8c11-6376ac745455.xls               Page 1 of 17                                          INFO
                                                   Part I
                                                 Est. Time:   1-2 hours
                                  GroupPoints:                       40
                              Individual Points:                     10
                                   Total Points:                     50
      1) THE TEAM page:
         Meet/pick your teammates. Set up schedules and ground rules.
         Answer the questions on your team on THE TEAM page.

       2) Prepare STRATEGY document
       3) Bring 3 Quality Criteria to class and vote
       4) Review the TARGET MARKET document and define your target market in a half page.
                  - Geographically (location)
                  - Demographically (gender, age, ethnic group, family life cycle, household type, income)
                  - Psychographically (activities, interests, opinions)
                  - Product (high use/low use)
       5) Determine job specifications (create your own document)
                  - Cookie quality
                       -   Size
                       -   Appearance
                       -   Special features (types of chips, nuts)
                       -   Quantity
                       -   Packaging
       6) Determine production tasks and make team assignments
                  - Marketer (planner)
                       -   Materials purchaser
                       -   Mixer
                       -   Baker
                       -   Timer
                       -   Quality control
                       -   Accountant
                       -   Marketer (implementer)
       7) Select a recipe
                    - Recipe MUST contain chocolate chips, flour and eggs (or egg substitutes)
       8) Create a Job Measurement Document--must contain at least the following measures:
                   - Cost per cookie
                       - Number of cookies produced = number meeting specs + number rejected + number
                           reworked + number sampled for quality control + unexplained differences
                       - Size of cookies before baking
                       - Size of cookies after baking
                       - Total throughput time = mix time + (bake time for one cookie sheet x number of
                           cookie sheets processed) + packaging time + downtime + cleanup time

                           NOTE: see next page

 fb28b3da-196b-4e90-8c11-6376ac745455.xls                   Page 2 of 17                                     PART I
Required Comments: (Do NOT forget to include!)
    What should the denominator be for the cost per cookie calculation?
    What measures would your group use to effectively evaluate production performance?
    What measures were unnecessary? Why?

        9) Develop a job order cost sheet--must resemble the job cost sheet in text in content/format.
                   - See JOB COST FORM
                        - Assume an overhead rate of $2 for every $1 of direct materials.
                        - Assign each production task an hourly rate or a monthly salary based on your
                            group's perception of the job market for the task involved.
                        -   Attempt to quantify actual overhead. List the types of costs that would go into
                            your actual overhead.

Required Comments: (Do NOT forget to include!)
    Evaluate the $2 overhead rate for reasonableness.
    What is your group's consensus on disposing of your overhead variance?
       10) Produce product and complete job measurement and job cost information
           May take multiple batches. Plan on several hours for test runs.
       11) Assemble a marketing display (with cookies to sample) and bring to class on cookie day.
           One small poster board or tri-fold board, package prototype, and a plate/napkin containing
           40 cookie samples (you will want to cut cookies into small pieces for sampling).
           The marketing display must contain:
                    - A picture and description of your target market customer.
                        -     Your company letter
                        -     Job specifications
                        -     Recipe
                        -     Job cost sheet
                        -     Your best cookie in a plastic bag

       12) Create a web page for your company. Include all data from report. Consider it a
           marketing tool. Submit as digital copy, by email or diskette.
           If you do not use web design software, okay to use PowerPoint or Word and create a
           mockup of a webpage. I can show you how to use hyperlinks.
                     - Your company letter
                        -     Job specifications
                        -     Recipe
                        -     Job measurement document
                        -     Job cost sheet
                        -     Required comments
                        -     Any other information that makes your company site appealing to potential buyers.
       13) Submit a paper copy of your website, with all results. Be sure all pages print correctly.
                   - Essentially a repeat of the web page. However, do not just print out the web page as
                     is. Compile the webpage into a a more readable format. Format the document so
                     that it is readable (reduce screen size to fit page), put a title page, table of contents,
                     etc. Neatness Counts!
                   - Attach each person's PEER evaluation.
       14) Complete the COOKIE EVAL form in class (handwritten), type and turn in next class.
                            NOTE: see next page

  fb28b3da-196b-4e90-8c11-6376ac745455.xls                   Page 3 of 17                                         PART I
        TEAM document
        STRATEGY document
        Marketing display (including ALL above elements)
        Web page - digital copy (including ALL above elements)
        Paper - (including ALL above elements, including PEER evaluations)
        COOKIE EVAL form -- take notes on Tasting Day and type up and turn in, next class.

   fb28b3da-196b-4e90-8c11-6376ac745455.xls         Page 4 of 17                             PART I
After instructor presents the basics of the job cost system and the concept of the
product value chain, students form their own "corporations" (groups of four to six
students) to produce cookies. These student corporations determine and collect the
data and information needs of their companies as they follow the total value chain of a
product from idea generation to product design to material acquisition and handling to
cookie production to packaging to distribution and to verification of customer
satisfaction. In other words, the groups formulate an original chocolate chip cookie
product, manufacture it, and market it to the class by creating a display, a web page,
and a paper. The first part of this document details the particulars of this assignment.

