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					                                                                                                            NOTICE OF AWARD
                                                                                                                    COATING SYSTEMS
                                                                                                             CONTRACTOR INSTRUCTIONS
                                                                                                 Technical Service Department $ 2628 Pearl Road $ Medina, OH 44256
AThe Restoration Company@                                                                                                    Phone: 800-551-7081 $ Fax: 800-382-1218
Restoration Solutions for Every Roof & Wall                                                                                     

      Thank you for selecting Republic products! Republic coating systems are designed to eliminate costly
      replacement of existing metal, single ply, modified and built-up roof systems. Our unique waterproofing
      systems for exterior walls completes our restoration package for optimum building protection. To assist
      you in installing each system in accordance with Republic=s specifications and to provide Technical
      Service Support including contractor training, on-site project inspections and final project acceptance
      requirements, your cooperation in completing the attached paperwork is essential.

      Republic=s NOA in a single document provides (1) complete project information, (2) warranty selection
      and (3) request for inspection. Your prompt attention in providing this information will assist us in timely
      processing of the project, avoid delays in material shipment and scheduling of requested Technical
      Service inspections. Please type or use a black or blue ink ballpoint pen to fill out this form providing for
      information to Acopy@ more clearly if transmittal is via fax.

                      NOTICE OF AWARD (NOA) / REVIEW / APPROVAL

                              Pages 1, 2, and 3 of the NOA are to be faxed or mailed to Republic for review and
                               approval prior to material shipment. The NOA form must be received at least two
                               weeks prior to the project starting date, accompanied with pictures and core cuts. If
                               the NOA contains incomplete information and/or deviates from our current details and
                               specifications, you will be contacted by Republic=s Technical Service staff.

                              Accuracy is important when completing the NOA. The warranty will be printed using
                               the information as submitted on this form. Changes to a warranty after it is issued may
                               delay final payment to you from the building owner.

                              Upon approval by Republic Technical Service, a job number will be assigned and a
                               countersigned copy of the NOA will be forwarded to you.

                                                                             STANDARD TERMS & CONDITIONS OF SALE
  Terms: Our standard terms are 2% 15, net 30 days, F.O.B. nearest stocking warehouse. Payment will also be accepted in the form of Visa and MasterCard. A finance/late charge of 1.5% per month will be
  charged on all accounts over 60 days old (30 days past due). All accounts 60 days old (30 days past due) will be placed on credit hold until payment is received.

  Freight: Standard freight terms are F.O.B. stocking plant or warehouse. Common carrier freight charges to be prepaid and added to invoice as a separate item. All orders 30,000 lbs. Or more, of Republic
  products, will ship freight prepaid and allowed. With less than truckload, under 30,000 lbs., freight fees are actual charge s + 10% administration fee.

  Return Goods: All sales are final. No goods may be returned to us for any reason without our prior written authority. See Basis of Sale for details.

  Warranties / Guarantees: Seller warrants that products designated, when shipped, conform to product sample and are free from defects in material and workmanship. Any purchase is made upon the
  condition and agreement that there have been no representation of undertakings made by or on behalf of manufacturer and/or se ller, and that THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES OR WARRANTIES,
  EXPRESSED, IMPLIED, IN FACT OR BY LAW, OF FITNESS OR MERCHANTABILITY except as contained in product specifications distributed by the company.

  Manufacturer and/or seller shall not be responsible, obligated, or liable for an application or use of or to which the produc ts delivered hereunder may be put, either singly or in combination with other
  products or ingredients, it being expressly understood and agreed that manufacturer=s and/or seller=s liability shall in no event exceed the purchase price. Prices will be those in effect at time of delivery.

  Note: ALUMANATION7 , SOLARGARD7 and GEOGARD7 are U.S. registered trademarks of Republic Powdered Metals, Inc.

                                                                                                                                                                                                     RPM-007 Jan 10
                                                                                                                                          Please fax or mail to: (keep original on hand)
                                                                                      COATING SYSTEMS                                                                             2628 PEARL ROAD
                                                                                                                                                                                  MEDINA, OH 44256
                                                                                      NOTICE OF AWARD                                                                          PHONE: 800-551-7081
                                                                                                                                                                                 FAX: 800-382-1218

 Representative:                                                                                           Phone:                                           Fax:


 Address:                                                                                                  Contact::

 City/State/Zip:                                                                                           Phone:                                           Fax:

 Building Owner:                                                                                                                                         Building Owner FM Insured:          Yes       No

 Address:                                                                                                  Contact::

 City/State/Zip:                                                                                           Phone:                                           Fax:

 Architect:                                                                                                Phone:                                           Fax:

 Project Name:                                                                                                                                                                Age of Roof:          years

 Address:                                                                                                  Contact::

 City/State/Zip:                                                                                           Phone:                                           Fax:

 *TECH SERVICE REQUESTED?          Yes      No                                                                                       Projected Start Date:
     G Start Up G In Progress Schedule           days                                                                             Projected Completion Date:
   *(If Material & Labor warranty, 1 day start-up & 1 day final inspections included in warranty fee - $500 for each additional tech day or if Material Only Warranty inspection requested.)
                    All Tech Service Requests must have ten (10) business days advance notice to schedule. If less than 10 business days, subject to additional charges.

