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									               Vendor / Supplier
                       Dead Center Golf Inc.
                                                                               Purchase Order
                       2206 Shannon Wood Place
                       Westbank BC Canada V4T 2L9                   Date
                       Phone     888-768-4114
                       Fax       888-558-5649                      PO #
                       Email     pp@magnot.ca

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Contact                                                            Attention

                 Payment Method
 Credit Card           Cheque       Our terms are net 30 days
                                                                      Date Required

  Qty                                 Description                                   Cost              Extended

                                                                                  Sub Total
                                Ship Via                                            GST
 DCG Acct F.O.B.                Customer Acct #                                     PST
Courier Name                                                                      TOTAL
Logo Name Side 1                                                Imprint Colours

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Artwork Proof Required             Yes            No                 Email Artwork to pp@magnot.ca
Email you would like the Artwork Proof sent to                                     Attention
Special Instructions

       Fax Purchase Order to 888-558-5649 or Email to pp@magnot.ca

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