Quoting and Paraphrasing by xiuliliaofz


									   For each of the following statements,
    decide which should be quoted exactly,
    which should be paraphrased in your
    own words, and which are not usable at
    all. There is ONE best answer for each.
   A 2003 Texas study, done by then
    University of Pennsylvania sociology
    professor Byron Johnson in conjunction
    with the Manhattan Institute, found that
    only 8% of inmates involved in faith-
    based activities returned within two
    years after release, compared with 20%
    for inmates of similar backgrounds and
    offenses who had no religious routine.
                              Paraphrase: FACTS
   The religious right takes a stance against
    pornography in hopes of enforcing good
    Christian values among people. What this
    means is that people should not be having
    sex, and that women belong back in the
    kitchen baking pies and knitting sweaters.
This quote shows attitude, but also
shows something about a particular    Quote! Word
viewpoint. Not all quotes with         choice with
“attitude” will indicate a strong       attitude
viewpoint that contributes to your
   One author who opposes restrictions on
    pornography portrays the religious right’s
    attitude as very antiquated, that they
    think “people should not be having sex,
    and that women belong back in the
    kitchen baking pies and knitting
    sweaters” (Gever). EXPLAIN WHAT THIS
    SHOWS      Always blend any quotes into a
              sentence that shows where it came
              from. DO NOT just stick in a sentence in
              quotation marks.
   So ... where are the perp walks? When
    will criminal charges be filed? When’s the
    trial? Social Security has been a giant
    Ponzi scheme from the word go! It’s
    busted! Surely heads are about to roll,
This quote shows attitude, but is
only for effect. It DOES NOT show
something about a particular           Not
viewpoint. It adds neither fact NOR   Usable
opinions to represent a particular
   Preventing violence is a complex
    issue. We don’t claim to have the ability
    to eliminate violence, but we do hope to
    offer you several considerations to help
    protect your son or daughter.
    These are just transitional
    statements the writer is adding
    for effect; they add neither fact
    NOR opinions to represent a          Not
    particular viewpoint. Don’t use     Usable
   Consider that most school shootings,
    sexual assaults and other forms of
    campus violence are being committed
    by males.

                           Paraphrase: FACTS
   The image of the violent, anti-social
    gangster is part of the American
    landscape, often romanticized and
    glamorized by popular culture.

     Just because it sounds official
     or intelligent doesn’t mean
     the idea contributes anything
     of substance to your               Not
     argument. Don’t use fluff!        Usable
   The common perception of youth gangs
    is that they are composed exclusively of
    racial and ethnic minorities, but the 1998
    National Youth Gang Survey suggests
    that the proportion of gang members of
    particular race or ethnicity is largely a
    reflection of the demographics of their
    surrounding community.
                              Paraphrase: FACTS
   Like many contemporary juvenile
    offender treatment programs,
    Counterpoint is based on a cognitive
    behavioral and relapse prevention
    therapy model.
Don’t know what it means?
Read the paragraph for
explanations, or look up words
or concepts to understand it,
then put it in your own words.
                                 Paraphrase: FACTS
   Because of the nature and gravity of sex
    offenses, the public is often skeptical that
    sex offenders can be successfully

                            Paraphrase: Opinions of a
                               group (pro or con)
 “Most of us feel that breast implants for
  your 16th birthday are inappropriate. . .
  but we can’t sit in our members’ offices
  and tell them they can’t do it.” --Medical
  Board Official
 “This is a private matter between a
  surgeon and the patient behind the
  closed door of an exam room, and it is,
  just like apple pie, the American way.”
  --a surgeon
   One surgeon compared elective plastic
    surgery to “apple pie, the American

          When using a quote, you should
          only use the part that is essential
          to the attitude you’re showing.
          The rest can be paraphrased.
 “The difference between this and my last
  prison, where I was mixed in with violent
  criminals, is heaven and hell.” --inmate in
  a faith-based program
 “We're glad the Governor wants to
  improve Florida's brutal prison conditions,
  but not under the condition that religious
  indoctrination has to be involved.”
  --ACLU spokesman
 One inmate compared his experience in
  a faith-based program to the average
  incarceration, saying the difference was
  like “heaven and hell” (Padgett).
 The ACLU describes these programs as
  “religious indoctrination” (Padgett).

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