 JOB SIZE:           SQ. FT.                    BUILDING DIMENSIONS (L X W)            X                   MAX. ROOF HEIGHT:                                ROOF SLOPE:

     Dead level                                   Less than 1" rise per foot                             1" to 2" rise per foot                                 3" rise per foot or more

 SUBSTRATE (SELECT ONE):                                                    (NOTE: Please proceed to page 2 and complete substrate information specific to this project).

 CONTAMINANTS:         Yes         No         NOTE any foreign materials or substances being vented or deposited on the existing roof:

 EXISTING INSULATION:        Yes        No    Type             Condition             # Core Samples               (designate areas where taken from on pg 3)

 PREVIOUSLY COATED SUBSTRATE:            Yes         No    Type
 TEST APPLICATION COMPLETED:            Yes       No

 NOTE: Attach roof survey and material estimate with all pertinent details (i.e., perimeter, wall, etc.). Also provide specification, roof plan and detail drawings with schematic of the roof
 assembly. (If roof plan not available, sketch on separate paper.) This information is required solely for Republic=s benefit and by requesting same, Republic does not accept or approve
 any particular roof design, installation procedure or roof component.

Please note below if action is required on any specific existing detail(s):
    Action                                           Action                                       Action                             Action                             Action
      No Action                                        No Action                                    No Action                          No Action                          No Action
                 ROOF DRAINAGE                                    ROOF SURFACE                       EXPANSION JOINT COVERS                     COPING                            PARAPET WALL
          ponding G Yes ___% G No
                                                          blistering                                    open joints                        open fractures                       mortar joints
      (If YES, estimate % of roof area)
        scuppers                                          punctures                                     rusting                            fasteners                            spalling
        drains                                            splitting                                     punctures, splits                  attachment                           movement cracks
        down spouts                                       attachment to substrate                       fasteners                          caulking                             other
        gutters                                           ridge wrinkling                               securement                         rusting
        other                                             fasteners                                     other                              other                                  BASE FLASHING
                                                                                                  ROOF PENETRATIONS, EQUIPMENT
                   PITCH PANS                             open laps                                                                                                             punctures, damage
                                                                                                         BASE, HOUSING
        fill material shrinkage                           membrane slippage                             deteriorated curbing             ROOF EDGE AND FASCIA                   open laps
        attachment                                        excessive traffic wear                        physical damage                    splitting                            deterioration
        fill crowned for drainage                         bare spots for gravel, coating                open corners                       fasteners                            attachment
                                                          alligatoring, cracking                        caulking                           securement                           splits, cracks
              EQUIPMENT OPERATION                         shrinkage                                     punctures                          damaged                              ridging or wrinkling
        discharge of contaminants                         surface coating degradation                   counter flashing                   rusting                              blistering
        vapor condensate                                  other                                         open seams                         felt deterioration                   termination bars
        other                                                                                           other                              other                                other

                                                                                                                                                                                   RPM-007 Jan 10 page 1 of 4
   PRODUCT SYSTEM MATERIAL              Warranty Choice / Selection                      GENERAL DESIGN AND CONDITIONS

                                                     METAL ROOFS
NOTE: If finish is Kynar 500, silicone-based or metal panels were previously coated, please contact the Republic                               Per drawing indicate
Technical Service Department for surface preparation recommendations.                                                                          closest design of roof.

    ALUMANATION 301                       12 year Rustproof / Waterproof Warranty        If YES, what is % of total roof area?   Roof Condition - indicate condition:
  / GEOGARD Seam Sealer                    Material Only *       Material & Labor **     Rust present?
                                                                                                   Yes          No           %
   ALUMANATION 301                         12 year Rustproof Material Only *             Panel / panel section replacement?
                                                                                                   Yes          No           %
    GEOGARD System                                                                       Paint peeling / flaking?
    SOLARGARD 6083                             12 year Waterproof Warranty                         Yes          No           %
   / SOLARGARD Seam Sealer                 Material Only *      Material & Labor **      Flaking, scaling rust (heavy)?
    SOLARGARD HyBuild                                                                              Yes          No           %
  / SOLARGARD Seam Sealer                                                                Leak problems?
                                                                                                   Yes          No           %
   GEOGARD / SOLARGARD                         2 year Waterproof Warranty
   Seam Sealer                             Material Only *     Material & Labor **
  (see specification requirements)

