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                                              How to Get to the Top of Google
                                                           By Ben Norman

   If you're doing business online you need traffic - human visitors coming to your website, viewing
what you have to offer, and making a purchase of your products or services. The way that most
potential customers find your business is through a Search Engine such as Google. Those businesses
that occupy the first ranking position on the first page on Google are more likely to get a greater share
of traffic than those that are further down the first page, or even worse, on another page.

 No one can guarantee that you're going to get to Number 1, the top spot on Google. However, many
people do achieve the top position on Google and other search engines through hard work,
persistence and the right knowledge. So what factors can help you to get to the top of Google?

 REPUTATION: Your reputation comes from what Google and other reputable sites think of your site
and its content. Google really care about reputation and those sites that make it to the top of Google
are considered to be the best and most reputable for that search term.

 Reputation is created through good practice. Your reputation can easily be damaged through poor
hosting, lack of branded domain name, swathes of unoriginal content and so-called black hat SEO
techniques. Keeping a relevant blog, providing relevant articles or information, linking to reputable sites
and having those sites link to you are ways to develop a positive reputation with Google.

 AGE: This refers to age of your site, or most often, the age of the domain registration. If you're
planning to start a new website, it's often better to get the website registered before you start working
on the site. This way, Google values the age of the site from it's registration date, not from the time that
you start filling the site with content.

 LINKS: Google likes you to be popular in order to place you top of their rankings. If your website
receives lots of links from sites that operate with relevant areas to your own website content, then
Google smiles upon you. This type of link is sometimes known as an inbound or incoming link.
Although not as valued as inbound links, outbound links (those you make from your site to others) are
also helpful to your ranking. Again these are tested by Google for their relevancy to your website
subject matter and their own reputation and quality.

 CONTENT: Google's spider crawlers that 'read' the web actually assess and evaluate the quality of
the content of your website. They know if you've endlessly repeated text, if you've just copied content
from somewhere else and if you've overstuffed your content with keywords. Google likes high quality
content that's fresh, relevant and original.

 These four areas all help Google to create a perspective on your website. If Google has a negative
opinion of your website and its content, you'll have to work very hard to get a positive one. If you want

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to get to the top of Google, you'll need to continually work on all four of these areas to obtain and
maintain the top spot on Google.

Ben Norman is a UK Based SEO Expert and Google
Consultant who specialises in helping businesses to significantly improve their online visibility.

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                                                   Google and its data centres.
                                                            By Clare Lawrence

Google and its data centres. by Clare Lawrence

Google and its data centres.

By Clare Lawrence 2nd January 2004

Ever wondered how Google manages its 3 billion plus index? In this article I explain how big G is

Google uses data centres, these spread the workload between more than 10,000 computers.

How Many Google data centers are there? As of 2nd January 2004, there are 13 data centres, these
are located across the globe. More are added from time to time.

Domain IP Address

Google crawls sites continually, then periodically it updates the data centres with a "fresh index", due
to the sheer size of data involved, this can't happen instantly so result around the time of re-index
appear to jump around.

Each time you browse google you receive data from one of the data centres, this is often the closest
geographically, but depends on traffic etc.

Interested to see your results on a different data centre? Copy one of the URL's above into your
browser. If the results are different on any of the centres a re-index is in progress.

Google also has two test domains and, these are used to try out
new search algorithms, so if your interested to see what might be your results in the future, try
seaching on these, bear in mind that not all the experimental algorithms Google develops become part
of the main one.

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 Clare Lawrence is CEO of Discount Domains Ltd – A leading UK provider of Domain name registration
and Web Hosting services. Please feel free to re-publish this article provided this reference box
remains together with a hyperlink to Clare can also be contacted

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