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                                              World of Warcraft Factions and Beliefs.
                                                              By Paul Fitzpatrick

  Depending on your ingame racial origins you will affiliate to either The Alliance or The Horde. You
can become a member ofthe Horde or the Alliance, and your decision here has an effect on what you
can and cannot accomplish in the game world. Some adventures can only be fulfilled by Horde players
and others can only be done by Alliance players.

Commonly speaking, the humans were the trustworthy guys, and the orcs, acknowledged also as the
Horde, were the bad guys.

The Horde group includes the orc, tauren, troll, blood elf, and undead races, while the Alliance faction
is composed of dwarves, gnomes, humans, draenei, and night elves.

As an affiliate of the Horde, the Trolls have given their trust to the legendary Tauren, but they have
limited trust for the macavelian Forsaken, whom they believe will bring merely torment and dissonance
upon their compatriots.

In debt to the herculean Thrall, the general of the Trolls, Shadow Hunter Vol'jin of the Darkspear Trolls
had also affirmed his loyalty to the Horde.

Previouly at home in the woodlands of Stranglethron Vale, the much feared trolls of the Darkspear clan
were pushed away from their homes by warring groups, and are now an affiliate of the Horde along
with the Orcs, Tauren and Undead.

Following the attack on the Orc fatherland of Durotar which was beaten back as shown in Warcraft III:
The Frozen Throne , Cairne, with the aid of the Horde, brought together the factions of Tauren and
established his battle scarred warriors in a new homeland, the green plains of Mulgore.

The Alliance was previously additionally branded as the Alliance of Lordaeron while its government
was located in Lordaeron. However, the Alliance was pushed to relocate the bulk of its population to
Kalimdor and to the southern Azerothian land masses of Azeroth and Khaz Modan after a scourge of
undeath ransacked the Kingdom of Lordaeron a number of years ago.

The Alliance is not a immutable governmental body, but is a union of shared military and fiscal aid.
Theramore can be defined the authoritative home of the innovative Alliance.

Inspite ofthe issues and intrigues inside their government, all parts of the Alliance are steady in their
aspiration to regain and rebuild, and all partners have a dislke of the Horde. The Alliance is a notable
and peaceful body in general, their power being legendary, but their need for tranquility, even stronger.

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Although no sanctioned statements have been written, there are in actual fact two Alliances nowadays,
one on Kalimdor and one that operates out of Stormwind Keep on the land mass of Azeroth.

At this time, as always, humans are the glue that keep the Alliance organized, being the most
numerous and discreetof the member races.

More to follow.......

Paul Fitzpatrick
Writer of all things Gaming, SEO, SEM, Strange and Magical.

To learn more on advancing into the world ofwarcraft please visit http://www.Wowarcraft.Co.Uk and
step into realms of magic, mastery and beasts of lore..

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                                          World Of Warcraft Game - The Easy To Play
                                                             By Roberto Sedycias

The World of Warcraft (WoW) is one of the most popular games on the internet. Set in the Warcraft
Universe, this game provides an online role playing experience to the players. If you are keen on
playing the game but do not know how to get started with it then it is advisable that you do some
research on the internet. You will find enough information on World of Warcraft - how to play the game,
although it is not difficult to play and once you know the basics, you can start off with it quite easily.
The basic steps in playing the World of Warcraft are outlined below.

This game is based on Blizzard`s Warcraft series of games and is a massive multiplayer online role
playing game. For those who have been familiar with warcraft games, the story and names may feel
somewhat similar as other games. Even for those, who are not familiar with such games, playing it is
not a complicated task.

While starting the game, the first step is to choose the realm. A realm will be occupied by a group of
people who will finish the game playing together. After choosing the realm, you need to create a
character. In World of Warcraft there are two factions or sides namely the Horde or the Alliance. You
can belong to either of these factions. After this you need to pick a race and the class in which you
want to play. There are different classes of game namely warrior, hunter, priest, shaman etc. Once you
decide upon your race and its class, you can customize your character.

It is a bit confusing at the start of race and the area in which you start depends upon the race you have
chosen. To overcome the confusion, there is a box at the bottom of the screen called the tips box
which continuously gives you hints on the game. This is very useful till you become familiar with the
game. You can see your key controls by pressing `esc` and can also change your key bindings in order
to suite you comfortably.

In the game world of Warcraft - you will find people standing around or walking with exclamation points
over their heads. If the color of the exclamation point is gray it suggests that you are too low and have
to return and can go back later and pick it, but if it is gold you can talk to the person carrying it who will
give you a quest. If you find people with gold question mark - it means you have a quest to turn in to
them but if the question mark is gray it will imply that you have not completed the quest.

Playing the game - World of Warcraft is really a big enjoyment and once you learn how to play the
game and get going, you will really savor the enjoyment that it offers. For playing World of Warcraft you
need to have a Pentium IV PC. It is also compatible on a Mac computer. You can play this game for
free on a trial pack but the trial game is not as good as the real one. However it is advisable to try on
the free trial pack in order to check that it works on your computer.

If you have questions related to World of Warcraft - how to play the game, you can find most of the
answers online on their site. This game offers a good platform to interact with thousands of players
around the world who come together to enjoy the game.

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