The goal of this activity is to be chosen as the best cookie product by the students in
the class. The selection process includes a class discussion on the criteria of
excellence in chocolate chip cookies, i.e. cost per cookie, appearance, taste variables.
The top three quality measures by which to judge the various cookie products are
selected by a class vote and the students fill out a cookie evaluation ballot after tasting
three different products (COOKIE EVAL). The ballot results are tabulated and reported
on the class' cookie web site. The winning student corporation ’ s prize is five
bonus points.

A debriefing of the activity is also conducted to reinforce the dynamics of the product
value chain.

Note to Project #1: The new manufacturing setting requires additional data be
collected for performance evaluation. So, in addition to computing the cost per cookie in
the job cost activity, students will track time spent in setup, mixing, baking, packaging,
cleanup, and downtime. Students also account for all cookies produced: those that met
specifications, were rejected, were reworked, were sampled for quality control, and any
unexplained differences. Students finally measure the size of the cookies before and
after baking. With these additional measures, students have the data to compute some
of the basic measurements desired in the new manufacturing throughput setting.

  fb28b3da-196b-4e90-8c11-6376ac745455.xls      Page 5 of 17                                  Background Data
Team Groundrules/Contract/Information

You may not want to discuss each and every one of these in your team, but many
of these will be crucial to your success and sanity as a team member.

What are your strengths and development needs?

What is the protocol for reading and responding to communication?

What is the BEST way to contact each team member if feedback is needed

What is the availability for each team member during the quarter? Review:
         Work schedules, class schedules, exams and due dates for other projects.

What is your goal for this team? What are you trying to develop in terms of
team skills?

How often will the team meet? Where? Expectation: Meetings will be working
working meetings, not just reporting meetings. Each meeting should have,
in advance: agenda, person responsible, and time.

Do you want to elect a team leader? minute taker? The team leader's job is to
keep communication OPEN with all team members. Thus each team member
must take the time to establish a working relationship with the leader (and
the leader with each team member).

Assignment: Obtain:
Protocol for meeting, strengths, availability during quarter, goals, meeting time,
meeting time, contact info, emergency contact info, etc.

Agenda for next meeting, person responsible, and time and place. Do this for
all of your meetings.

Source: Adapted from Marketing 445 Coursepack, March 2006, University of Washington,
Lum, Spratlen, and Verchot. Used with permission.

   fb28b3da-196b-4e90-8c11-6376ac745455.xls        Page 6 of 17                        TEAM
Use for Parts I and II
Project Plan (___ points):

What is our strategy for compiling this project? When will we meet? Where will
we meet? For how long? Estimated time required about 6-10 hours.

Who is responsible for what? Note, if a teammate misses this class, please
indicate they are not present. You can still assign them work, but they will not
receive credit for the Strategy assignment.

TEAM MEMBER                                  RESPONSIBILITY (IES)

Additional Comments ON BACK

  fb28b3da-196b-4e90-8c11-6376ac745455.xls            Page 7 of 17                 STRATEGY
Who is your target market?
Target Market: Specific segment of consumers most likely to purchase a particular product.
Market segmentation: Dividing the total market into smaller, relatively homogeneous (similar) groups.
Why do you need to know? Understanding consumer behavior will help you develop your marketing
strategies, e.g, is your product a “mass marketed product” or a “concentrated” product (serving
one/limited niches) or in a “micro market” (down to a zip code/specific occupation/office building)?

DELIVERABLE: In a short paragraph, describe your target market. You need to define it in terms
of at least two bases.

Basis                           Characteristics                              Examples
GEOGRAPHIC--                    Where is your customer?                      USA, West Coast, city, rural, Seattle,
location                                                                     Bellevue, Kent, Sea Tac, Burien, White
                                                                             Center, Monroe, Snohomish, etc.

