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Dear Representative/Senator:

I am writing in strong opposition to anticipated budget cuts to Rhode Island nursing
facilities which will directly affect resident care.

Last year, the Governor’s budget delayed the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) to
Rhode Island nursing homes resulting in a loss to the profession of approximately $7
million. Such cuts directly affect patient care. Skilled nursing facilities, which unlike
other parts of the long term care continuum are almost wholly reliant on government
funds, rely on COLA funds to pay for inflationary and often times unanticipated increases
in operating costs – utilities, energy, insurance, wages and benefits. Without these funds,
services must be compromised in order to meet debt obligations.

Studies have shown that Rhode Island nursing homes are under funded by the Medicaid
system by millions of dollars each year. The profession cannot insure quality care to our
loved ones without the funding needed to provide such care. The profession simply
cannot withstand further cuts without compromising the care of the frail and elderly.

I am aware that the State budget is in dire straits but we cannot balance the budget on the
back of the citizens that spent a lifetime supporting our state and need our help in their
time of need. Please assure them that we will be there for them as they were there for us
by voting against cuts to nursing home care.

(Your Name)

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