                        WEATHERED SINGLE PLY MEMBRANE                    CORE CUTS REQUIRED                            Roof Condition - indicate condition:

   GEOGARD System                              12 year Waterproof Warranty
                                           Material Only *      Material & Labor **      Type of Single Ply:

   SOLARGARD 6083                              10 year Waterproof Warranty
   SOLARGARD Ultra                                                                            EPDM
                                           Material Only *      Material & Labor **
   GEOGARD / SOLARGARD                          2 year Waterproof Warranty
   Seam Sealer                              Material Only *    Material & Labor ***           TPO
  (see specification requirements)                                                            Other

                                      MOD BIT / BUR CORE CUTS REQUIRED                                                 Roof Condition - indicate condition:

   GEOGARD System                              12 year Waterproof Warranty
                                           Material Only *      Material & Labor **
                                                                                         Type of BUR:

   SOLARGARD 6083                                                                             Asphalt & Gravel
                                               10 year Waterproof Warranty
   SOLARGARD Ultra                                                                            Coal Tar & Gravel
                                           Material Only *      Material & Labor **
   SOLARGARD G Adhesive                                                                      (Permaroof G only)
                                                                                              Smooth Asphalt
   PERMAROOF                                                                                  Granular Mod Bit
   PERMAFLEX                            5 year Restoration Warranty                           Smooth Mod Bit
   PERMAROOF G                             Material Only *     Material & Labor ***
   ALUMANATION 301 /                                                                          Other
   GEOGARD Seam Sealer

                POLYURETHANE FOAM
                                                                                         Roof Condition - indicate condition:
   GEOGARD System                              12 year Waterproof Warranty
                                           Material Only *      Material & Labor **
                                               10 year Waterproof Warranty
   SOLARGARD 6083                          Material Only *      Material & Labor **

   SOLARGARD Hy-Build                      5 year Waterproof Material Only *

                                   CONCRETE ROOFS
                                                                                         Roof Condition - indicate condition:

   GEOGARD System                              12 year Waterproof Warranty
                                           Material Only *      Material & Labor **

   SOLARGARD 6083                              10 year Waterproof Warranty
   SOLARGARD Ultra                         Material Only *      Material & Labor **

   SOLARGARD Hy-Build                      5 year Waterproof Material Only *

                                                                                         Wall Condition - indicate condition:
   SOLARGARD Hy-Build                          10 year Waterproof Warranty
                                           Material Only *      Material & Labor **

                                     WARRANTY FEE
                                                                                         ****5 year Product Made to Specification Warranty also available on
* Material Only / Free of Charge        ** Material & Labor / .05 sq.ft. / $500 min.
                                        *** Material & Labor / .025 sq.ft. / $250 min.   each product free of charge

                                                                                                                                                         RPM-007 Jan 10 page 2 of 4
                                                      (Not to scale, add dimensions)(X indicates where core cuts were taken)

This is to notify Republic Powdered Metals, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as ARepublic@) that we have been awarded a contract to install the Republic coating system requiring a
warranty as selected above. We understand that any warranty will not be in force until all Republic invoices in connection with this project have been paid in full. Additionally, any
material & labor performance warranty will not be in force until the project has been satisfactorily completed and inspected by Republic.
Signature of Contractor     _____________________________________________________                       Print Name ___________________________ Date _____/_____/_____
Republic Powdered Metals, Inc. reserves the right in its sole discretion to reject or accept projects based upon information provided. Contractor is solely responsible for accuracy of
information contained herein. Republic reserves the right to withhold or cancel the issuance of a warranty on this project should Contractor provide inaccurate information.
Republic Powdered Metals, Inc. is not responsible for engineering, dimensions, or quantities of material ordered to complete a project. The roofing contractor should always verify all
information about the project with the owner or the owner=s representative.
Accepted by         ______________________________________________________________________ Republic Technical Service                                    Date _____/_____/_____
Contractor Agreement on File / Verified by         ______________________________________________ Republic Customer Service                              Date _____/_____/_____

                                                                                                                                                                 RPM-007 Jan 10 page 3 of 4
 Republic Coating Systems      MATERIAL ORDER FORM REPUBLIC                                                                                 REPUBLIC
 2628 PEARL ROAD ! MEDINA, OH 442562 ! CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPT ! TOLL FREE: 888-742-7759 ! FAX: 888-742-1759                                     JOB #:                                   ORDER#:

 CUSTOMER P.O. #                                                                                           SALESMAN:                                              DATE:

 AUTHORIZATION #                                                                                           SHIP TO:

 SEND INVOICES TO:                                                                                         CONTACT NAME:

 CONTACT NAME:                                                                                             COMPANY NAME:

