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									    MARCH 2011

Cots – cot mattress to purchase 1.3m X 66cm
Sleigh cot       Curved                          R3190
Taryn cot        Slatted head and tail           R2530
Chad cot         Solid head and tail             R2530
Casey cot        Semi-slatted head and tail      R2820
Bradley cot      Straight cot with posts         R2920
Jody cot         Straight slatted head & tail    R2530
Amy cot          Drawers under tongue & groove   R3130

Compactums – 1100(w) x900(h) X600(d)
SC5D             Small 900 wide, 5 drawers       R2700
LC1D4D           1 door 4 drawers                R3190
LC1D5D           1 door 5 drawers                R3350
LC2D4D           2 deep drawers &
                 4 standard drawers              R3599
LC5D             5 drawer                        R3299
LC6D             6 drawer                        R3465
BNTC             2 baskets 4 drawer              R3465
BTC              2 baskets 4 drawer with tray    R4235
SC               Sleigh (medium compactum)       R3499

Solid wood (Saligna) – Free delivery in JHB
Cot              Sleigh                          R4999
Compactum        Sleigh or straight sides        R4999
Set Special      Cot and compactum deal          R9500 (Save R500)

Wall shelving
WS1              Wall shelf 1.00 X 225(D)        R440
WS1K             Wall shelf 1.00 X 225(D)
                 With knobs                      R475
WSB              Box shelf 350 X 350 X 350       R410
WS2C (double)    Wall shelf 1000L X 225D
                 X320                            R858
Floor Shelving
Roof shelf measurement 1.300 (H) (excl. roof) X 800(L) X 350(D)

FSRC         Roof shelf                                    R1870
FSRDS        Roof shelf with
             Doors and shelves                             R2200
FSRFD        Roof shelf with
             Doors                                         R2420

Toy Boxes
Small toybox 400(H) X 600(L) X 450(D)

TBSP         Small toy box with
             Padded lid                                    R880
TBSW         Small toy box with
             Wooden lid                                    R880
             Excludes fabric

Large toy box (400(H) X 800(L) X 450(D)

TBLP         Large toy box with
             Padded lid                                    R1100
TBLW         Large toybox with
             Wooden lid                                    R1100
             Excludes fabric

ST           Straight trolley                              R1045
SCT          Scalloped trolley                             R1045
CT           Curved trolley                                R1045

Rocking chairs
Rocker glider deluxe      Includes ottoman/padding         R3190

Tiny Interiors custom made wallpaper borders
Tiny Interiors Range      4.8m(L) X 15cm(W) per roll       R399
(A minimum of 2 rolls needs to be purchased)
Wallpaper adhesive        25g                              R50
Post counter to counter                                    R55
Installation              Within JHB                       R399
Wooden accessories
Bookends                          R205
Clock                             R220
Compactum box*                    R150
Door handle hanger                R75
Door knobs                        R30
Dustbin*                          R200
Handy Box                         R150
Height chart rectangle            R250
Height chart character            R325
Lamp base*                        R210
Light switch cover                R70
Mirror large                      R300
Mirror medium                     R250
Mirror square                     R320
Multi-frame 3                     R165
Name letter with characters std   R25
Name letter large                 R30
Name letter bulky                 R40
Name plaque                       R120
Nappy box*                        R220
Peg board*                        R200
Pic frame character medium        R1125
Pic frame character large         R150
Photo frame                       R100
Shelf single                      R265
Shelf double*                     R365
Shelf triple                      R435
Tiebacks set                      R210
Tissue box                        R130
Toilet roll holder                R200
Toy box                           R850

Cutouts – wooden accessories
5cm cutout                        R15
9cm cutout                        R20
11cm cutout                       R25
14cm cutout                       R30
15cm cutout                       R35
19cm cutout                       R45
21cm cutout                       R55
30cm cutout                       R75
40cm cutout                       R99

* = recommended product
Quilt set made to fit large cot mattress size 1.3m X 66cm

   •   Baby quilt set
                      • Quilt                               R850
                      • Cot bumper
                      • Fitted sheet
                      • Free embroided mini scatter
                      • All inners included
Campcot std set   Quilt, sheet & mini scatter               R550
Room in a box set Sizes to be confirmed (young world)       R1000
Duvet cover       Embroided                                 R399
Bumper cover      Embroided                                 R299
Duvet cover       Plain                                     R199
Bumper cover      Plain                                     R185
Pillow case       Easy breath size                          R50
Scatter cushion   40 X 40 & inner                           R165
Curtain drop      Lined (140 wide) 3 string 220             R500
Fitted sheet      1.3 X 66cm                                R100
Mini scatter      embrioded with inner                      R100
Lampshade         Fabric to match quilt etc!                R179
Feeding cushion                                             R190
Donut             Denim bottom                              R440
Changing matt     wipe clean PVC                            R99
Change cover      For changing matt                         R125
Burping towel set 4 burpers                                 R120
Hooded towel      Embroided                                 R85
Bath bib          (large size)                              R150
Mosquito net      Embroided                                 R900
Laundry bin       Embroided inner & wood stand              R350

Single bed duvet      Includes 1 X std pillow & 3 emb       R750
¾ bed duvet           Includes 1 X std pillow & 4 emb       R799
Double duvet          Includes 2 X std pillows & 5 emb      R899

   •   Sleigh, curved or straight MDF cot (available in 20 different stains)
   •   Large compactum MDF (LC6D)
   •   2 X Box shelves
   •   1 X Double wall shelf themed
   •   Cot mattress easy breathe
   •   Baby changing matt (anti-roll profile)
   •   2 X Baby changing matt covers
   •   1 X A style OR C style quilt set
   •   1 X bath bib
   •   1 X lampshade
   •   1 X bedside lamp
   •   1 X set tiebacks
   •   1 X nappy box
   •   1 X dustbin
   •   1 X pegboard (to hang towels)
   •   1 X compactum box
   •   2 X large picture frames
   •   1 X clock
   •   2 X 21cm cutouts
   •   1 X bookends set
   •   9.6m wallpaper border (2 rolls)
   •   1 X delivery fee (depending on area)
   •   1 X interior decorate with the above items
   •   Painting is optional (painting nursery 2 tone – labour is included) please
       add paint.
   •   Curtains are optional – please bring measurements along

Contact details
Tanja: 073 285 4058
Floyd: 078 696 0780

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