DEMOGRAPHIC                                Gender                                  Women
                                           Age                                     Ages 35-50
                                           Ethnic Group*                           White and Asian
                                           Family Life Cycle                       Established Professional
                                           Household Type                          Single
                                           Income/Expenditure Patterns             Income over $50,000

                                Similar lifestyles/values                           Likes children’s sports
                                          Activities, interests, opinions          Enjoys wine tasting
                                          Needs, motives, values,                  Goes to church
                                                                                    Watches tv often
                                                                                    Likes public broadcasting
                                                                                    Impulse buyer
PRODUCT                                  Benefit (high end? Low end?               Baking soda--many uses
                                     How is it used?)
                                         Usage rates (high or low)                   Purchases daily or only on
                                                                                special occasions
                                          Brand loyalty                              Espresso punch card, frequent
                                                                                flyer, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes

* Do NOT say "ALL Ethnic groups", be specific. Ethnic groups at BCC for the past 3 years include: African
American, Alaska Native, Asian, Multi-Racial, Native American, Native Hawaiian, Other Race, Pacific Islander,
White and Hispanic.

fb28b3da-196b-4e90-8c11-6376ac745455.xls                   Page 8 of 17                               TARGET MARKET
                                                       JOB COST SHEET
Job Number                                                        Date Initiated
                                                                  Date Completed
Item                                                              Units Completed
For Stock
Direct Materials                             Direct Labor                           Manufacturing Overhead
Item          $ Amt                          Task        Hours    Amount            $DM      Rate Amount

                                                                                                             EXHIBIT ONE
Cost Summary                                                      Units Shipped
Direct Materials                                                  Date       Number         Balance
Direct Labor
Manufacturing Overhead
Total Cost
Unit Product Cost

  fb28b3da-196b-4e90-8c11-6376ac745455.xls                           Page 9 of 17                            JOB COST FORM
                                             JOB COST SHEET
Job Number                2B47                          Date Initiated      2-Mar
                                                        Date Completed      8-Mar
Department   Milling
Item       Special order coupling                       Units Completed       2
For Stock
Direct Materials      Direct Labor                               Manufacturing Overhead
Req. No.     Amount   Ticket      Hours                 Amount   Hours    Rate Amount
   14873      $   660     843          8                 $    45       27 $8/DLH $      216
   14875      $   506     846          5                 $    60
   14912      $   238     850          4                 $    21
              $ 1,404     851         10                 $     4
                                      27                 $  180

Cost Summary                                            Units Shipped
Direct Materials                              $   1,404 Date       Number   Balance
Direct Labor                                  $     180   8-Mar       -        2
Manufacturing Overhead                        $     216
Total Cost                                    $   1,800
Unit Product Cost                             $   900*

*$1,800/2 units = $900 per unit

  fb28b3da-196b-4e90-8c11-6376ac745455.xls                 Page 10 of 17                      JOB COST TEXT EXAMPLE
Accounting 230 – J. Paquette                                  NAME: ______________

You will judge the cookies for quality standards, voting for 1 st 2nd and 3rd place.
You will comment on the Marketing displays. You will assess your learning on the project.
You may not vote for your own group....

 QUALITY STANDARDS*                            BEST! JJJ       2nd Place JJ     3rd place J
                                              Group:_____     Group:_____     Group:_____

                                              Group:_____     Group:_____     Group:_____

                                              Group:_____     Group:_____     Group:_____


The BEST! _________

2nd place:       _________

3rd place:      _________

Comments on Activity (see next page):

Discuss the cookie tasting. Support your rationale. Discuss why you picked the team that you did.
Explain why your 2nd choice ranked below. What is lacking in the cookies that you did not score

   fb28b3da-196b-4e90-8c11-6376ac745455.xls                 Page 11 of 17                     COOKIE EVAL
Discuss the marketing displays. Which did you think was best? Support your rationale. Which do
you think needs the most improvement? Recommend how it/they could improve.

Discuss the activity. Did it enhance your learning of job cost concepts? How? Did it enhance
your learning of other topics? Which ones and why?

  fb28b3da-196b-4e90-8c11-6376ac745455.xls   Page 12 of 17                            COOKIE EVAL
Peer Evaluation                                        Team Company NAME_____________

Parts I and II
NAME: ______________

In team activities it is very important that the workload be allocated in an efficient and
equitable manner. Each team member must reliably carry out his/her assignment in a timely
manner. Accordingly, many businesses require an evaluation of individual members at the
end of each team activity. Since no team leader was named for this class activity, a peer
evaluation will be used. Indicate your ranking of each team member. Each team member is
required to print this form and attach to the written project submitted to the professor for
Parts I and II. The name of the evaluator will remain confidential under all circumstances.

1. Possible rankings are:
                    1                                  Student contributed more than their share.
                    2                                  Student contributed equal to their peers.
                    3                                  Student contributed less than was expected.
                    4                                  Student's contribution was unacceptable.

