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Awarded to partners who contribute well beyond their day-to day responsibilities and make a significant
positive difference at Starbucks. The Spirit of Starbucks Award recognizes a single, exceptional
achievement by a partner. The achievement must be clearly outside of an individual's performance
objectives and or job expectations Significant contributions may be within one or more of the six
guiding principles of our Mission Statement:

Enhances Starbucks' Culture
Instrumental in implementing a program/process that significantly enhances the quality of worklife for
other partners.

Champions Diversity
Speaks regularly at diverse organizations, serves on board of diverse community agency, adopts an
agency, provides time for and encourages others to volunteer at agencies, adds diversity to
department/store through good hiring practices or referrals.

Improves Quality
Finds major flaw in packaging before shipment goes out, provides cost effective idea to fix it and order
goes out on schedule, store partner submits idea to improve quality of beverage, it's adopted and sales
for that beverage improve significantly.

Provides Unprecedented Customer Service
After a customer has returned an espresso machine for the 3rd time and is understandably upset.
Before replacing the defective machine with a new one he/she completely tests the replacement
machine in the store with the customer present. Partner demonstrates how to operate machine,
replaces the milk the customer used while trying to use the other two machines and the customer
leaves the store happy. Two direct response partners call stores in area to locate 13 gift packs that were
on back order for direct response customer. Once found, they drove to store to pick them up. Returned
to RP, pack for mailing and delivered to Fed X office to insure delivery to customer by 10am the
following morning.

Participates actively to improve their Community or Environment
Volunteers regularly at a homeless shelter, hospital or other agency, reading to the blind, establish an
Adopt a School Program, etc. Establishing a major recycling program, spearheading environmental
activities on a district basis, etc.

Contributes innovative ideas to enhance sales and or improve profits
Individual who makes a major contribution toward department or store profit improvement goals.

Any partner may nominate someone or team for this award.
* Spirit of Starbucks nominations may be approved by a vice president or above
* Spirit of Starbucks nominations may also be approved through Partner Services

* Framed Certificate
* $150 Visa Giftcard (for Spirit of Starbucks)
                                                          Spirit of Starbucks
                                                          Nomination Form

   Name of Nominee:

   Approving VP or higher
   Leave blank if submitting to Partner Services

I would like to nominate the above partner for the Spirit of Starbucks Award.
He/she has made significant contributions to Starbucks while maintaining the
principles of our Mission Statement.

              Name of Nominating Partner                                     Date

                   Please complete and submit to your Vice President or to

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