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					                               EB NUTRITION, LLC

                     Elizabeth Blumberg, RD, LDN, CPT
   Registered Dietitian, Licensed Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer

Elizabeth Blumberg is a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist
specializing in preventative and therapeutic nutrition. She completed her formal
training at Auburn University with a degree in Clinical Nutrition and Food
Science. Elizabeth has a unique background, which encompasses extensive
clinical training in traditional as well as alternative nutritional therapies. To
complement her health-oriented education, she is also a Certified Personal
Fitness Trainer.

Elizabeth has spent the past thirteen years in the D.C. Metro area working as a
nutritional consultant, professional speaker and fitness enthusiast. Elizabeth
currently owns and operates EB Nutrition, in Rockville, Maryland.

EB Nutrition provides a “whole person” approach that explores the root cause of
your health concerns. Through the use of metabolic analysis and individualized
biochemical testing, EB Nutrition will provide a personalized plan that is detailed,
comprehensive and instructive for disease prevention and health issues. We
help to plan and manage your meals, prescribe appropriate supplements and
prepare quality exercise plans to and coach you on how to make taking care of
yourself a priority.
                               EB NUTRITION, LLC

You will benefit from nutritional counseling if you are:

   1) Interested in a natural approach to basic health maintenance that is easy
      to follow on a daily basis.
   2) Concerned about making life style changes, but don't know where to
   3) Open and ready to learn about how the foods and vitamins you choose
      can affect you and why it is important to have regular exercise.
   4) Ready to learn about the responsibility that comes with choices you make
      and options you have and how both affect you.

Nutritional Programs For:

Weight Loss           Food Cravings
Diabetes              Sleep Disorders
PMS                   Menopause
Cholesterol           Thyroid Disorders
Fatigue               Anxiety
Hypertension          IBS
Depression            Eating Disorders
Allergies             Migraines
ADD/ADHD              Pediatric Health
Pre/Post Natal        Sports Performance

Consultation Components

EB Nutrition Consulting provides a comprehensive service that includes the

          Dietary Intake and Health History Assessment
          Body Composition Analysis
          Evaluation For Laboratory Testing
          Personalized Diet and Exercise Program
          Recommendations for Nutritional Supplements

Programs Available:

*Weight Management Program:
If you have questions about weight loss, weight gain, sports nutrition, protein
needs, the Zone, Atkin’s, or other fad diets Elizabeth Blumberg can help. She
will develop a nutritional plan based on you age, weight, height, gender, and
activity level that will assure that you are getting appropriate protein,
carbohydrate, fat, and strategies to help you achieve your nutrition and fitness
                                  EB NUTRITION, LLC

*Weekly visits are recommended for the first 4-8 weeks to closely monitor
progress and ensure consistency. Bi-weekly visits are suggested after initial
eight-week period.

Health Management Program:
By changing your diet and including proper vitamin/mineral supplementation it is
possible to see significant improvement in your state of health today and to
reduce your future risk of disease tomorrow. Elizabeth Blumberg works with
clients to access a full spectrum of tests and nutritional analyses to determine
levels of biochemical imbalances in the body. Elizabeth will provide you with a
customized nutritional and supplemental plan to fully support your biochemical
systems to allow for optimal health.

Nutrition Consult Fee Schedule:

Note: Fees are based upon time and complexity and based on a $190/hr rate scale.

      Initial Visit: 90min
      Follow-Up Visit: 30min- 60min

   (Supplements/Tests charged separately)

Phone Consults:

May be used in place of an office visit and include full medical history
assessment, evaluation for labs, diet and supplement recommendations. Prices
vary depending upon length and complexity.

Payment and Insurance:

Payment for services is due at the time of visit and a superbill will be provided for
insurance submittal. Reimbursement depends on the insurance policy and
diagnosis given. It is the responsibility of the patient to communicate with
insurance. EB Nutrition does not handle claims issues.

Cancellation Policy:

EB Nutrition would like to ensure that each client receives the highest quality care
including regularly scheduled and on time appointments. Consequently, if you must
reschedule an appointment, kindly call (301) 231-0026 at least two full business days
prior to your scheduled appointment time. Example: If you have a Monday appointment
and need to reschedule, we ask that you call the Thursday before by 5pm to allow the
time slot to be filled. If you have a Wednesday appointment, please call the Monday
before by 5pm. Cancellations in less than two full business days will be responsible for
the fee associated with the time slot they reserved.

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