               Team Member Full Name                                             Rank

2. Overall, how effectively did your group work together on the assignment?
   (circle one)

                    Poorly                      Adequately                Well          Extremely Well

3. Out of ____ group members, how many participated actively most of the time?
  (circle one)

                    None              One      Two     Three            Four     Five         Six
(con’t next page)

    fb28b3da-196b-4e90-8c11-6376ac745455.xls            Page 13 of 17                                    PEER
4. Finally, take some time and discuss each team member in depth
Team Member’s Name                            Strengths, Weaknesses, General


  fb28b3da-196b-4e90-8c11-6376ac745455.xls   Page 14 of 17                     PEER
Accounting 230 – J. Paquette
Project Part II: Consolidated Performance Review:
Learning to Taste Success in Managerial
Adapted from Susan Crosson, Santa Fe Community College, used with permission.

                                                             Part II
                                                         Est. Time:          1-2 hours
                                             GroupPoints:                         45
                                         Individual Points:                        5
                                              Total Points:                       50
    1) Rejoin company groups to assume role of the new CEO of a multiple cookie company
    2) Complete STRATEGY form.
    3) Decide on your preferred performance evaluation measure(s) based on what you have
        learned in this course. This is a BIG piece of this assignment! Pick your criteria
        carefully and include information from several chapters. Each team picks its own criteria.
               - You will defend your choice of criteria
    4) Refer to the cookie web site for the data generated from previous activities.
    5) Evaluate the companies using the preferred measure(s).
    6) Paper: Prepare a typed performance appraisal of five websites. Discuss:
               - Your preferred performance evaluation measures. Five or more.
               - Discuss your rationale for your choice of criteria. Be prepared to defend it.
               - Evaluation of companies using your preferred performance evaluation measures.
               - Rate the companies and summarize as to which company is best and why.
               - Define the data still needed to make good decisions about these companies’
               - Attach any charts or graphics which help summarize your findings.
               - Attach STRATEGY form.
               - Attach PEER evaluations, one per team member.
    7) Presentations in class. Give a brief (no more that five minute) oral report presenting your
       conclusions to the Board of Directors (the class) the last week of class. You must be
       present during all presentations to receive credit. Additional points will be earned
       during the presentation for debate/discussion of presentations.
               - Use PowerPoint or visual aids.
               - Presentation must be rehearsed.
               - Equal (or close to equal) participation is mandatory!
               - All presentations for the day will be completed before debate/discussion begins.

If you have any questions, consult by e-mail early ...

    fb28b3da-196b-4e90-8c11-6376ac745455.xls                      Page 15 of 17              PART II
A Consolidated Business Enterprise Performance Review is performed towards the end of the course after
completing most management accounting topics. Students rejoin their cooky groups (or in extreme cases,
form new groups) for this synthesis activity. Each group is told that they are the new CEO of an enterprise
with multiple cookie companies and that their Board of Directors wants them to evaluate these companies'
results. Each CEO group refers to the cookie web site ( )
for the data generated from the previous Activities and uses the knowledge they have acquired in the course

- Identify their preferred performance evaluation measures
- Use their preferred measure to evaluate the companies using the data from the web site
- Define the data they still need to make good decisions about these companies’ performances .

The last week of class each of the CEO groups presents their conclusions to the Board of
Directors (the Class). A debriefing is done by the professor to summarize the wide variety
of measures used to evaluate performance. Students debate the advantages of their
preferred performance measures and how the measure impacts the enterprise's
outcomes. The process of giving performance appraisals is also explored and covers
content as well as how the message is delivered. Through this activity, students are able
to synthesize the why of management accounting.

Time requirements:
In class: Enough time for each of the CEO groups to do a five minute presentation and
thirty minutes for professor to debrief.
Out of Class: A weekend.

    - Paper - Company performance appraisal of 5 companies – in writing (25 points).
        include ALL sections listed above, including STRATEGY and PEER evaluation.
    - BRIEF 5 minutes presentation (20 points), use PowerPoint exhibits.
    - Discussion and debate (5 points). Completion of DEBATE form for each day of

   fb28b3da-196b-4e90-8c11-6376ac745455.xls           Page 16 of 17                                           PART II
PART II - Debate                              YOUR TEAM: ______________
As a team, you will analyze the presentations for Part II                   All Present? Who is missing:

TEAM evaluated: ______________
Discuss the presentations. Note the criteria used. Discuss why you feel this criteria was
appropriate (or inappropriate. Give your reason why.
Each team will prepare ONE of these forms for EACH day of presentations
   Take notes during presentations and then compile as a team.

      CRITERIA USED                           AGREE & WHY                   DISAGREE & WHY









   fb28b3da-196b-4e90-8c11-6376ac745455.xls                 Page 17 of 17                                  DEBATE

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