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Real Estate Commercial Prospecting Letter

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Real Estate Commercial Prospecting Letter document sample

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									Why Wright-Christie & Assoc., Inc.
A Proud History                Part of one of the worlds
A Tradition of Family Values   largest Real Estate Networks
Services for Associates &      Business Planning tools
Customers                      Lead Generation &
Full Marketing Systems for     Prospecting tools
Buyers and Sellers             Database Management tools
Relocation Division            Contact Management tools
Training, Education &          Wright-Christie Success
Networking                     Formula & The Best Value
Listing Management
     CENTURY 21 Wright-Christie
  Are you looking for…
  Unlimited growth opportunities?
  Flexible work schedule?
  Security and financial independence?                                 &
  More control of your future?                                      Clients
  Personal satisfaction and recognition?                                         Century 21
                                                        Brokers/Owners            System

 When people think about real estate, they think of the CENTURY 21brand. By putting
the power of this international brand to work for you, you can take advantage of all the
  CENTURY 21 System has to offer and align your career with a name that’s known
                                  throughout the world
                          Our History
   8,000 Offices Worldwide
    8,000 Offices Worldwide
   143,000 Sales Associates
   143,000 Sales Associates                                  Century 21
                                                             Century 21
         56 Countries
          56 Countries                                    Expands to Russia
                                                          Expands to Russia                2006

                                                         40 Countries                    Century 21
                                                                                         Century 21
                                                                             2002   Expands to Asia Pacific
                                                                                    Expands to Asia Pacific
                                             20 Countries
                                                                          Century 21
                                                                           Century 21
                                  10 Countries                          Expands to China
                                                                        Expands to China

                                                            Century 21
                                                            Century 21
                                           1989          Expands to Mexico
                                                         Expands to Mexico
                  5 Countries

                                          Century 21
                                          Century 21
       2 Countries         1983        Expands to Japan
                                       Expands to Japan

                        First Century 21 International
                        First Century 21 International
                           Office Opens in Canada
                            Office Opens in Canada

        First Century 21 Office
        First Century 21 Office
          Opens in California
          Opens in California
    What do consumers think?
          CENTURY 21 has the                           CENTURY 21                                                             49%

          highest brand                                       ReMax                                                     45%

          awareness level when                       Coldwell Banker                                        27%

          compared to any other                            Prudential                        12%

          real estate organization                              ERA               5%

          surveyed.                                           GMAC           2%

                                                                        0%             10%          20%     30%   40%     50%       60%

                                                                                                          First in consumers’
            CENTURY 21                                                                       27%
                                                                                                          minds. CENTURY 21 is
                  ReMax                                                  21%
                                                                                                          the real estate
          Coldwell Banker                      11%
                                                                                                          organization consumers
               Prudential           4%
                                                                                                          think of FIRST!
                    ERA        1%

                  GMAC         1%

                          0%        5%   10%         15%          20%              25%             30%

Millward Brown Study
• Marketing Programs
 Our programs maximize your chances of success by…
  – Generating leads
  – Creating Preference for the CENTURY 21 Brand
  – Increasing consumer interest and satisfaction
  – Enhancing customer retention
  – Helping you differentiate from your competition
  – Increasing listings and sales

– We Are A Global Brand
National Advertising
Real Estate Search Engines
   Preferred Client Club
Personalized Welcome Letter
                               Personalized Spring and Fall Postcards

                                    Personalized Bi-monthly Magazine

               All This For Just $8 Per Year
   eNewsletters   Marketing Solutions
Personal TV
21Online.com   Property Slide Show
Build Your Own Web Site

                     Optional & Only
                     $18.00 a month
        Lead Router
                         2. LeadRouter                    3. Agent
                          Finds Agent                     Contacts
                         by Cell Phone                   Lead from

                     LeadRouter Process
1. Consumer
                      Converts “text to
  Inquires           voice” and contacts
                     Agent immediately!
                                          4. Software
                                          has “Contact
                                          for tracking
        5. LeadRouter
        has incubation
          plans and
Award Winning Training
Training for Associates at All Levels
Sales Skills
 – CREATE 21
 – Advanced Real Estate Skills (ARES)
Coaching and Accountability
 – Productivity Enhancement Process (PEP)
Niche Markets & Specializations
 –   Fine Homes & Estates
 –   New Home Sales
 –   Mature Moves
 –   Commercial Brokerage
 – CGRN Sales Associate
 – Accredited Buyers Representation
 – Residential Finance Specialist
     National Discounts & Business Benefits

•6% discount                                        •   Up to 70% Savings Off Catalogue
•25% discount on accessories                            Pricing
                                                    •   Free Retail Connect Savings Card

                        •Up to 12% off on dell.com

  •Customized personal advertising
  •Affordable - $349 gets you an ad ready for air       •Up to 50% off competitor pricing
Awards and Events


          Paradise Island
Additional Real Estate Services

has an “In House
Store” to help
agents save
valuable time &
           Giving Back To The
                                          To Date Century 21
                                           To Date Century 21
                                      Has Raised Over $91,000,000
                                      Has Raised Over $91,000,000                              2007
                                            For Easter Seals
                                            For Easter Seals

                                                                               $76,000,000 Raised In
                                                                               $76,000,000 Raised In
                                                                     2004        The First 25 Years
                                                                                 The First 25 Years

                                                                  $62,000,000 Raised In The
                                                                  $62,000,000 Raised In The
                                                                        First 20 Years
                                                                        First 20 Years

                                                   $47,000,000 Raised In The
                                                   $47,000,000 Raised In The
                                       1994              First 15 Years
                                                         First 15 Years

                                    $20,000,000 Raised In The
                                    $20,000,000 Raised In The
                         1989             First 10 Years
                                          First 10 Years

                        $6,000,000 Raised In The
                        $6,000,000 Raised In The
                              First 5 Years
                              First 5 Years

       Easter Seals Selected
       Easter Seals Selected
        As Primary Charity
        As Primary Charity
                               Meet Your TEAM & Support Staff
              “It takes many people on your team to keep all the parts of your
                   transactions together and keep you happy and balanced”

  Phil Wright                 Keith Wright                     Carol Wright                  Jack Auerbach
Principal Broker             Principal Broker                 Principal Broker              Principal Broker
       Br                                                                                  Commercial Broker

            Katie Cook                      Theresa Valento                 Karen Lawson
          Accounting Dept.                 Property Manager              Property Management
Why CENTURY 21 & Century 21 Wright-Christie?
The power of the team to get the job done.
The power of the record of results we have assembled.
The power of the systems that are in place that allow us to grow
and increase share, services, and profitability.
The power in the vision of management and their commitment
to excellence in this company.
The power of the Century 21 name.

    Let’s Get Started!
Our Family Includes YOU!

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