 COMPANY NAME:                                                                                             ADDRESS:

 ADDRESS:                                                                                                  CITY/STATE:                                              ZIP:

 CITY/STATE:                                                 ZIP:                                          PHONE:

 PHONE:                                                                                                    SHIPPING INFORMATION / PREFERRED CARRIER:

 PROJECT INFORMATION:      W ARRANTED            NON-W ARRANTED                                            SHIPPING DATE:                             FLAT BED:                        PALLETIZE:

 NEW CUSTOMER                          EXISTING CUSTOMER                                                   PHONE BEFORE DELIVERY:

 PROJECT NAME:                                                                                             OTHER:

 BONDED:        YES       NO          BOND #                                                                               TERMS: 2%, 15 DAYS, NET 30 DAYS. ALL PRICES ARE F.O.B. SHIPPING POINT
                                                                                                                                                      TOTAL NO.
                                                                                                                                                                    PRICE PER GAL.
 PRODUCT NUMBER          PRODUCT NAMES / PLEASE INDICATE REQUIRED SIZE CONTAINER                            NO. OF UNITS         SIZE OF UNIT         GAL. #=S,                             TOTAL AMOUNT
                                                                                                                                                                      #=S, ETC.
 301                     ALUMANATION 301                                                                                                    GAL
 482S                    PERMAFLEX                                                                                                          GAL

 400                     PERMAROOF                                                                                                          GAL

 406                     PERMAROOF G                                                                                                        GAL

 45005                   PERMAROOF PATCHING CEMENT                                                                                    5 GAL PAIL
 290                     PERMAFAB (290040 = 4", 290060 = 6", 29040 = 40")                                                              @ X 324'
 1711                    SOLARGARD G ADHESIVE                                                                                               GAL

 11087000                SOLARGARD ULTRA - W HITE *                                                                                         GAL

                                                                              SPECIAL # FOR COLORS                                          GAL

 1111                    REPUBLIC SINGLE PLY PRIMER                                                                                         GAL

 1109                    REPUBLIC WB PRIMER                                                                                                 GAL

 11047000                SOLARGARD FINISH COAT W HITE*                                                                                      GAL

 15107000                SOLARGARD HY-BUILD FINISH COAT * W HITE                                                                            GAL

                                                                              SPECIAL # FOR COLORS                                          GAL

 112070000               SOLARGARD 6083 * W HITE                                                                                            GAL

                                                                              SPECIAL # FOR COLORS
 151170000               SOLARGARD SEAM SEALER
 11000                   SOLARGARD ACRYLIC SEALER                                                                                           GAL

 111070000               SOLARGARD MASONRY PRIMER                                                                                           GAL

 335805                  SOLARGARD METAL PRIMER                                                                                        5 GAL PAL
 491                     GEOGARD BASE COAT /         GEOGARD LV /        GEOGARD LO                                                         GAL

 499090                  GEOGARD FINISH COAT /        GEOGARD LV                                                                            GAL

                         GEOGARD FINISH COAT - COLORS
 499                     49919 - LIMESTONE   49939 - MAPLE                                                                                  GAL
                         49929 - BEIGE       49949 - SLATE GRAY
 492                     GEOGARD SEAM SEALER                                                                                                GAL

 494                     GEOGARD PRIMER                                                                                                GAL / QTS

                         DURATHANE (30 TUBES CASE)
 504                                                                                                                                       TUBE
                         50407T - ALUM GRAY  50417T – W HITE             50437T - BRONZE **
 235M                    REPUBLIC THINNER                                                                                                   GAL

 110                     SKYLIGHT COATING *** (1107 = CLEAR, 1105 = GREEN)                                                                  GAL

 161070000               SOLARGARD SEMI-GLOSS ***                                                                                           GAL

                         W ARRANTY                (AS REQUIRED/INDICATED ON NOTICE OF AWARD)
 *These products are available in custom colors, contact customer service for any possible tint charges.
 **Products are available in 15 days after credit approval.                                        *** Products are available in 10 days after credit approval.
 For new project orders please be sure to submit the following items to Customer Service at time of ordering:
 (1) REGISTERED CONTRACTOR AGREEMENT (if not on file), (2) CREDIT APPLICATION (if not on file) (3) NOTICE OF AWARD, (4) COPY OF THE BOND (if applicable.) (5) ORDER

 BUYER=S SIGNATURE (in agreement with terms and conditions, stated in Republic=s defined terms & conditions.)                                                              Sub Total

 PRINT: ______________________________________________                                                 (IF TAX EXEMPT, attach certificate to order)                             Tax

 SIGN: _______________________________________________                                                                                                               Purchase Total


                                                                                                                                                                                          RPM-007 Jan 10 page 4 of 4

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